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Celestial Zodiac

...Does anyone think that one of the characters in the Wicked Lovely Series is secretly a homosexual?

Yeah, I know, random question, but still very curious.

One I think is a bisexual is Irial (because of the relations he has with Niall and Leslie.)

10/19/2009 #1
Lamia of the Dark


I mean, Irial is obviously bi and Niall seems like he might be bi cause of the thing with Irial, but I don't think any of the characters are SECRETLY gay.

12/17/2009 #2
Lost in Believing

Haha I was thinking that too! I mean, I honestly don't think that any of them are secretly gay. But if there was one, I definitely think it would be Irial. I mean, why would Irial keep pursuing Niall when it's obvious he said no. I thought it was kinda creepy. But I don't think Niall is gay cause the way he talked about Leslie.

12/26/2009 #3

Lol i kinda got that feeling too.

1/24/2010 #4

no one is secretly gay... the author has said there was something between the two characters of naill and irial.

and i don't think it matters the sexuality of any of the characters, i myself would love if melissa marr fixed whatever happened between the two. naill loves irial but irial is sorta in love with nail.

and really what does it matter?

6/26/2010 #5
Celestial Zodiac

It doesn't really matter. I just made this topic because I was sorta bored at that time and also did it for the LOLs.

6/26/2010 #6
Lamia of the Dark


6/26/2010 #7
Celestial Zodiac

LOL! That's the spirit!

7/7/2010 #8

Ya... they're both bi. Melissa Marr said so on rathandruins.com. None of them are secretive about it, though. For one, they kiss more than once in the series. Read Stopping Time and you'll see what I mean. :)

7/24/2010 #9
Lamia of the Dark

What is this "Stopping Time" that I keep hearing about?

12/11/2010 #10

It's a short story about Leslie, when she goes off o her own. Irial is still around to keep her safe, you can only get it on E-book. Maybe that's changed by now. But it's wicked good!

12/11/2010 #11
Lamia of the Dark

Oh. Where do I get it at, then?

12/17/2010 #12

you could probably download the thing from amazon where you can download books. its 1.99... i don't know if she was going to make it into a hard cover

12/17/2010 #13
Lamia of the Dark

I'd want to own an actual book of it, if they ever make one. But I do want to read it...

12/18/2010 #14

I had a copy of Fragile Eternity (soft cover) and "Stopping Time" was a bonus story. Idk where you can get it seperately. Oh, since I'm here, I'm the moderator of a seperate Wicked Lovely RP. Join if you'd like, mortals and fey. ^^

1/27/2011 #15
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