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I always wondered if after the tour information about the factory got out to the general public. The 1971 film had the kids sign a contract which probably forbade them to tell (it was a long time ago that I watched that one so I don't remember it very well), but what about after the 2005 movie or the book? I don't think Charlie would tell because he was chosen to be Wonka's heir and I believe it would go against his nature. He'd probably tell his family, but that would be it. But what about the other four? I would think they would be mobbed by press and have all kinds of requests for interviews. They would have no reason not to tell and probably wouldn't care anyway. So I personally believe that what happened during the tour would become common knowledge. What do you think?

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The Terrible Jester

I agree, and think of the angry parents... like Violet's mum. I don't think they'd keep quiet.

10/8/2011 #2

I cannot agree more there, especially about Violet's mother, too.

After the tour in the 2005 film, when Veruca and her father are leaving, they are covered in garbage, with flies surrounding the two as they step out of the factory's entrance. Rupert looks down at Veruca and glares at her a little, having learned what he now believes to be a good parenting lesson because of the humiliating ordeal he suffered along with his daughter in the chocolate factory. He is also finally fed up with wasting both his hard-earned money and his time on his daughter and her copious demands. Having been chastised by the Oompa Loompas for overindulging her in the first place, Rupert implements a new attitude and decides to discipline Veruca with some limits, while at the same time regretting not having done so a long time ago when he had the chance. He angrily refuses his daughter's demand for a flying glass elevator, and says that she will only be getting a bath that day instead. He crossly glares at her after she objects, showing that his new opinion of her is very serious.

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That's what the contract said? Well, I can't say I'm surprised, seeing as Wonka probably wouldn't want the world to know him as the psychotic, child-abusing chocolatier. He may be crazy, but he's not stupid.

As for what I think would happen to the kids:

1) Augustus:

Book: Augustus would probably develop and extreme fear of chocolate. Or rivers. Or both.

Would he tell?: Maybe.

1971 movie: He would probably be too terrified to tell anybody, and would likely have to see a series of psychologists.

Would he tell?: Probably, once he got out of a state of shock.

2005 movie: I don't think his personality would have changed too much, except perhaps he may be a bit reluctant to eat Wonka bars.

Would he tell?: Maybe.

2) Violet Beauregard:

Book: She would probably suffer several phobias and have to receive medical help.

Would she tell?: I don't think so, but her parents probably would.

1971 movie: Again, medical help, although maybe a little less.

Would she tell?: Yes, but mainly because she seems to like attention. Her father would also probably try to file a law suit against Wonka.

2005 movie: Personally, I don't think Violet minded her new color too much, and probably would be just as willing to compete, but her mother would likely be ashamed, and try to keep her hidden with lots of make up, ultimately creating a terrible relationship between them.

Would she tell?: Yes, to show off. Her mother would then freak out.

3) Veruca Salt:

Book: Her parents would probably become very strict with her, causing Veruca to become even more bratty than before.

Would she tell?: If given the chance.

1971 movie: Her father would probably try to be stern with her, but give up after a couple of weeks, and go back to spoiling her.

Would she tell?: Yes. Veruca would tell the press her story every chance she got, and would try to get Wonka shut down.

2005 movie: Similar to the 1971 movie

4) (And my favorite) Mike Teavee:

Book: At nine, he was probably the youngest on the tour, and likely the most traumatized of them all. The poor kid would go into shock at having his TV thrown out, and resort to hysteria, turning him into a male Veruca.

Would he tell?: Once he was done being grounded.

1971 movie: Also, one of, if not the youngest child on the tour. His reaction, however, would be different. This Mike Teavee, while obnoxious, seemed to have a playful sort of attitude, like everything was a big game. He also seemed to get along fairly well with Charlie, and followed him around more than any other kid (yet again, he was around longer than any of the other kids . . .) I think this Mike Teavee would have thought it was a game, and gotten excited after the incident, not understanding why his mother would be angry at him.

Would he tell?: Are you kidding me? Why miss a chance to brag about having an adventure just like on TV!

2005 movie: This Mike Teavee is very different. Out of all of the children, his character had the biggest chance between the versions. Unlike his counterparts, whose intentions are mainly playful, this Mike Teavee is arrogant, cunning, and ambitious. But he is also very clever. 21st century Mike, would probably not change personality-wise except for becoming more paranoid, and possibly more violent. I doubt he would trust anybody after that incident. He would become more reserved and anti-social than ever before.

Would he tell?: It depends, if he thought that the media could help Wonka gain negative attention, then I think it would be likely.

Alright, who thinks that I have too much time on my hands?

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I think that your observations are quite brilliant there. They're also very awesome, as well as very well-written, too. Great job writing them! :)

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I don't think any of them would have told voluntarily because it would have humiliated them. It was their actions that lead to their fates, and who would want to tell the whole universe they lost the greatest prize in history because they were tempted?

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