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What's your thoughts on Storey Ming? From the people I've asked so far, they either seem to hate her with the power of a thousand burning suns, or are utterly indifferent to her. I've yet to see an avid fan out there, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. So I'm asking you to share your opinions on the girl. My take: Yeah... She's annoying. Really annoying. It's already peeve me a bit how almost all of the girls in this series, even minor ones who make only one or two appearances, are described as stunningly beautiful, but everything about her screams "Mary Sue" to me. It's not just the looks, either. Charlene's my favorite character, and she's described as being very pretty. What bothers me is the reactions from the other characters. Both Finn and Philby are almost immediately smitten with her, and Willa is instantly jealous and rightfully suspicious of her. Not only that, but her sources seem rather convenient. I kept waiting for the reveal that she was secretly an OT, and it never came. Nope, she's just perfect. And according to Ridley Pearson, is here to stay. He's already confirmed that she will reappear in Dark Passage. Some people also seemed wiered out by her flirtation with the two boys, as she is five years their senior. This wouldn't bother me, except for the fact that they aren't consenting age yet. So, yeah, it's a bit creepy. Thoughts?
7/30/2012 #1
I hate her and find her annoying and I don't like how she flirts with Finn and philby. I also don't trust her. So in a way I agree with Willa.
2/26/2013 #2
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