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Heya! As our mother-forum is being deleted, I'm going to help by opening my forum up to the refugees. Newcomers still welcome! :D
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The Classic Platy

Ranks! 1. is highest, then lower lower lower.

1. High Admin of Supreme Awesome- Me

2. Megamod- Rurik, Scar.

3. Wise Old Member- Icepik.

4. Member-

5. Newbie-


6. Criminal-

7. Morons-

8. The Exiled- Allan Pike Lone Wolf.

5/8/2009 . Edited 5/12/2010 #1
Lone Wolf of the Tempest

I am NOT a Moron thank you very much!

Criminal.... maybe. Moron, NO. Absolutly not.

You have no right at all to put me at such a low rank. When I have done about 0% wrong, with this RP.

And don't bring up Dracolich, that place is just unfair.

5/9/2009 #2
The Classic Platy

Allan, is is a subsection of Scar's forum, meaning THEIR LNIKED. Bad behaviour done there counts here. You have one shot, Allan. One thing done wrong, and you are banned forever. Make your moves wisely.

Life is unfair. Get with the program, Pike.

5/9/2009 #3
Lone Wolf of the Tempest

If I have one shot, then why is my main account already banned?

I know that life is unfair... But I will do all that is in my power to make it fair. Espacily when it is inflicting upon me...

Take character stealing for example, a lot of people hate it, so it isn't allowed... now if FF would hurry up and punish Scarlett-Husky...

5/9/2009 #4
Scarlet Embers

And I've banned this one for you.

It's a rule, Allan, so shut up. Punish me? I haven't even used Riv yet, so you can't report me. Ha, I've decided that I won't use him in the RP, and see what FF Net has to say about you reporting me when I've done nothing wrong!

5/9/2009 #5
Fell. Black Wolf of the Sight

You have still stolen him from me... Not to metion that the ban was wrong in the first place.

5/9/2009 #6
Scarlet Embers

How have I? There isn't a single post where Riv is RPed.

I banned you for many reasons, and it wasn't wrong.

5/9/2009 #7

Shouldn't Allan be moved to Exiled, since he was banned?

5/9/2009 #8
The Classic Platy

I may have to knock some people off the ranks IF they have no intention of coming back. :C

2/6/2010 #9

You mean getting Rurik and Scar demodded? Ouch. Well, maybe you can just PM them to come. Usually they'll respond to PMs.

2/6/2010 #10

My rank is Overlord. The mods are just my puppets I use to control the forum.

3/22/2010 #11


3/22/2010 #12
The Classic Platy


8/1/2010 #13


8/1/2010 #14
The Classic Platy

Juffy! It is good that you are here, yes?

Can you help me message everyone? I can't seem to find ANYONE.

8/1/2010 #15

Maybe we could put something up on DR? Almost every somewhat older one in the last RP forum went there.

8/1/2010 #16
The Classic Platy

DR? What's DR?

8/2/2010 #17

Didn't you use to have an account there?

8/2/2010 #18

I'm sorry if I'm interrupting or something but 1. Rule number 3 DON'T argue with Classic and 2. Who steals charactors? If you're on Fanfiction, (Unleash your Imagination) Then you ought to have enough imagination to make your own charactor!

Edit 5 years later: Hi there. I googled my username because I was bored. W** am I talking about? Was I even a member of this forum? Why can't I spell "character"? xD

10/21/2010 . Edited 8/8/2015 #19
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