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Hey there, soldier. This is our newest roleplay. The vast majority of all our roleplays have been zombie-based, usually with a good side of dragons fighting for peace and an evil side of dragons (err, dracolichs) that have been turned to mindless undead by mighty dracolich (usually Ornlu). So we thought we'd try something different.

In this roleplay, this is no good or evil side. Two armies of dragons are fighting each other - not because one of the sides are evil, but because both believe they are doing what is right. They may have different ways of doing things, but they are both equally honourable and proud.

On one side we have the Peacekeepers. From a distance, people might see these as the 'good' side. They prefer to fight in open combat where there opponent has a fair chance of beating them. Yet they are not afraid to kill civilians if it gives them the upper hand, or torture to get information. These dragons are led by the ruthless Hammerclaw, a large Earth Dragon that is strong both physically and mentally.

And on the other we have the Dark Armies. Most people would assume that they are evil simply because of their name; however, they were simply given this name for their skill of lurking in the shadows, and then killing their victim without them ever knowing the attacker was there. Whilst the Peacekeepers think this is cowardly, it is actually a very complicated ability that requires a lot of training, not pure cowardice. They are lead by the Shadow Dragon Snareth who, despite his 'sly' reputation, is actually an incredibly honourable dragon.

So, what are the dragons fighting for? All will be revealed in due time. ;) (Scarlet's way of saying she hasn't the foggiest, but will think of something later.)

Here are the Allegiances. It's always a good idea to check them before you make a dragon, just so we don't end up with a zillion Poison Dragons because no-one bothered to look and think, 'Hmm, there are already billions of Poison Dragons, so I'll make an Ice Dragon instead!'

Peacekeeper Dragons

Hammerclaw - Leader of the Peacekeeper Dragons. Large, muscly Earth Dragon with a no-nonsense, militant personality (very much like Tigerstar from Warriors!). Incredibly strong and skilled fighter.

Nettlespine - Hammerclaw's close friend and right-hand man. This dark green Poison Dragon is Leafa's uncle.

Tempest - Scarred yellow Lightning Dragon with a white helmet. Is a skilled fighter, depending mostly on speed, but is annoying as he doesn't usually stick to the mission plan.

Leafa - Dark green Poison Dragoness with a very gentle nature about her. Does not fight; is instead a medic. She usually carries around a pouch in which she keeps her herbs and other medicine.

Maura - Dark green Poison Dragoness whose fighting style is more suited to the Dark Armies; however, she hates them for some unknown reason. Quiet yet cunning, Maura will only fight for the Peacekeepers if persuaded.

Caliga - Black Fear Dragon with huge blue wings.

Erata - Cobalt-blue dragoness that is the mate of Glidus.

Glidus - Shiny golden Wind Dragon, mate of Erata.

Cri - Pale-silver-and-peach Wind Dragoness. Also a medic.

Grogahn - Dark blue Lightning Dragon that is a veteran in the Peacekeepers.

Dark Armies

Snareth - Leader of the Dark Armies. Wiry but sturdy Shadow Dragon who teaches his dragons that respect comes first: to him, to their comrades, to their mates and even to the Peacekeepers. A master at the art of assassination, though he is also a skilled fighter.

Voidheart - Black Shadow Dragon with red markings. Snareth's right-hand man.

Bauldar - Insane white Fear Dragon. Is supposed to be the Dark Armies' medic...

Typhose - Sultry white Wind Dragoness that is the mate of Snareth. She is skilled at stealth and often uses her feminine characteristics to her advantage.

Altaire - Thin, almost skeletal, navy-blue dragon.

Ensella - Bulky, pale blue Ice Dragoness.

Icarro - Earth dragon that specializes in Sand

No allegiance

Kay - Sky-blue Fire Dragoness who just woke up and couldn't remember anything.

Vice - Black Poison Dragon.

Apala - Dark grey Fire Dragon.

Now get out there, soldier. Nice knowing you.


(( Hey. As the moterland's going down tonight, I've decided to copy the first post to here, and then anyone interested could come RP the fun all over again. Of course, we COULD go an entirely different route, if anyone wants. Yeah. Bye.))

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