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Basically, if you could magically have the Bethesda team create a weapon for Fallout 3 or a DLC, what would it be?

I'd personally love to see those pool cues used in some sort of spear gun.

6/7/2009 #1

How about an Alien Sniper? made out of Firelance as well as a scope and LOTS of pool cues.

6/7/2009 #2

Well, another I could really see was the lawn mower blade. I don't mean a Shishkebab, JUST the blade.

There were a lot of great weapons potentials. I could really see myself hitting a behemoth with a frying pan in VATS.

6/7/2009 #3

Or something like a Chainsaw. I could just run around Megaton in a Hockey mask Dismembering Lucas Simms left and Right

6/7/2009 #4

Agreed. The Ripper is much too small, and you can only hold it out. Give me a slashing CHAINSWORD!

6/7/2009 #5

What about a Medieval Flail

6/7/2009 #6

That would be promising, except make the ball end a traffic light.

6/7/2009 #7

Or, what about a Plasma Sword

6/7/2009 #8

dual 10mms or dual assault rifles would own.

or a driveable tank.

that would create endless quest potential.

personally i think bethesda should make a forum to give players a say in new dlc's

that would make better mods.

6/8/2009 #9

IU know there's a mod for a driveable Chimera tank AND motorcylce.

I love it :D

Though Bethesda should put in some post-apocalyptic mounts. If they could do it in Oblivion...

6/9/2009 #10

I wish I had it for PC.....

It NEEDS like a post-apocayptic airplane. Seriously, like a fighter jet with missile launchers and machine guns.

ORR an Apache Attack Helicopter :D

6/9/2009 #11

if they added a plane/copter you woud probably have to steal it from the enclave.

and they could make a rideable brahmin, deathclaw, ant or yao guai. there are endless posibilitys

6/9/2009 #12

Or a flyable Vetrabird

6/9/2009 #13

Flyable Vertibird...well they did make the inside cell for Broken Steel, so someone might be able to do it.

6/10/2009 #14

That would be nice, give it like missile launchers/fatmans on the sides as well as a minigun underneath (like the pelican's weapons in Halo)

6/10/2009 #15

in the GECK there is a item called vertibird cannon

its a fatman equiped on a person

6/10/2009 #16

Really? Never heard of the Vertibird cannon O_o

6/11/2009 #17

Never ever heard of it... I'm starting to wish I got the PC version instead of Xbox 360 :P...................

6/11/2009 #18

I love it, it's very modable :P

6/11/2009 #19

Just rub it in huh. Well the Xbox is very errr fun!

6/11/2009 #20

the better thing about the 360 v is that the graphics are always on high, where as in pc the graphics are limited to what your pc can handle.

6/11/2009 #21

There was a vid of a comparison on all 3 consoles...I have a pretty good PC. Just got more memory and a better graphics card, and Fallout looks INCREDIBLE on it. Just had to turn off the shadows :P

6/15/2009 #22

You guys might like the graphics, but I like Fallout for the COMBAT :D

6/16/2009 #23

but its a bit lame how u can blow limbs/heads off so easily.... i punched, PUNCHED a guys head off. hmmmmmm it was a ghoul.........

6/28/2009 #24

I hit a vicious dog in the head with a sledgehammer and it's two left legs popped off.

6/28/2009 #25

I do wish they did dismemberment a tad bit more realistic, though other times I don't.

When a guy is firing on you when you're trying to explore, and you just can't hit him, shooting him in the head with a sniper rifle in VATS and watching not only his head, but two arms and a leg pop off is satisfying.

6/29/2009 #26

but firing a 10mm pistol at his arm and blowing it off doesn't make sense at all.

6/29/2009 #27

Well, a 10 mm round could almost blow your arm off. That is an absolutely huge pistol round.

Weapons I'd like to see:

Frying pan

Fire poker

Supressed SMG


Blow torch (Yeah!)

Moltov cocktail

7/17/2009 #28

It is weird sometimes, like headshotting a raider with a victory rifle and watching all his arms and legs blow off as well. I don't complain though ;D

7/18/2009 #29

Dogmeat needs armor. And a lazer gun on his head. And he needs to be able to go stealth. I mainly just hate to leave him behind.

Oh also, there should be a way to get another chinese stealth suit, so that you can tell your flackies to put it on so that you can BOTH sneak by without being detected. I also hate leaving them behind as well. -hoardes all flackies in the megaton house-

9/13/2009 #30
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