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If you had unbelievable modding skills, or had the Bethesda team udner your control. What expansion would you like to see for Fallout 3? By that, I don't mean the roughly 5 mission DLC add-ons, but an expansion. Like Shivering Isles in Oblivion.

Personally, I wouldn't mind a trip to the Commonwealth.

7/18/2009 #1
Agent Liberi

Neither would I.

Something I'd like to see would be a trip down to the Mountain State, the Shenandoah Valley, maybe.

7/23/2009 #2

There's always the chance of visiting the moon...surely Earth had a colony or two up there...

7/30/2009 #3
Agent Liberi

That could explain the alien blaster...

Maybe we take a trip up there, find the remains of a colony, and discover it being overrun by the aliens.

7/30/2009 #4

Hi y'all, I'm new to the site.

I am playing Fallout 3 ever since it was released and have each and every DLC and am awaiting the the latest Mothership Zeta. I recently downloaded the Reykjavik (Iceland) mod and was amazed with the effort that went into it.

What I would really like to see in a new expansion is the Big Apple itself, New York, New York. I believe the city has tremendous potential for a DLC. I just posted the first chapter of a story called The New York City Wasteland. I am just hoping it catches the eye of some potential modders who would be willing to start a mod on it.

8/1/2009 #5

Now there's an idea! New York would make a great addition! Lots of skyscrapers...plenty of subways. Sounds Fallout worthy.

8/1/2009 #6

That's exactly what crossed my mind. I am guessing Bethesda has great plans for New York which would be a part of Fallout 4 or something.

I am a novice at modding, but am trying my best to learn. I hope to make a mod with all the NPCs of my story. I realize it's a daunting task, and I hope some modders can give me some tips.

In my personal opinion, New York would be the ultimate Fallout experience!

8/1/2009 #7
Agent Liberi

How about Fallout overseas? Big Ben covered in radiation. The Eifel Tower surrounded by Ferals. The Pyramids at Giza overrun by by Albino Behemoth Radscorpions!

8/1/2009 #8

Hell Yeah!

Quest: Half Past Ben (or I Daresay I've Had It With These Batty Hulking Monstrosities in the Belfry). Obj: Clean out the Super Mutant infestation in Big Ben. Restore the clock (need 20 scrap metal and/or 80 repair)

Quest: The Eiffel Dead (or Je d├ęteste l'un vibrant). Obj: Kill the pack of 22 glowing ones camping on top of the Eiffel tower.

Quest: The Case of the Enamored Albino Behemeth Radscorpion. Obj: Kill the Albino Behemoth Radscorpion who has fallen in love with the Sphinx.

8/1/2009 #9
Agent Liberi

I especially like the last one. XD

8/2/2009 #10

Quest: Changing of the Guard: Kill the 10 Beefeater feral ghouls surrounding Buckingham palace, and take away their fuzzy hats.

Then there's another place, Rome, Italy. If you though the Pitt had an arena, just wait till you see what the raiders there did with the Colisseum.

8/2/2009 #11
Agent Liberi

Super Mutants in Siberia!

Enclave Nazis in Berlin! (somebody get Alucard...)

Super-Hyper awesome Raiders in Tokyo! With the Kamehameha! And orange jumpsuits! Let's not forget pirates that are made of rubber!

8/2/2009 #12

Hey, this thread is turning out to be quite the think tank. Bethesda ought to put us on its payroll :)

By the way, any thoughts on where the best place would be for the next Fallout?

8/2/2009 #13

I know a company is doing New Vegas (obviously in Las Vegas) though they're not Bethesda they'll use the same engine. Fallout 4 is a mystery.

I think New York City would be perfect, or London.

8/3/2009 #14

Yeah, it'll be quite interesting to see what Obsidian does to follow up Fallout 3.

They've made some superb sequels in the past like Neverwinter Nights 2 and KOTOR II.

London would great too. I would love to see a postapocalyptic London, was pretty disappointed with Hellgate though.

8/4/2009 #15
Agent Liberi

Maybe they could work with a company like Blizzard and make a Fallout MMO. Wait, then the chair humping retards would find another reson to start a war on humanity, and get the stuffing beat out of them again.

(reference to you, Mandalore! XD)

8/7/2009 #16

Sounds nice =P

8/9/2009 #17

I'd love to see several expansions... the Commonwealth, the Erie Stretch, Ronto, Philiadelphia, New York, even just a larger version of The Pitt would satisfy me honestly. Whatever it would be it would have to be longer thaqn the other expansions and have more of an actual story... also I should be allowed to bring Charon.

10/25/2009 #18

yo blackwingnight

there is a MOD-IN-PROGRESS that is in Teh big apple

its on the nexus!

3/3/2010 #19
The Grim fellow in the corner

You know they are actully working on a fallout MMO.I personally believe that this would kill the spirit of fallout outright.What they should do is add the ability for some co-op or a four player system.Then we could settle the argument once and for all about who has the best character build.

Also A return trip to california would be nice

3/27/2010 #20
Xero Tenshi

here is a new game idea Fallout: World Tour you travel the world after finding out that there were other project purity in capitals of the world your would not only find them but also repair them its a race against time when you have to beat the enclave before they get there but you also have to check them from time to time to make sure the enclave are not trying anything

7/13/2010 #21

That's a decent idea you have.

Me, personally I would like expansions that let you take followers with you, and a trip to China, maybe an expansion pack that will let you travel the whole world. Or simply an expansion that will let you sail boats.

7/26/2010 #22
Ignika Kaita

Actully, I've been thinking about making X-Over DLC Fanfics for Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I Already have one Idea for NV. For now, I'n calling it: PROJECT WILDCARD. And no, it doesn't have to do w/ the Wild Card quests. As for F3, I'm still on the drawing board for it. Brainstorms

12/18/2010 #23
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