Everyone luvs Mary Sue
Not against OC but who actually likes characters who are good at everything AND get the love interest? Come and discuss the madness...
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Giselle makes me vomit. Also any double triple floaty names
1/14/2006 #1
Hm...that's a tough one. I've seen Goselle, and it hurts the eyes. Also: Kat (I'm guilty of that one ^~) Marie and Elizabeth. I don't know, thay're all just so Sue-ish.
1/29/2006 #2
Hermione Vader
I don't really like those Christine's Daughter fics where the girls are almost always named Angelina, Angelique, Angela, or something along the lines of "angel."
3/7/2006 #3
Insomniac Bard
Cera Dolce Angelina Angemisque is by FAR the worst one I've seen to date.
3/7/2006 #4
What about Angelica Seraphima Gabriella? Just kidding, that’s the name of the hideous idiot from my anti-Sue fic. ;)
4/3/2006 #5
Emma Winchester
I can't believe I'm going to say this but Emma...my name. I wrote it and i look back at that story and want to vomit...i am embarressed to say that i wrote it. But yeah Emma Nichole Morgan...just shoot me now...pretty please? Please Phanfic writers of the world forgive me my year-long lapse of sanity!
5/20/2006 #6
Jenny, (Or Jennie/Jenne) I've seen that name in so many Mary-sues..grrr
5/22/2006 #7
well, i've never really seen any because I'm not a great writer, and I have trouble telling OC's from Marysue's sometimes. But I really can't stand it when the name revolves around angel, I think someone else already put that here...but....*gag* it's too...cliche... unless your name is Angelica, Angel, etc. Not ment to be offended. ~MikoHatome~
7/28/2006 #8
Sirius Blaak
I know it's been a while since anyone posted on this forum, but I have a question for all you Mary Sue experts. ;) I'm trying to write a story that has a character that may be bordering on a Mary Sue, but as of right now she is nameless. (Don't worry, she is not a love interest character for anyone) I'm trying to pick a good name, but I don't want to use one that'll seem over-used or anything. Any ideas? I was thinking of naming her Claire, but then I figured that might be a bad idea.
4/15/2007 #9
this is not a pipe

Here's one that hasn't been mentioned: Hannah. I mean, seriously, no girl in the late 1800's would be named Hannah. Especially if she is from an upper class French family, and her brother happens to be Raoul.

Which is another thing, albeit off topic. Don't you hate it when Raoul's sister ends up with Erik and they all live happily ever after?

4/23/2008 #10

Raven's a bad one . . . so is Serena, Serene, etc. And anything American. Nothing American unless you're in America. Ditto for Japanese.

6/6/2008 #11

I just felt like saying this but the most annoying transformers name is Nightbird. ugh. or anything with 'Night' in it.

9/24/2010 #12

But Angelica is LOVELY name - and, well, perfect to a china-doll.

I hate j*** Sues, but are they so bad virus in POTO fanfiction?

12/10/2010 #13
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