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Cause honestly who doesn't? i mean am i right? lol

well kay, bye yall ;)

5/2/2011 #1
Jack Johnathan Napier

Love Thrax, havent seen this movie in years but I remember his character. I always like the bad guys, and he's no exception he's wicked cool.

5/24/2011 #2

After I wondered about this movie I watched when I was little, and found it was this movie, I got geeky over it, lol. Now I'm a Thrax girl, lol.

5/26/2011 #3
Jack Johnathan Napier

ha ha me too, just got back into the movie again and I cant stop drawing Thrax :D

5/26/2011 #4

I'm soo sorry for the late reply :(

and i see you've changed your icon, lol ;] welcome to the club bro lol I never knew the fever was real though

5/28/2011 #5
Jack Johnathan Napier

ha ha thanks, do you mean the disease? Isn't he supposed to be Anthrax?

6/1/2011 #6
Jack Johnathan Napier

I also have a weakness for the pairing of Ozzy/Thrax, yes its true, I cant help it I am a yaoi fan! :D lol

6/1/2011 #7
Memory in Crimson

Thrax is not anthrax. Anthrax is a bacterium. He is not the ebolavirus (or in any way related, as the very mention of the virus angers him), and he is not Dengue fever, as some authors have alleged. He is a fictitious virus that might have some origin in other infections, but Thrax is his own virus.

6/13/2011 #8
To all who are interested, i have made a Osmosis jones RP.


7/16/2011 #9

And I just joined ;)

7/16/2011 #10
I'm sorry, but your character sheet didn't have enouoh information.
7/16/2011 #11
Mockingbird Accomplice

I think everyone has to like or at least appreciate what Thrax does. He's super sexy, smooth, charming, and has awesome fashion taste. I love his voice and personality most of all though. :3 He could infect me anyday. XD

8/3/2011 #12

^_^ yay! An OJ forum! I don't really see these so much anymore.. hmm I wonder what became of the forum's admin?

8/11/2011 #13

I just saw the movie recently, and I must admit that Thrax is one smexy villain xD They should give him a comeback, seriously! He shouldn't have died like that! I'd love to see him in another film, but sadly that's not going to happen u.u Fanfics and vids will have to do, then :3

6/10/2013 #14
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