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Just like the monster were about to slash the poor boy who tripped, someone suddently came to his rescue.

"MAJINKEN!" a man's voice suddently said, as a blue wave of energy hit the monster. That voice belonged to a young brown haired man who just happened to pass by. He wore black pants, a red shirt and a sword in each hands.

The newcommer used the monster's confusion to take place between it and Atsuki. "You're alright?" he asked. "Can you get up and run?"

(the 5 newcommers? there's Lloyd, Zelos, Emil, and two other people that maybe you don't know... hm... but I think you maybe know one of them, his name is Cless Alvein... as for the other... he's from a game on game cube who didn't get enought attention in my opinion... so it's a surprise =P )

5/15/2009 #1

Atsuki slowly nodded his head.

"Atsuki!" Akira was still calling for the gray haired teen. Atsuki felt like it was nessessary to read the other's mind first before running, but...

Why isn't Sigma working?

5/15/2009 #2

"Then what are you waiting for?" he asked in an angry tone. "Hurry up and get the hell out of here!"

At the same time, the monster came back to his senses and charged toward them, the swordsman in red ready to counter-attack.

5/15/2009 #3


Atsuki suddenly felt someone grab his arm from behind. "We don't have time for this Saijo! It's best to get away from here," Akira told him harshly.

Atsuki looked at him with worried eyes, "But I can't..."

"Sometimes I wish you would stop caring about everyone. Keep this up and you might get yourself killed."

Atsuki was silent.

"Come on guys! Get up here!" Shinji called out.

The two teens rushed toward Shinji...only to get get ambushed by another demon. Chances are that the first demon called in reinforcements.


5/15/2009 . Edited 12/19/2009 #4

The brunette already had a hard time to keep the bear busy. "Dammit Zelos!" He though. "Where the hell are you again?! If you're charming a woman around here again I'm gonna kick your ass."

He blocked the monster's attack and looked behind him, to make sure the three boys escaped. However, he just discovered that another demon decided to join the party. "Dammit!" he cursed. Too busy with that bear, either those boys had to fight the other demon back on their own, or pray for a miracle to come.

5/16/2009 #5

Thanks to Akira's bushido instincts, he was able to avoid a bear swipe along with the other two who ducked by instincts.

"It's been nice knowing you guys..." Shinji mumbled but there was a hint of humor in his voice as the bear wasn't looking at him but rather Atsuki.

"Don't you dare start..." Atsuki told him.

Another attack...

5/17/2009 . Edited 12/19/2009 #6

The man quickly acted and pushed them away. However, he received the monster's attack letting out a scream of pain, his arm now deeply injured. "D-dammit! Zelos!"

5/17/2009 #7

Before anyone could get anymore injured, pillars of light fell from the sky and struck the monsters dead. One of the pillars almost hit Akira head on. (Poor guy.)

"Thanks for making me look so good." An angel with orange wings came onto the scene smirking. He had long red hair and wore a salmon colored outfit.

5/18/2009 #8

Thanksfully this man came in time. The brunette walked toward him, squeezing his arm due to the injurie. He looked at the angel with a mean look.

"You're late." he said in a cold tone.

5/18/2009 #9

The angel sweatdropped when he saw the younger glaring at him.

"Sorry Bud, but I saw this cute girl who was lost and I just had to help her out." The three teens fell on the ground breathing heavily all thinking to themselves.

We're alive!

5/18/2009 #10

The glare became even colder. "You... you... you jerk!" he yelled, angry. He then walked toward the other boys. "Are you alright? Is someone's hurt? "

(I feel like doing a very jealous Lloyd XP )

5/18/2009 #11

Atsuki shook his head, "No." "Yes," Shinji replied.

Akira shook his head, "You weren't even attacked. The monster completely ignored you." "I hurt my ass getting here, remember?" Atsuki sighed, "We're okay, thanks, but what about your injury?"

5/18/2009 #12

"Ah," he said. "It's nothing, with some bandage it'll go away after a few days..."

5/18/2009 #13

Atsuki shook his head, "That won't do. Shinji, you have my first aid kit, right?" "Uhh..." "Don't 'uhh' me! I gave it to you!" "But why do we need it?" "Akira is stupid remember? We thought he would hurt himself playing the game!" "But that was-" While the three teens bickered, the angel made his wings disappear and ran to his companion.

"Should I heal you?"

5/19/2009 #14

The brunette looked at him, still pissed. "Oh you're still here," he sarcastly said. "I tough you would go help another poor girl again and let me die of blood lost." He pouted, but he allowed the angel to use his healing powers. "It'll take you a long time before I forgive you."

5/19/2009 #15

The older male frowned, "But Bud! It was REALLY important! She had information on where to go to...umm...that tournament!"

5/20/2009 #16

"Oh I see, so that tournament is more important than my life?" he pouted. "That's not an excuse for me, try something else."

5/20/2009 #17

"-red vein- Hey! You were the one talking about the tournament and asking questions. Hell, you're the reason why we had to split with Emil."

5/21/2009 #18

" -red vein-And you're making us late for the tournament! If you weren't stopping and helping every ladies we met, we would already caught Emil!"

5/23/2009 #19

Akira and Shinji looked at the bickering bunch and glanced at Atsuki. They might as well before someone got hurt but then suddenly...

"WAIT! You're Lloyd the Great, right?!" "That's Lloyd?" Atsuki wasn't listening. He was trying multiple times to activate Lux Pain but it wasn't working to his dismay.

5/23/2009 #20

The man in red stopped yeling at the other one and looked toward them. "Y-yeah?" he said, raising an eyebrow. "Who's asking for him? "

5/26/2009 #21

"Oh my God! Can I have your autograph! I've been dreaming to meet Lloyd the Great!" Shinji rolled his eyes as he kicked Akira in the shin, "Umm, ignore him? He hit his head really hard."

5/26/2009 #22

"I can see that..." replied Lloyd, scratching the back of his head. "Listen up, um... we're in a kind of hurry, we need to catch a train for a special fighting tournament. If you want we can take you with us to the train station."

6/16/2009 #23

"??? Train?" Akira was positive that there wasn't a train in the ToS world. If there was, he must have missed it. "We would appreciate it since we are...kind of lost," Atsuki admitted knowing full well that Akira would try to be the man and try to find their way out of this world and Shinji wouldn't be helping either.

6/16/2009 #24

"Then follow us."

The little groupe of five started to walk in the plain, when Lloyd suddently realized something. "Oh, I haven't asked your names yet. Like you already know, I'm Lloyd, and this jigolo over there is Zelos."

(I have an important question, The main character of Lux Pain (don't remember wich) he has psychic powers right? Do you think he can feel ghosts presence? )

6/16/2009 #25

Zelos focused his attention on Atsuki and grinned pervertedly, "It's nice to meet you, honey."

"...I'm a male." Atsuki said simply crushing the angel's pride, "And I'm Atsuki."

"Shinji," Shinji replied.

"I'm Akira Mido and I'm Lloyd Irving's biggest fan!"

Another kick to the shin.

"Aww! Come on Shinji! It's true!"

(Yes, Atsuki can see anything that is not of the world. If he can see emotions, then he can see ghost and spirits. Other psychics in the game are Rui (she can predict the future), Nami (can talk to animals) and Hibiki (he has similar powers to Atsuki but he cannot see emotions and uses his power for bad as he killed the math teacher with it.) And, don't get to the train area yet, because I'm going to have Shinji suddenly disappear and end up back to his world.)

6/16/2009 . Edited 6/16/2009 #26

A forced smile appeared on Lloyd's face. "Zelos, let me show you a technique Sheena just teach me." Without the red haired man realised it, the brunette smacked him hard behind the head.

(okay :D )

6/16/2009 #27

"Oww! What the hell was that for, Bud?"

6/19/2009 #28

"And you DARE to ask me why?" he scoffed. "F-fine! Make him your boyfriend if you want it sooo much."

6/20/2009 #29

"Come on Bud, you can't be that jealous of the Great Zelos Wilder right?"

"I want to go home..." Atsuki mumbled already not liking this place and its people.

6/20/2009 . Edited 6/22/2009 #30
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