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Greed laughed at the priest as he spinned the mace in his hand like a toy. "Awww, missed."

3/20/2010 #2,971


Calum faced Greed directly. "What do you want?"

3/20/2010 #2,972

"Me? Oh, nothing much." he grinned evily. "Just want to end your pathetic life."

3/20/2010 #2,973

Calum took a step back. He was ready to pull out another weapon from his cape.

3/20/2010 #2,974

"Be nice and I'll give you a fast and painless death."

3/20/2010 #2,975

Calum scoffed. "I'm sorry to say this, but I'm not your ordinary priest that begs for mercy upon you sinners." He said this as he took out a pistol from his robe. "You guys are being too risky attacking Kisaragi not once, but twice."

3/20/2010 #2,976

"Awww, but I'm lucky, I'm not attacking a Persona user."

3/20/2010 #2,977

"I may not be one...but I still can kick you butt."

3/20/2010 #2,978

"Oh oh, I'm so scared..."

3/20/2010 #2,979

"Select your weapon. I am honorable man and I won't fight if you don't have a weapon."

3/20/2010 #2,980

"... Pfff, I don't even need that, old man."

3/20/2010 #2,981

A pause.


3/20/2010 #2,982

( .... hm.... do I give him the powers I've first thoug abouit, of I give him the same power than the Greed in FUll Metal alchemist...? )

"Hehe, yes, old. What's wrong, don't like that?"

3/20/2010 #2,983

Calum forgot about his honor as he shot at Greed. "I...am not old..."

(Do what you need to do.)

3/20/2010 #2,984

The priest got him right in the fore head. Just under his eyes, he saw the sin falling on the ground in a loud noise.

3/20/2010 #2,985

"What the fuck?"

3/20/2010 #2,986

A long silence came, before the priest could hear the sin laughing again."Hehehe... hahahahahah. So damn close..."

He sttod up slowy, and his forehead rejected the bullet from his head. "But you failed... "

3/20/2010 #2,987

Calum shot again everywhere but the head but nothing happened.

3/20/2010 #2,988

"How pathetic...." he said as he walked toward him again.

(... question: qich couple's love is supposed to make him weak again? )

3/20/2010 #2,989

(Yes, but Lust, Greed and Envy are at their strongest because of what's happening to their counter parts. No matter what Yayoi says, Kalas isn't listening to her. Akira is in complete denial of his feelings. Lloyd hates Zelos. Envy loses often because he's still considered a kid...I always make Envy the kid...)

He kept shooting. He just needed to buy sometime until Serena and Rinoa got there.

3/20/2010 #2,990

( ... you didn't answered xD I asked you wich love confesion will make Greed weak? (like RedxCless will weaken Glutonny ) )

"Heeey, stop that, you're making useless noise.."

3/20/2010 #2,991

(My bad...let's see...I'm thinking on whose left. Lloyd/Zelos is Envy. Emil/Ratatosk is Wrath. Ike/Pit is Pride AND GLUTTONY Sano/Kotoru is Sloth and Akira/Atsuki will kill all the sins but particularly Greed and Lust. Greed because one way or another Atsuki, Akira and Kalas will be able to make up and Lust...but Lust is probably the nicest of all of them.)

Calum didn't stop because that was his intention.

Of course...no one came to see what the hell was going on. He did realize what day it was.

Rosaline...you dirty bitch...is EVERYBODY AT CLUB ROYAL?!

3/20/2010 #2,992

( so... ironically, Greed is the only one who won't be weaken by a love confession... why is this make me lol? xD )

It didn't took long before Greed finally reach for him and hit his gun away.

3/20/2010 #2,993

Dammit! Calum cursed as he tried to jump back. His arm was grabbed in the process.

3/20/2010 #2,994

The sin holds the priest close as his right arm transformed itself into a wind blade, ready to slash his throat. "Any last prayers?"

3/20/2010 #2,995

"Bastard!" Calum had still one trick up his sleeve. Quickly, he pulled his eye patch off his eye revealing that his other eye was a different color...green. He didn't have time to activate though to his annoyance.

Fortunately, a small card hit Greed where the blade was. It blew up on contact, and while Greed wasn't damaged, he let the priest go. The auburn haired priest found his body being scooped up by powerful arms.

"And you said you would be fine tonight." The Father did his absolute best to hide his blush. It didn't go so well as he clung to his saviors arm.

"For a second there, I thought Rosaline infatuated you so much that you would forget about me."

Kouji rolled his eyes as the two landed a safe distance from Greed. "It was getting...to the younger kids...and it would look bad if I stared at high school students so I booked when-"

"So you did watch high school strippers."

"Yes...I MEAN NO!!!!!"

3/20/2010 #2,996

Greed stood up after the hit, rubbing his neck. "Pfff, I don't need that..."

3/20/2010 #2,997

Like the damn hero he likes to be, Kouji shielded Calum from Greed and glared at him. "You have some nerve attacking the Father of all people."

3/20/2010 #2,998

"Pfff, don't make me laugh." he said a he rolled his eyes.

3/20/2010 #2,999

"Careful Kanazawa-kun, bullets don't work."

"I can see that, but I won't need bullets." A perverted smirk appeared on his face. "If what Serena does to Rinoa motivates him, then you can do the same thing and-"

A pinch in the arm.

"Owwwww! Okay! I was kidding dammit! Sheesh..."

Kouji took out a deck of cards. As he shuffled them around at top speed like a card dealer, they began to catch fire. "I hope your ready for this."

3/20/2010 #3,000
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