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As it says, only a little conflict is able to create the greater war of all time...

The lands of Mordalix were divised into 5 kingdoms, each of them with a different culture.

First, the Zenith Kingdom, aka the Green country. The biggest of alls, Zenith own multiple of fertile lands, making it the richer kingdom with its food and livestock marketing.

Second, the Hasu Kingdom, aka the Tropical country. Mostly famous for its beach, this kingdom attracts more tourists than any others.

Third, the Jaar Kingdom, aka the Desertic country. Due to its location, sand covers these lands, making plants nearly impossible to grow. However, this country hides multiple ancients ruins, some discovered in one of its 48 ore mines.

Fourth, the Valua Kingdom, aka the Sparkly country. Located into mountains, these lands are covered with thunderstorm clouds all year long. Its scientists used their environment as an advantage and used thunder to develope their advanced technology.

And Fifth, Yuale, aka the Northic country. Snow falls almost all year on these land, making it a bit less attractive for tourits' POV. Though Yuale is the smallest and is considered as poor country, it's people don't seem to care. With only one big city, these lands are famous for its multiple old legends and still respecting many old traditions. They economicaly survive by selling some ore and raising wyverns as mounts.

Next to Yuale though, there are some mountains no one actually were able to cross. With no places to rest, wyverns riders are unable to land, and their mount gets too tired to cross. No one actually know what's behind those mountains though, but with Yuale's imagination, some say it's where criminals are send, some that some monks lives there and prays for the gods, or even that Gods themselves live there. But no one actually know...

(Heeeeere. I've created 4 others country, so we pick 2 more each =3 of course, the unknown mountains are home of the Society of Requiem..... so choose your countries )

1/12/2010 #1

(The only fantasy nations I have are Requiem and Mana (which is the nation Shibuya is from and left because his older brother Soul was going to become the king of that nation and Shibuya would have use to be there even with his seven faithful servants/friends. Every other story doesn't have an additional nation...of course, I could add the one planned for my Tales of Symphonia 2 story where Guardians (AKA spirits of the dead live.))

Another nation far isolated from every other country was one called Mana. None have been able to reach this nation possibility because it was considered an illusion. An illusion created by one's heart. Only those with pure hearts could see the beautiful, wealthy nation and enter it. Everyone else was shunned. This nation was said to counteract the nation near Yuale. That nation was known as the Society of Requiem to few.

The nation Society of Requiem is said to be home of the Gods. However, there are also Guardians above all nations. It was called the Sacred Heavens or SH for short. These guardians protected the people of Mordalix even though those Guardians did not have goof lives on the planet. Still, they continue to dedicate themselves to the people, even if forgotten by all but a few.

(Who will be the main characters?)

1/14/2010 #2

(I've added 4 more nations because... erm... xD only 3 is boring. so um... since you have Mana too, pick a third one and I'll take the rest :3 and who the mains would be? :/ usually, me and my friends start with a character each, then add more, then there are some we RP more than the others (My first RP was a Zelda one, I've started with Zelda and ended RPing Dark Link all time)


In the mountains near Yuale's Capital, someone fell off of a rock and ended on his butt a few meters lower. He took a few seconds to open his eyes, confused. "Darn it... this is clearly not my day..." He looked at his left when he suddently heard someone calling his name. The young man sat up and removed some dust from his brown hair and black tunic. Getting up, he also streched his "bigger than average" muscles after removing the dust on his white pants and putting back his headband.

Another young man soon joined him in a hurry. Wearing a blue wizard hat and a tunic of the same color, his long blond hair was gently waving with the wind under it.

"Dash! Dash!" he said as his dark blue look crossed the silver one of his friend. His delicate face and slim body made him look alot like a girl, but his voice usually proves the opposite. "Don't be so reckless! Use the road next time!"

"Hey, cut it out Mig." he replyed, annoyed. "That damn prince's bird escaped and I saw it over ther- Aw crap! I've lost it again!"

His companion sighed. "Let's hurry and take a look on the other side, it's getting dark already..." Helping out each other, they slimbed up the mountain, without realizing on the other side was supposely the lands belonging to the Society of Requiem.

(arg, long post x__x arg, I realized we both have OCs named Tempest)

1/14/2010 #3

(Don't have another one. -_- )

That nation, Society of Requiem was waiting on the other side of mountains. The nation seemed dark but that was quite the contrary. The nation had tall beautiful white buildings that touched the sky. It was like Crystal Tokyo only without the sparkled. Instead, the sun hit nation making it look fabulous.

While the nation kept it's positive look it was far from it. While the people loved it's ruler, he made them oblivious to the world around them making it seem that their nation was the only superior nation and if others were to be come across, then all would be eliminated unless they submit to their rule.

That leader was called Tenou who referred himself to as a God.

1/15/2010 #4

(huh? what do you mean "don't have another one?" =/ ohhh xD for the third time, I've created those 4 other nations so WE could have more. Since you have already 2, I want you to pick a third one between Zenith, Jaar, Hasu and Valua, and I'll take the other 3, okay? xD)

"... Do you think what they say about that mysterious land is real?" asked the blond, which earned him a confused look from his friend.

"What? Don't tell me you REALLY believe this?" "N-no I-" "HA! Mr Logic is believing in some sort of old rumor! Hahaha! That's not like you at all."

The young man looked angry. "Well," he said. "let's take a look to the other side and see by ourselves." he added the last part as he climbed further.

1/15/2010 #5

(I'll take the resort nation. I love resorts!)

In that nation, there was a castle that was in the middle of the city. Requiem Castle. There are thirty floors in the castle but there are only twenty four members from the weakest to the God Tenou. Each member has 100 plus men serving under him or her and each have a different role in the castle.

Unknown to many including the self-proclaimed God, the SoR members are divided into two groups who are against Tenou mainly because he rules in tyranny and creates a false utopia for its people.

The leader of this group is none other than Shibuya Mana, 16th seat of Society of Requiem. Known for his sense of justice and strong heart. While respecting Tenou to a certain extent, he does not respect the way he rules and thus did he slowly begin to form a group of rebels amongst the group. That little group only meets up on a few days trying out the modern world stuff that is received from LME (Love Me) members and together they are successfully able to hide the information from Tenou.

Not only is Shibuya very convincing but at the same time, he manages to hide the whereabouts of his own country Mana. With these two good facts, one can conclude that even if Shibuya were to be found out, his country would still be safe and would extract his revenge (not like he'd want it.)

"Shibuya, how about you help out with the cleaning instead of staring at the doves!" Shibuya sighed. It was his fiance Wolf Eiki (Courage). The beautiful blonde haired dragon Laguz would not leave him alone. That was due to their culture in Mana which was very different from everyone else here. Who had ever heard of two man getting engaged by slapping one on the left cheek? It was unheard of anywhere else. Yet, Shibuya never broke the engagement because as much as he hated to admit it, he liked to hear Wolf's constant complaining and shouts of cheater and wimp (which he wasn't either.)

"My bad. I just thought I felt something..."

"What could you feel? You are hardly like your siblings so you can't feel anything from miles away."

"That's harsh..."

1/15/2010 #6

(So you'll take Hasu? ...right? xD the tropical one... (is embarassed to say she doesn't know what resorts means...))

The boy's discution was suddently interrupted by some chirping. By looking around, the soldier and the dragon laguz finally spotted where that noise was comming from. Above them, a bird looking like a parrot was looking at them curiously. But due to its golden and red colored feather and his long tail, it didn't took them long to realise it was not a parrot, but a phoenix.

The bird chirped again when Shibuya and Wolf spotted him, like if he was saying hello.

1/15/2010 #7

(Resort is the same as vacation spot.)

Shibuya grinned. "It's so pretty! Hey! Hello!"

Wolf shook his head in annoyance. However glancing at the bird, he couldn't help but smile. The bird looked like it was on fire. Anything revolving around fiery/shiny things were beautiful.

"Yeah. It's beautiful...but...what is something like that doing here?"

1/15/2010 #8

(ahhhh xD so it's Hasu, okay! Oh btw, the phoenix is the same size than the one in Harry Potter xD (because phoenix are usually a bit smaller than dragons))

The bird spreaded his wings and landed on a rock near of them. Trough hisfeathers, there was a medal shiny around his neck, with the word Vulcain written on it. Quickly, he looked around him, seeming to search for something to eat.

1/15/2010 #9

"Oh, it looks hungry."

"You can tell?"


Shibuya went back into his room and took something out of his lunchbox. Wolf was startled.

"Hey birdie! Come eat this sandwich!"

"It took me forever to make that! How could you give it away you cheater!"

"Starvation is not a good thing Wolf." Shibuya smiled at the bird as he waved the sandwich in the air. "Here birdie! It's not poison!"

1/15/2010 #10

He looked at his as is he was trying to understand what Shibuya was saying. However, once he saw the sandwich, the bird jumped on the ground and carefully walked toward them, preparing himself to fly away if the two men were planing to catch him.

1/15/2010 #11

Shibuya continued to give off a radiating smile as he held the food in front of him. "Don't worry. I won't bite and even though Wolf has a snappy tongue, he ain't dangerous."

1/15/2010 #12

Once near of him, he started at Shibuya for a few seconds, then started to eat.

1/15/2010 #13

"He's so cute. Hey Wolf, what should we name him?"


"A name. I think Suzaku is good."

"No! If it's anything it has to be Griffin of the Flames."

"-sweatdrop- Your names are so long. Suzaku means Phoenix anyway."

1/15/2010 #14

He stopped eating after he heard what the men were saying. Retracting his neck, he showed the medal aroung his neck using his black beak.

1/15/2010 #15

"Oh, Suzaku wants to show us something." the double black stated.

"You mean Griffin of the Flames?"

Ignoring his fiancee, Shibuya gently took the medal around its neck and read it.

1/15/2010 #16

On the first side of the medal, a raven flying with a moon crescent behind were beautifully craved, surrounded by a celtic drawing. Vulcain could be read on the other side of the medal.

1/15/2010 #17

"Vul...cain...Your name is Vulcain, right?"

1/15/2010 #18

He chirped and flapped his wings as a respond.

1/15/2010 #19

"I still like Griffin of the Flames better." Wolf lamented.

"Don't pout. I actually like that name."


The girls scream is a girl name Aussa. She was referring to Leo Hanabishi. The idiot of Requiem...next to Pride. He was...pranking people...


A shiver down Shibuya's spine. "Wolf, you can go. I can't handle her..."


Wolf left the room with sword in hand. Shibuya couldn't help but laugh. "We got a lively bunch here. It's just a shame that half of us are evil..."

1/15/2010 #20

Vulcin looked at him, then bite his finger. Not in a painfull way though, it was more to cheer him up a little bit.

1/15/2010 #21

"Oh! Don't worry about it. I think when I persuade everyone to join forces, then maybe I can change Tenou's rule and maybe everyone will be okay and not so arrogant."

1/16/2010 #22

He chirped, like if he was trying to have a little conversation with Sibuya. Finishing the last part of the sandwich, Vulcain climbed along the soldier's arm and rested on his shoulder.

1/16/2010 #23

Shibuya felt that flowers were blooming everywhere around him as he squealed. "You're so cute."


The double black shook his head. "I'm not really the motivational person when it comes to chores. I leave that to everyone else because." Shibuya let out a low giggle. "I'll tell you the secret. I'm the next in line after my older brother in ruling Mana. But, all seems hopeless because us double blacks live for 1000 years and that's practically it but some have lived longer..."

1/16/2010 #24

(When you say double black, you mean black skin and black hair, right? )

Vulcain chirped back. It was hard to tell if he understood what Sibuya said or not, but at least he understood the soldier was talking to him. Maybe he was just replying, just to be polite, without truly knowing what's going on.

1/16/2010 #25

(No. In Kyo Kara Maou, double black means black hair and black eyes. This is a rare species amongst the demons and they contain the most power of all demons. In human countries, if kidnapped and sold, they can make a profit to the point where you never have to work again.)

Shibuya thought the bird could understand though because most animals are smarter than what they appear to be.

"I kind of miss going back home though to Mana. I want to see my family again. And all of those who protected me when I was still a baby...and Kairi."

1/16/2010 #26

(Ohhhhh, I see :3 )

He made himself more comfortable on the shoulder, either to better listening Sibuya, or to prepare to sleep.

1/16/2010 #27

"Sometimes, I want the rebellion to happen sooner but patience is a virtue. That's what Tiger told me."

(Tiger is pronounced Tee-ger.)

1/16/2010 #28

(ohhh xD like in french, okay)

Vulcain stared at him for a few momment, then suddently raised his head and decided to place correctly some locks in Sibuya's hair.

1/16/2010 #29

(You forgot the h in Shibuya.:D)

"Hey, don't mess up my hair!" Shibuya shouted playfully.

"This cut is the one and only here!"


Shibuya shivered again. "I'm scared of Wolf..."

(It's not French but a different way to pronounce it. The three brothers of Kyo Kara Maou all are named after an animal of the beast tribe. Wolfram is Wolf. Cornrad is Tiger (Tee-ger) and Gwendal is Panther (Pan-tha).)

1/16/2010 #30
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