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Miguel showed a sad face. "Really?"

1/24/2010 #301

Yoko was rather embarrassed. "Yeah. I tend to sleep in during all three meals of the day and when I get up, the food is already gone. Fortunately, Shibuya is so nice that he steals half of the good food for me."

1/24/2010 #302

Miguel did not intend to laught, but he let out a small chuckles. "Well, it's kinda your fault since you're sleeping during dinner..."

1/24/2010 #303

"H-Hey! That's my favorite passing time! When I'm asleep, I don't have to do anything!"

1/24/2010 #304

He chucled even more. "Now you sound exatly like Dash."

1/24/2010 #305


1/24/2010 #306

"I think he would sleep all day if he could... hehe, you two are not so different of each other."

1/24/2010 #307

"I doubt that..."

1/24/2010 #308

"Hehe, maybe... I would be surprised if you tell me that the smelling of tomatoes is able to make you sick."

1/24/2010 #309

Yoko thought for a moment. He was disgusted when Frank put all that ketchup on his food that one time. "It's gross..."

1/24/2010 #310

He seemed to lost his smile. "... you're serious? DOn't tell me you're crazy about apples too?"

1/24/2010 #311

"They are good...fruits are what Shibuya brings me..."

1/24/2010 #312

"... " he smiled and chuckled again. "Dash is absolutly crazy when he smells apples."

1/24/2010 #313


1/24/2010 #314

"Hehe, yes. If you have some, he'll be your best friend."

1/24/2010 #315

Yoko laughed to himself. "I doubt it."

1/24/2010 #316

Soon enought, they all decided to call for the day and go to sleep, with one of them staying awake and watching for danger.

1/24/2010 #317

Yoko should have been able to pass out easily, but that wasn't the case. Even though he knew his men wouldn't find him...Mamoru could very easily. He was trying his best to suppress that aura he had but brotherly bonds always proved stronger.

1/24/2010 #318

At some time, the watchman started playing cards alone.

(yeah, deep inside of me I want them to be found/tortured/raped/notkilledplz ect ect ect... D: )

1/24/2010 #319

(That would be too clinch. You can't expect Yoko to gain their trust if Requiem already catches up to them.)

Yoko tossed and turned on the ground. He sat up and sighed. Can't sleep after all...not without sleeping with someone.

(He sleeps with his brother. It can be romantic and brotherly.)

1/24/2010 #320

(darn it .___. if I knew I would let them being caught... *facepalm* )

"... Hey asshole, it's morning, Get up." said told him as he pushed him with his foot.

1/24/2010 #321

(How do you punch with a foot?)

Yoko groaned. He turned away from the foot talking in his sleep. "Don't...wake me...up..."

1/24/2010 #322

(he's PUSHING, not PUNCHING D: )

Dash sighed and grabbed his shirt. "Wake up now or I'll throw you in the river!"

1/24/2010 #323

His response was a fist in the face and an intimidating glare.

"How dare you wake me up..."

(Now you know why no one wakes Yoko up.)

1/24/2010 #324

That surprizing reaction caused Dash's nose to bleed. Feeling the rage rising dangerously inside himself, the brunette violently pushed Yoko in the river.

1/24/2010 #325

Yoko was awake now as he kicked his feet in the air.

"COLD!" he screamed as he put his head out of the water.

He looked around in a daze confused as he put his hands around his body.

1/24/2010 #326

Blazer hurry up to catch Yoko and bring him out of the cold water.

"DASH!!" That shout was enought to make the brunette flinch. He turned around, and saw his pissed looking brother.

"K-Kerens I-" he's been shut quickly as his brother slapped him hard.

1/24/2010 #327

Yoko snapped out of it and realized what happened. "Did I do something wrong...?"

1/24/2010 #328

"If you think being threw in the river is wrong..." said Blazer.

"... Don't acting like an idiot and grew up a little bit." Kerens told his brother before returning into the car. "Let's move on."

1/24/2010 #329

Yoko didn't know what he did but his cloths would dry up in the sun eventually.

1/24/2010 #330
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