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THe King then smiled at his nephew. "Don't worry about Vulcain, Matty. You know how he likes to explore around. I'm sure he'll be back soon with Dash and Miguel."

Mateo nodded. "Yes... You're probably right... "

"Come on now, let's go take a bath and clean all this sweat."

"Hehe, okay."

"Kids, go to your room and be prepared for dinner in 30 minutes, alright?" "Alright!"



"Hm? What's wrong Mig?" Both teen stopped walking when they were about 10 minutes away from the capital. Miguel suddently shivered. "I-I don't know... I suddently have a bad feeling..." the blond answered.

1/17/2010 #61

The members of the Society of Requiem were ready. Shibuya sighed as he watched the soldiers march out of the castle. The main members used their powers to teleport them to their designated location.

I really hope their won't be a lot of casualties. Shibuya shook his head. What am I thinking?


Aussa wasn't liking the dark expression on Lust's face. She was one of the more feared members of Requiem. Her long black hair and gold eyes pierced anyone that stared at her. Her theme song would be Ms. Murder because she did not give Pride the time of day.

The two of them were walking around the capital with axes in hand. From other people's POV, they would liked those who lumbar jacked and brought wood that was cut down. Pride was the one carrying that behind him complaining.

"Lust, I don't think-"

"Shut it. I'm looking for my victim..." Aussa clenched her fist as she saw how Lust was eyeing a child with short brown hair. It became apparent that she was thinking of the man that took her best friend away. Slowly she made it toward the child who was with his parents. The army was only a few seconds away from the capital.

"They're at the front now Lust..." Pride stated in a dark tone.

A sinister grin appeared on her face as she started the attack on the streets. The boy was the first victim. With one swing from her axe, the boy's body was sliced in half. People screamed and all hell broke loose as Pride dropped the wood from Requiem and started slicing at any cute girls that ran away. Aussa was disgusted but then once she cut the arm off of the man that was going to attack them for self defense, she felt satisfaction of cutting people up.

1/17/2010 #62

(xD darnit, I feel like it's the begining of "Emerald's Knights"! it's startd with a destroyed northen kingdom too D: )

This time, Dash was the one who stopped first. "....... Dammit! The city is under attack!"


"Hurry up and let's go help!" he yelled as he rushed in the city, pulling out his sword. Miguel quickly made his spear appeared and followed him through the streets.

1/17/2010 #63

(Hee. XD)

Soldiers were invading the nation like wildfire from all seats except the 14th and 15th. They were all powerful. They slaughter innocent people, burned houses and stole valuables of the houses they didn't burn first.

Some members who were practically insane just sadistically killed people. Nakahito of third seat is one of them. He was stationed near the castle. Guards that ran to him and got close found their head missing. Kizuna, the fourth seat of Society of Requiem clawed at any powerful foe in the castle. Nemi stood next to Atsuki not fighting at all but still had his Excalibur tome with him. Atsuki paid no heed to the weak.

Leo found it amusing burning down houses. He even started singing. "BURN BABY BURN! DISCO INFERNO!"

"Idiot..." Glacia muttered as he froze some nearby men.

Lust probably had the most kills. She was slicing and dicing.

Yoko truly was avoiding the fighting. Mamoru was doing most of the killing, so Yoko, acting like a messenger told some children in the playground to escape by taking the route to the left as their was nobody guarding there. Actually, he was supposed to be the one checking that section.

(Want to have Dash confront Yoko?)

1/17/2010 #64

(ah, why not? xD )


A man and some soldiers found the king and his nephew in the hallway, visibly confused with all that noise.

"Captain Blazer, what's hapening??"

THe one known as Blazer was a very tall and slim half-elf with spiked orange hair and goatee, pale blue eyes and a black leather cloak. "The Castle is under attack! You must flee!"

"... Contact Chameleon and tell him to find my children and take them to somewhere safe, along with Prince Matao. I'll go and fight as well." "B-but Maj-" "That's an order!"

The tall half-elf nodded and obeyed, taking the Prince away as the soldiers accompanied their King outside. Who by the Gods would attack us?

1/17/2010 #65

Kizuna was searching. Searching for strong way. Mowing down these people in his Laguz form was no problem. At this rate, he'll kill a whole row of soldiers. Nakahito was already in the library, stealing most of the books. By stealing means taking a book and throwing them into another dimension. It would suck if these books burned.

Atsuki was almost to the throne room. The last line of defense to the castle was almost gone. He hacked at those who stood in his way. Nemi silently prayed for their soul to reach the heavens.

Frank was just destroying walls. He did not kill a single person that attacked him. He just threw them to the side. His job was to find those brats. But Frank liked children so chances are that he would let them escape. Of course, Greed the self proclaimed top assassin who is also the caretaker of Sloth was hunting for them.

Shigeru, one of the most light hearted members of Society of Requiem. Just walked around. He would not attack unless provoked.

"I'm bored. Wonder what Shibuya is doing." He wondered out loud.

Fat ass Gustav and Gluttony were assigned to search for the prince. They were to take the prince if found as he was on the approved list of the pedophiles sadly. Gluttony didn't attack. Gustav just used his pistol and did all head shots.

"Where is the pretty boy?"

"Don't know. Hope he keeps running."

Yoko was starting to get annoyed. Requiem should be nice to the children at least. Then again, leaving them alive would make them like Sasuke and that was never a good thing.

1/17/2010 #66

Deep into an underground passage, Blazer gave a torch to the one called Chameleon; an elf with very long dark blue hair and black eyes, wearing a crimson kimono. It was actually hard to say if it was a male or a female.

"Take those ones outside, and be sure nobody spots you."

The elf nodded. "Can the Cataclysm Trio hold them back" "Even our wyvern fleets aren't strong enought againts them... as hard it can be to admit, our nation will just dissapear under a few minutes...."

A long silence came, then Blazer turned back. "I'll go and bring the others and his majesty. You just go and hide yourselves." That said, they took different ways.

1/17/2010 #67

Kizuna started digging realizing that prey was underground. Of course, he wasn't going to get far.

"What's ya doing Kizuna?"

The tiger growled at the newcomer Envy. He was a shape shifter and took the form Tart from Tokyo Mew Mew this time. He doesn't stay in his real form for long because he considers himself ugly.

A snarl was a response.

"Ooooh. Snappy."

More soldiers came there way. "You!"

"Shut up!"

Envy shouted as he copied the power of Tart and blasted the soldiers away. Kizuna finished off by clawing their intestines out. However, he was hungry, so he started eating one of the dead soldiers.

"Eww! Do that some other time!"

Glacia saw the wyvern fleets. He closed his eyes and mumbled an ice spell. One of the wyvern riders was hit by a glacier that appeared out of the ground and fell out of the sky. Leo finished the rider off by burning him alive with a real dragon.

"This sucks. We're going to win at this rate."

"So smoky...my ice is melting..."

Yoko was searching for survivors. Maybe he could get the hiding to escape because no one was going to be alive when Nakahito unleashed the bomb.

1/17/2010 . Edited 1/17/2010 #68


In the total murder mass outside, Dash and Miguel tried to make their way by defending tehmselves again the SoR's soldiers, Miguel by attacking him with his magic, and Dash by finishing them off.

"K'so! I don't even recongnize their flag!" Dash cursed. "Where those freaks come from?"


"I don't like this at all..."

Forcing to hide into the tunnels, Kerens was pressing his abdomen injury. He was surrounded by three golden eyed siblings, the older brother with black hair, wearing red, the middle brother with green-blue hair wearing purple, and the young sister with pale blue hair, wearing pink.

"We need to get you out of here..." said the older one, called Typhon. "Knowing Captain Blazer, he probably already ordered the army to retreat..."

1/17/2010 #69

"Ready Lust?"

"Yeah. Just go!"

Pride lifted the girl over his head and threw her into the air. She switched her weapon from an axe to her favorite weapon Lancer. She jumped on the second wyvern rider and sliced her head off. The dragon was also stabbed repeatedly and it too went down. She then jumped off and Pride caught her.

"These people are too easy."

Yoko saw people fighting back and unlike the soldiers, they actually were surviving. I guess I should be doing some work now...

The wind sorcerer raced toward the swordsmen. He took out his sword Virtus and clashed with the swordsmen. He's good.

1/17/2010 #70

CLashing with Yoko, Dash suddently yelled at him. "Why in the hell are you doing this for??" he shouted before kicking the mage away.

1/17/2010 #71

Yoko did a backflip to recover. "It's our boss' will. I must ask you, why you resist us and not flee while you have the chance?"

1/17/2010 #72

"Why would I do that?" he shouted back. "My family and friends are in this castle! I'm not going to let them down! I'm not scared of barbarians like you!"

1/17/2010 #73

"Family..." Yoko shook his head. "Nakahito is going to destroy the place with one blow. If you don't leave now, you'll efforts will be in vain..."

1/17/2010 #74

Without the mage could react, Dash walked toward him and punched him hard in the face, then grabbed his shirt. "Then make it stop!" he said, only two centimeters away from Yoko's face.

1/17/2010 #75

"...You think I would if I had the power..."

1/18/2010 #76

Dash growled and pushed him away. "Mig! We have to hurry!"

THe mage in blue finished off his ennemy and followed his friend, both of them heading to the castle.

( THIS IS WHY I LOVE RUSSIA!! xDDD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRPN7fXGvm0 )

1/18/2010 #77

Yoko didn't bother getting up. He knew that his brother saw him going easy on him. He was to be attacked soon.

I have to save them... Yoko thought to himself as he disappeared in the wind.

(Russia is a creeper. -_-)

1/18/2010 #78

(That's why you must become one with Russia C: hey, who are your fav characters of APH? xD Mines are 1: Russia, Canada, Germany (can't decide D: ) 2: N.Italy 3: Monsieur France lui-même xD (voiced by the guy who voiced Zelos! yay!)

Deep back in the underground, some other injuried soldiers followed the Prince, reading to defend him if they were suddently attacked.

"Th-this can't be good... " Matao mutted. "If it continues like this, we're all going to dissapear...."

1/18/2010 #79

(Did you try the Russia challenge? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSEQCjLPFFg&feature=related)

Nakahito was on top of the castle roof setting up explosives. He had an evil grin while doing it. He hummed a theme to himself that was assumed to be "Oh No You Didn't!"

"I'm going to love this annihilation." He hummed.

Nemi appeared behind his father. "Father about the warriors down there."

"Didn't Atsuki kill them?"

"He's clashing with the king now. It won't take long though. Father...do we have to do this."

"Of course. It's the boss' will."

Nemi wasn't so sure of that.

1/18/2010 #80

(Damn xD not I wanna draw Russia! xD )

(and wut? Kerens is supposed to be somewhere in the undergrounds as well D: He was injuried so he flee )

"WHAT?? Someone is setting up a bomb??"

Dash nodded. "It seems like it... If they all manages to make it to the underground tunnels, then at least they would survive."

"... So we have to make sure everyone is there?" "Yup, if we can at least save 2 or 3 people, that it's good."

1/18/2010 #81

(Really. I guess I'll have Atsuki leave then because of the bomb.)

Aussa searched the streets. Dead bodies cut up in half by her axe were all she could see. Her innocence was gone the minute she murdered someone. Her eyes was that of an insane pathos. She stepped on them as she tried to find another person to cut up nicely.

"Aussa. Stand down."

It was Frank. He found nothing and ended up going back to her. Her response was hitting him with her axe. Only a small gash wound appeared on his bulky stomach.

"...One more kill..."

Frank nodded his head as she searched the streets. She found a child that was hiding in the barrels. She smiled sinisterly as she raised her axe in the air.

"Aussa that's enough!" Yoko shouted. Although wanted to prevent the death of the boy he fought, he could not stand her attacking the children with such a crazed look.

"Move or you will die." "Aussa please, get a hold of yourself!"

She didn't listen. Yoko found his shoulder deeply wounded when he took the child from the barrel and fled.

"Damn you Yoko! Traitor! I won't forget this!"

With that said, she collapsed. Frank caught her before her hair came in contact with the flames.

1/18/2010 #82

(Boy? xD Dhas is almost a man... (well he is xD he's almost 18 ) ... and ... wut? when you wrote "before her hair came in contact with the flames"... does that mean the bomb explosed? o__o )

1/18/2010 #83

(No the whole city is on fire. She was in front of a burning building. The bomb is not done being set up. Nakahito is taken is sweet time.)

"You will do the dance of sorrow." Nakahito continued to sing as he was almost done.

Nemi sweatdropped. That song creeped him out...

Yoko felt his vision getting blurry. He should teleport back to Requiem but he didn't have the power to do it. He thought Aussa was still chasing him. She was as crazy as Rena from that Higarashi anime. Damn...I might as well be dead...

The child was still crying. Soldiers were heading his way. He didn't want the kid to die, but this rate it was impossible. Someone, please save the child.

1/18/2010 #84

"Leave him alone!"

Despite thw screams of terror being heard through all the city, the yougn man who fought Yoko earlier have somehow been able to hear that child's cry. Thinking he was hurting him, he wlaked toward them, ready to k ill this time.

"I say to leave him alone!"

1/18/2010 #85

The soldiers had no idea what happened to the 13th leader of Requiem but from their point of view, Yoko brought another victim to kill so they refused and decided to attack the young man. They found themselves getting slaughtered.

Yoko knew he was screwed. His vision was as good as gone but he could still hear the voice telling him to hold on.

1/18/2010 #86

Dash finally got near of teh wind mage and grabbed his neck, forcing him to let go the kid. Using his headband, he grabbed both Yoko's hands and tied them together at his back. "Now you're my prisoner." he topld him before carrying him on his shoulders, ordering the kid to follow him through the ruins.

1/18/2010 #87

Mamoru was in a sheer panic. He couldn't find his brother anywhere, and they were going to blow the entire place now.

It turned out that Atsuki left whomever he thought to live. In other words, disobeying Tenou's orders.

"Are you done Nakahito?"

"Pretty much. When can I blow it up."

"One minute." Atsuki gave the warning to everyone in the capital.

The seven sins disappeared instantly. Gustav, not thrilled with finding the children, left with Gluttony via portal. Leo opened his flaming portal and lead Glacia and Frank who was carrying Aussa away. Nemi decided to fly away on his broom. Nakahito knew he'd be fine. Shigeru yawned as he disappeared in his portal. Kizuna jumped in to avoid getting blown up.

Mamoru appeared before Atsuki in total distress. "I can't find Yoko!"

"He'll live." Nakahito said with a bitter laugh.

Mamoru glared at the scientist and then to the flames of the capital. He disappeared in the darkness swearing to find his brother after the meeting. Atsuki made sure that everyone minus Yoko was back and then he too disappeared. Nakahito laughed sinisterly as he set the bomb off and disappeared.

Merry Christmas.

1/18/2010 #88

A huge boom could be heard even in the SoR's lands, a wave of flamme and energy blowing away everything on it's way in only a few seconds.

1/18/2010 #89

Nemi was flying to slow. The minute he turned around, his eyes widened. "Overkill..."

When he said that, the explosion hit him in the back and he was sent flying all the way back to Requiem.

1/18/2010 #90
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