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1/22/2010 #1

Thank you! Now post any info on your OCs as well so I can refer back to them in our RP and my stories. -wink-

1/22/2010 #2

D: I think I'll do that later... or when I'll be really bored xD

1/22/2010 #3

Well, one at a time, here's an info on the Guardians.

They will appear in my Tales of Symphonia stories and our RP. The powerful eight as Shibuya described are the eight main elements in Symphonia for a reason. They are fire, water, ice, lightning, wind, earth, light and dark. The other nine focus more on different attributes that focus more on life. They are death, life, stars/dreams, intelligence, nature, sun, moon, music, metal (machine), and love which is the Goddess herself.

This is the first Guardian.

Name: Scorch

Element: Fire

Species: Dragon

Human Form: Think of Kurogane from Tsubasa Chronicles.

Age: 3600 (36)

'Soulmate': Aurora (ice)

Responds to: Wrath (anger)

Obedient: No

Weapon: Broadsword

Personality: Scorch has a rude, aggressive and violent personality because of his death. A ninja in the past, he failed to protect his family from an attack on his village. The Goddess, Ceres pitied him and gave him the life of a dragon but his hatred toward humans still burned. He won't hesitate to kill the one that he is supposed to serve. When anger is at it's peak, he'll emerge and cause destruction to whatever is in his path.

However, underneath, the rough nature, he is somewhat understanding and to the other Guardians, is like a father figure when calm and collective.

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/22/2010 #4

Number 2.

Name: Aurora

Element: Ice

Species: Unicorn

Human Form: A beautiful women with long white hair and piercing blue eyes.

Age: 2700 (27)

'Soulmate': Scorch (fire)

Responds to: Calmness (tranquility)

Obedient: No at first to men only. To women, yes.

Weapon: Bow and arrow

Personality: Like her soulmate Scorch, Aurora does not have good feelings about humans. She was a princess of a war way before all nations were made. She was considered what of the best archers before her enemy bested and killed her. She thought because she lost her cool because it was a man that she was smitten with and later betrayed her, she swore to hate men as well as remain a cool exterior at all cost. Goddess Ceres then turned her into a unicorn.

After defrosting the ice queen though, she is very calm and understanding like Scorch, however she's prone to keep things to herself instead of Scorch just blandly saying the first thing to mind.

1/22/2010 #5

Number 3!

Name: Tenchi

Element: Earth

Species: Ghost (shape-shifter)

Human Form: Think of Rhys from Fire Emblem 9 and 10.

Age: 2000 (20)

'Soulmate': Breeze and Cloud

Responds to: Fear/shyness (nervous breakdowns like from phobias and PTSD)

Obedient: Yes

Weapon: Stave and transforming into objects like a panda or a golem

Personality: Despite his cruel death, he still believes in humans. His death was caused by an elf that didn't want to become attached to anyone. Out of desperation, he killed Tenchi but thinking of the love betrayal, Tenchi had developed a phobia for romantic relationships as well as his killer. Goddess Ceres tried to remove the memory when she brought him back as a ghost but no avail.

He's very shy and meek. He gets along with most of the Guardians as well as being taken advantage of. He is not a jealous person.

1/22/2010 #6

Number 4!

Name: Breeze and Cloud

Element: Wind

Species: Wind Fairy and Cloud Sprite

Human Form: Both are cute little loli like girls. Cloud has buns in her hair similar to Fumika from Negima and Breeze has short hair that is similar to Mika's.

Age: 600 (6)

'Soulmate': Tenchi

Responds to: Wit (mischief)

Obedient: Depends

Weapon: Magic and feet

Personality: Breeze and Cloud are twin sisters. They were maltreated when they were able to walk and started working for the humans by force after being taken away from their mother. Eventually, Cloud died first because from exhaustion and Breeze killed herself to stay with her. Goddess Ceres felt sorry for the young twins and turned one into a fairy and the other into a cloud.

Breeze is the outspoken one of the two, ready to defend her twin sister at all cost. Cloud is the girly girl and doesn't say what she's thinking when alone. When the two are together, they become troublemakers and mess with everyone.

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/22/2010 #7

Number 5!

Name: Static

Element: Lightning

Species: Elf

Human Form: Think of Gourry from Slayers

Age: 3000 (30)

'Soulmate': Ocean

Responds to: Envy

Obedient: No

Weapon: Claws

Personality: Static is the elf that killed Tenchi. He was actually a Branded meaning he's half human, half Laguz. His blood along with the shunning has caused him to shun all including Tenchi who dedicated his remaining life trying to open his heart. When he realized that he loved Tenchi though, he clawed his throat out and died. Goddess Ceres did not want it to end like this and ended up reviving him to atone for his sins.

Static is worse than Scorch and will treat everyone as inferior unless proven that they have potential to use him. He tries to be nice to Tenchi but fails because of his weak heart that he's trying to mend together.

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/22/2010 #8

Number 6

Name: Ocean

Element: Water

Species: Merman

Human Form: Atobe from Prince of Tennis.

Age: 141 (14)

'Soulmate': Static

Responds to: Pride

Obedient: No

Weapon: Trident

Personality: Ocean is one of the LME members (Atobe) that died in battle protecting his lover Mitsuki. He is Eiji's twin brother. He was brought back to life by Goddess Ceres who didn't want their love to end tragically.

Ocean still keeps his personality for when he was alive as he is one of the youngest members of the Guardians due to only being dead for one full year. Ocean has a chance to reviving again so he keeps his prideful and god-like personality to keep people in check. To Mitsuki he was sweet and those that like her, he treats them with respect.

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/22/2010 #9

Lucky or unlucky number 7!

Name: Dorothy

Element: Darkness

Species: Human Amail AKA Witch

Human Form: Think of Dorothy from Marchen Awakens Romance.

Age: 262 (26)

'Soulmate': Hikari

Responds to: Greed

Obedient: Yes (surprisingly)

Weapon: Broom and witchcraft magic

Personality: She is Saber's older sister. She was killed and that was when Saber snapped. This is when Pit came to pick her up. Dorothy has been dead for only two years but hatred still burns with the one that killed her.

She is completely different from Saber. While not axe crazy, she is greedy when it comes to money and an attention whore to men with money and rare items. However, she clearly loved her younger sister and hates the people that killed her, which took the one sanity that Saber had left.

1/26/2010 #10

Now 8!

Name: Hikari

Element: Light

Species: Mokona (rabbit)

Human Form: Just think of a girl with pigtails with pink rabbit ears.

Age: 1

'Soulmate': Dorothy

Responds to: Friendship

Obedient: Yes

Weapon: Feet

Personality: Hikari whose normal name is Ichigo is the youngest Guardian as she is the only Guardian that is still alive. In fact, she was recently born into the world. Because of this, she has a positive outlook on life.

Since recently born, she is highly curious of the world around her. She is very friendly to anyone and is rather honest if not mischievous.

1/27/2010 #11

Uh...number 9 is kind of...not planned out of the rest of them...

Name: Romeo

Element: Death

Species: Vampire

Human Form: Same thing. Think of Yasha from RG Veda.

Age: 4000 (40)

'Soulmate': Cherry

Responds to: Sadism

Obedient: No

Weapon: Whip, claws, fangs and summoning bats

Personality: Didn't think much about him. He's a vampire so he's been there since the beginning of time. He stopped aging at forty.

Since he's not as well developed as the other Guardians, he is mainly the most antagonist like one of them all.

1/30/2010 #12


Name: Cherry

Element: Life

Species: Cherry Blossom Spirit

Human Form: Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles

Age: 1800 (18)

'Soulmate': Romeo

Responds to: Determination

Obedient: Yes

Weapon: Dance

Personality: Cherry is the daughter of Scorch. It's to be noted that when Ceres brought her back to life, she changed her species to be different from her father. This is to prevent anything bad from happening like using the girl to get at her father. She was one of the people Scorch failed to protect. They were brought back to life together however, they were not allowed to see each other as much as they should. Cherry thinks that her mother (which was a man) should have been the one to come back and not her. Her pet is actually Hikari the Mokona.

Like Tenchi, is very understanding of everyone. She can't think of anything negative about people and speaks her mind which is why people like her. In fact, she is one of the few Guardians that can calm those who are considered insane like Dandelion.

2/1/2010 #13

Number 11!

Name: Sparkle

Element: Star/Dreams

Species: Luma

Human Form: A young girl with ruffles. It's brown with gray streaks. Think of the main character of Dream Saga.

Age: 1100 (11)

'Soulmate': Shimi

Responds to: Gluttony

Obedient: Yes

Weapon: Stars and Hypnosis

Personality: Sparkle was a little star that loved to fulfill wishes of people. She loved humans so much that she was careless one day. She accidentally fulfilled a wish of an evil person and killed her. This turned her into a shooting star that fell from the Heavens and burned into the atmosphere. She was not supposed to rise above the drama again. The Goddess of Love Ceres felt sorry for the little girl and turned her into a special gray Luma.

She has a very friendly and uptight personality. While she'll eat anything in her sight when she's hungry, she will share food to those who truly need it. Her mistake has made her more cautious of who is truly evil and who isn't, but it won't stop her from helping those in need. She's just as playful as Breeze and Cloud and might hypnotize people into doing things she think is funny but not evil.

2/1/2010 #14

Here is number 12!

Name: Shimi

Element: Intelligence

Species: Shinigami

Human Form: A young boy with purple hair and gold eyes. Think of Kotarou from Pita Ten.

Age: 1300 (13)

'Soulmate': Sparkle

Responds to: Sarcasm/Curiosity

Obedient: Yes

Weapon: Tomes

Personality: He was a prodigy. He had everything, money, brains and a loving friends. Although he was lonely because he felt isolated from his peers. Shimi's life came to an end when he found out he had a brain tumor. He couldn't stand losing his intelligence and is overall worth in life so he pulls a Higarashi on his family by taking an axe and beheading himself. The Goddess of Love Ceres couldn't stand for something like this to happen and turned him into a Shinigami that still had his intelligence.

He is a stoic kid because he doesn't know how to communicate with people. He'll use his brains for logic. He's considered the brains of the Guardians having an IQ of 200. He has a crush on Sparkle.

2/1/2010 #15

Unlucky number 13.

Name: Dandelion

Element: Nature

Species: Flower

Human Form: Reika from Higarashi. DX

Age: 1500 (15)

'Soulmate': None

Responds to: Sloth/Killing

Obedient: Depends on the Guardian's mood

Weapon: Axe

Personality: The only mistake Guardian that The Goddess of Love Ceres made. Dandelion was an emo girl that died a lonely death by hanging herself without seeing the joys of anything. However, it was revealed she did this to make many people suffer.

She looks like a moody girl when you first see her but deep down, she's mentally insane and when she snaps...all hell breaks lose.

2/1/2010 #16

14 and 15 of the Guardians are not mine. They are Brighton and Twilla from Mario Party 6 with human forms. They are the sun and moon. Brighton is like Leo in which he is a comedian and enjoys a good joke while Twilla is more seductive because she is the moon.


Name: Kaleido

Element: Music

Species: Music Demon

Human Form: Sora from Kaleido Star.

Age: 1600 (16)

'Soulmate': Cyrax

Responds to: Courage

Obedient: Yes

Weapon: Magic Tricks

Personality: Kaleido was part of a circus once. She was one of the best acrobats. However, an arsonist killed her when she tried to save her best friend who too did not make it. The Goddess of Love Ceres did not want a star to fall yet and made her the Guardian of Music as it was the one thing she loved the most.

Kaleido is the determinator of the group. She's willing to risk her life for anyone because she feels like it's the best thing to do. She has language problems though so her speech is rather messed up but that's because she's foreign.

2/3/2010 #17


Name: Cyrax

Element: Machine

Species: Robot

Human Form: Think of a young boy with medium length reddish orange hair.

Age: 16 (1600)

'Soulmate: Kaleido

Responds to: Destruction

Obedient: Yes (Because he's a robot)

Weapon: Guns

Personality: Cyrax, real name Hiita is a robot created by LME thousands of years ago, but he shut down shortly after being made. His anger boiled over the centuries and even when turned into the Machine Guardian Cyrux, his anger still burned. However, LME is different in his time and he has learn to calm himself down.

Cyrax while very destructive is obedient to those he deems powerful. However, his younger brother Aria thinks the opposite. He seems himself as only a tool to discard to those more powerful than him. He slowly gains a heart the longer he stays with a kind person though.

2/3/2010 #18

The Goddess is number 18 but I think I added her as a number by accident. I guess the correction is the 17 Guardians + the Goddess.

Name: Ceres

Element: Love

Species: Goddess

Human Form: Think of Palutena from Kid Icarus or better yet, Aqua Regina from Mermaid Melody.

Age: Immortal

'Soulmate': None (Ironically)

Responds to: Love

Obedient: No (Because she is a Goddess and refuses to side on either good or bad)

Weapon: Goddess powers

Personalty: The Goddess of Love, her real name Phoebe. She is a relative of Palutena. She might be even stronger than any God or Goddess because the power of love can accomplish anything. This causes Zeus to seal her up in a heart pendant and only two people with a heart of gold, truly love each other, will allow the seal to break and she will pass judgement on those wrongdoings. However, because she is powerful, she can stay in Heaven in a much weaker form.

She is like any other Goddess. She is wise and forgiving of the 17 Guardians. However, she feels sorry for Dandelion and regrets making her one of the all mighty. She however believes that people can change because it's in their heart to do the right thing. However, she knows that is not true for all people though.

With this, these are all the Guardians! Woot! Now to the Lux Pain characters!

2/3/2010 #19

THIS IS LUX PAIN NOW! Before I get on with Kotoru's profile, I'm going to write a paragraph of how Kotoru met each of her friends. After all, they are all connected to her. Artemis, Yasha, Sora, Fiore, Rinoa, Kenji, Kajin, Sano, Kotobi and Serena. This is important if I'm going to write a Lux Pain/Phoenix Wright crossover. I'll start with Artemis.

HOW THEY MET Kotoru/Artemis (Artemis is based off of Len, Kahoko's main love interest...sadly...)

It was in middle school. Kotoru in middle school was basically a delinquent. A beautiful one though and the guys were still after her. Of course, she has already fallen for her friend Kotobi Shuchiwa. So every guy that came her way was defeated with a swing of her sword. They would get a serious beatdown if they harmed Kotobi or her half brother Hibiki. Her fighting caused problems for Honoka though.

Anyway, Artemis is an effeminate but handsome boy. He heard of Kotoru and he hated her because not only did she not act lady like, but she was also good with the violin. He thought she was a genius that didn't take long to learn how to play. However, she started playing the same age as Artemis = 5 years old. He would later learn that she played the violin to soothe Kotoru in her younger years because she was a crybaby and later on Hibiki because he was on the mute side when his parents died.

Because he was intelligent, he never thought about brawling with anyone. It was a bad idea to bad mouth these guys that were planning to hit on and outnumber Kotoru. When he stepped in, he was almost the victim of sexual assault. However, Kotoru saw this and kicked their ass. However, she injured her hands from one of the bullies.

Artemis was furious at her hurting her hands because she played the violin with them. He wrapped the bandage around her and ordered her not to hurt her hands recklessly again. Of course, Kotoru didn't expect the cynical Artemis to be so affectionate toward the violin. She decides to watch over him and the two become friends in an exchange. Artemis gave her answers to classes and she would protect him from bullies that asked him about his relationship with her. However, he falls for her as time goes on and is smitten by her.

2/3/2010 #20

Next is Yasha!

HOW THEY MET Yasha/Kotoru (Based off of Ryotaro, the first guy that Kahoko encounters and is Akira's clone by appearance and personality)

They met as early as elementary school. Back then, Kotoru was a pro at the sword. Yasha who was good at sports, wanted to beat her at the one thing she was good at. However, he ended up getting humiliated by Kotoru in front of a lot of people. He decided to take the sword just so he could beat her once.

He challenged her once a week up until middle school a month after Artemis befriended her. He was going to try one last time to beat her before he dedicated himself to soccer. He almost beat her but lost. Kotoru then tells him this, "You couldn't beat me if you weren't serious to begin with." Yasha then decided that he'd do what he did best and gave up the sword to the disappointment of Akira (as Akira idolized Yasha). Yasha does have affections for Kotoru but he really is in love with Artemis. He and Artemis are considered the Akira and Atsuki of the school (Artemis is quiet while Yasha is like a jock.)

2/3/2010 #21


HOW THEY MET Kotoru/Kenji (Based on Keichi in...terms of his sleeping pattern)

Kotoru and Kotobi were running late for school one day because of overstudying for an upcoming test. While Kotoru mocks Kotobi for her clumsiness, she is the one that trips on Kenji who basically seems to have fainted in the middle of the middle school. They decide to take him to the infirmary at the school and both ended up late.

They learned that his name was Kenji Shimizu and that he too would be one of the main band members that Sora Hihara recruited for his talent in the cello. While he seems to be very lazy and just out of place, he is very observant when he wants to be especially when it comes to music.

2/19/2010 #22

Fiore and Sora are tied together.

HOW THEY MET Kotoru/Sora/Fiore

Before Kenji, Kotoru met an upbeat teenager named Sora Hihara who was the son of the man who had opened the famous rave called Club Royal. Sora was a unique boy to Kotoru. In fact, he was the first boy besides Hibiki she opened up to. However, Fiore was the opposite and she would realize that Fiore was in love with Sora.

Regardless, during their last year in middle school, Sora fell for another boy that was below him. That was Shinji Naruse. The boy that wouldn't open his heart out because of the negligence of his parents. It would take a lot of guts, but the La Corda group managed to ruin the end of the year ceremony for Sora to get a message out to his affection. The La Corda band would remain as the famous band that caused an uproar in middle school. Their popularity increased in high school as well.

2/20/2010 #23

Rinoa and Sanguine!

HOW THEY MET Rinoa/KotoruSanguine

Rinoa was introduced along the line with Kenji. A quiet girl that Kotoru stood up for and Rinoa soon began to admire and even fall for the swordsmen.

Sanguine on the other hand, fell for her music at first. Then he fell for her as a person. He developed a stalker like personality and tried to win her heart because the other guys were considered 'cowards' to him. However, Hibiki put his foot down and told her that she wasn't interested in him and thus did he begin to change from a stalker with a crush to a lust for her. However, he manages to keep his cheerful/perverted demeanor around her.

2/20/2010 #24

Format for OC Characters. ;) You can use this too Zelina.



Hair Color:

Hair Style:

Eye Color:


Voice Actor:





Best Subject:

Worse Subject:

After school activities:




Hometown/place of birth:



Special: Powers:

Love Life:





Tarot Card:


Fighting Style:


Random Facts:

2/20/2010 . Edited 4/4/2010 #25

Name: Calum Archard (Pronounced Kal-um Ark-ard)

Age: 33

Hair Color: Auburn

Hair Style: Somewhat spiky but not really

Eye Color: Crimson

Inspiration: The father of Seikon No Quaser. I FINALLY got his name and it's in the MANGA. His name is Yuri Noda and he's considered a bogus priest...in other words...he really is an atheist. And he's playful in the manga compared to the anime where he's serious.

Voice Actor: Fumihiko Tachiki

Height: 6.1 feet or 186 cm

Weight: 173 pounds or 78 kg

Occupation: Father of St. Maria Church and ex member of FORT as he left seven years ago at 26 (Ray = 21, Liu Yee = 19)

Hobbies: Reading, praying

Family: None but sees Kotobi Shuchiwa and Serena as his own

Pet: None

Birthday: March 17

Hometown/place of birth: Switzerland, Europe

Race: European

Element: Darkness

Special: Powers: As a member of FORT, he too was granted powers. He could see the future two minutes in advance with the power of his Lux Pain item known as the Shooting Star dubbed Liberty. When he quit FORT, he took the cross with him and past it down to Kotobi when her parents died. This gave her the powers to see the future five minutes in advance while he was decreased to one minute. His right eye is covered with an eye patch because of this power.

Love Life: The reason for quitting FORT was because of his love life. However, the whereabouts of his lover is unknown but Calum says she's dead. His potential love interests are Aoi Matsumura and Kouji Kanazawa.

Friends: In FORT, he was one respected by many. He tended to do the dirty jobs that Chief Ray sent him. He was the original older partner of Liu Yee and left his partner bitter when he left. He is friends with the teacher facility in Kisaragi but he's closest with Kouji Kanazawa and Honoka Hino (who he has to watch over her younger sister, adopted son/brother, and Serena)

Rival: None

Likes: Guns, Kotobi, prosperity, peace, Kouji Kanazawa (as a best friend but not like that)

Dislikes: Senseless bloodshed, the Kajin family, smoking

Tarot Card: Hierophant. He is very wise and thoughtful. When people need guiding, they turn to him for advice and he tries to give the best advice possible. However, most of the time, it might be cryptic responses.

Weapon(s): While he is good at using gun, his weapon of choice would be a mace as he likes striking people in the back of the head.

Fighting Style: As Shinon quotes. "One clean motion. No hesitation." AKA attack from behind.

Personality: Calum is a cold and calculated man. He'll do his missions without question and will stop at nothing to kill his target if he could save more people. However, when he met this one girl, he questioned his freedom that FORT would not give him and quit. However, when the women he liked was brutally murdered, he closed his heart out and swore to kill the person that person. He forgot about revenge when he arrives at Kisaragi and meets a little girl who had just lost her family. St. Maria Church would have been taken down if he didn't take her in and became the Father of the church. It was a perfect way to hide from FORT as well as keep tabs on the supernatural city. For 7 years though, his heart softened and he started to appreciate life again. He is like an old man that gives useful information.

Random Facts:

-He claims to hate kids yet he left because of Kotobi.

-He seems to be crushing on Aoi Matsumura.

-If Calum were to be the gym teacher, it would be hell for the students. In general, he would make any class hell.

-Most of the time, he'll substitute as the math teacher to the class' dismay.

-Despite Calum praying to God, he is an atheist because he thinks God never helped him in his time of need or saved the ones he loved.

-Suzu likes spreading rumors that he's in a relationship with the lazy music teacher Kouji Kanazawa which pisses him off greatly.

2/20/2010 . Edited 2/28/2010 #26

(I'm going to do this related to the story )

Name: Dash Jacob Farzen

Age: 17

Hair Color: Sun-kissed brown

Hair Style: Spiky, with a headband

Eye Color: Silver

Inspiration: Cless Alvein, Lloyd Irving and Roy's golden armor (melee) for look. A mix of some other mains characters plus me for personality. For the name... I don't remember, since I've created Dash and gave him his name 5 years ago... However, I lately wanted to give him a second name... I wanted Jack at first, his dad's name, but it sounded too weird, so I took a name sounding like it, and Jacob came to mind.

Voice Actor: The guy voicing Romano in Axis power hetalia

Height: 1,78 m

Weight: 80 pounds

Occupation: Sport in general, eating, sleeping

Hobbies: Swordmanship and piano

Best Subject: Teasing at others

Worse Subject: Maths and sexual conversations

Family: Jack Edwards Farzen (father)Miguel Mattew Thereford (adopted little brother) Kerens Abdell Kurostuki (big brother) Matao Nathaniel Shirotsuki (nephew) Luna, Solaran and Astra Kurostuki (nephew and nieces)

Pet: Non, but he loves monkeys

Birthday: April 1srt

Hometown/place of birth: Capital of Yuale

Race: Human

Element: Earth

Special Powers: Able to see if someone lies or not.

Love Life: Single

Friends: Miguel (best friend) Xaé Shadowki, Shandriss Noemie, Celester Alexandre and Sovelise Guillaume Argent (friends) Dwayne "Blazer" Berseki (friend and teacher)

Rival: Shinosuke Shadowki

Likes: Apples, anything made of apples, cookies, muffins, stew, bread with butter.

Dislikes: Tomatoes (the smell is enough to make him sick)

Weapon(s): Indian saber

Fighting style: Yun Seong's style, a combisaison of swordmanship, kicks and dancing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frdAXzDY4ZI

Personality: He gets easily pissed at almost everything, and he will make sure to state it. However, he's a pretty nice guy ready to help everyone, though most of time he can be very dumb.

Random facts:

- Though he can't read a music cheet, he plays incrediblely well. He hears a song one time and he's able to replay it to perfection.

- He was an incredible bad student at school

- Despite of that, sometimes he can be very wise.

- He used to hate Miguel for some time, but after an unknown event, he started to get respect for him.

- He won't admit it, but he likes history very much, he just hates to learn it through book.

- He's scared of highs.

- Him and Matao always play pranks to each other.

- He often makes sounds such as "Meh" or "Bah", seeming to be a speaking habit from Yualians.

- Like many others Yualians, he enjoy old legends and campfire stories, and like many others Yualians, he believes in some of them.

- In my real story, Dash have been adopted when he was a newborn by Jack, and been nameless for 2 years. Jack's weird sence of humor decided to name the boy "Dash" since he was always "dashing away" during bath time.

2/22/2010 #27

Me Like.

Name: Kotoru Hino

Age: 18

Hair Color: Red

Hair Style: Medium length

Eye Color: Red

Inspiration: It really was Kahoko Hino from La Corda D' Oro but the idea of giving her a major backbone is Mafuyu from Seikon No Quaser and her idea was before I even saw the anime.

Voice Actor: Reiko Takagi

Height: 177 cm (5.8 feet)

Weight: 119 pounds (54 kg)

Occupation: 1st year Tokyo University student

Hobbies: Practicing with the sword, playing the violin and shopping (but she won't admit it)

Best Subject: Music and sports

Worse Subject: Math

Family: Unnamed mother and father, Honoka Hino (older sister), Hibiki Kiryu (adopted younger brother)

Pet: None

Birthday: June 11 (She is Gemini)

Hometown/place of birth: Kisaragi, Japan

Race: Japanese

Element: Fire

Special Powers: She can predict the opponent's next moves by studying the body posture for the few seconds her opponents take a break.

Love Life: Kotobi Shuchiwa until she was killed. Sano Etou (current boyfriend). Hibiki Kiryu (proven false)

Friends: Artemis Tsukimori, Rinoa Fuyumi, Kenji Shimizu, (friend), Sora Hihara (small crush and friend), Atsuki Saijo, Akira Mido, Mika Nozaki, Yayoi Kamishiro, Shinji Naruse, Mars Shidou (underclassmen) Ryo Unami and Sanguine Kajin (considers them annoying in her own way but does see them as friends) Kouji Kanazawa (music teacher), Father Calum (teacher of the Church)

Rival: Yasha Tsuchiura, Fiore Yunoki, Richie Alberd (friendly rivals,) Serena (fierce rivals in pissing each other off)

Likes: Swords, rabbits, Kotobi, dominating guys (in both ways), violin

Dislikes: Injustice, not being able to protect those closest to her, failing a math test (because she WILL be scolded by Honoka afterwards), romantic comedies (because they are obvious to her), getting dominated (she will NOT be uke no matter what)

Tarot Card: Lovers. She is the dominate lover contrast to Sano's submissive Lover. Love is a hard topic for her. However, her love for her most important people is shown and she is willing to risk her life for her friends. This card changes her gender to her delight.

Weapon(s): Katana but she is good at wielding a pistol

Fighting style: She is that of the bushido. She claims to fight with honor but when pushed into a corner, she will resort to dangerous means. Think about how the Trueblade female fights.

Personality: She is type A tsundere. She uses all four methods depending on the person. By default, she gives the cold shoulder to anyone. To Sano, she gives the violent approach and to Hibiki, she taunts him (however, she will attack him every now and then and later give him the cold shoulder.) However, once she gets to know someone (due to persistence usually) she will warm up to the person. However, she keeps her distance to avoid having her heart break after losing Kotobi.

Random Facts:

-She is ambidextrous but she has a tendency of wielding her sword with her left hand.

-She has a tendency of twirling her pistol.

-When she dresses up as Sano, the only way to tell the difference is how they use the weapons. Kotoru uses her sword with her left hand while Sano uses his right despite being left handed. Kotoru twirls her pistol before she shoots and Sano tends to blow on the gun after shooting.

-She loves to window shop. Serena, Hibiki and Kotobi noticed this.

-Her biggest wish is to be a futatari (a girl with a cock) to Hibiki's horror. She gets her which when she gets her Lovers card.

-Her chest size is rather small compared to the rest of the cast to her dismay. Serena clearly states that Hibiki's female form when he uses his Tarot card has a bigger chest that might equal Kotobi's!

-She seems fearless but her greatest fear is losing Hibiki. She already lost Kotoru because of her aloofness and she won't lose her brother.

-She also has a tendency of getting stage fright when it comes to playing the violin. This is because she's use to being seen as a delinquent that when people see her in a feminine way, she has a panic attack. Fortunately, Sano covers for her whenever this happens but when it first happened, let's just say she was lucky Kotobi was with her.

-She met Kotobi before Hibiki. She met Hibiki in the hospital when Honoka was taking care of him.

-Kotoru dislikes Ryo because she thinks he isn't man enough to take care of Hibiki.

-While math dumb, Hibiki claims that if she puts her mind to it, she can overcome her low scores in math.

-She has more enemies than she can count. Often, they would attack her before school, during lunch, after school or whenever. This has caused her to have a strong guard against anyone that would sneak up behind her.

-She hates the fact that she has a fetish for her younger adopted brother Hibiki. This fetish is what prevents her from enjoying her relationship with Kotobi. This fetish is what leads to Kotobi's death.

-On October 26 Honoka was out drinking with the other teachers. She and Hibiki got into a fight about Kotobi and that Kotoru wasn't serious in the relationship and if she was planning to have sex with her on her birthday, then they should break up immediately. Hibiki provoked her into having sex with him. (The day before this incident, Hanako gave Kotoru that sex changing device that is seen in Yayoi in Wonderland that allows one to change their gender temporary. Used for sex reasons and for Hanako's case, criminal reasons.) She changes herself into a futanari and has sex with him (her being seme). Honoka never came back that night. When Kotoru woke up holding Hibiki close like they were a couple, Kotoru realizes her mistake and tells him when he wakes up..."Forget this ever happened."

-However, Hibiki could tell that Kotoru was confused and really enjoyed it with him than she might have with Kotobi who has no endurance whatsoever. Kotoru can't act like nothing happened while Hibiki could. In fact, during lunch, he decided to brag about it to Kotobi because Kotobi NEVER gets mad. He was dead wrong. She snapped at him. There was one witness and it had to be Sanguine who was obsessed with Kotoru. He hates Hibiki because of this announcement that Kotoru lost her virginity to someone related in her family (or rather an attention whore which is where the bad rumors start about him.) Kotobi confronts Kotoru after school and thus does the fight happen in the quad. Kotoru had never seen Kotobi so angry, so she lost an easily won match because of Kotobi calling her all these names "Bitch, traitor, slut" and then the I hate you message.

-Kotoru spent the entire time moping like it was the end of the world in that same spot before she left to Rainbow Hill to take her anger out on a tree. Hibiki knew then he was in the wrong and planned on apologizing to her but he got scared at how violent she was getting at the tree. He decides to call her in an awkward cell phone conversation where Hibiki is afraid to speak because she'd figure it out and she wouldn't speak because of the shock. Of course, she got a call from Kotobi and made the conversation three way and that's when she heard Kotobi scream. Since Hibiki was closer, he got to Kotobi first and took the cross around her neck. Kotoru arrives when her girlfriend gives her last speech.

-The death of her girlfriend left her in a state of shock. She did not cry during the funeral due to it and everyone thought that she really didn't care for Kotobi. Sanguine started the rumor about the insect relationship regardless and then did Kotoru snap at the bullies literally killing them in class and no one could stop her because Kotobi would be the one to do it...and she was no longer there. This caused her to close her heart to everyone completely and remained aloof and downright cruel to Hibiki claiming everything is his fault.

-Meeting Sano had opened her heart, but when she met him, she still wouldn't let him get too close. At first she thought he was the worst guy trying to pick her up after her girlfriend died but Sano just had a jerkass facade and this prevented him from running away from her. While the two were going out the rumors got worse about how she was never lesbian to begin with which is the truth. Kotoru realized that she let her bodyguard crush get confused with true love and that she loved men. Men she could dominate and Sano didn't seem to fit her criteria, it later became apparent when she found out about his co dependancy. It's only when she meets Atsuki does she start reverting back to her original personality. About the fact about liking men all along though is proven false as Hibiki points out that sexuality doesn't work that way and she loves girls but Sano is the exception to the rule.

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Name: Miguel Mattews Thereford

Age: 17

Hair Color: Blond

Hair Style: Long and straight

Eye Color: Dark blue

Inspiration: Mainly a mix of Vaati (Zelda Minish Cap) and Mithos for the look... for his personality, I don't really remember, I only wanted a smart guy

Voice Actor: Someone with a not so girly voice

Height: 1,75m

Weight: 60 k

Occupation: Mage

Hobbies: Reading, studying, practice magic, cooking.

Best Subject: Almost anything

Worse Subject: His athletic capacities.

Family: Dash (adoptive big brother) , Jack (adoptive father)

Pet: None, but he loves sheeps

Birthday: January 20th

Hometown/place of birth: Unknown

Race: 3/4 human, 1/4 elf

Element: Water

Special: Powers: Botomless memory

Love Life: Single

Friends: Dash (best friend), Ken "Chameleon" Dirkis (friend and magic teacher), everyone else in the royal court

Rival: None, he gets along with everyone

Likes: Grapes, rice, potatoes

Dislikes: Pickles, radish, white chocolate.

Weapon(s): A bo staff with a blade

Fighting style: Seong Mi-Na http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObVKYFdBJpQ&feature=related and magic

Personality: He is a really kind smiling man, but totally change personality with Dash

Random Facts:

- He LOVES reading all kind of book, but still claim he's not a wormbook.

- He has the bad habit to be arrogant when someone compliment him about his memory capacity

- He doesn't remember anything under 7 yeas old, about time when Jack adopted him.

- His poor health cause him to get sick very often.

- He's never seen apart of his black scarf

- Unlike Dash, he's a talented cook.

- For him, studies are a priority in life.

- He takes care of Dash so much than people even mistook them for a married couple.

- He was secretly in love with him though, but he never told him after he realized he would be nothing more than his little brother.

- His dream is to travel around the world and write his own encyclopedia.

2/23/2010 #29

Name: Sano Etou

Age: 23

Hair Color: Red

Hair Style: Spiky

Eye Color: Hazel

Inspiration: Kiriya Etou from La Corda D' Oro just to complete the La Corda Band characters. However, he, Kotoru and Sanguine are probably completely different from their original character.

Voice Actor: Satoshi Hino

Height: 180 cm (5.9 feet)

Weight: 100 pounds (45 kg)

Occupation: 5th year student at Tokyo University (Law School student), waiter and 'delivery boy' at Club Royal

Hobbies: Crossdressing, watching court sessions, shooting stuff, playing the violin

Best Subject: Civics and law

Worse Subject: Chemistry (or so he claims)

Family: Zenaku (Evil) Etou (father) Unnamed mother, unnamed older brother (deceased)

Pet: None

Birthday: July 7

Hometown/place of birth: Tokyo, Japan

Race: Japanese

Element: Earth

Special Powers: He has perfect vision in both eyes resulting in perfect aim. Also, he was born differently as his father claims so he has breast milk when having sex...(O_O)

Love Life: Kotoru Hino

Friends: Nozomi Kagami, Hisoka Makino, Wynn, Ayase Shinzou, See-Ko, Cerena Truesdale, Simmeria Valkerie Bridget Shizuku (friends and co-workers), Apollo Justice, Sue Rosaline(underclassmen/upperclassmen BFF) Kaze Hihara (father figure and boss) Artemis Tsukimori, Rinoa Fuyumi, Kenji Shimizu, Sora Hihara, Yasha Tsuchiura, Fiore Yunoki, Richie Alberd Atsuki Saijo, Akira Mido, Mika Nozaki, Yayoi Kamishiro, Shinji Naruse, Mars Shidou and Ryo Unami (underclassmen) Serena (like a kid-brother)

Rival: Domino Satsuki (friendly rivals) Sanguine Kajin (annoyance)

Likes: Kotoru, Club Royal, justice, law, Ace Attorney series, cars, motorcycles, cross-dressing, guns, violin

Dislikes: Spiders, injustice, his father, perverts, his mental disease

Tarot Card: Lovers. He is the receiving lover contrast to Kotoru's dominate lover. He never fell in love and just says what comes to his mind without regard to the person. He feels like he has the inability to fall in love because of his family situation but thanks to the Hino family, he slowly opens his heart back up.

Weapon(s): He wields two dual pistols but carries a katana around when he impersonates Kotoru

Fighting style: He likes doing things quick. If he takes longer than five minutes, his confidence starts to slip and he turns trigger happy.

Personality: Sano has a jerkass façade. He tries to act aloof and uncaring but he's a real softie inside. In fact, this façade is the only thing getting him through life. His personality shatters whenever his father is mentioned. By hanging out with Kotoru and the gang, he slowly gains the personality he truly had before he lost it. When he's with Sue and Apollo, he's considered a keet. In other words, he happy go lucky around them. However, his true nature is that of a five year old and when he breaks down, it's shown. When he's serious, he acts his age or even older.

Random Facts:

-He is underweight to the point of being anorexic. This is because the child abuse he received from his father included starving him that he got use to not eating at all.

-Sano suffers from arachnophobia. Because of said abuse and the reason he doesn't eat too much was the one time he complained to his father for being hungry, his father forced him to eat a spider. The fact that the spider was still alive when he was chewing it caused an intense fear of it.

-Sano suffers from codependency because of his father. The need to feel needed increased the more he was abused. When his father killed his older brother and got away with murder and then getting a divorce where he got all the money and got off scotch free, Sano felt alone. His mother is very weak and is bedridden from the trauma and Sano is forced to support them both. However, his mother continues to tell him to live life how he feels like. Sano takes this as she doesn't need him anymore and feels the need to attach to someone. He has attached himself to Domino Satsuki unintentionally as well as Kotoru Hino. Both of them tell him however, that he should break out of his shell.

-After he shoots, he tends to blow his gun afterwards. It's the only way to tell him and Kotoru apart.

-When Sano impersonates Kotoru, Kotoru notes that Sano will go to the extreme to become her which includes buying fake breasts, shaving his legs, putting a wig on and using her signature weapon. This is of course caused by his codependency and his needs to be accurate and convincing as possible.

-He is better at playing the violin than Kotoru and more confident in his abilities. Knowing that Kotoru does get stage fright, he tends to switch places with her when it begins.

-His collage buddies are Apollo Justice and Sue Rosaline. However, all three of them have an age gap. Sue graduated first at whatever (since she quit law school for a reason concerning him). He is still in school trying to pass his bar exam because of his family problems. Apollo is unaware of how bad the situation is and only knows that he and his father don't get along. Sue knows everything though.

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