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here =D for both of us... I think I might use that to write some one shots when I'm bored...

2/1/2010 #1

Sweet! Fanfiction idea 1!

Title: Loves Requiem or something involving love

Category: Lux Pain

Pairing: Ryo/Hibiki with Ryo/Sayuri and Akira/Atsuki Sano/Kotoru Sora/Shinji Rui/Mika on the side

Rated: T or M

Genre: Humor, Romance, Drama, Friendship and Angst

Summary: Hibiki got Ryo together with Sayuri in order to have his friend happy. However, he slowly starts falling for the bookworm and realizing his mistake as Ryo doesn't plan on letting Sayuri go...even with the support of Atsuki and co, he might not be able to win Ryo back.

2/1/2010 #2

Fanfiction idea 2!

Title: Cressendo's Turnabout

Category: Phoenix Wright and Lux Pain

Pairing: Phoenix/Miles Sano/Kotoru with hinted Kotoru/Hibiki insect (somewhat) and dark Killer/Kotoru

Rated: M

Genre: Crime, Drama, Angst, Romance and Hurt/Comfort

Summary: Getting away from Kisaragi, Honoka decides to take Hibiki with her to San Francisco where the La Corda band will perform. However, an obsessed stalker boards the plane in hopes of being able to stay near Kotoru.

During the concerts, all hell breaks lose as the stalker murders Kotoru before she can perform. Chasing after the killer, Phoenix sees that the only murderer could be Hibiki who was obviously framed.

It's a race against time to catch the real killer and get Hibiki the NOT GUILTY verdict. Even with Kotoru's friends Sora, Artemis, Yasha, Fiore, Rinoa, Kenji, Sano, Kajin and Serena, he's not going to be let off easily.

And things get serious when Phoenix starts getting threats about getting Hibiki GUILTY or the two close to him Miles and Maya will suffer the consequence.

If that's not bad enough, Hibiki is hiding a deep secret that could very well get him out of his bind. However, by revealing the secret, he will be betraying Kotoru and her boyfriend's trust.


Date: April 11-15 (First day introduction, second day concert with murder, next three days investigation/trial)

Courtroom Number: 3

Presiding Judge: Judge

Defense Attorney: Phoenix Wright

Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth

Defendant: Hibiki Kiryu

Victim: Kotoru Hino

Time of Death: April 12, 9:11 PM

Weapon/Cause of death: Magician's Scythe

Verdict: Not Guilty


Dick Gumshoe (detective)

Kenji Shimizu

Yasha Tsuchiura

Sora Hihara

Artemis Tsukimori

Sano Etou

Fiore Yunoki

Sanguine Kajin


All members of the La Corda band know that Hibiki isn't the killer but when they try to testify, there is a contradiction in their statements making it worse for Hibiki.

Magic is involved.


1. Attorney Badge (default)

2. Magatama (default)

3. Autopsy (Cause of death a fatal wound in the stomach)

4. Map of the Concert (The entrance, the auditorium, the hallway to the dressing rooms, girl's changing room, guy's changing room, stage, top of the stage and garden)

5. Tarot Card I MAGICIAN (The card found in the girl's dressing room. Belongs to Hibiki. Has magic powers.)

6. Grim Reaper Scythe (The weapon used to kill the victim. Has the fingerprints of Hibiki Kiryu)

7. Tarot Card VI LOVERS (Received from Sano. Belongs to Sano. Has magic powers.)

8. Tarot Card X FORTUNE (Received from Sora. Belongs to Sora. Has magic powers.)

9. Artificial Spider (Found in girl's dressing room.)

10. Violin (Found in guy's dressing room. Belongs to the victim.)

11. Pistol (Found on the top of the stage. Bares Sano's fingerprints.)

12. Katana (Found in girl's dressing room. Bares victim's fingerprints.)

13. Threatening Letter (Found in boy's dressing room. Addressed to victim. Says, "If I can't have you, I'll make sure no one can.")

2/1/2010 . Edited 2/4/2010 #3

My turn!

Fanfiction idea 2! Or Fanart Idea number 1

Title: No ideas yet.

Subject: A crossover of Hetalia and the Little Mermaid

Rater: T ... I guess

Genre: I dunno, Romance, drama...

Summary: See the subject (oh gawd, so good with summaries xD )


Ariel: Feliciano =D (N.Italy)

Flounder: Kiku

Eric: Ludwig (Germanyyyyy 3 )

Sebastian: Roderich (Austria)

The seagull (don't remember his name) : Alfred (America)

Eric's Butler (spelling?) : England

King Triton: Grampa Rome

Ursula: Ivan is the only one suitable for this epic role =D (Russia)

The two eel things/ Ursula's kicksides: Raivis and Toris (Latvia and Lithuania)

Vanessa (Ursula in disguise) : Lovino (Romano)

........... I think I'm crazy 8D

2/1/2010 #4

No complaints.

Fanfiction idea 3

Title: Turnabout LME

Category: The LME cast and Phoenix Wright

Pairing: Phoenix/Miles, The LME include Judai/Jun, Sho/Eiji, Ren/Kyoko/Kanae (to an extent), Atobe/Mitsuki/Takuto, Izumi/Meroko, Leo/Glacia, Nemi/Maria and Edo/Aria

Rated: M

Genre: Crime, Drama, Humor, Angst, Horror and some Romance

Summary: LME came to San Francisco in there world tour to perform. Phoenix and co go mainly because of Larry and Maya wanting to see the actors. Of course, all hell breaks lose after the show when Atobe Keigo is assassinated and Jun Manjoume is framed for murder.

Phoenix, Miles and Maya are then pulled into internal power struggle between Lory Takarada and his rival Yageo. Blood will be spilled but only one man can be convicted. If the defense attorney stayed out of it then the death of all the people working for Yageo would die with some sacrifices. However, Phoenix is not going to allow that and he doesn't realize that Miles and Maya will be put in jeopardy because of his decision.

2/2/2010 . Edited 2/3/2010 #5

Fanfiction Idea 4

Title: Spy Date

Category: Lux Pain

Pairing: Sano/Kotoru (or Kotoru/Sano if you want the tough girl being on top) and hinted Atsuki/Hibiki and Ryo/Hibiki

Rated: K+ or T (depends on how bad Kotoru's mouth is)

Genre: Humor, Romance, Family and Friendship

Summary: You know, every character has a dating game with Atsuki except Hibiki in the archive section, so this is what Hibiki's would be.

Hibiki knows that Kotoru is going to have her first date with Sano Etou. He can't bring himself to trust the older male so he decides to spy on his half sister's date. He brings Atsuki to make sure that all goes well. Atsuki soon realizes as they spy on the tsundere coupe something new about Hibiki.

2/3/2010 #6

Fanfiction idea 5!

Title: Wish Upon a Cross

Category: Lux Pain

Pairing: Sano/Kotoru, Kotoru/Kotobi, Ryo/Hibiki, Akira/Atsuki, Sora/Shinji, Mika/Yayoi, Hanako/Mars and others

Rated: M

Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance, Friendship, Family and Horror

Summary: Kotoru comes back to Kisaragi shortly after her finals. Failing her math final, she is forced to be tutored by her younger half brother to her dismay.

Kotoru and Hibiki aren't into it especially since the day of Kotobi's death is getting to them both when they're near each other. Perhaps a meeting with the planning to be defense lawyer Sano Etou, might be able to perk Kotoru up.

However, not all is what it seems. There are still some PHALANX member alive. They want the cross that Kotobi left behind. It turns out that the cross is a Lux Pain item known as the Shooting Star AKA Liberty. When she died, the cross should have been buried with her. However, Hibiki took the cross from guilt that her death was his fault.

Atsuki realizes the importance of the cross and decides to dive deep within the sibling relationship that Kotoru and Hibiki have. However, by doing so, he puts his life and his friends in jeopardy as there is one person that wants the cross to his or herself and is willing to kill the competition to get it. And this time, Atsuki might not be able to save those close to him...

2/4/2010 #7

Fanfiction idea 6!

Title: My Guiding Light

Category: Lux Pain

Pairing: Kotoru/Kotobi, Ryo/Hibiki Sora/Shinji, hinted Akira/Mika One sided Kotoru/Hibiki, anyone/Kotoru and Serena/Kotobi

Rated: M

Genre: Tragedy, Drama, Friendship, Angst, Horror, Family, Romance and Suspense

Summary: The year is 2011. This is before Atsuki comes to Kisaragi.

Hibiki knew Kisaragi was in despair. Everyone was falling apart when they first entered Kisaragi High School. The cruel teachers, the unforgiving parents and the unfortunate events that followed. Despite hell coming that year, there was one person that shined in the school. Her name was Kotobi Shuchiwa. The only daughter of the Father of St. Maria Church. She has recently lost her Father in a tragic accident and is now the head Sister of St. Maria Church. Despite all that has happened, she has continued to smile which has caused constant bullying of the students.

Kotoru's Story: Hibiki's half sister Kotoru Hino and a mysterious boy who goes by Serena have sworn to protect Sister Kotobi from those that plan harm to her. However, when Kotoru decided this when they were younger, she wasn't prepared for the whole school to turn against her. By staying by Kotobi's side, she is dragging those close to her in a pit they can't climb out of...

Hibiki's Story: While the bullying has seized for Hibiki thanks to Ryo and the group, he can't help but notice how the group slowly falls apart. Akira has become more distance, Ryo's parents kicked him out of their house for even thinking of inheriting Tohodo and Mika has gotten herself reporting for SEAGULL on a dangerous scoop. Meeting Yayoi Kamishiro and Shinji Naruse had done nothing to help as Hibiki can't help but notice Yayoi's suicidal nature and Shinji's loneliness from being neglected by his parents. Hibiki himself finds himself falling for his best friend and savior Ryo. However, Ryo is too caught up in his work and keeping control of Tohodo to even notice. Hibiki fears that his feelings will never get across...and with rumors about him and Kotoru together, he can't help but realizing how hopeless everything is.

Sora's Story: The brightest male student of Kisaragi High School. On his last year in high school, Sora decides that the school needs to lighten up. Getting his feelings across is one thing and the second is to get the La Corda band together. Bringing the school happiness is the only thing on his mind...

These three individuals will try to bring the good and bad of Kisaragi High School that will end in a tragedy in October when Kotobi is brutally murdered by the serial killer and Mika and Akira almost die with her. These events lead Hibiki to leave for America to escape the drama, Kotoru to shut her heart from the rest of the world and Sora to pray for a savior.

As you know, this is before Lux Pain and Atsuki. It will be hard to write about a depressed Akira and suicidal Yayoi. This is the age and year of the characters.

Atsuki: Absent

Hibiki: 16 and 1st year High School

Akira: 16 and 1st year High School

Mika: 16 and 1st year High School

Rui: 16 and 1st year High School

Shinji: 16 and 1st year High School

Ryo: 16 and 1st year High School

Mars: 15 and 3rd year Middle School

Hanako: 17 and 2nd year High School

Richie: 17 and 2nd year High School

Kotoru: 17 and 2nd year High School

Kotobi: 17 and 2nd year High School

Artemis: 17 and 2nd yeah High School

Yasha: 17 and 2nd yeah High School

Sora: 17 and 2nd year High School

Fiore: 17 and 2nd year High School

Rinoa: 16 and 1st year High School

Kenji: 16 and 1st year High School

Sanguine: 17 and 2nd year High School

Sano: Absent

Serena: 12 and 6th grade

Nami: 10 and 4th grade

2/6/2010 #8

Fanfiction idea 7!

Title: New Moon

Category: Lux Pain

Pairing: Shinji/Mika

Rated: T

Genre: Parody, Humor and Friendship

Summary: The sequel to Twilight Reviews. The second movie has come out and Shinji already has his Anti Twilight website. When Mika finds out...well all hell breaks lose. :P

2/6/2010 #9

Fanfiction idea 8!

Title: Love Me!

Category: Lux Pain and the LME cast

Pairing: Shinji/Yayoi with Akira/Atsuki, Ryo/Hibiki and Rui/Mika

Rated: T

Genre: Humor and Romance

Summary: Shinji swears that LME's Love Me slogan has gotten everyone around him all lovey-dovey. Trying to avoid Cupid's arrow is the hardest thing he has ever done.

2/6/2010 . Edited 2/6/2010 #10

Fanfiction idea 9!

Title: Drag Queen

Category: Lux Pain

Pairing: Akira/Atsuki

Rated: T

Genre: Humor

Summary: Atsuki loses a bet with Hibiki and lets just say the stakes are high. So high that every guy in school will chase after him and will get a confession from a certain idiot.

2/6/2010 #11

Fanfiction idea 10!

Title: Personal Maid

Pairing: Liu Yee/Hibiki

Rated: T but close to M

Genre: Humor and Romance

Summary: Sequel to Drag Queen. Atsuki gets Hibiki back and he has Liu Yee to help him.

2/6/2010 #12

Fanfiction idea 11!

Title: Temptation:

Pairing: Atsuki/Hibiki with Sora/Shinji and very little Kotoru/Artemis

Rated: M

Genre: Romance and Humor

Summary: Honoka and Kotoru invited their friends out to dinner. When Hibiki tries to humiliate Atsuki though, lets just say he has a trick up his sleeve.

2/6/2010 #13

Fanfiction idea 12! I swear! I have 50 fucking ideas in this journal. XD All Lux Pain.

Title: Patience

Pairing: Atsuki/Rui

Rated: T

Genre: Friendship and Humor

Summary: Nobody wants to hang out with Rui today because it's that time of the month. Fortunately, Atsuki has the patience to be with her.

2/6/2010 #14

Fanfiction idea 13. XD

Title: Flu Shots

Pairing: Atsuki/Shinji and Hibiki/Ryo

Rated: T

Genre: Humor and Friendship

Summary: School is starting and the need for a flu shot is in high demands because it's fucking swing flu. Shinji refuses to go to the hospital so Atsuki has to play rough to Suzu's glee.

2/6/2010 #15

Fanfiction idea 14!

Title: Worth Fighting For

Pairing: Akira/Atsuki

Rated: T

Genre: Hurt/Comfort and Romance

Summary: Takes place during episode 18. After Atsuki removes the Dream Silent from Akira, he overhears a group of students talk smack about Atsuki, and all hell breaks lose.

2/7/2010 #16

Fanfiction idea 15!

Title: Teach Me

Pairing: Hibiki/Shinji

Rated: M

Genre: Romance and Humor

Summary: Shinji wants to prove that he an beat Hibiki at dominance to his friends. Unfortunately, Hibiki won't play fair.

2/7/2010 #17

Fanfiction idea 16!

Title: Spoiled

Pairing: Atsuki/Yayoi and one sided Atsuki/Nami

Rated: T

Genre: Hurt/Comfort and Romance

Summary: Nami knew she was spoiled because Yayoi always sacrificed everything for her. Atsuki Saijo was the only thing Yayoi wouldn't give up.

2/7/2010 . Edited 2/7/2010 #18

Fanfiction idea 17!

Title: Breathless Punishment

Pairing: Hibiki/Atsuki and Akira/Atsuki

Rated: M

Genre: Humor and Romance

Summary: The day Atsuki lets his guard down to confess to Akira, Hibiki takes the chance to control Atsuki's mind forcing him to do naughty things in the nurse's office.

2/7/2010 #19

Fanfiction idea 18!

Title: Picture Perfect

Pairing: Naoto/Shinji and hints of Atsuki/Shinji

Rating: M

Genre: Angst and Romance

Summary: Atsuki warned Shinji to be wary of the photographer. Shinji doesn't listen and makes a grave mistake.

2/7/2010 #20

Fanfiction idea 19!

Title: Strawberry Panic

Pairing: Atsuki/Akira/Mika and hinted Atsuki/Mika

Rated: K+ or T

Genre: Humor and Friendship

Summary: Akira should have known that giving a strawberry shortcake to a hungry Mika was a bad idea.

2/7/2010 #21

Fanfiction idea 20!

Title: Sexual Eduction

Pairing: Hibiki/Ryo, hinted Akira/Atsuki and one sided Honoka/Hibiki

Rated: M

Genre: Romance and humor

Summary: Upon seeing more and more students having problems with their relationship (and seeing more homosexuals), Honoka lectures about the sexual nature of men. XD

2/7/2010 #22

Fanfiction idea 21!

Title: Like Father, Like Son

Pairing: Akira/Atsuki and Kenichi/Inugaku

Rated: K+ or T

Genre: Romance and humor

Summary: When Kenichi walks in on his son and Atsuki during a make out session (and possibly more), he fins a shocking truth about himself.

2/7/2010 #23

Fanfiction...fuck number 22...

Title: LEFT 4 DEAD!

Pairing: None

Rated: T

Genre: Parody, friendship and humor

Summary: There are three things that Atsuki hates the most. Akira reveals one of them to Hibiki and Shinji in a game of Left 4 Dead.

Akira = Bill

Hibiki = Francis

Shinji = Louis

Atsuki = Zoey

2/7/2010 #24

Number 23!

Title: Hypocrite

Pairing: Liu Yee/Hibiki and Akira/Atsuki

Rated: T

Genre: Humor and romance

Summary: Liu Yee constant lectures to Atsuki about falling in love seem to be unaffected especially when Liu Yee finds himself falling for the enemy.

2/7/2010 #25

Number 24...zzz

Title: Poor Unfortunate Soul

Pairing: Hibiki/Atsuki, Akira/Shinji and one sided Akira/Atsuki

Rated: T or M

Genre: Angst

Summary: Akira is with Shinji and it breaks Atsuki. With no one to turn to for help, Atsuki gets involved with the person FORT warned him of.

2/7/2010 #26

So sleepy...number 25...

Title: Silent Night

Pairing: Dark OC/Atsuki and Akira/Atsuki

Rated: M

Genre: Horror and Drama

Summary: The cycle of life and death and the difference between the fortunate and less fortunate is something Atsuki knows very well. Yet, he can't help but scream when death is at his door.

2/7/2010 #27

Number 26...

Title: My Little Wind Up Doll

Pairing: Dark Edward/Hibiki and Atsuki/Hibiki at the end

Rated: M

Genre: Crime and Angst

Summary: That is all that Hibiki was to Edward the minute he became the old man's apprentice. Hibiki doesn't realize this until someone removes the darkness and uncertainty in his heart.

2/7/2010 #28

Number 27 of course.

Title: Ryo's Adventure

Pairing: Hinted Atsuki/Hibiki and some Ryo/Hibiki

Rated: K+ or T

Genre: Adventure and Humor

Summary: Ai kicks Ryo out of Tohodo again. Not being able to return, Ryo explores Kisaragi and sees event at that he shouldn't see... and maybe one event that will get him to question his feelings for his best friend.

2/7/2010 #29

Number 28...and one more for the night.

Title: Loving the Awkward Moments

Pairing: Ryo/Hibiki

Rated: M

Genre: Humor

Summary: The overused plot. If Atsuki and the gang don't go into the study room soon, who knows what will happen. Of course Atsuki knows what is really going on. He just can't help but laugh at everyone's expression.

2/7/2010 #30
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