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Number 29!

Title: Study Time

Pairing: Akira/Atsuki

Rated: M

Genre: Romance and humor

Summary: My feelings on the final. With the finals coming up, Atsuki tries to prepare Akira for them but he's not motivated enough. There is only one way to get him to study.

2/7/2010 #31

Number 30!

Title: Turnabout Triangle

Category: Phoenix Wright and Lux Pain

Pairing: Klavier/Apollo Phoenix/Miles for Lux Pain Atsuki/Akira/Mika, Sano/Kotoru, Ryo/Hibiki, and One sided Richie/Mika, Atsuki/Rui and Hanako/Atsuki

Rated: M

Genre: Crime, Suspense, Drama, Angst, Horror and little Romance and Friendship

Summary: A few months after Kristoph's second conviction and Phoenix regaining his attorney badge, Larry pesters Miles for a well deserves vacation. Giving up because Larry is blackmailing him with top secret information that's he's been hiding from Phoenix for seven years, he reluctantly agrees and takes him, Larry, Phoenix, Maya, Pearl, Apollo, Klavier and Trucy to Kisaragi as it is the city of supernatural events and hot chicks (as Larry puts it.) Both Miles and Klavier suspect that something will be amiss and ask their detectives Ema and Gumshoe to tag along. While everyone has a motive for going, Phoenix and Apollo are just there for the ride.

And a trip it will be.

Mika Nozaki is murdered by someone. At the same time, Hibiki Kiryu is raped by an unknown assailant. The blame is put on none another than Atsuki Saijo!

Apollo is forced to defend the telepath unaware of the true situation at hand.

That being said, everyone in Kisaragi has their own secrets. Akira would testify that he was with Atsuki the entire day. However, there was a fifteen minute period where he left Atsuki alone to get something for the silver haired teen. What could have happened during those fifteen minutes? How is the killer able to rape someone at the same time in different locations? What was Hibiki doing before he was assaulted? What was Mika doing with an axe during the night of the murder?! It all ties to a young boy he calls himself Serena. He has the key to all of these answers but he's not ready to give the information to outsiders.


Date: December 28-31 (First day arrive in Kisaragi and murder, second and third day investigation with fourth day ending)

Courtroom Number: 23

Presiding Judge: Judge (who flies over to the court law in Tokyo)

Defense Attorney: Apollo Justice (Phoenix Wright in one day when Apollo is injured)

Prosecutor: Klavier Gavin (Miles Edgeworth when Klavier refuses to prosecute.)

Defendant: Atsuki Saijo

Victim: Mika Nozaki (murdered) and Hibiki Kiryu (rape)

Time of Death: 7: 23 PM (Mika) 7:00 (Hibiki)

Weapon/Cause of death: Blood loss from the stomach. True weapon a gun wound to the heart.

Verdict: Not Guilty


Aya Nagashima (detective)

Sano Etou (for both)

Kotoru Hino (for Hibiki's case)

Akira Mido (for Mika's case)

Hanako Miyamase (for Mika's case)

Serena (has the evidence for both)

Serial Murder Victims:

Kotobi Shuchiwa (years ago)

Mika Nozaki

Kyosuke Kagami

Sanguine Kajin

Mars Shidou

Rinoa Fuyumi

2/11/2010 . Edited 2/19/2010 #32

Now something that isn't Lux Pain. :P 31!

Title: Don't Say a Word

Category: World Destruction

Pairing: Agan/Kyrie/Morte and Dark OC/Kyrie

Rated: M

Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, Adventure and little Humor

Summary: Rape recovery fic. WDC has been captured again by the WSC. The group bided their time to escape. When Morte is ready to hatch the plan, the Ferals decide that they will scar the group as long as they live. Kyrie is the victim of Morte's attitude.

This is based on the game personality than the anime. So Morte is really mean and when Kyrie is raped, she'll kill them and she'll be even more angry than before. All goes to hell and only Agan can put the pieces back together if Morte denies her feelings for Kyrie.

2/12/2010 #33


Title: An Offer You Can't Refuse

Category: Persona 4 and Lux Pain

Pairing: Souji/Yosuke, Chie/Yukiko, Kanji/Teddie, Naoto/Rise with very minor Yosuke/Atsuki and dark OC/Yosuke

Rated: M

Genre: Crime, Angst, Drama, Suspense, Horror and some Romance

Summary: After getting into a fight with Souji, Yosuke leaves the TV World to cool himself off. He gets a call from Atsuki that his sister/cousin Estelle is missing and requests assisstance.

Saki's brother Naoki tells Yosuke that she's in the back alley practicing some type of dark magic. Even though the description was suspicious, Yosuke still goes and gets gang banged in the process. It's all recorded on video and the only way for the school not to find out about such an indecent act from the son of Junes is to obey the gang's every command.

Yosuke is forced to into all types of sexual acts but eventually it gets in the way of the Investigation Team, school and work. His friends start getting worried but the more Yosuke tries to hide it, the more likely he's prone to snap.

2/12/2010 #34


Title: Melancholy Tune

Category: La Corda D Oro and Lux Pain

Pairing: Kazuki/Shinji, Ryotaro/Len, Kiriya/Kahoko/Shoko with hinted Atsuki/Shinji and Akira/Atsuki

Rated: M

Genre: Crime, Angst, Romance, Friendship, Drama and Suspense

Summary: After Atsuki left Kisaragi, life hasn't been the same for Shinji and co. Shinji decides that Atsuki has to come back and hacks into FORT's database to figure out his location. Nola again gives him fake information. This leads to Shinji finding out about FORT's eternal enemy Silent and PHALANX. When PHALANX find outs, they send in assassin's to kill him. By Hibiki's warning, Shinji barely escapes with his life but receives fatal wounds. He ends up in a city where he is rescued by three students. They are Kahoko Hino, Len Tsukimori and Kazuki Hihara. The instant they take care of him is the minute they put their lives along with everyone else in jeopardy. PHALANX will stop the madness if Shinji gives up his life, the location of FORT or the data chip of all telepaths. Of course Shinji isn't going down without a fight. FORT isn't evil but the battle could result in many deaths is Atsuki doesn't step in.

2/12/2010 #35

34 and Lux Pain again!

Title: Moonlight Waltz

Category: Lux Pain

Pairing: Akira/Atsuki, Atsuki/Hibiki, Ryo/Hibiki, Sano/Kotoru, Hanako/Mars, Mika/Yayoi and Sora/Shinji

Rate: M

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Romance, Angst and Friendship

Summary: Atsuki and Hibiki are dating but its not what it seems.

Akira and co. disapprove of their relationship. (Everyone has some crush on Atsuki and Ryo fears the worse for Hibiki.) Everyone is talking behind Hibiki's back. Atsuki only agreed to date Hibiki to not hurt the teen but his mind continues to wonder toward Akira. Hibiki fears that Atsuki is cheating on him but uts it in the back of his mind as he tries to deal with his stalker alone.

All goes to hell fast when Hibiki sees Atsuki making out with Akira. Before Atsuki can explain, he flees the scene only to be caught by his stalker. Beaten, betrayed and broken, Hibiki shuts himself from the world with no one to turn to. When hospitalized, the only people who truly care, Ryo, Honoka and surprisingly Kotoru try to pick up the pieces. Everyone knows Hibiki's side of the story but what about Atsuki? Can he explain his traitorous deed and clear everything between him and Hibiki?

This is a different approach on Atsuki. In my Obvious One-Shot how Atsuki is scene by other character's, he'll be portrayed as Mika sees him. A backstabber, but Atsuki has his reasons beside the obvious falling for Akira.

2/12/2010 #36


Title: St. Maria's Turnabout

Category: Phoenix Wright, Lux Pain and Silver Chaos

Pairing: Phoenix/Miles (for Ace Attorney) Sano/Kotoru Atsuki/Hibiki (Lux Pain) Ibuki/Yuri (Silver Chaos) slight Kouji/Calum/Aoi (Lux Pain)

Rated: M

Genre: Crime, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Drama and Friendship

Summary: Miles has to do a trial mission in Kisaragi with Gumshoe and Phoenix, Maya and Pearl come with them so they can be the reliable defense attorney for the truth in this case.

The crime scene took place in a holy church in Kisaragi known as St. Maria. The victim was a collage student named Sanguine Kajin who went to the church to pray when he was struck in the head with a baseball and died. The defendant seems to be this thirteen year old boy named Serena.

When you put the evidence together, it looks like Serena is the only one who could have murdered him. However, Phoenix and Miles know that there is something odd about the whole case. As the two dig deeper into who could have been the true killer and the killer's motive, they realize that they're getting themselves in trouble as those close to the Father of the Church are willing to protect him from the darkest secret of the murder...even it includes silencing those who are handling the case.


Date: March 1-4

Courtroom Number: 40

Presiding Judge: Judge (who flies over to the court law in Tokyo)

Defense Attorney: Phoenix Wright

Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth

Defendant: Serena

Victim: Sanguine Kajin

Time of Death: 11:30 PM

Weapon/Cause of death: Blunt trauma from the head

Verdict: Not Guilty


Yuri Mimori (detective)

Kotoru Hino

Atsuki Saijo

Hibiki Kiryu

Calum Archard

2/27/2010 #37


Title: The Royal Turnabout

Category: Phoenix Wright, Lux Pain, Silver Chaos and World Destruction

Pairing: Klavier/Apollo, Phoenix/Miles with hinted Apollo/OC (Sue) (Ace Attorney), Akira/Atsuki, Ryo/Hibiki, Domino/Sano/Kotoru, Domino/Ayase, Dark OC/Sano (Lux Pain) Ibuki/Yuri (Silver Chaos) and Agan/Kyrie/Morte (World Destruction)

Rated: M

Genre: Crime, Drama, Angst, Romance and Friendship

Summary: Trucy is happy that her father hooked up with someone. That is Miles Edgeworth. To celebrate, the two decide a trip to Kisaragi's famous Royal Hotel and go to the rave known as Club Royal. Maya, Larry tag along for the ride but Trucy can't go because the rules of no one under 18 can enter the rave.

Trucy gets passed this when she asks Apollo and Klavier to take her with them. Apollo is reluctant to go but Klavier insists.

The group travels on the same plane and they have a great time at Club Royal (since the bouncer will let underage girls into the bar since underage girls work at the bar.) Heck, its all fan service for hot guys and girls in their scary/slutty costumes...and one of them is the Steel Samurai! Turns out that two of his collage buddies were working at Club Royal. One was his ex-girlfriend Sue Rosaline. The spunky, athletic gold digger. The other was Sano Etou, the hyperactive underclassmen that looked up to Apollo and became a prosecutor to become his rival in court.

A murder happens at Hotel Royal and Apollo is horrified to find out who the victim was. The victim is Sue-Rosaline. The defendant is the bouncer himself Domino Satsuki.

The case is rather vague. A lot of information does not add up and it makes it seem like Domino is truly the killer. However, there seems to be more than the two witnesses Cerena Truesdale the chief of both places and Ayase Shinzou, one of the waitresses...or rather waiter at Club Royal. Someone is hiding information and Apollo points his suspicion to his collage buddy Sano. When you add the evidence up more with the complicated crime scene, it seems to fit Sano more than anybody. Sano however, denies everything to Apollo's chagrin.

Phoenix and Miles recognize his behavior known as codependency. This mental illness causes Sano to cling to the words of anybody he considers strong. In other words, Sano seems to be hiding the true killer's name and intentions.

Apollo and Trucy do not realize the danger in digging too deep into one's wounds. The killer will show no mercy to little nuisances who tries to interfere with his relationship with the second accused person.

Fortunately for Apollo, more than one person is investigating this case.

One is Kotoru Hino. She suspects her boyfriend is hiding a dark secret that has to do with his terrible past. In order to get information out of him, she decides to investigate a man who was at the hotel at the time of murder. Little does she know, that she might end up on the killed list with her younger brother Hibiki Kiryu if she keeps this up.

The second is Atsuki Saijo. Because of Kotoru's recklessness and putting Hibiki's life in danger, he and his friends decide to guard the cyan haired teen. Atsuki however uses his powers to identify the Shinen of the true killer. He is at the lowest risk.

The final one is Kyrie Illunis another of the waiter/waitress at Club Royal and a new recruit. While searching for his lost friends, he got a job at Club Royal to survive. Because he's new, he's able to identify who in Club Royal is lying. Nobody was lying in their testimony except Sano. However, he's the only one who seems to notice that if Sano tells someone who the true killer is, Sano will end up dead along with his girlfriend and her little brother. His type of investigation is getting info on each member instead of going to the crime scene. While at risk of getting killed, he'll encounter his faithful companions again and they will protect him.

Despite all the help Apollo and Klavier get, it doesn't change the fact the murderer is clearly clever and seems to be in a win-win situation in which if Domino is convicted, he'll continue to kill the members of Club Royal and abuse Sano. However, if Sano is convicted, all of those related to the case will be assassinated soon after. Apollo must play his cards life if he wants to find the truth and keep those close to him and the case that are innocent alive.


Date: October 7-12

Courtroom Number: 31

Presiding Judge: Judge (who flies over to the court law in Tokyo)

Defense Attorney: Apollo Justice

Prosecutor: Klavier Gavin

Defendant: Domino Satsuki

Victim: Sue Rosaline

Time of Death: 1:05 AM

Weapon/Cause of death: Bullet to the head.

Verdict: Not Guilty


Ibuki Takamura (detective)

Cerena Truesdale

Ayase Shinzou

Kyrie Illunis

Domino Satsuki

Sano Etou

2/27/2010 . Edited 5/13/2010 #38


Title: Confidence

Category: World Destruction

Pairing: Morte/Kyrie

Rated: K+

Genre: Romance, Friendship

Summary: I knew I didn't have the confidence to stand up for myself, but with her encouraging words, I was finally able to tell someone off for a change...

3/2/2010 #39


Title: The Fool's Turnabout

Category: Apollo Justice, Lux Pain AND Baka to the Test

Pairing: Klavier/Apollo, Phoenix/Miles (Ace Attorney), Akira/Atsuki, Ryo/Hibiki, Sano/Kotoru, Sora/Shinji (Lux Pain), Yuji/Akihisa, Dark Akihisa/Himeji and Yuji/Shoko

Rated: M

Genre: Horror, Angst, Drama, Romance, Friendship and Dark Humor

Summary: The sequel to The Royal Turnabout. Three months after the last trial, Apollo gets a call from Atsuki who asks him and Klavier to help one of his friends who is in a pickle. He, Klavier, and Trucy end up flying back to Kisaragi (Sora's dad Kaze Hihara is paying for everything this time as a thank you for helping Sano out.)

The murder is probably the most gruesome that Apollo has ever seen.

The victim was Shoko Kirishima, a 2nd year at Kisaragi High School. She was gruesomely murdered by a cleaver wound to the back in the art room...or so it seems. The accused is none other than the dumbest student in the school Akihisa Yoshi. He is suspected because he had a strong dislike of Shoko for constantly harassing his best friend (and later revealed crush) into going out with him and eventually revealed that he was going to be forced to marry her for signing a contract. This action would cause him to murder the competition and protect his best friend. However, when Apollo takes Akihisa's case, he obviously sees that Akihisa is TOO DUMB to pull off a murder like this.

The evidence is stacked against him specifically the fingerprints on the cleaver.

This might be a case that Apollo can't solve specifically because the murderer is one of Akihisa's friends. If Apollo can't find out who the murderer is, Shoko might not be the only victim but the one that Yoshi is trying to protect, Yuji might also become a victim to the murder.

In the end, with Atsuki's help, Apollo knows that a dark love triangle is the reason for this madness.


Date: December 15-18

Courtroom Number: 31

Presiding Judge: Judge (who flies over to the court law in Tokyo)

Defense Attorney: Apollo Justice

Prosecutor: Klavier Gavin

Defendant: Akihisa Yoshi

Victim: Shoko Kirishima

Time of Death: 6:30 PM

Weapon/Cause of death: Cleaver wound to the back.

Verdict: Not Guilty


Ibuki Takamura (detective)

Hideyoshi Kinoshita

Kota Tsuchiya

Mizuki Himeji

3/14/2010 #40


Title: My Dark Valentine

Category: Baka To The Test

Pairing: Yuji/Akihisa, Kota/Hideyoshi, Minami/Himeji with one sided Akihisa/Himeji, Akihisa/Minami and dark ?/Akihisa and Yuji/Shoko

Genre: Suspense, Angst, Drama, Romance, Friendship and little Humor

Summary: Valentine's Day is around the corner. Akihisa feels the need to confess to Himeji soon so Yuji won't take her.

Valentine's Day never goes well with Akihisa though. Not only does he have to watch his friends swooning over each other, but he's without a date again. Even though Himeji came out of the closest and admitted that she liked Minami, Yoshi can't help but feel sad. Especially when he sees Yuji and Shoko together.

Then he gets a love letter in his locker. He would have rejoiced if these words didn't dig deep in his mind.

I'm always watching you.

After that, Yoshi starts to distance himself from the group when he finds that this person that likes him and willing to hurt his friends in the process. Then his stuff starts going missing and someone is always following him after school. Yoshi worries for his sister Akira so he doesn't tell her about the stalker he has. But by isolating himself from the group, he is slowly falling into the stalker's trap.

Yuji wants to find what's wrong with his best friend but his clingy jealous girlfriend isn't making it any easier. It gets to the point where he feels like his feelings are misplaced.

Will the group be able to protect Yoshi from this stalker?

3/14/2010 #41

This would be the introduction to The Fool's Turnabout.


He thought he had the killer for a second. However, Atsuki Saijo's words made him doubt the one being suspected.

"Herr Forehead, it's obvious that the defendant is hiding something."

Klavier's voice echoed through the courtroom. Apollo was feeling tense.

"Polly, this isn't good. If this keeps up, then all suspicions on Nemoto will go away!"

Trucy was pressuring him, but he didn't know what to do. He had defendant's unwillingly defend the true killer, but this time was different. The defendant was clearly covering the tracks of the killer. It was obvious that he wasn't an accomplish in the murder but...

Apollo slammed his fist onto his desk. "Yoshi, stop lying and tell the court who the murderer truly is!"

The defendant, Akihisa Yoshi refused to make eye contact with his defense attorney. It wasn't a good sign at all. The entire court knew he was hiding a dark secret about the killer.

"I don't...know anything.."

"Yoshi..." "I won't let you put the blame on that person...that person...is too precious to me."

Klavier smirked. "Just as I suspected."

The brunette stared at Klavier like he figured everything out.

"Herr Forehead, I suspect Herr Silver gave you information on who the true killer might be?"

Apollo nodded his head.

"I think you need to show the court who that person is."

The judge was eyeing Apollo suspiciously. The young defense attorney gulped as he showed who Yoshi might be defending is.

"The only one you would throw your life away for is...Mizuki Himeji."

Apollo knew he was on the right track, but by declaring her name would be the downfall of Akihisa's friendly little group.

3/16/2010 #42

This would be the introduction to St. Maria's Turnabout.


"...You had everyone fooled their Saijo, but not me."

Apollo knew he had the witness where he wanted him. Atsuki, despite his monotone expression stared at him with cold eyes indicating something.

"You testified that there were only three people in the church that night. They were the victim, the defendant and the other witness Kotoru Hino."

"...Where are you getting at?"

Apollo smirked as he folded his arms. "You slipped up right there."

Atsuki was rather confused until the young attorney began to explain.

"You said that Ms. Hino told you to get him out of there."

"...I did say that..." Atsuki realized what he said and literally cursed to himself.

"I see that my point has been proven."

Klavier was waiting for a response from Apollo as he continued.

"If she told you to get him out of there, then that means one thing. There was another person at the scene of the crime that she wanted you to protect."

Atsuki literally shook for a few seconds before his composure came back.

"Herr Forehead, I ask you this, who is Herr Silver trying to protect?"

Apollo was confused.

"It could be anyone that Faurline wanted to protect. It might have been the victim which he failed to save."

Apollo shook his head. "Not likely. Kajin was already dead when she shouted this." Apollo pointed to the silver haired teen and announced. "The person that you and Ms. Hino would go to extreme lengths to save is none other than her younger brother Hibiki Kiryu."

The courtroom suddenly got loud at the statement.

"Order! I will have order!"

Atsuki sighed at the revelation. He seemed to be looking at someone in the crowd. "Sorry Kotoru. I tried to leave him out of it..."

3/16/2010 #43

For Dark Valentine...


He couldn't trust anyone anymore. Not with his friend's lives being threaten. Akihisa didn't know what the stalker wanted from him. Cancel that. He knew what he wanted, but that only scared him even more. What he wanted to do was console this to someone and deal with this situation together. Instead, he's forced to fake a smile and act like nothing is wrong.

They don't deserve to be hurt because of me. The brunette told himself. I'm not worth it.

Class was finally over. Yoshi just wanted to get home and come up with a plan on his own. If someone was stalking him, he would find him and handle the situation himself. He had his Summon Spirit. It might be weak, but maybe just maybe, he could defend himself with the little critter.

"Hey Akihisa!"

The brunette froze. The voice of his best friend was behind him. It sounded...worried?

"I need to get home Yuji. I have to make dinner for my sister."

"You've been acting weird." Sakumoto told him firmly. "And I'm going to find out why."

Akihisa faked a grin and turned to him with his stepford smile. "What are you talking about? I've been the same as I always been."

Yuji shook his head. "No. You're different. It's almost like you're avoiding all of us."

"I'm not..."

"You are Akihisa. Look at me in the eye, dammit!" Yoshi turned to leave but the redhead grabbed his arm.

"Let me go..."

"I won't. Not until you tell me what's wrong."

"There's nothing wrong!"

"There is!"

"Why won't you leave me alone!"

Yuji wasn't letting go. Instead, he pulled his friend into an embrace. Akihisa gasped as he felt his face collide with a masculine body.

"Dammit Akihisa...it's so obvious that you're not okay..." Yuji mumbled as he pulled him close. "We're here for you and you're avoiding us. I thought we were friends."

"We are...it's just..."

That was it. Yoshi couldn't take the pressure that was boiling up anymore. He leaned into the embrace and started crying. Yuji wasn't at all surprised with his friend breaking down and just held him close.

3/16/2010 #44

40...this came up when I was taking the HSPE test...which is the state test.

Title: The Devil's Thrill

Category: Seikon No Qwaser

Pairing: OC (Kouji)/Yuri, Mafuyu/Tomo, Sasha/Teresa and Katja/Hana

Rated: M

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Family and Humor

Summary: There seems to be only two types of Maria's. One is the guy on girl. The other is girl on girl. But what about guy on guy?

When one of the Adepts abandons the group, the Qwaser of Gold retaliates by sending assassins to retrieve an important item stolen as well as hide their secrets. Barely making it out with his life, Kouji is forced to run to St. Mihailov's Academy in order to ask for help from the Order. Prideful though, he refuses to ask for help and ends up assaulting students in the night because of his uncontrolled powers.

On the surface though, he is a wondering teacher known as Kouji Kanazawa. This lazy persona is used to get the attention of those around him. He and Yuri are good friends and he goes as far as sending him a letter asking to meet him at night...

But because his personality changes at night, Yuri might have become a victim if Sasha did not intervine.

Yuri is forced to choose between his duty or his unrequited love for the Adept. And this unrequited love is taken up to eleven when another member of the Adepts is out for vengeance against Kouji for a tragic incident. That women is known as Sue Rosaline who is pregnant with his child. She's willing to risk the health of her child for revenge against the man who had a one night stand with her and then dumped her when he found out she was pregnant. There is so much that Yuri could take and Rei isn't making it any easier.

3/17/2010 . Edited 4/12/2010 #45

41! Lux Pain!

Title: Eclipse

Pairing: Shinji/OC

Rated: T

Genre: Parody, Friendship

Summary: The shipping war is on. Thanks to Rinse's meddling, Shinji and Mika's hatred for each other is at it's peak but a certain someone will talk some sense into Shinji.

4/12/2010 #46

Title: Love Today Die Tomorrow (Still Thinking)

Category: Higurashi no Naka Koro

Pairing: Satoshi/Keiichi, Rika/Satoko with one sided Satoshi/Shion and Keiichi/Mion

Rated: M

Genre: Horror, Drama, Suspense, Supernatural, Tragedy (it's Higurashi) with the Romance and Humor at the beginning

Summary: Takes place after Rei. Satoshi finally returns to Hinazawa and he and Shion seem to hit it off soon after. However, Keiichi finds himself falling for Satoshi. Rika warns him that it's dangerous to show any signs of affection of Satoshi because Shion might snap. And with Hanyuu worn out with ground hog day loop, she might not be able to reverse anymore tragedies. Despite the warning, Keiichi can't help it and finds himself trying his very best to have Satoshi change his opinion about Shion.

Keiichi''s father met a new friend outside of Hinazawa. While this friend (has no name yet so far) is a handsome lecher but a kind man at first glimpse, Rika and Hanyuu get suspicious of the man. Suspicions are confirmed when he blackmails Keiichi and takes advantage of him.

Rika knows that the tragedy will repeat again if they don't get Keiichi help. However, like Satoko when she was abused by her uncle, Keiichi won't call his father's friend out in fear that his friends will be killed causing the tragedy again. The group works together to try and get Keiichi to open up to them as he closed his heart unwillingly but the more they dive into it, the more Rika notices that Shion is becoming unstable again...and it might cause her to kill Keiichi.

4/27/2010 #47

Title: The Crying Game

Category: Kyo Kara Maou

Pairing: One sided Yuuri/Ken and OC/Ken with Yuuri/Wolfram, Conrad/Yozak

Rated: M

Genre: Suspense, Drama, Angst, Adventure, Friendship with some Romance and Humor

Summary: Takes place after season 2 (or 3 if I get to watch it). It's been a year since Yuuri has been crowned King of the Demon Tribe. Murata begins to fall for Yuuri despite the later falling for Wolfram. He has tried to hide it from him and he's only successful because Yuuri is love stricken with someone else.

A new ruler has been crowned King of Big Caloria, a man named Nakahito Springfield with his son Nemi Springfield as his right hand man and a genki girl named Aussa who is one of his best soldiers. On the surface he's a happy go lucky loving father who gets depressed at the mention of his wife but want what is best for humans and demons alike. With the previous ruler de-throned (or rather beheaded), he wants to sign a treaty with Yuuri. While it sounds good at the time, he has to visit the castle often. While it seems that Nakahito is getting along with Murata, Murata is starting to act differently toward Yuuri completely.

Turns out that Nakahito is looking for a replacement body for his dead wife and finds Murata's body suitable. By manipulating him and questioning his place in the Shin Mazoku, Murata starts to doubt the relationship he has with Yuuri. If Yuuri doesn't find out what's going on between the two sooner, he might find himself in a war against Big Caloria when he had worked so hard to keep the peace with humans.

4/27/2010 #48

Title: Broken

Category: Baka To The Test

Pairing: Yuji/Akihisa, Kota/Hideyoshi, Minami/Himeji with one sided Akihisa/Himeji, Akihisa/Minami and Yuuji/Shoko

Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, Friendship, Family and little Humor

Summary: Akihisa just wanted to spend some time with his parents since his parent's anniversary was coming up. God must hate him though because once his mom is driving back, she gets into a car accident and dies. His father does not take it well and this results in Akihisa slowly breaking. While his friends do notice the little changes that is going through their idiot friend, they fail to notice that he's being mentally worn down by his mother's death. Alas, when Himeji gives him the courage to talk to his dad about why the accident happened, all hell breaks lose from there.

Now, Akihisa won't say anything. It becomes obvious that his father is beating him for the accident. Yuji and Himeji are the first to notice and slowly try to figure out what is going on in the Yoshi house. Even when Akira tried to call the child protective service, it's not solving Akihisa's problem.

But once Akira is pushed off the balcony of their apartment, it seems that Akihisa becomes out of reach and more distant from his friends.

He slowly...

Starts to...

Fall apart...

5/20/2010 . Edited 5/21/2010 #49

Title: It's Only Fun Until Someone Is Killed

Category: Durarara with some Ace Attorney at the end

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya/Ayase (OC), Mikado/Masaomi with Domino/Ayase, Sano/Kotoru, Apollo/Sue (OC)

Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, Crime, Horror

Summary: It started with a suicide and hell started right there...

A young nineteen year old named Ayase Shinzou jumps off a five story building after a fight with his boyfriend Domino Satsuki. Everyone thinks it's murder and Izaya is the the prime suspect. The boyfriend of the victim, Domino isn't going to take crap that is there is no evidence stacked up against Izaya and decided to take things into his own hands and he starts with the high school students...as they say, it's only fun until someone is killed.

The events that led up to the suicide was domestic abuse between Domino and Ayase. It might have been because of an uprising gang that wore red wrist bands. One thing is for certain though, that gang is going to get the leader of the Yellow Scarves in order to reveal the truth about what really happened to Ayase from Mr. Know it All.

5/31/2010 . Edited 6/6/2010 #50

Title: To Become a Love Interest

Category: Trauma Team

Pairing: Gabreil/CR-S01 with Maria/Tomoe, "Little Guy"/Naomi and Hank/Claire on the side

Genre: Romance, Humor, Drama

Summary: Post game. After CR-S01's sentence is removed entirely, CR-S01 starts living a normal life with his fellow colleges. However, due to memory loss and losing touch with the outside world, he's still stumped in what to do with life when he isn't saving people. Fortunately, his friends can help him.

Now there is a problem he has no idea of comprehending. Falling in love. CR-S01 has seen the relationships between Hank and Claire and "Little Guy" and Naomi. He doesn't realize that two girls might be in love with him and he doesn't seem to understand that he's fallen for an older man. Luckily he'll manage to pull through.

On Gabe's side, he isn't doing so well either. With the nasty divorce complete, he is forced to see his son less and less. Additionally, he's been bad dreams about a terrible event that will befall them again and he isn't pleased. Driven to anger, he lashes out on his friends but that won't stop them (and his computer RONI) from trying to cheer him up. Especially when it concerns hooking him up with a canidate that can tolerate him.

Personalities clash, lives are on the line, relationships are never easy and love is difficult to understand. Can one that has never fallen in love before and one that has a broken heart be able to fall for each other despite their flaws?

8/1/2010 #51

Title: Magician's Spade

Category: Durarara and Kuroshuji

Pairing: Mikado/Masomi, Shizuo/Izaya, Celty/Shinra, Anri/Masomi/Saki and Walker/Erika

Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Drama, Hurt/Comfort

Summary: AU Mikado is a lonely guy that is currently going through hell. His parents have high expectations of him and often berate him for making the smallest mistakes. He is the target of bullying by the jocks of the school, the teachers hate him and he has no friends and the only friend he has (Ceil) is a complete dooshbag to him. Much to say that he isn't the most athletic person in the world nor the most outspoken. However that all changes one day. While forced to buy groceries in the night, he stumbles upon a mysterious merchant that sells him four cards of the solitaire kind. Two two cards with a heart and a spade, the king of hearts and the black joker. The merchant explains that these cards are rare because they are double sided with the tarot cards on the back of it. He then begins to lecture that these cards have magical powers within them and only a person chosen by the cards will they come alive and do his bidding.

Sure enough, when Mikado gets home late at night, the cards turn into four people. The joker becomes a wicked man known as Izaya Orihara. The king of hearts because the feared Shizuo Heiwajima and the two other cards become Masomi Kida. Masomi Kida however has two forms. The two hearts becomes the happy go lucky Kida who has no problem expressing himself and his opinions. He is empathized by wearing all white. The other Masomi Kida however (the two spades) is rather calm, collected and melodramatic about life in general. With these three people (despite the fact that "Heart" Kida and "Spade" Kida claim to be two different people), Mikado realizes that he can change his life with their powers of influence, fear and strength. However, Izaya warns him that if they are used for pure evil, his life span will decrease drastically and they won't be able to be freed from the cards. Izaya also mentions that the only way for them to become human again is for all the cards that weren't destroyed in the past to reunite.

At first, all Mikado does at first is make both Masomi's real so he can have a true friend at school. However, as time goes on, he realizes that he really does need to free everyone from their cards and day by day, slowly tries to help them but at the same time, he fines himself descending into madness from all the abuse of humanity. "Spade" Kida on the other hand starts falling for his master...

And with the fact that these cards are considered dangerous, many people will do anything to get their hands on them.

8/27/2010 #52

For the above story, I have a list of who is trapped in the card and who is human as well as tarot card/card number they represent.

Mikado = Human

Ciel = Human

Saki = Human

Kinnosuke (the police cop) = Human

Ryo (the girl from the first 2 episodes) = Human

Aoba (The guy who mainly picks on Mikado) = Human

Akane = Human

Vorona (biker chick) = Human

Sion = Human

Haruna and her father = Human

Namie and Seiji = Human

Shingen (Shinra's father) = Human/Dead (because he was the second to last owner of the cards)

Takashi (the perverted teacher) = Human

Horoda (asshole) = Human

Masomi "Heart" = Two of Hearts (Upright Magician) (Confidence)

Masomi "Spade" = Two of Spade (Upside down Magician) (Lack of confidence)

Izaya = Black Joker (Upright Devil) (He's a devil but he's not evil)

Shizuo = King of Hearts (Upright Strength) (His strength is his defining feature)

Celty = Queen of Spades (Upright Death) (Because she's immortal)

Shinra = Jack of Clovers (Upright Hangman) (In the Durarara ending, he's hanging upside down)

Anri = Three of Hearts (Upside down Priestess at first) (Ironic because she's Saika)

Kadota/Saburo/Erika/Walker = Four of everything (In order, Spade, Diamond, Heart and Clover) (Kadota = Upright Hermit. Everyone else Upside down Hermit)

Tom = Six of Diamond (Upright Temperance)

Mairu/Kurumi = Seven of Hearts and Diamonds (Upright and Upside down Chariot)

Kausaka = Ace of Spades (Upright Moon)

Simon = Five of Clover (Upright Hierophant)

Chikage = Eight of Hearts (Upright Star)

Mika = Ten of Clovers (Upright Lovers) (She's going to be the only card that defies Mikado in order to be with Seiji. This could mess up everyone else chance of living though.)

I just need to figure out whose going to be number 9 and then I can start planning.

8/27/2010 . Edited 9/4/2010 #53

Hetalia list:











-Grampa Rome



(can't, remember, the rest xD )










(let's add the ones you want xD because I don't remember at all )

9/3/2010 . Edited 9/4/2010 #54

Well to tell you the truth, I think that's all I said. XD Oh, add Ukraine

9/3/2010 #55

Title: Vacation

Category: Junjou Romantica and Durarara

Pairing: Junjou Romantica, Egoist and Terrorist + Walker/Erika

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Supernatural, Drama and Humor

Summary: The Junjou Romantica cast either win a trip or pay to go to this resort in the middle of the desert (destination unknown) to meet many people that are on tour. Of course, with that comes stalkers that want to get back at Usami. Luckily, Kadota's gang knows how to handle these situations.

10/2/2010 #56

Possible idea for Hetalia RP:

HRE doesn't equal Germany... he's still alive, but captured by the newmans since... the year where HRE fell D:

2/14/2011 #57

Okay, and to add to the insult of that one concerning the witches...

1. The God are the highest of rank followed by his son.

2. Palutena and the Guardians have the next highest rank in the universe. She doesn't intervene and sends Pit to do things but the angels won't be involved with this RP.The underworld servants also have high powers but cannot do anything against God but can do those lower than them.

3. Kami-sama's servants have the next rank in the word. They won't be brought up until later but these servants are jerks. Most of them anyway. They're all based on the Servants of Fate Stay Night except Saber who is a Cast. Still debating if I should keep their names the same or change them and their personality a little.

4. The witches are next after that. They got the power. They're constantly under watch by those with higher power and they must remain neutral at all cost. However, they can lend a hand to the needy. Guess which witch doesn't listen to the rule?

And the witches, because Berkastel is the ultimate troll of all times (Izaya and Beatrice come close but Beatrice is a tsundere and Izaya does care for Shinra. Berkastel only cares for herself. I don't even think she likes Lambeldta. They hook up but both are yandere for each other and EP 8 has Lambeldta betreay Berkastel and side with Battler in the final battle.) So I think when Italy goes through all of these shit...which include

1. Finding out the twins he saved were evil and used their youth to their advantage.

2. Something bad happens to Chato because of HIM.

3. His shadow telling him his true feelings about Germany and his opinion on everybody.

4. Germany rethinking about their relationship (he won't break up with Italy. He just needs a break which Italy will take as them breaking up)

5. His Capital will be attacked (Ouch. But remember in Sonic 2006? It takes place in Italy and Eggman burned the capital to the ground. DX)

6. Romano is captured by the Doctor (who will continue where he left off.)

7. Two nations will end up dead because of the attack.

Yeah. That's a lot but it's a huge breakdown moment for poor Italy. And to add salt to the wound, Berkastel will tell him that HRE is dead IN RED and adds who killed him (even though it was hinted to be France I'm changing the killer to a Newman that Berkastel helped.) Yeah...Italy is going to need a lot of help...A LOT...

And Diamond will be the cure. :D (Not in that sense. The only way to get through a breakdown is to harden your heart and become stronger. I won't explain how this will happen but I already have an idea.)

2/15/2011 #58

... poor Italy T___T

wait... Berkastel will tell Italy that HRE is dead.... but... he's not D: right?

2/15/2011 #59

The red truth is absolute. However, the golden truth is even more absolute and it's harder to use.

It really does depend. You said that Germany can't be HRE. But the soul is a different thing. Just because you have the soul inside you does not mean you are that person. Do you think that would be okay for HRE to have his soul inside Germany.

So this is what Berkastel will say.

"The Holy Roman Empire is dead. He had a brutal death to where you can't recognize him."

However, HRE is dead PHYSICALLY. The soul doesn't die easily though especially one's with unfulfilled promises.

2/15/2011 #60
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