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Just making a poll for pictures, so feel free to use it as well

Yuale's Emblem:

and I'll add more D:

4/16/2010 #1


Images of what my character looks like from appearance and if anyone draws them will be posted shortly.

4/16/2010 #2

here is the crew!

Vyse Inglebard, the Captain;

Aika Thompson;

Fina Silvites, and Cupil;

Lawrence, the Mercenary (works as the navigator in the game) ;

Ilchymist, the doctor;

Hans, the engineer;

Domingo, Treasure hunter (but working as a Lookout);

And Piastol, the bounty hunter ( she's only in the GC version, she's a boss you fight 4th times in that special sidequest, but you never get her in your crew) ;

7/16/2010 #3

All right, I'll refer to these when they're mentioned.

7/16/2010 #4

This is what Diamond from the Hetalia and Apostle RP looks like. He's the red head and he's based on Clair from Baccano who is the biggest badass in the entire series.)

12/20/2010 #5
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