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Since I can never remember anything about the sins and wch love will make them weaker and blah blah blah... let's make notes here about them.

6/14/2010 #1


Sven/Train = The Fake Greed but affects the real Greed

Cless/Satoshi = None

Emil/Ratatosk = Wrath

Lloyd/Zelos = Envy

Ike/Pit = Pride AND Gluttony

Kotoru/Sano = Sloth

Akira/Atsuki = Lust and Greed

6/14/2010 #2

Here are the seven types of Apostles. Choose three of them...

CHASTITY (Purity, Knowledge (of sex and how to remain a virgin), Honesty and Wisdom) The opposite is LUST

TEMPERANCE (Self Control, Justice, Honor, Abstention (remaining true neutral)) The opposite is GLUTTONY

CHARITY (Will, Benevolence, Generosity, Sacrifice AKA being the Messiah) The opposite is GREED (Probably will be one of the stronger virtues)

DILIGENCE (Persistence, Effort, Ethics, Rectitude (Righteousness)) The opposite is SLOTH

PATIENCE (Peace, Mercy, Ahimsa (avoiding violence), sufferance (Endurance)) The opposite is WRATH (I got this one assigned to Ratatosk because he and Emil are the same person.)

KINDNESS (Satisfaction, Loyalty, Compassion, Integrity) The opposite if ENVY

HUMILITY (Bravery, Modesty, Reverence (Respect), Altruism (Caring for the well being of others) The opposite is PRIDE

So yeah...I got Patience and I'm probably taking Diligence for Albel.

6/27/2010 #3

okay so......

Charity will be for Vyse (Skies of Arcadia )

Humility for Alphonse (Full Metal Alchemist)

and... Either Kindness or Temperance for Ciel ...

6/27/2010 #4

So for me...

Patience will be Ratatosk (Tales of Symphonia)

Diligence is Albel (Star Ocean 3)

Kindness is Masomi (Durarara)

Chastity is the strongest because of the whole virgin thing so Ciel might be Temperance

6/27/2010 #5

Haha... I guess Temperance suits Ciel then xD (mainly because of the honor thing )

6/27/2010 #6

Yep. Remember when Emil was called a Saint by Tenebrae who clearly said he had the "Patience of a Saint." That's the opposite of Ratatosk who has no patience in the game as demonstrated.

Albel is the most diligence of the virtues because while he's a jerkass, he worked his ass off to become the captain of the Black Brigade but he doesn't have the experience to be the leader of the Dragon Brigade. A lot of people speculated that he was killed at the end of the game but if you get get his ending, you find out that the scene in the dungeon where he fights Romeo (yes, he's the Death Guardian in our RP) is actually a nightmare. Fayt clearly calls him out on this and fangirl squeals assure. XD Of course, Albel is the fanservice character in the game and he is usually the one everyone wants over Nel because he's the fastest character in combat.)

And then Masomi is kindness. At first I'm thinking "No one in the series is completely pure hearted because everyone is CRAZY in their own sense". However, Masomi is passionate and royal to Mikado to the point where he was willing to defend him from his own gang. I plan on Masomi having the higher rate of falling to the sin of envy because he is clearly jealous of Mikado AND Anri because the two act like a couple when they aren't. (As he puts it to Anri, she sucks up to Mikado more than him which gets him bitch slapped.) He's also jealous that he's the one that can't have an ordinary high school life. Think about it. Mikado is the leader of Dollars but because his online gang is COLORLESS, he only has to order them around when the situation calls for it, thus remains normal. Anri is the leader of Slashers. She uses her powers when she's in danger and to help others and that's it. Masomi has no control over his gang and thus us pulled back into the group to try and hunt down the Slasher (which is Anri) but because he chickens out because both of the people that are enemies to his gang are his two best friends. He leaves Ikebukuro because he doesn't want to hurt them and he takes his girlfriend with him.

Now the last Apostle has to be female. Hmm...

6/27/2010 #7

... I guess it will depend of the last world, huh?

6/27/2010 #8

Yep, can you think of an anime or video game with a female character that isn't annoying that could fit the role of Chastity?

6/27/2010 #9

seriously, the only oe I can think about is The legend of Zelda with Zelda herself as the Chastity xD

as for an anime... hm... (why am I only thinking about Hetalia? xD heck) hm.......it's harder than I though

6/27/2010 #10

We'll keep thinking. I would use Estelle from Tales of Vesperia but I don't know the characters that well.

6/27/2010 #11

hm... =/ I think we should stick up with something we know...

6/27/2010 #12

Exactly. I wanted to my OC character Taihana but I changed my mind for 3 reasons.

1. Masomi is already the Apostle of the world.

2. She's my OC character.

3. She has the highest rate of getting killed rather early in the RP.

6/27/2010 #13

ouch )= poor her xD

6/27/2010 #14

Oh. If you're going to kill some characters because of the whole plague, do so. I know I'm killing off 4 Durarara characters because I don't like them. XD

1. Namie Yagiri (She HAS to die to have Izaya show some emotion. After all, I think he takes her for granite for always being there so he could piss her off.)

2. Seiji Yagiri (He pisses me off.)

3. Mika Harima (If Seiji dies, she's going down with him.)

4. Saki Mikajima (I really didn't like how she ended up with Masomi. She'll live long enough to the point where I can torture Masomi by killing her off. And then Mikado can have him...but that sounds like a Die for Our Ship type of thing...fuck...)

6/27/2010 #15

dammit... nooo xD I don't want to kill them xD

... oh! for Chastity... what about Pearls from Phoenix Wright?

6/27/2010 #16

I don't know. In my story, Lux Pain crosses over with Ace Attorney, the LME cast and Trauma Center because all of these games/characters are all supernatural. And since this world is immune to the plague, that wouldn't work.

6/27/2010 #17

hmm.... =/ then I don't know... I could think about Paula from Earthbound as well but... yeah...

6/27/2010 #18

Let's try to keep Smash Brothers out of this fic. XD It would be too easy for them. BECAUSE NO ONE CAN BEAT IKE! XD

6/27/2010 #19

xD but I'm talking about Earthbound, not Brawl

6/27/2010 #20

I know but what?

6/27/2010 #21

It's possible ot take a game WITHOUT the relations mention in Brawl =O

... but if you don't want, then I have no idea...

6/27/2010 #22

Nope. They would contact Master Hand and then everything would be easy from there.

We'll think of something. The seventh world doesn't play a role yet anyway.

6/27/2010 #23

hm hm =( let's think more!

6/27/2010 #24

Could point. XD

6/27/2010 #25

Okay, for the Apostle RP, there are two steps to removing the plague.

1. All the Apostles must be reunited to destroy or spread the plague. (Spread in the case the villain gets them all.)

2. The 17 Guardians must re reunited.

Now the 17 Guardians are the ones in our OC RP, however, because of the plague, they've been turned been brought down to ordinary weapons. Yes. The weapon each Guardian uses is a special weapon that can slay the demon leader of each world.

Now the demon leader is named after a mythological being but with them is one of the seven sins. The sins are being used too much but they are different from the other RP sins. In our original RP, the sins come from a person's heart and forms into a person. In our OC RP, my seven OC characters threw their name away and were renamed after a sin. In this Apostle RP, the sin is a women that corresponds to their demon leader. They can do whatever the hell they want as long as they don't harm their Virtue self the Apostle.

To know what the seven sins in the Apostle Rp look like, here is the link. This person is very good at drawing.

6/30/2010 #26

These are the names of the demon leader and their corresponding sin. In other words, we choose which sin we want and then we play the opposite. Example, if I was Satan, you'd play the women Wrath.

Lucifer of Pride

Leviathan of Envy

Satan of Wrath

Belphegor of Sloth

Mammon of Greed

Beelzebub of Gluttony

Asmodeus of Lust

Dibs on Envy.

6/30/2010 #27

lol! I was about to make something with those demon leader names in our brawl RP xD

so... I'll take 3...

erm... I'll take the same ones xD

Satan, Mammon and Belzebub ( creepy boss from Castlevania~~ xD ... oh geez, now I feel like adding the Legion too xD )

7/3/2010 #28

Then I take Envy, Sloth and Pride. Lust will be opened because it's the only one that hasn't established a world. (And Envy will be the first one killed because it's the Durarara world boss.)

7/3/2010 #29

All right. I decided the final world. It will be Phantasy Star Zero. XD Get the game. It's addicting. You can play 14 characters but only 1 is you. So basically, you choose your race and your class and then go all out. I chose the human hunter girl and I named her Kiwi.

I named all the characters before I got the game. So I'll refer them to this. XD

Human hunter male = Ginta (He's the main character by default and he has the blonde hair. He's short and wields a sword. He's well balanced.)

Human hunter female = Kiwi (She's the female version of Ginta. She has dark skin and black hair and wields a dagger. She focuses on accuracy than power.)

Human ranger male = Irvine (He's the the cowboy of the group and he focuses on long distant power attacks with his gun. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and looks to be Ginta's older brother.)

Human ranger female = Clover (She's the female version of Irvine. She is more on accuracy than than power. She wears military clothing and has pink hair and blue eyes.)

Human mage male = Fredrick (He's really tall for a mage but that's because of his hat. He focuses on offensive magic. He has short red hair.)

Human mage female = Serenity (She looks like Mint from Tales of Phantasia. She focuses on healing and defensive skills. She has blonde hair. They all have blue eyes.)

7/12/2010 #30
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