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( ... that's the right title, right? xD well, you can start since it was your dream )

6/26/2010 #1

(All right. Here I go. I'll start in the Durarara world and you can switch to another world if you must. This is told in my OC character's Taihana's POV. She is a "friend" of Izaya or so everyone thinks. Okay...they are friends but in the weirdest sense possible.)

Ikebukuro...that was probably one of the many wonders of Japan alongside Tokyo. Ikebukuro stood out though for its many supernatural elements. From headless bike riders to the strongest man in the world and from an online gang that call themselves the Dollars, this place was far from boring.

But because the place wasn't boring, it was a very dangerous place. Those who stood in the way with the world's strongest man, and number one troll would find themselves in the hospitals. Also messing with gang members would also get you seriously wounded.

Many things have started to settle down in Ikebukuro after a threat of a possible gang fight between the Yellow Scarves and the Dollars. Fortunately, three evil members were arrested and charged. The true leader of the Yellow Scarves Masomi Kida moved away from the place with his girlfriend Saki to make sure the gang would never cause problems again and to prove to Izaya Orihara that he wasn't his puppet.

However, the wheel started to turn. It might have started in this world but no one will know. After all, this virus was a big black cloud that went from world to world.

She remembered it perfectly. Shortly after everything seemed back to normal, she witnessed the sky turn black. For an entire week, black rain would fall in the dangerous city of Ikebukuro. It might have been a global warming issue or it might just have been normal rain turned black. However, there would soon be deadly consequences later.

Taihana Shinzou, age 23 and heir to the Shinzou family. She predicted the worse and it was evident in the city Ikebukuro.

It was just was your usual fight between the two most dangerous men in Ikebukuro Shizuo and Izaya. Izaya was taunting the bartender again and the other responded with throwing street signs at the other. Taihana just sighed at the two causing their usual scene. She would just wait for Simon to come out of nowhere and stop Shizuo from causing havoc while the other would get away again.

Something was different though. It wasn't the two men though. It was everyone around them. They ALWAYS stayed out of the fight between the two (with Simon being the sole exception). It was a rule that everyone knew. Not this time though.

As Izaya was ready to run away from Shizuo again, a few people stood in front of him to his annoyance. Taihana's eyes widened in horror realizing that something was amiss.

"IZAYA! GET OUT OF THE WAY!" She shouted.

Izaya looked at her confused before realizing what the hell she was talking about. The man in front of him looked rather deformed to the point where he looked like a zombie...and zombie people were a very bad sign if you played video games. The information broke jumped out of the way before he got clawed. However, Shizuo didn't hear Taihana and threw the street sign like a javelin at the deformed person because Izaya was standing there. Let's just say the image was not pretty.

"Shizu-chan, you know you shouldn't hurt these wonderful people." Izaya joked getting the typical anger reaction from Shizuo.

Taihana felt like she had to step in though this one time. "Izaya...they are..."

It didn't take an amateur to notice that something had gone horribly wrong. People started screaming around them. The ones that looked sickly had their hand deformed in front of them. They were either turning into sharp claws or becoming branched off or whatever. It was obvious that they were no longer human.

One human in particular surprised Izaya. That person grew bat wings out of his back. His skin was shed.

Shizuo didn't seem to care that there was something wrong with the normal folks. His attention was on Izaya who was actually paying attention to his lovely humans. They then started to kill the humans that didn't transform.

What's...going on?! Taihana asked herself already knowing the answer. It was the beginning of the end.

(Just so you know, Izaya is the main antagonist of Durarara but he DOESN'T act like it (AKA he's funny but he acts like a psychotic manchild. He treats people like they're toys and refers to things that are dangerous as something childish AKA chocolate in his vocabulary is A GUN. He claims to love humanity because they are unique but claims to hate Shizuo. However, Izaya's claim seems to falter so much as he never wants to kill Shizuo and sometimes acts normal around him which make people speculate that he actually likes Shizuo because he keeps saying that Shizuo should die and does his best to kill him indirectly (in funny ways...and unfunny ways...)

Shizuo is a major character that is the biggest foil to Izaya. While Izaya is all brains, Shizuo is all brawn and is considered superman in that world. He has the SHORTEST temper ever and snaps at the smallest thing. Izaya sets him off AUTOMATICALLY hence he won't realize the seriousness of the situation when Izaya is around.

Simon is the black Russian man that runs the sushi place. He's very friendly and is the second strongest man in Ikebukuro. He only uses his strength to stop Shizuo's rampage. He's always the one to tell Izaya when to stop (like in the last episode when he told him to stop hurting Masomi.)

6/26/2010 . Edited 6/26/2010 #2

Shinra was in an absolutely great mood. Celty agreed on going out with him on a date later on this evening. She didn't like going out and eating at restaurants because of the fact that she had no head and that she was already suspicious on the get go. Even if they had to order take outs, it was still an improvement in their relationship. After 20 long years of waiting for an answer, he finally got her to say yes.

She was on the Dollars website again. Apparently, the usual friends she talked to were online because they weren't doing much in school. They were near that month of summer vacation after all.

"Celty, where should we go? Should it be Russian Sushi? Or should it be somewhere more romantic?"

While he was his bubbly self, Celty noticed that something was amiss when she looked out the window. No one knew how she could see without a head but her senses were better than an average human. When she turned back to the screen, the Tanaka Taro, Saika and Bakyura's connection were lost.

"Celty, what's wrong?"

The Dullahan was about to reply that it was nothing when she noticed something flying at their sliding and fast.

Get down!


The sliding door shattered surprising the hell out of the doctor. Celty shielded him with her powers before she turned to see who was attacking them. It was a raven of some sort. Of course, it was just a human that happened to sprout black wings.

"W-W-W-What is that thing?!"

Celty didn't have time to answer him though as she summoned a scythe from the darkness. The raven charged at her and managed to graze her shoulder. That pissed Shinra off as he shouted at the demon.

"How dare you hurt my Celty!"

When the raven demon turned his attention to Shinra, that cost him his life. His head was sliced off by the Dullahan. It's head rolled off and tumbled onto the floor.

"Celty, are you okay?"

Celty put her scythe away and took out her cellphone. She typed on it. Yeah, it's just a scratch.

"But what was that thing? That wasn't human..."

Did Izaya cause Ragnarok already?

Shinra sighed as he looked outside his broken sliding door. His eyes widened in horror as he ran back in the house to try to search for something.

What is it?

"This is really bad..." Shinra mumbled. "If Izaya caused this then he has a lot of explaining to do."

Celty took one look outside to realize what the hell he was talking about. There were human like demons that were flying around and destroying everything. Some actually had human beings in their talons and were ripping the flesh off the human that was unfortunate to be there.

Shinra, get your medical tools. We got to go find Banana-chan.

(Celty is the main character of Durarara and the headless rider. She's actually one of the nicer characters in the series as well as the oldest. She's lived for 700 years and is trying to find her head that was stolen from her by her boyfriend (?) Shinra's father Shingen. She at first did not like Shinra because he was a kid but he kept at it for 20 years and finally she decided that she liked him. She is like the older sister of the majority of the cast mainly being Mikado, Anri and Shizuo's big supporters. She stays away from Izaya who has her head.

Shinra is the back alley doctor of the cast. He's known Shizuo, Izaya and Kadota since high school and is a very opened person. The creepier the person, the better hence he fell in love with Celty at first sight WHEN HE WAS 4 YEARS OLD. He is a very good doctor but is true neutral to the story because he'll help anyone no matter what...even if it's a villain. He doesn't want Celty to find her head because he thinks that if she had her head, she would leave him.)

6/26/2010 . Edited 6/27/2010 #3

It was just another school day for Mikado Ryugamine. The teacher was lecturing about what would be expected for them next year. He didn't care about the normal life of a high school student though. His eyes were focused on the girl that sat in the front seat Anri Sonohara. The quiet girl was listening diligently as the teacher passionately spoke. He admitted that he had a huge crush on the girl and he would do anything to save her. Anything. However, he was also thinking of his best friend Masomi Kida who had left the school with Saki Mikajima for reasons unknown to the school. Mikado knew it was because of the gang wars that threatened to rise if he stayed in Ikebukuro. He'd come back to them every now and then to visit.

Like today. Both just happened to be in the city wondering around. They were waiting for the two to get out of school so they could hang out like the old times with the additional member being Saki. Mikado was excited. So excited that he was texting during class on the Dollars website. He was speaking to Setton along with his two other friends Saika and Bakyura. Mikado couldn't help but laugh that Anri responded as Saika when the teacher turned his back on her. Despite being an honor student, she knew she couldn't ignore the conversation that escalated.

The conversation was simple. They were just talking about the dark cloud that plagued the city for weeks. Bakyura would joke about how the Gods of Heaven were crying black tears because they were fighting. Setton would dismiss his humor and Saika would support it in the most passive way possible. Mikado as Tanaka Taro kept bringing up questions that were worth asking. It sucked that Kanra wasn't online. Possibly because she was doing something else.

Of course, once Bakyura actually made a joke worth while, Mikado almost found himself laughing during class. The teacher glared at him before continuing on. Anri let out a small smile at him as she went back to multi tasking.

This life, he could get use to, if he wasn't the leader of Dollars.

Mikado noticed that the person sitting in front of him wasn't feeling under the weather. Mikado decided to make a joke about him and Bakyura would say something even more offensive. The teacher caught him this time though.

"Ryugamine-kun, you know that cellphones are prohibited during class..."

The Dollar leader frowned as he was forced to put on the mask of innocence and apologize multiple times. The class giggled that their class representative would do something like that.

"Well, because we are near summer break, I'll let this slide, but if you take that phone out again, I will confiscate it."


"Now then Ryugamine-kun, please restate what I just said."

Mikado needed a miracle in order to get out of this one. He wasn't listening. The miracle did happen but not in the sense he expected. The student in front of him started coughing uncontrollably, probably swallowed his own spit in the process. The teacher was forced to check up on his student. "Hey, are you okay Minami-kun? Hey!"

Then it happened. Mikado's eyes widened in horror when he saw a hole through his teacher. He heard his classmates screaming and getting up from their seats. Anri looked surprisingly calm but that was only a facade as she had to keep control of her feelings. The teacher slumped onto the desk unmoving. Mikado got a better look of Minami's hands. They looked like bear claws. His entire face seem to have fur on his face now.

When Minami killed, it seemed to set off a chain reaction in the school. Other students were starting to get sick and body parts began to change. Mikado noticed that Seiji Yagiri was already out the door and took his girlfriend Mika Harima with him. The other classmates seem to get the same idea and started to run before they became victims. Mikado sat in the seat though as he logged out of the chartroom. Anri closed her phone as he noticed her eyes turned red. As Minami prepared to lunge at Mikado who just stood there...amazed, Anri took out her sword and killed Minami the bear demon. The other demons in the classroom started to crawl for the exit but Anri was too quick for them. They were all soon dead. The busty girl then turned to Mikado.

"Ryugamine-kun, what's going on?"

"I don't know. What I do know is that we need to find information fast. And the only one who knows what might be going on is..."

"Izaya-kun..." Anri mumbled to herself bitterly.

"Yes, Izaya-san must know what's going on."

And thus was the normal high school life was done forever. Not like Mikado was complaining.

(Mikado is the decoy protagonist of the story. He appears to be your typical country boy that moved to the city at the request of his best friend Masomi. He is basically the naive newcomer with no apparent fears. However, it's later revealed that he thrives for adventure and is thus, created the online group the Dollars that he controls. He's not the least bit innocent as he'll do anything to keep his group and Anri safe from harm. He has shown potential threats what happens when you mess with the boss.

Anri is the love interest to Mikado. She is extremely quiet and withdrawn from the world. This is because her parents were murdered by the possessed blade Saika. She took up the sword to prevent anymore killing sprees and thus became the serial killer known as the Slashers. She considers herself a virus because she lashes onto people for support. Because of this, she is unable to feel love and does not know her feelings toward Mikado, Masomi and her former friend Mika. She can control the people she cuts with her blade.

Masomi is the best friend of Mikado. He's extremely loud and energetic (except when around Izaya in which he shuts up immediately due to being scared of him) that hits on every girl he sees. However, he hides his inner trauma with a happy face. Turns out he's the leader of the gang Yellow Scarves that got into a fight with another gang called Blue Squares. His girlfriend Saki suffered the consequences with her leg broken and he regretted ever since. He doesn't want Mikado to go to the dark side unaware of Mikado's hidden personality. At the end of the series, he leaves with Saki in order to get away from Yellow Scarves and Izaya showing him that they won't be tied down by his lies.

Saki is the girlfriend of Masomi. She's sweet and very patient with Masomi. She worships Izaya like a god and will do anything he tells her to. She followed his orders in letting herself be kidnapped and having her legs broken in the process. She is forced to stay in the hospital but is later revealed that she faked her injury because Izaya told her to. No longer worshiping Izaya, she confesses her love for Kida and they both leave for the country side leaving Izaya behind.

Seiji is the younger brother of Namie Yagiri. An extremely unstable guy, he saved Anri and Mika from thugs on a faithful day and earned a stalker in Mika as a result. He is in love with Celty's head and thus keeps it in his room. When Mika broke into his room one day, he slams her head against the wall almost killing her for finding out about his obsession with the head. However, because Mika got plastic surgery, he now dates her because she looks similar to the head. He no longer lives with his possessive older sister mainly because she's too controlling.

Mika was Anri's former friend. They used each other to get a better school image. Once she met Seiji, she started stalking him to the point where she almost got killed. However, she took the identity of Celty's head in order to stay with him. However, if she EVER finds the person with Celty's head, she will smash the head and make sure to kill Celty in the process. She will also harm anybody that tries to hurt Seiji.)

6/26/2010 . Edited 6/27/2010 #4

( ... hey, would it be possible to have one Apostle from each world? :U )


It was a quiet, gloomy day in London, like pretty much everyday since a while. Or so, it seemed like this.

In a manshion not too far away from the city, the young Earl, Lord Ciel Phantomhive, was reading the newspaper in his office.

"Good," he told himself. "it seems like Jack the Reaper finally stopped murdering women..." He sighed, remembering how this case he was working on was resolved. The 13 years old boy rubbed his blue eye, removing some of his silver hair from his face. He then rubbed his other eye, hidden by an eyepatch. "I need some sugar... I'm feeling sleepy."

Just when he said that, someone knocked at the door. "Bocchan." the voice said. "I've brought your 3pm tea."

"Oh... get in, Sebastian."

The so-called Sebastian opened the door, bringing a set of tea for one person, along with a piece of chocolate cake. He put some og his black hair behin his ear, pouring (?) some tea in the cup. "Vanilla and ginger..." he said as he gave the cup to his master, his pretty dark red eyes staring at the boy.

Ciel looked at the cake. "... You always seem to know what I want exactly when I want it... that's creepy. " he said, frowning at the dessert.

"Well, I am one hell of a butler, after all." Sebastian smirked. The young Earl the frowned at him. Dang, this smirk seemed to be stuck on his butler's face.

As Ciel started to eat his cake, he heard some noise comming from outside. "... Looks like it will rain..."

It was Sebastian's turn to frown... those cloud weren't narutal at all. They rather fell... familiar...

6/26/2010 #5

(Yeah, there is an Apostle for each world. Go to the sin page. It has all the seven virtues. All you need to do is choose three of them. I already chose Diligence and Patience.)


"Like I was saying! Shizu-chan and Izayan are perfect for each other!"

"I don't know about that Erika. Izaya seems smitten with Banana-chan."

Kadota sighed at his two otaku friends Erika Karisawa and Walker Yumasaki. They were debating about who Izaya of all people should be paired up with. They asked him to join in the conversation but he politely declines. As a result, Saburo Togusa had to take the fall in their conversation. He obviously didn't see the point. A crazy man like Izaya could NEVER fall in love no matter how much you debated. He was in love with humanity of all things but Erika and Walker didn't take that into account.

"But there is something going behind the scenes! You can't deny that!" Erika exclaimed.

"That's your imagination working. Izaya and Banana-chan spend much more time together and Izaya doesn't act insane around her."

"That's because she's immune to his craziness."

"Also, if you hook those two together, they would be in an abusive, unloving relationship."

"But rough sex is awesome!"

Kadota rolled his eyes. He hoped something would happen so they wouldn't be talking about yaoi or any type of shipping.

And then it happened. Someone or something hit Saburo's van. That caused their conversation to cease and for Saburo to run over the person that was a fool to hit his damn van.


Walker looked out the window to see what he ran over. It looked to be roadkill...

"Why is there a racoon in the road?" Walker questioned.

He later found out the case. They all took a peek from the van window. Except Kadota who was horrified at what he saw, Erika and Walker cheered while Saburo drove in the direction of where there were many more demons that damaged his car.

"H-Hey! We shouldn't even be going that direction!" Kadota warned.


Saburo was long gone. As he sped up, Kadota noticed that the people around them were turning into monsters and or were being eaten by those newly changed monsters. Dead God what is going on?!

Erika and Walker answered the question for him in sync and they seemed WAY TOO HAPPY about this. "IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!"

(Kadota is the leader of the Kadota gang. He went to the same high school with Izaya, Shizuo and Shinra and thus knows them very well. He is typically one of the most sane characters in the series (since everyone else is CRAZY in their own since) and is the voice of reason amongst his members. Originally a Blue Square member, he quit when he found out that his leader would resort to kidnapping Masomi's girlfriend to get back at their rival gang. He hates how Erika and Walker pair him up with various people.

Saburo is the driver of Kadota gang. He idolizes the idol Ruri with a passion. He goes batshit insane if someone damages his car. A member of Blue Squares that quit with Kadota.

Walker is the third member of the Kadota gang. He is always seen with his eyes shut until provoked. He is a hardcore otaku and is best friends (and girlfriend) Erika. He uses torture methods from certain mangas (AKA Higurashi) in order to do harm to his opponent. He likes to see himself as a hero. As a result, he quit Blue Squares when he saved Saki from the kidnappers as well as set their van on fire. He firmly supports Celty/Shinra and teases Erika by pairing her up with Kadota.

Erika is the only female member of the Kadota gang. She wears a hat which makes it hard to tell her gender. She is a hardcore otaku as well as a hardcore YAOI fan. She is best friends (boyfriend) with Walker. Like Walker, she uses torture moves to get people to submit to her. She seems to be the only person that ISN'T scared of Izaya (because he is the victim of being paired with Shizuo.) She STRONGLY supports Shizuo/Izaya.)

6/27/2010 . Edited 6/27/2010 #6

( okay =3 ... yet, I still don't know how all those worlds will meet each other)


"Nii-san, you're sure you don't want to stop and rest?"

On a small road in the middle of a forest, a young blond man, wearing a red coat, was walking along with someone dressed with a huge gray armor.

"I'm fine Al." the small one replyed. "We need to go back to Central the sooner possible."

"Well, we would almost be there if you didn't yelled at that man earlier..."


The one in armor sighed. That brother of his had such a bad temper we someone talk about his height.

"Ahhh great! Now we'll have a rain!"

Al looked up at the sky. "Seems like it... still wanna keep walking, Nii-san?"

"Don't have much choices..." the blond mumbled.

6/27/2010 #7

(Don't worry. That's not the focus at the moment. What's meant to happen is the disaster in six of the seven worlds. I have yet decided what the seventh world will be because it will be REALLY important.)


Shizuo was pissed. The new nuisances were interrupting him from killing the flea Izaya once and for all. He couldn't care about the people that were dying around him.

Of course, once those demons started attacking him, he forgot about Izaya temporary and started mowing down anything that irritated him. Simon decided to assist with his super strength. Izaya would have stayed back watched if they weren't targeting him. That pissed him off.

"I know humanity loves me so, but this is going a little too far..."

Izaya backed up when Shizuo started throwing more street signs in his direction. Bastard was trying to kill him in the process. He moved toward Taihana and stood in front of her. "Cute girls like you should stay back."

Taihana shook her head. "But this is serious..."

Izaya glared at her. "This isn't Ragnarok...is it?"

The blonde shook her head. "No."


"This is something completely different Izaya. I really think we should head back to my families temple...it's the safest place."

"Taihana, you should know that safe isn't something I know well."

"I figured much." Izaya left her side to go cut some demons in the chest and got Shizuo as a bonus. The superhuman turned his anger toward Izaya and growled.


The two knocked all the demons that came their way aside and prepared to fight each other again despite the bigger problem at hand. Then...


The scream distracted them both. The poor girl was lifted off the ground by some eagle demon. It's talons gripped at her shoulder causing it to bleed rather heavily. Izaya didn't get a chance to scream her name because Shiuzo took one of the dead bodies of one of the demons and threw it at the eagle. With such vigor, it dropped her. Simon thankfully caught her.

"I told you girls shouldn't be in this area." Izaya said with an exaggerated sigh but his comment failed to hide the worry in his tone.

More demons started showing up. Shizuo and Izaya ended backing up to each other to their dismay. Luckily for them, a familiar van came roaring their way through the mob. The information broker grinned. "Dotachin!"

Kadota glared at him. "Don't call me that. Get in! This place is swarming with those things!"

Shizuo didn't look like he'd comply but Simon was already entering the van with Taihana in his arms. Izaya didn't think he'd be able to continue fighting unlike Shizuo who had no limit. He glared at the only person he hated before heading toward the van.

"Get in Shizuo!" Kadota shouted again.

Shizuo smirked. "Not a chance." And of course, the group wouldn't take no for an answer, so Simon had to come back out and force the bartender into the van.

"To the Shinzou Temple." Simon ordered Saburo.

"All right! Hang on to your seats!"

The van closed and the group headed toward the Shinzou Temple to treat the wounded girl.

6/27/2010 #8


"What in the Moons names is going on??"

Somewhere in the sky, a pirate ship fought against the elements. The blue space in wich the ship was peacefully flying turned into black and was now attacking them with thunderstorms.

At its board (spelling? ) the 18 years old Captain trying his best to lead the ship out of that storm.

"It's crazy!" he shouted. "I've never saw a storm comming out so fast before!"

"Captain Vyse! Over there!" shouted a girl with ginger hair braid. The Captain zoomed in with his lens eyepatch.

"... WHat the... there's a monster over there! ... No, there's more than once!"

"Then was do we do??"

"It looks like those things are the cause of that storm! We have no choices but attacking them!"

6/27/2010 #9


Fayt Leingod knew it was a bad idea to ask Albel Nox to travel with him around the galaxy. His bodyguard Cliff Fittir and his childhood friend Sophia Esteed called him out on it asking "Why would you travel with a dangerous man like him?" The bluenette just smiled at him and answered. "I want this journey to be exciting."

Albel was an unpredictable party member and an unlikely friend. He comes off as a jerkass that only cares about killing people, but in reality, he does care deep down. Fayt knew that one night when Albel asked him if he hated him that he was putting up a facade. A facade that fooled everyone...except Fayt himself. Fayt replied, "Not really." His reaction was funny and unusual because Albel was used to convincing himself that everyone around him hated the evil bastard. He was far from evil and with a good explanation, Fayt manage to get the guy to rethink his view on the world. Hence, he decided to save Fayt and gang when they were cornered by the Executioners. No one knew why Albel of all people would help them out but Fayt gladly welcomed him to the party if he was willing to risk his life for them.

The Child of Destruction then realized something about the Black Brigade captain that he didn't notice before. He had many insecurities and did not want to open up to other people because of it. When he got that sword in the Airyglyph, Fayt accidentally heard all the things that Albel couldn't do (which involved trusting other and accepting people the way they are) and that he hated himself the most. Albel didn't talk to him afterwards. Fayt realized that he couldn't leave someone like him alone when he could have the biggest character development of the entire group. Screw the girls that liked him, he wanted a male companion that was around his age for a change.

And then when they started traveling together, Fayt realized that he sacrificed his sleep time and money for this ungrateful bastard. (Empathizes on the ungrateful part more than the bastard.) Albel had nightmares, often. He would always kick him in his sleep and that annoyed him the most. You would think that someone who could stare at their creators in the eye without blinking wouldn't be scared of bad dreams. The red eyed male always had to stay watch as a result and that made him weaker. It didn't help that there was black rain pouring down for an entire week. Once they made it to the new town, Fayt was going to scold him about his nightmares. Of course, he ended up insulting him in the middle of the day. The bluenette saw the hurt expression on his face but he decided that if he was going to lecture him, he was going to do it now.

After killing some bandits (well Fayt didn't. Albel did.), the duo finally arrived in a small town. The black rain was letting up at long last. Fayt caught a glimpse of Albel's soaked hair. How the hell was he going to watch those braids?

Luckily, the hotel was still open. They passed by many sickly looking people until they made it to the inn.

"Where's the shower?" Was the first thing that Albel asked.

Fayt rolled his eyes as the inn keeper pointed to their right. The room they were staying in was rather huge. This was probably the biggest estate in the village with pretty much everything. Albel didn't waste no time locking himself in the bathroom.

"Hey you're going to throw a towel out, right?'

Albel opened the door and threw the towel in his face. "Take it, fool."

The bluenette glared at him as Albel slam the door again. Someone's cranky.

As the Destruction Child wiped his hair off, he couldn't help but notice that there was a hole in the wall. Peaking through it, he could see the shower well. Then realization came that in this hotel, anyone can peak at you. Should he tell him?

The bluenette looked outside the window next to see the streets. People looked gravely sick and some were even falling to the ground. He frowned. Was this village facing a plague or something?

Suddenly, he heard a crash coming from the bathroom along with a long string of curse words. At first, Fayt thought his friend dropped something but then when he listened better, three seemed to be a struggle of some sort.

"Albel, are you okay in there?" No response. Fayt decided to open the door. Screw the fact that Albel might be naked.

When he opened the door, he saw a demon that he never seen before on top of the older male. The other was completely naked and struggling to get his sword that was near the bathtub. That didn't work so he ended up using his claw to slash the tiger demon off of him. Fayt didn't waste anytime. He started chanting a spell and then casted lightning on the other. Water conducts electricity so it didn't end well for the demon. It ended up being fried.

"What...just happened...?" Albel questioned.

"That's what I was going to ask..."

Albel glared at him before looking at the shower. It was obvious that he just untied his braids and got into the shower when it happened. Fayt opened the blinds to see that their was a hole in the ground. The younger boy sweatdropped.

"So not only is there a hole to peak through the sides, but you can see others underground to? Damn, I should have gotten another room!" Fayt teased. "What's next, can you spy on people through the ceiling?"

"Very funny fool...now get out before I kill you."

"I just saved your life!"

"As if. I could have handled that thing by myself."

"Well, if you say so-" He was interrupted from a scream in the next room as well as outside. The two looked at each other deciding that a vacation had to wait. Something was going on. However, Fayt stayed in the bathroom earning a shove from the more feminine male.

"Get out."

"But you need-"

"Get out and play hero, fool!"

Fayt learned another thing. Albel didn't want anyone to see him naked...not like he was half naked to begin with wearing all of those skimpy clothes to the point where you can see his underwear.

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUdogrPnwS8&feature=related This is the ending scene between Fayt and Albel. Pretty gay if you ask me. XD)

6/27/2010 #10

"... Really, Bocchan, this isn't like you to start investigate when your Queen didn't ordered you to."

Ciel ignored what his butler just said. After seeing that suspicious look in Sebastian's face, he ordered him to take him closer of that big black cloud. Well sat in the car, the young Earl was heading for it. "I couldn't help... something in your face told me you were rather familiar with that..."

"Oh really?" the black haired one replyed with a smirk.

"Do you?"

"Well... let's say for now that I have my idea about it..."

6/27/2010 #11

Mikado hated playing innocence. However, this is what the situation called for. He followed Anri down the hall as she slashed at people that were slowly turning into monsters. It was a horrifying sight. Students he knew were turning into something different and then turning on those they knew. It was like a zombie apocalypse but worse.

He turned his phone on again to try and get in contact with Masomi. He worried him the most. The other did not pick up the phone.

"Can you get in contact with Kida-kun?" Anri asked as she scanned the area.


"I hope Kida-kun is okay..."

The two decided it would be better to head for the entrance. That's where many of the students were running toward. The only difference is that there was something huge waiting for them at the end. He looked different from the other demons. In fact, he was twice their size. It was a gorilla demon of some sort and he was picking up students like they were toy cars and then gulping them down in one bite. He would then shoot their bones out.

"W-What is that?"

Anri seemed rather frighted but Mikado thought it was sick of him to consider this awesome. His life would never be normal. Now if he had the power to do something like Anri, he would be kicking ass.

Fortunately, there were police there that were shooting at the large demon. Their guns got flicked aside when a single punch took their life. One gun happened to slide at Mikado's feet. He grinned as he picked it up.

"Sonohara-san, I have an idea how to take that thing down."

Anri stared at him in confusion. "How?"

"Aim for the eyes and then aim for the legs. The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

"Okay...I hope you know what you're doing."

There were trees that were still intact. The two rushed in different directions now being able to defend against the minor demonic humans. Mikado quickly climbed up the tree and aimed the gun at the gorilla demon that he decided to dub King Kong. Mikado forgot one thing though. He never used a gun before and didn't want to. He could never take a life with one, but demons were another thing.

Just think like in the video games.

The gun was fired. However, it didn't have a long reach. Another thing that Mikado underestimated. However, Anri was able to jump high enough in order to land on the head of King Kong. The gorilla began to punch in a fist of rage as it couldn't get her off his head.

"I'm sorry!" Anri apologized as she stabbed it in the right eye.

The thing roared in anger as it began to trash the school. It climbed the building and began punching it. If they didn't hurry, the students that didn't escape would be killed. However, the probably of there being survivors were low to begin with.

Then something hit him hard. King Kong took a desk from one of the classrooms and threw it to the side. Mikado was unlucky to be hit on. It hurt like hell to fall out of the tree more than getting attacked by the desk.

"Ryugamine-kun!" Anri shouted. She almost fell off the gorilla demon as a result as he continued to shake his head rapidly.

Mikado was defenseless as the demons started swarming him. He mildly cursed as he aimed his gun at them and started to kill them. They continued to crowd him on the ground.

Dammit...I got myself in a situation...that might kill me...

6/27/2010 #12


The rain was falling like if an whole ocean where falling from the sky. The two brothers had no choices but to build a shelter using alchemy.

"Dang it~~ " the blonde one complained. "Mustang is going to yell at me again for being late..."

".... SOmething seems off with that rain... don't you think so?"

"Hm? ... Looks like a simple heavy rain to me..."


6/27/2010 #13


Shinra kept his grip on Celty and his medical kit. Who knew that life could change within a blink of an eye. The Dullahan drove her horse toward the school. In her mind, she had to make sure that Mikado and Anri were okay.

"Holy cow!" Shinra exclaimed when he saw King Kong demon in sight. Celty looked around to see that most of the police were dead. She saw someone getting swarmed by demons because he was still alive and wouldn't go down easily. She drove at top speed in that direction and pushed half of the demons off of the person.


Mikado looked badly beaten but he still had the gun in his hand. He was reloading it again coughing up blood.

The two got off the bike as Shinra got him to sit up next to the tree.

"Hang in there." Shinra told him as he got out his medical kit.

Celty took out her cellphone. What happened?

Mikado looked at her weakly. He pointed at the gorilla demon. "Save...Anri..."

He didn't faint but there were many huge claw marks on his body. Celty turned toward the direction of King Kong and decided to end it's life. She got back on his bike and drove onto the side of the school building.

"What about me?!" Shinra asked. He was going to attract attention but then turned his attention back on Mikado as he patched him up.

Celty got out her scythe and turned in the direction of King Kong. In one clean motion, she sliced the head of the demon off. Anri fell off the head and was aiming toward the ground. Celty hurried to catch her from her death. She then drove over back to the back alley doctor.

Is there anybody else in that building that is still alive? Celty asked by typing the question in her cellphone.

"No..." Anri replied trying to catch her breathe. Everyone in their is either dead or turned into those things. I think Harima-san and Yagiri-kun escaped though with some others."

6/27/2010 #14


"COme one! Keep firing!"

Now that those "things" were closer, they started to attack the pirate ship. They tryed all they could by counter attacking, but the more they hit, the more they came.

"Dammit, we'll crash if they continue to keep comming..."

6/27/2010 #15


After the demons were sealed behind the door, the world had returned to normal. Everyone seem to have their happy ending as Marta was reunited with her boyfriend and his counterpart.

Sure there was dark rain that plagued the world for a week or so but once it was done, Marta decided that she, Emil and Ratatosk would go to carnival of Altamira for vacation. Of course, she planned on ditching Ratatosk midway through to end up with Emil. It was cruel, but she would take the complaining later...rather Emil would be the one to suffer the consequences.

Just when it was time for them to get on the ferris wheel, Ratatosk decided to play the annoying sibling.

"Hey Emil, show me where the restroom is."

Marta glared at him. Emil sighed. He should be used to these two fighting.

"It's over there..."

"Just take me over-"


The two Summon Spirits stopped talking to hear Marta's scream. Ratatosk stared at what she was screaming at and froze.

"But the demons were sealed on the other side..."

6/27/2010 #16

((... dang xD when will they all meet each other? )


"Sebastian, are you sure we can't get closer?"

THe youung Earl started to get impatient. It's been a whole five minutes since his butler stopped the car.

"There is no "we". I can get closer, but not you, My Lord."

"Why not??"

"Because you will be transformed into that." Sebastian replyed with his usual grin on his face. He was actually pointing a couple of demons in the sky. "It is up to you, but know that our pact will be broken if you transform..."

".....What..." the boy kept staring at those flying creatures.

6/27/2010 #17

(Oh, in due time. The probability of FMA and Star Ocean coming together is very high because of the technology. Durarara will be the hardest world to access because it's a NORMAL world.)


The temple wasn't that far. The reason why they went to the temple was because it had a spiritual barrier around it that warded off evil spirits. Once Saburo drove into the barrier, the demons had to stop following them. Izaya was impressed that the barrier was actually useful for something. However, his attention was toward Taihana. Erika and Walker tried to stop the blood at the very least.

"Hey Taihana, are you parents home?" Izaya questioned.

Taihana gave him a sad look and shook her head. "No...they're...somewhere else."

On the somewhere else part confused the information broker. He didn't have time to think thought because the Kadota group decided to unload Taihana off. Shizuo noticed his cellphone was ringing. It was Shinra that was calling him.

"Hey, where are you?" The doctor sounded worried.

"The Shinzou Temple. It's relatively safe here." Shizuo admitted seeing the demons circling around the area but not going anywhere closer. "Why?"

"Well, can you tell Kadota and his gang to come over here. There are some people that are injured here. Mainly Sonohara-san and Ryugamine-kun."

"...Who are they?"

"You forgot again?! Oh well, Celty needs them on the double! Ryugamine-kun is gravely injured because of those things!"

Shizuo hung up as he turned to Kadota. "Shinra needs you to head over to Raira Academy."

Saburo and Kadota turned to each other before starting up the van again. Shizuo decided to stay in the van to join in on the chaos. Izaya would have stayed but for once, he decided that Taihana was the higher priority to figure out what the hell is going on.

As the van drove out of the barrier, Izaya realized something in horror. If this is Ikebukuro, then what was happening everywhere else? More importantly, how was he supposed to get back to his place and get Celty's head?

6/27/2010 #18

(oh... well... Kuroshitsuji takes place in England, but in the past (when they had Victoria as a Queen) as for Skies of Arcadia... hum... their world is in the sky )


"?? Did you heard that noise?" asked Edward to his young brother. "It sounded... like a growl..."

"... Could be from an injured animal... I'll go and take a look."

"If it's a cat, we're not keeping it." the blonde quickly added.

6/27/2010 #19

(Combine words when you think is the time. Demons have to start attacking remember causing destruction.)


Masomi regretted returning to Ikebukuro. What was the saying? Out of the flying pan and into the fire. That's what he felt like. From Yellow Scarves to these monsters. They just started attacking each other all of a sudden and Kida had to take up his nail puller again. He had his girlfriend stand close to him. No way in hell was he going to let her into a dangerous situation again.

He knew Mikado was calling him but he couldn't answer him. He was busy protecting his girlfriend from the feline demons. They were fast, but not fast enough.

"Saki, I'll let you know that I won't let you hurt." He declared.


"Come on you beasts!"

It became obvious to him though that they weren't aiming for him. They were aiming for his girlfriend. At most they were avoiding to lay a claw or talon on him. That made it so much easier to knock them back and impale them.

In the distance, a different type of demon was praying at them both. Saki caught a glimpse at it but before she could warn her boyfriend, it was too late. Web was shot out from the demon's mouth and only a scream was heard.

6/27/2010 #20


"Captain! We've been hit!"


The canons and torpedo were useless. After a long and endless fight, the ennemies finally let a fatal blow, making the ship falling in the dept of the sky.

(if there's an ocean in one of your world, that's where they'll end. )

6/27/2010 #21

(Tales of Symphonia. End quote.)


Masomi reaction wasn't fast enough. The web caught a hold of his weapon and pulled it away from him. He cursed as he pushed his girlfriend out of the way for an attack.

"I think we can say we found our Apostle..."

One of the demons were talking. None of the demons were attacking him or Saki probably because they didn't plan on attacking him. It seemed to be the voice of a wolf demon of some sort. It was then did he feel someone kick him off of his girlfriend but that was enough for Masomi to tell her something.


Saki stood up not wanting to leave her boyfriend behind. All the demons turned their attention toward her. Masomi figured out the wolf demon was there leader and tackled him down.


Saki dashed away with those little legs.

"After her! Don't let her get away!"

The demons proceeded to chase her but Masomi quickly got off their leader and drop kicked many of the fast ones. The spider demon eventually decided to pin the blonde down and trapped his legs with his web. The Yellow Scarves leader fell over. Masomi tried to turn in the direction of the demon leader but he forced him to lye on his stomach.

"You're lucky you're an Apostle. Otherwise, we'd hurt you right now."


6/27/2010 #22


"... That growl isn't natural... it's not even sounding like a chimera..."

The two brothers were now under the rain, trying to look what was making that creepy sound.

Suddently, something came out of the forest.

"What the??!"

Edward didn't even had the time to attack that both him and his brother were surrounded. "What... are those things?"

6/27/2010 #23


As Saburo drove through the city, the small group help but be disgusted with the corpses bodies. They were all laid out and they were missing multiple limbs. Some of them lost their skin and only had bones and blood left. Men, women, children and the elderly were all in the bodies.

"This is terrible..." Saburo mumbled as he drove toward the high school.

"I only hope Izaya didn't cause this..." Kadota added. He knew he shouldn't say that name to Shizuo because it would set him off. It was already too late for that though.

"Izaya...when we get back...I'm going to kill him."

6/27/2010 #24


As the two Summon Spirit were trying to find Martha, they suddently heard a weird sound. A few secondes later, they spotted a huge ship falling from the sky and crash in the ocean.

6/27/2010 #25

"W-What was that?" Emil asked.

"Over there!"

Marta was probably informing Regal about the situation and would meet up with them later. That's what Emil concluded. They both headed toward the entrance of Altamira where the ship was near the beach. People were already fleeing the demons if they weren't already killed. The ship was rather huge and it didn't seem like anything from their world.

"Do you think they're people in there?" Emil questioned.

"Leave them. They might be the ones that let the demons escaped."


"I don't know...but they are related..."

6/27/2010 #26

As the ship started to sank, human jumped in the cold water, trying to flee the demons.

6/27/2010 #27

"Maybe we should help him." Emil suggested again.

Ratatosk rolled his eyes as he summoned his water monsters to go help them out.

6/27/2010 #28

There wasn't much people though, about 7 or 8 more or less. Some trying to fight back the monsters Ratatosk send to them, but they quickly realised those monsters where here to help them.

6/27/2010 #29

Ratatosk murmured how he was going to hurt the one that hurt his adorable Orca monster. Emil watched as they pulled the monsters to shore. Emil noticed a demon sneaking behind the two Summon Spirits and cut it down to size.

The leader was saved first so Emil decided to ask if he was okay.

6/28/2010 #30
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