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Here it is =D all yours

9/25/2010 #1

Earth, that's where we live. Home of all human beings and their nations. Yes, each nation took the form of a human being and represented us...by stereotype of course but that's what made them all unique. In the timeline of ????, there is no more fighting and everyone is living peacefully. Make pasta not war was a saying in this world.

The world was ruled by their rulers and the nations that represented them. When the nation was suffering, they would suffer as well. If a nation died...then...they would too. But we won't have to worry about that, right?

Wrong. There was a new threat outside of Earth ready to conquer the planet so their species could live on it. And they were going to kill as many nations as they could.

There first target had to be a surprise attack and warn them. And then they could start hell from there.

9/25/2010 #2

"Boring Britain, this is BORING."

In a house located in Europe, two powerfull nations were taking lunch outside. Once of them, with blond hair and blue eyes hiding behing glasse, was Alfred F. Jones, also known as America. The other one was the dirty blond one with green acid eyes and thicked brow, Arthur Kirkland, the Nation of England, affectuosly called Britain by the energic nation.

"I came to your house because I was bored Britain. And now you're boring me even more with your stories about your imaginary friends." he complained, shoving a couple of tea cookies in his mouth.

9/25/2010 #3

"They're not imaginary friends!" Arthur spat back. "They're more or less real than that alien you have following you around!"

9/25/2010 #4

"Heyyyy, Tony is a real one, He came from Space!" he made a pause of a few secondes, like if he was making a prayer. "But your friends come from your head."

9/25/2010 #5

"Are you implying that I'm crazy! Come into my house and I'll show you that they're real!"

9/25/2010 #6

"Okay~ If I win, you'll admit that your sense of humor sucks."

9/25/2010 #7

England smirked. "And if I win, you better take back what you said about my friends!"

9/25/2010 #8

"Pffff, deal."

9/25/2010 #9

England knew he was going to win this deal. After all, he managed to beat France AKA Francis Bonnefoy at his own game when he too thought England was crazy. He never mentioned it again.

9/25/2010 #10

"... So Brits? What are you waiting for?"

9/25/2010 #11

"Come along now....keh keh keh keh..."

9/25/2010 #12

The taller nation followed him.

9/25/2010 #13

He slowly opened the door to his place. He knew he was going to win.

9/25/2010 #14

".... Damn, just how many sets of tea do you have?"

9/25/2010 #15

England ignored him as he opened the door. Now where was Flying Mint Bunny?

9/25/2010 #16

"I see nooooothiiiiiing."

9/25/2010 #17

Just when he said that, something tapped Alfred on the back of his shoulder. England smiled.

"Oh Tinker bell! You're here!"

9/25/2010 #18

".... Still nooooooothiiiiing~"

9/25/2010 #19

England twitched his eyebrows. His friends were surrounding him but America just couldn't see them...he...truly was an idiot...


9/25/2010 #20

Looks like you lost, Britain."

9/25/2010 #21

"Are an idiot..."


9/25/2010 #22

"Wellllll, don't you have something to tell me?"

9/25/2010 #23


9/25/2010 #24

"What? Can't hear ya."

9/25/2010 #25


He couldn't admit that his jokes were lame when his spirits were right there and and pecking at him.

9/25/2010 #26


9/25/2010 #27

"My jokes are..."

9/25/2010 #28


9/25/2010 #29

Before he could finish...the ground started shaking. It was an earthquake and a rather big one.

9/25/2010 #30
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