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"... THen I call a quit." he said, hugging him back. "I got your eye back, so it's all forgiven... beside, you also felt that horrible pain when I was almost burned alive... You don't have to feel guilty. Being in your place, I would probably have do the same thing too..."

1/5/2011 #2,971

Romano shook his head. "No, when you burned your arm...I knew you were fighting. Even if it was a little, you fought back...I..." His face started to shake. "I panicked and ran off. Humans were getting shot because of me...I didn't care...I just wanted to run away and surrender...they would have killed me..."

1/5/2011 #2,972

"... But now... what do you think you should do?"

1/5/2011 #2,973

"I don't want to go on the battlefield." He admitted. "Even if that one monster that took my eye is dead...that other one..."

He shivered at the thought of seeing the Doctor's face. Never had he been so scared in his life. And all he did was chase him with a gold pistol in his hands.

"...I don't want to see his face if it's the last thing I do...but...I got to help you out on the sidelines at least..."

1/5/2011 #2,974

"I'm like to on this point..." he admited. "I don't want to fight, I would rather surrender... but.... our ennemies don't want that... "

1/5/2011 #2,975

"Obviously...they'll kill us...they almost killed Spain..."

1/5/2011 #2,976

"That's why we must defend ourselves.... we just... can't let them kill our friends, right?"

1/5/2011 #2,977

"No...we can't..."

(Yeah, I want Italy to be the stronger brother emotionally. Since Chato represents Hope and all. :D)

1/5/2011 #2,978

"So we must fight... for world peace..."

1/5/2011 #2,979

"World peace...that sounds nice...I wonder if your potato husband thinks that too."

1/5/2011 #2,980

"We're not married yet, just engaged." he corrected. "And I do think Ludwig wants peace too..."

1/5/2011 #2,981

"I can only hope." He felt his cheeks turn pink as he turned away. "Good job...though...you found your...happy ending..."

1/5/2011 #2,982

"... I think you found yours way before I found mine... you just... haven't realized it yet." he said with a smile.

1/5/2011 #2,983

Romano knew what Italy was saying but chose not to push into it. Nope, he won't say he was in love with Spain. Too cliche for him.

1/5/2011 #2,984

"... You should act before something else happens... Just like Ludwig did."

1/5/2011 #2,985

"Ridiculous...I have no one..." He insisted. "And you can't convince me otherwise."

(You know what's going to be ironic? Despite Germany and Italy being together, the love bottle that Shouri mentioned won't fill up despite the two madly in love? Why is that? Because Italy has to deal with Yandere Italy and Germany has to see the side of Italy no one knows.)

1/5/2011 #2,986

( ohhh... so it's like if Italy wasn't truly in love with Doistu!)

"Stubborn as always, fratello..."

1/5/2011 #2,987

(Well, add in the whole HRE thing. Do you support that HRE = Germany? Because I do and in this RP depending on what you say, depends on what Germany remembers. In my mind, he is still suffering amenesia and Italy can't forget HRE's promise. Then add the fact that France is hinted to have killed HRE (hence why he's nicer to Italy despite being enemies in WW2 and so on about his insecurites and...yeah...a lot of things are bottled up in little Italy.)

And his temper was back at full force as he grabbed a hold of his brother. "What did you say? You starting a fight?!"

1/5/2011 #2,988

( support that theory... but... I don't at the same time xD I mean... HRE has dark blue eyes, while Germany's has light blue... ANd France killed him? oh, I must look again, because I thought Prussia was the cause of it...)

"V-ve? N-no, I don't want!"

1/5/2011 #2,989

(Really? I think they have the same color in the manga. I mean, remember that the anime messed up everyone's hair and eye color for one reason or another. And there was a comic where France goes to Italy's house all serious and out right tells him that HRE is dead and Italy need to move on. You NEVER SEE ITALY'S REACTION to this message and the comic stops right there. A lot of people inferred that Italy broke down right there (hence where his yandere personality might be born) and some people think that Italy did shrug it off eventually and hit on other woman. However, this also causes a theory that Italy always has a white flag because it might have saved HRE if he surrended since all of Europe was against him.)


1/5/2011 #2,990

( wow, interesting theories xD but who knows? Maybe HRE had a son (who was actually Germany) we can't know... maybe Italy doesn't really love Germany, and is only with him because he looks so much like HRE? ...and where did you found that comic? I wanna know! )

"J-just... don'T let your pride stop you... If you have things to say to someone, do it, because the day after, it might be too late..."

1/5/2011 #2,991

(The things I can do with Yandere Italy to make Italy question everything. The Power of Love conquers all but the greatest enemy is yourself. The nicer you are, the harder it is to fight your darkness (I noticed that in Persona 4.) And I got it from this one website with all the comics...well...I don't have the link on this laptop but when I get on the school computer tomorrow, I'll send it to you. I read it instead of doing my Newsletter. -_- I found SO many comics. XD I found one where Chibi Romano was pissed at Spain so Spain goes to France for help...and then France is like touching him everywhere while Spain is thinking and France even comments that Spain is a retard for not catching on. EVEN ITALY CAUGHT ON FOR GODS SAKES!

And then I found another one where France tricks England into looking into this trash can for an item he threw away and then starts smacking/groping/rubbing England ass to the point where England loses it and does an epic backflip on him...and America is just watching. LOL

The final one I thought was funny was England spoiling the ending for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for Japan. XD Someone dies. LMAO)

"I'll remember that if I have anyone..."

1/5/2011 #2,992

( *is loling hard at the last one* xDDDDDDD arg... I dunno... Yandere!Italy could act cruel toward Germany, to the point the blonde would stop loving him )

Italy pouted, Why his brother had to be so stubborn? "Why won't you admit it?"

1/5/2011 #2,993

(And I found out that England DOES interact with Liechenstien! During the World Cup, he apparently went up against her. He has no problem with her but it was funny when the national anthem of England and Liechenstien were sung because it's the exact same! LOL

But the two will be out at the same time. The point of the darkness is that you will still love the person even when their darkest secret is revealed.)

"What are you talking about?"

(I'm sleeping now. I get 6 hours of sleep tonight. DX Good night.)

1/5/2011 #2,994

( okay! Good night!)

"About fratello Spain!"

1/5/2011 #2,995

"What about him? Is he still alive...? He's not...dead...is he..."

1/6/2011 #2,996

"He's not dead." Italy answered. "But the ball he's been shot with was special... I don't know much..."

1/6/2011 #2,997

And to think that shot was for me... Romano thought to himself.

1/6/2011 #2,998

"B-but he's okay now... Nana told me he'll survive for sure."

1/6/2011 #2,999

"...That's good..."

1/6/2011 #3,000
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