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"Not...going....to give up..."

"Then you can die." Satan replied as he prepared his final attack.

9/20/2011 #3,181

"Dante! You freaking stay down, got it??!"

9/20/2011 #3,182


Dante just smirked as he got his sword ready again. Satan just sighed.

"You will be joining that little girl after all. Good bye, son of Sparda."

And he unleashed his attack...

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9/20/2011 #3,184

However, when he was about to be hit.

"Tidal Wave!"

A powerful water attack counterattacked the powerful blast.

"We made it in time!"

The familiar voices...Satan wasn't pleased. When he looked to see where Dorothy was, she was gone.

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Lloyd, Genis, Raine, Presea and Sheena burst into the room ready to kick ass. Vyse and Ratatosk were behind them. Dorothy was behind Sheena and giggled.

"They make a pact, fast~"

"Damn traitor..." Satan muttered.

9/20/2011 #3,187

Laharl was actually relieved to see them.

"Dante is injuried!" he shouted them. "Help him first!"

9/20/2011 #3,188

"Affirmative." Presea answered in the robotic tone.

It was going to be a four against two battle. Lloyd, Sheena, Genis and Vyse were going to kick ass while Ratatosk, Presea and Raine slowly dragged Dante's body away from the battlefield despite his protests.

9/20/2011 #3,189

"THis is one of the demon's Lords?" asked the Pirate. "This guy is huge!"

9/21/2011 #3,190

"We fought harder things than this," Genis joked. "This will be a piece of cake."

"Confident aren't you for a half elf?"

9/21/2011 #3,191

"Don't be too confident..." warned Laharl. "This guy is far worst than being a cake."

9/21/2011 #3,192

Genis rolled his eyes as they started attacking.

9/21/2011 #3,193

( ...... keep :D )

9/21/2011 #3,194

Lloyd and Sheena went on the offensive. Satan predicted this and guarded but Sheena jumped back and used a water seal to change Lloyd's elemental attack. Because Hell was a hellfire place, water would do more damage to him.


He pushed Satan back away from Laharl. Lloyd stood in front of the young demon prince and was ready to attack again.

"Damn you humans..."

(So, hurry up and post in the FF8/BK thread. DX)

9/21/2011 #3,195

The demon prince quickly got back on his feet, grabbing his sword.

( ..... Dx )

9/21/2011 #3,196

"Ready to join us?" Lloyd asked.

(Please. T_T Once you get them in Squall's world, it should be easy.

My suggestion? The villain of the RP is trying to get some powerful magic users from other words so he tried to get someone from another Final Fantasy game but ends up grabbing Sagi and Milla.)

9/21/2011 #3,197

( yes, yes I know D: I just lack of creativity to write it xD )

"Againts my old man? Anytime."

9/21/2011 #3,198

(Please hurry. :( I got so many ideas in my head and it's going to explode!

And I'm drinking water soda...it sucks! DX)

"Charge!" Genis declared. "Absolute!"

An ice tornado appeared under Satan and almost caught him inside the vortex. He dodged it but left himself wide open to Lloyd.


Lloyd did a barrel roll in midair as he put his swords out to do some damage.

9/21/2011 #3,199

"Moons! Give me strength!" casted Vyse. "Wevlum!"

When Lloyd jumped away anfter his attack, the Pirate caught the demon Lord in a spiral of water.

9/21/2011 #3,200

"Err...not bad."

Fire magic easily cancelled the water magic. He didn't look that injured but he was sweating a little showing that Lloyd and the group was giving him a hard time unlike Dante. Actually it made more sense since Lloyd was very calm when facing him. Vyse was still distracted but not enough to have his fighting skills affected.

9/21/2011 #3,201

"What's going on, old man?" taunted Laharl. "Too tired to keep playing?"

9/22/2011 #3,202

He was annoyed. Asking the lady for help wasn't a good idea so he just unleashed a barrel of fire spells. Genis countered with water magic and Lloyd and Sheena easily guarded.

9/22/2011 #3,203

As for Laharl and Vyse, they both avoided.

( damn you Ginta.... you forced me to watch My little pony.... and now I'm addicted.... )

9/22/2011 . Edited 9/22/2011 #3,204

Raine put up a shield when some of the spells reached them.

(I told you. -_- On episode 9.)

9/22/2011 #3,205

( pfffff, that's so cute! D: )

"If it's all he got, that shouldn't take too long." commented Vyse.

9/22/2011 #3,206

(Just wait until the episode where Pinkie Pie goes Higurashi on everyone. O_O)

Satan wouldn't admit that Dante did wear him out so he was going easy on them.

9/22/2011 #3,207

"Kick his ass as much than you want, but the finish blow is mine. "warned the Prince.

9/22/2011 #3,208

"Yeah, you're going to have to earn that after getting your ass kicked." Genis mocked.

9/22/2011 #3,209

"Let's all end this quickly then." added the pirate with a confident grin.

9/23/2011 #3,210
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