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( tada)

2/20/2011 #1


"You're so tight!" The Newman declared. "You're getting into this, aru~"

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2/20/2011 #3

(I know it's kind of late to say this but it's impossible to be silent when having sex. XD

Li: How would you know? O_O

Too many hentai animes. No matter what, once you start moaning, you can't stop until climax. XD)

It wasn't until he hit the sweet spot did Korea let out a pleasurable moan.

"Do you want me to hit you there again?" He teased.

2/20/2011 #4

"Ahh... ahh....."

2/20/2011 #5

He took that as a yes and hit the spot again.

2/20/2011 #6


2/20/2011 #7

As the Newman sat up to get better control, he didn't expect for the nation to wrap his arms around him tightly.

"It feels real good doesn't it." He mocked as he pulled the other into a passionate kiss, hitting the sweet spot again. He could feel his victim submitting to the pleasure.

2/20/2011 #8

"Ahhh.... ahh...."

2/20/2011 #9

The Newman continued to slobber him with wet kisses and trailed his cold hands to those nipples again as he played with them both. He didn't have to worry about his lower body because Yong Soo was moving his hips on his own.

He could tell that Yong Soo was at his limit.

"Do you want to cum?" He asked seductively.

2/20/2011 #10

He growled as a response.

2/20/2011 #11

"Is that a yes, tiger, aru?" He asked as he hit his sweet spot again. "I'm waiting for a yes from your mouth. Beg for it if you really want it."

He did want it. His entire body wasn't listening to him anymore.

2/20/2011 #12

".... Ahh...... y-yes.... d-do it......."

2/20/2011 #13

"That's a good boy." He told him in a dark tone as he granted his wish.

He thrusted harder, hitting the sweet spot each time. At this point, Korea kept asking himself if the voices coming out of his mouth really belonged to him. It sounded so need and desperate. He could feel one hand stroking his cock as quickly as his hips were moving. The pleasure was too much. He felt himself come over both of them. The Newman let one last thrust as he came inside of the boy.

The both continued to catch their breathe but the Newman just smirked.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." He mocked again.

2/20/2011 #14

"ahh..... ahhh......"

2/20/2011 #15

"What? Don't tell me you're still horny."

He flicked the Korean nation's penis with his finger a few times. It didn't take long for it to get hard again.

"Oh, you are such a whore. You're already hard again."

2/20/2011 #16

"L-leave me alone... y-you got what you wanted...."

2/20/2011 #17

He pushed Korea down on the bed again when he said this and started to rub the nation's cock. "I may be done but you're still horny. Very horny." He purred as he locked lips with him again.

Yong Soo could feel the Newman's cock rubbing against his. It was getting harder by the minute. Why wasn't his body listening to him?

He stopped the kiss.

"I don't see why you don't just enjoy this moment while it lasts. Whores get horny when no one touches them in their favorite spots."

2/20/2011 #18


2/20/2011 #19

"How about one more round?" He suggested as he smirked again. "Now how do you want to do it? Do you want to do a 69 or do you want to do it in front of the mirror?"

2/20/2011 #20

"........ m-mirror..."

2/20/2011 #21

Korea thought that would be the less humiliating of the two. The Newman didn't care though as he lifted the boy up and carried him to the bathroom.

His bathroom was huge with the big mirrors near the sink and near the actual shower. It was like a house of mirrors which was what he felt like he was in now.

The Newman forced him on his knees as he felt the other's penis enter him causing him to shriek.

"Don't look away." He taunted. "You should see your true self."

2/20/2011 #22

"Ahh..... n-no...."

2/20/2011 #23

Huge mistake to choose the mirror. Despite doing it doggy style in front of the mirror, the Newman used his hands to make sure that his face didn't look away from the mirror. Looking in the mirror though showed that he indeed was enjoying it. His flushed face. His body moving against the rhythm. No resistance in this battle...

"Your true self enjoys this you masochist."

2/20/2011 #24

"N-no.... ahh...."

2/20/2011 #25

"You're so dirty. You should just accept your destiny and let your sister and us Newman do what we want with you."

Tears were strolling down his eyes when he said that. Why did he keep this up? It was for his beloved brother but it hurt and felt so good...

2/20/2011 #26

"Ahh....... "

2/20/2011 #27

"If you're going to say that you're cumming, tell me now." The Newman whispered in his ear as he no longer needed to have his hands at the nation's face. He wrapped them around his stomach and help push his dick in farther in continuing to hit his sweet spot. "Say it~"

2/20/2011 #28

"Ahhh... I.... I'm comming...."

2/20/2011 #29

He felt himself cum on the floor. The Newman took his penis out and came on his back. It didn't change the fact that the semen was leaking out of the hole. Korea collapsed in front of the mirror breathing heavily. The Newman checked the clock in his room and sighed.

"I would go for one more round but I have a job to do. I'll see you tomorrow night at the base." He said with an evil laugh as he teleported away leaving the mess behind.

(Make him break down crying. Because I'm a sadist like that. :D

Li: You women...)

2/20/2011 #30
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