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( you know, in our all made RP, it somehow made me both laught and sad when this slave seller said Miguel wouldn't worth much... he'S a cutie, and still virgin D: )

"A-aniki...... " he sobbed. "A-aniki....."

2/20/2011 #31

(LOL I didn't mean it like that. Compare it to Cairi who is a double black. A double black is royalty in Mana and generally speaking, to get a double black is slim to none. There are only four double blacks in all the world, Shibuya, his two siblings and Cairi. Cairi is not royalty though which makes him an exception. Plus, they got cocky when they captured Cairi.)

Tears rolled down his eyes as they slid on the floor. Looking at his reflection was a disaster. It made him realize how disgusting he was by letting this happen. But there was no way out of it now.

2/20/2011 #32

( haha, but still x) )

"A-aniki... please.... h-help me....."

2/20/2011 #33

He knew it was impossible for that too. If any of his siblings found out, North Korea would kill them. These Newman were not to be underestimated and if what China said was true, he almost died last night if it weren't for America. That meant even with the Cast, they would still be killed if their guard was low. He couldn't risk it anymore. Not China. Not Taiwan. Not Hong Kong. Not anyone.

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2/20/2011 #35

(Time to switch to Romano, Spain and France. YAY!)

2/20/2011 #36

( yay!!)

2/20/2011 #37


Shinra got a call from Diamond that told him that the nations were coming to check up on Spain. He frowned though at the mention of the nation. Even with his good medical skills, he couldn't heal the wound that well. In fact, the only thing that wasn't able to heal was where the bullet was. He had to go as far as asking Taihana Shinzou to help him pull the bullet out with her healing spells. The bullet however held in the darkness. Instantly after the bullet was removed, Spain's arm changed color to that of a black. It was like his entire arm swelled. Taihana said that this bullet was special in that it effects depended on the person. Spain lived through the side effects but his arm would be the same until they found a cure. Diamond said that when N was on their side, he would be able to reverse the effect with his magic.

However, Shinra was worried that Spain's overall personality was effected by the change. Just having an arm that can rip you to shreds hinted at such violence.

Luckily for him, Celty was here with him today so if he was attacked, she would protect him. He glanced at his beautiful girlfriend and grinned. She was wearing that sexy black biker outfit again and what was better was that she wasn't wearing her helmet. There was nothing there but he liked it like that.

Shinra. The door.

"I'll get it my love~"

2/20/2011 #38

On the other side, France and Romano were waiting.

2/20/2011 #39

Shinra opened the door for the two nations. Of course, the first thing that they both see is not the doctor but the headless rider standing behind the doctor.

"Come in~"

2/20/2011 #40

Both of them did. "... Erm... were you working on something or.... your patien really doesn't have a head?"

2/20/2011 #41

Shinra glared at the French nation. "How rude! That's my girlfriend and future wife Celty! And we are going to get marri-"

The shadow around Celty's neck instantly wrapped around him.

Say anymore and I think I will squish you.


"What a cute relationship~" Katie said as she appeared next to France. "How long have you loved her?"

"Twenty years!" Shinra declared happily as Celty gave up on trying to shut him up.

It was obvious. Shinra looked to be in his twenties. Subtract that by twenty and you would get four. The two nations did the math and got the implication of when he started to love her.

2/20/2011 #42

"Erm... whatever... we came to see Spain..."

2/20/2011 #43

His personality went 180 degrees but he kept his smile on his face. "He's in that room over there~"

Shinra, be serious.

"...He won't die and the bullet was removed but I think that made it worse."

2/20/2011 #44

"... WHat do you mean? It's infected?"

2/20/2011 #45

"I think so. It's nothing life threatening but-"

Romano pushed past him and enter the room where Spain was resting. He seemed find but he noticed the huge black arm where he was shot.


2/20/2011 #46

Spain didn't even noticed Romano was in... in fact, he was gazing at the celling, his eyes half open. He almost looked like he was dead.


2/20/2011 #47

"Spain..." He called out. "Spain!"

2/20/2011 #48


The spaniard faintly truned his head toward him. "........"

2/20/2011 #49

"Spain...I'm here...I'm..."

Spain could see that his eye was back.

2/20/2011 #50

"Ro.... mano....."

2/20/2011 #51

"Spain! I'm here!"

2/20/2011 #52

He tryed weakly to reach for ROmano's eye . "You.... got it back...."

2/20/2011 #53

Romano flinched but he nodded his head. "Yeah...my idiot brother got it back somehow..."

2/20/2011 #54

"......" He closed his eyes. "... I'm.... glad...."

2/20/2011 #55


Romano only looked at the black arm.

"It's my fault..."

2/20/2011 #56


2/20/2011 #57

"If only I listened to him...I wouldn't have had lost my eye in the first place...and your arm..."

2/20/2011 #58


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