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( tadah! )

9/11/2011 #1

(Alright...here I go...do your portion of your side after I right this. XD)

It had been a year since Ultimecia had been defeated. The world was at peace but not to the point that everyone wanted it. Now even though the evil sorcerer that controlled time and space was destroyed, there was still problems going on around the world. Esthar still had a lot of monsters due to the Lunar Cry, Timber was still under Galbadia control and Trabia garden had to be rebuilt from scratch.

Squall Leonhart was not pleased when the headmaster Cid told him shortly after the defeat of the sorcerer that he would permanently be in charge of Balamb Garden. Cid wanted to stay with Edea at her orphanage and build it from scratch and he felt it was time for the younger generation to take control now. He just wanted to go back to being an ordinary SeeD after the events, but he should have been happy. In fact he was happy.

His life was blissful. He realized his feelings for Rinoa Heartilly and after overcoming many obstacles, they were finally "together". However together could mean many things. He loved her. He loved her very much, but the definition of his love would be different from someone else. He had never fallen in love before but everyone around him were convinced that his love for this girl was real. Rinoa loved him back equally and the two were always together after the battle. Rinoa was the person that took his mind off of work. She was the one that continued to encourage him in the job he hated and she basically made his life worth living.

She told him that he had other things to look forward to. He found out that Laguna Loire was his father after a long conversation. He's still having a hard time accepting that and Laguna's friends Kiros and Ward don't blame him as he ended up having his mother's personality apparently. His mother was apparently Raine, the woman that took care of him in Winhill. Ellone told him the rest and he was still absorbing that information. Talking to Laguna was officially awkward now.

Selphie Tilmitt thought this was the perfect opportunity to ask his dad for helping to rebuild Trabia garden. Because Laguna is such a nice guy, he was willing to lend a lot of money...despite the fact his own city was in chaos. Squall wondered why his father was such a dumbass but that was his charm...

But a year would eventually pass and seems did settle down. If he had to do a report on all of his friends, they were all the same. However, he did allow Rinoa and Irvine Kinneas to become SeeDs almost instantly because of his status. No one would blame them though. They stood by Squall's side during the final battle and came out alive. Irvine instantly got transferred from Galbadia garden as a result and was promoted to a field instructor like Quistis. However, he sucked at his job and had a hard time obeying the rules...which Squall wasn't surprised. If Irvine didn't do his job well, he would just send Irvine out on assassination missions and be done with it.

Now he made one more decision on his own that the garden thought he was crazy. He allowed his ultimate rival Seifer Almasy and his friends Raijin and Fujin back into the garden giving them one last chance to redeem themselves. Squall wasn't generous but he felt like after all the shit they all went through and noticing in the past why the events started, he couldn't just allow Seifer to be left alone. Now, he would be under heavy surveillance but Seifer would have to win back the trust of the garden. Squall was going to enjoy how he would do this. Seifer accepted the challenge and this time, he wasn't going to mess up.

Sure enough, during the next major SeeD exam concerning a new terrorist group that called themselves the Army of Darkness or AoD, Seifer past with flying colors. It's amazing what a life time event could do to someone to make them do well for once. Squall only assigned him as a captain again to see what he would do. He was assigned to rookie members who were taking the test for the first time. One was a young boy named Arrow O'Neil and the other was a girl named Micaiah (or Miki for short) Esteed. Xuu advised that sending in Arrow would be a bad idea.

Arrow O'Neil was only a sixteen year old student. He shouldn't be taking the test until he was seventeen by the rules of the garden. Squall made an exception because Arrow reminded him of Seifer before the life changing events started. Arrogant and cocky but he was good at using magic. Very good at using magic to the point that he might as well be a prodigy. Miki was also a magic user so Squall wanted to see what Seifer would do.

Irvine was pissed off that he ended up being their squad captain. It was the only way for Irvine to stop being a lazy ass and flirt with chicks all day when he had Selphie to mess with. Irvine would deny surprisingly that the two were going out.

The mission was said and done and Irvine passed the trio. Irvine simply said that Seifer was different now. Squall thought it was flattery on Irvine's part because Irvine and Rinoa were the only people that knew what type of person Seifer could be. Rinoa because they use to date and Irvine due to having all of his memories in the orphanage. Squall gained his memories back at the end of the battle but didn't tell anyone about this.

Regardless, of the twelve students sent out to do their mission in Dollet (again), only five past. Seifer, Arrow, Miki and Quistis passed two other students Hu-Wing and Charles Extravent. The third member of their group, Axel O'Neil the older brother of Arrow failed because it reminded Quistis of what Seifer was when he took the exam last year. Arrogant and refusal to obey orders. Ironically, his cocky younger brother obeyed orders (when it came to Seifer at least as Arrow constantly insulted Irvine and Irvine had to dock him off some points). His brother didn't take it well and Quistis said he only had one more chance before they kicked him out of the garden.

But that was the major events that happened in one year.

It was the beginning of January now and Squall got a call from Laguna. He wants SeeD members to eliminate the terrorist in the Esthar region. He's almost done removing all the monsters that he can't afford to lose soldiers to them. Squall sighed as he decided to assign a group of five. It would be enough if they were small fry in Dollet.

He sent Irvine, Arrow, Miki, Hu-Wing and Charles to do the mission with Irvine as the leader. He had high hopes that Irvine would complete the mission in three days. Now Irvine was just glad that he could get back on the Ragnarok, the flying ship that Laguna took after the final battle because Squall didn't know where to put it. However, Ragnarok had an auto pilot so he could sent it over without fail. There was no worry with touching the controls. Irvine didn't know how to drive so he left it in auto pilot.

When the group left, that was when Squall should have realized that things would go horribly wrong from there.

9/11/2011 #2


The trail of souls was known to be the only way to the continent of Mira, and also, being lost within also meant being stuck in another dimension. Through that colorful path, a small boat was heading to the Land of Illusions.

Only two passengers were boarding that ship. Two young fianc├ęs, brough together by many events, were heading to Mira in order to start a new life together. After the fall of Tazared, the enormous machina made ship, both Sagi and Milly thought that the peace of Hassaleh wouldn't be enough for them... In their adventure, they were not only two, but three, instead...well, four in fact, counting Marno, Sagi's Guardian Spirit. But the third physical member, Guillo, wasn't there anymore. Milly was still holding that red hood that belionged to their puppet friend, and despite the two of them used to fight all time, the young lady was the one who was afected the most by Guillo's sacrifice... without it, she and Sagi wouldn't be alive, after all... they would have crashed down along with Tazared... Since they departed from Alfard, Milliard haven't said a word at all during the trip, despite that a few hours earlier, she proudly announced their friends that the little couple was getting married.

"You should say something..." a man voice whispered into Sagi's heart.

That was Marno, Sagi's Guardian Spirit, somewhat. Since as long he could remember, the blue haired boy was able to hear his friend's voice, and from what everyone told him, his surrounding only concluded that Sagi was a Spiriter. However, some of them also though he was just faking it, because no one else ever been able to hear Marno, like the legends concerning the Spiriters. Sagi was actually a fake Spiriter, a Maledieter, which was a Spiriter "created" by using the remaining parts of Malpercio, a cursed God from long ago. Learning this actually shocked him, after all, Malpercio was the one againts who the Children of the Earth fought again, and who caused the continents to rise into the sky. But the boy accepted this, Marno's advices were always good, and Sagi never doubted him once... Cursed God or not, it didn't changed a thing for Sagi.

"Your wife-to-be needs to be cheered up..." he continued. Once again, he was right, but what could he say? He too suffered from the lost of his childhood friend. Looking at the window, Sagi only hoped that their new like in Mira would be able to help them...

( just for saying... I'm planning to bring back Guillo too D: he's just too awesome to be ignored... If Squall's group could find a human-size puppet...... )

9/12/2011 #3

(This will be hard. Final Fantasy 8 relies on robots more than anything, but no one has been turned into a robot at all. Only in Final Fantasy 9 do I know that this puppet thing is possible but 9 lacks any gay pairings and makes me like the straight ones. LOL Unless Zidane was part of the Dissidia cast, he's yaoi free. :D)

Anyway, I don't think Squall can do anything about it. But the villains are capable of that. However, all the villains are named after colors (Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, White, Green, Purple, Orange, Brown, Grey, Gold, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum...and that's it.

Anyway, not all the villains will be evil. I'm planning for four of the terrorists be good people. Green because...there will probably be a Lux Pain reference and since Sagi and Milly are from another world, Green is the confirmation that other words do exist and will believe them...but at the minute he's amnesia...but you could probably guess who Green is when he makes his appearance because his personality is so obvious. XD Then Grey will probably be the one that could help them out as he's a noble demon AKA he has moral standards despite being in a terrorist group. Gold and Silver are really evil. Gold is Silver's partner and he's basically has the worse end of all the jokes while Gray simply doesn't get the respect he deserves because he has a set of morals. And Silver...she's bitchy...I plan to make her really bitchy and self centered but she doesn't care about killing people. She wants to be a famous singer/dancer and she joined the terrorist group AoD because she wants to make it big...and Gold mumbles how becoming a terrorist isn't going to help her career but she doesn't care. -sigh-

Anyway, Gray will be the one to help them since he's a good person at heart. And this is only after he switches sides when has enough.)


Two weeks already passed since Squall sent out Irvine and his group of SeeDs to Esthar and still no word from them. At first Squall would think Irvine was taking his sweet time, but after a week had past, that was when he started to wonder if something came up.

Selphie was the one that overreacted first when Irvine didn't come back. Selphie probably had fallen for Irvine at this point in time so of course she would be the most worried. Quistis, Rinoa and even Zell Dincht were worried about the cowboy SeeD member. Squall was wondering if he should send other SeeD members there to check on him.

Then again, he did call up Laguna (as they finally got communication going between Esthar and Balamb) but Laguna said that the Ragnarok wasn't there so he assumed that the group was heading back at this point and were just delayed.

It was already the end of the second week and it was night time. Squall was thinking of just sending more SeeD members. Lucky for him, he could see the Ragnarok in plain view.

Took him long enough. Squall thought as he asked Selphie, Zell and Quistis to greet the SeeD members. He was just going to clock out but Rinoa wanted to hang out with him before he went to sleep. Who was he to refuse?

As the two walked around the garden Dormitory some more in utter silence, Squall couldn't find anything to say to Rinoa. The two were holding hands and he felt like he should say something to her. Rinoa knew that Squall wasn't going to speak and that was fine by her because that was how Squall was.


She hushed him with a small kiss.

"You don't have to say anything."

Rinoa thought it was cute how he would blush by something as small as a kiss. He needed to lighten up especially since the hard part of life was over. That's what they wanted to believe though.

"Uh...should I walk you b-back..."

"I thought that's what you were going to do~"

Before Squall could muster up the courage to kiss her when she said that...


Zell had to ruin it like usual. Squall cursed to himself as Rinoa turned away embarrassed. Zell noticed what he interrupted and ended up apologizing again.

"What do you want?" Squall asked suddenly getting snappy.

"Uh..." Zell had to remove the idea that Squall might have been trying to do something and looked dead serious. "You got to help us out. The group that you sent..."

"Yeah I know. The Ragnarok is back and-"

"...Irvine is the only one that's there...and we need you to get Dr. Kadowaki" He shouted.


Rinoa instantly freaked out and turned to Squall. "I'll go tell her! You get back to Irvine! You are the Commander."


9/13/2011 #4

Nobody knew what was wrong with Irvine. All they knew that he came back with horrible bruises. Who could have done this to him? Was it the Army of Darkness? That didn't seem possible as their terrorist group was too small and ineffectual. However, it disturbed Squall that only Irvine came back. Where were the four other members?

Dr. Kadowaki wasn't impressed with the injuries Irvine sustained. However it started from being unimpressed to looking genuinely worried. The physical injuries could be healed within a month time but...

She needed time alone to treat the injured SeeD member. Everyone else had to wait outside. However, when she examined him, she noticed there were injuries on other parts of the body that could only imply one thing. However, she wasn't going to decide that until she checked his mental state.

9/15/2011 #5

Fortunately for her, he was slowly coming to. The question was to bring Squall into the room at least to talk to him or she should just check on him first before then. That wasn't going to happen though because Selphie and Rinoa ended up barging in despite Zell and Squall advising against it.

"You can't just come in uninvited!" Zell yelled.

"Is Irvine okay?" Selphie and Rinoa ended up asking at the same time.

Dr. Kadowaki just sighed as they weren't going to give her a chance to speak. Irvine was slowly coming too when the rest of the group ended up coming in. Of course, only Quistis was the one that knew that they shouldn't walk right next to the patient and ask if they're okay.

"Irvy, you okay?!" Selphie asked loudly which wasn't a good thing.

Irvine didn't respond immediately. He was still trying to wake up. Hearing familiar voices brought him back to reality but...

"He's fine. What did I tell ya?" Zell asked with a laugh as he walked over to Irvine and gave him a light pat on the back. "Glad to see you're awake."

The next thing that happened was unexpected. Without warning, Irvine let out a scream as he pushed Zell away with him with a lot of force that sent him flying right into Squall. Squall went down along with Zell who did not have any time to block. The girls were shocked at what just happened. Kadowaki noted that he was breathing heavily after that.

"G-Get away from me!" He cried out as he tried to move away.

"Irvy, what's wrong?!" Selphie asked instantly as she tried to comfort him.

"Don't touch him!" Kadowaki ordered. "You'll only make it worse."

What the hell. Squall thought as he pushed Zell off of him. He wasn't pleased that Irvine was acting like this. He may have been better at understanding people but at the moment he was being insensitive and refused to obey the doctor's orders. "What the hell is wrong with you Irvine?!"

"Squall no!"

Squall went up to him and looked like he was ready to punch him. However, he just kept it to verbally abusing him. "You wake up and the first thing you do is scream? You're SeeD. You don't act like that! What the hell happened?"

It looked like Irvine would retaliate again but he seemed to calm himself after hearing his commanders voice.


He's back to normal?

"Where am...I?"

It was funny how he calmed down almost instantly.

"You're back in Balamb Garden. You're in the infirmary. Dr. Kadowaki is treating your wounds."

The group would have yelled at Squall but his insensitive nature brought Irvine back to his apparently normal self. While he was calming himself down rather quickly he was still shaking.

"Where's everyone else?" Squall ended up asking immediately thinking that the mission was more important.

Instantly, Irvine started shaking again remembering what happened. "They're gone...and it's all my fault."


9/16/2011 #6

"Tell her something, what are you waiting for?"

Sagi sighed. Marno wouldn't leave him alone unless if he talked with Milly. He stood up and walked toward her, and when he was about to say something, their boat suddently shacked violently.

"!!!! Wh-what was that??" asked the young girl.

"I-I don't know!!"

They barely had time to understand the situation that the boat started to shack again.

"SOmething's attacking us!" the boy realized.

Sagi walked to the front, in order to look outside, but a third hit made him fall down. That last hit was strong enought to force the boat to take a 45 degrees down path.


9/21/2011 #7

The two didn't realize that their adventure wasn't the end, but a beginning of a new chapter in their lives.


It had been a week since Irvine's breakdown and nothing changed. Irvine still wasn't going to give the exact details about what happened but what he said was indeed true to some extent. The tag number that three of the four SeeD members wore were in Irvine's possession hinting that they did indeed die. When asked about Arrow, Irvine said he couldn't find him anywhere and assumed he was dead. However, without the tag, there was no proof that he was killed in action and was just missing at the moment.

Squall did contact Laguna when he got that information and to his relief and everyone else concerning Arrow, the kid was still alive and was being treated in Esthar. Laguna didn't know the full story either from Arrow but the kid had been unconscious for a week...which is the same as Irvine's freak out. When Arrow woke up, he would send the kid back with escort so Arrow would explain what happened...if he had memory of the incident.

Squall should have known this mission wasn't going to be too easy and sent a bunch of new SeeDs to their death. Similar to Cid, he made the same mistake. Because of that, he had been moody for the entire week and everyone (even Rinoa) avoided him. Irvine was just as bad shutting himself in the dorm room he was assigned when he was allowed to leave the infirmary. Seifer was equally pissy because of the kid he had to watch over almost died in what should have been an easy mission. Until Irvine or Arrow gave information about AoD, they were left in the dark and the atmosphere of the garden grew sour because of that.

Eventually, Arrow came back to them. Selphie was the first one to greet him along with his little sister Caster. His older brother Axel however, was distant toward him and Arrow was saddened that he was ignored by his big brother. Seifer and Zell however were there to see him.

"Take good care of him." The Esthar soldiers told him. Actually Ward was the one escorting Arrow but because he was mute, the soldiers spoke in his place.

As the Esthar soldiers left, Seifer instantly lectured him on how week he was. When Squall saw him, he noted that compared to Irvine who was in the process of a breakdown, Arrow was fine...or he was hiding it better than Irvine was. When asked about the incident, his overall happy expression did change and became serious.

"I'm sorry...can you guys wait a day until I'm ready to tell you? I'm still...horrified at what happened."

He learned some new vocabulary in Esthar. Squall snarked to himself as he let him be.

So while he was dismissed for that day, Arrow wanted to spend some time with Seifer to forget about the incident. Seifer was going to pester him along with Raijin and Fuujin. Of course, while they were patrolling the outside of the garden like old times, Zell decided to stalk Seifer just so he can make fun of him if Arrow embarrassed him.

(So, should the two fall out of the sky in front of the group or should they be found unconscious?)

9/21/2011 #8

( .... be found unconscious :P )

9/21/2011 #9


"Yo Seifer, why are you taking care of Arrow when he as a brother ya know?"

Seifer shook his head in annoyance. "I told you before he is going to be the newest member of the Balamb Garden Committee. He will learn to be as great as the three of us."

"EXCUSE." Fujin said simply.

Arrow frowned. "I like you guys though. My brother sucks and I want to be as cool as you."

"Exactly, and I'm going to teach you to be the very best."

Raijin and Fujin just gave each other a look as Seifer put his hand on the brunette's shoulder and started walking straight ahead like an idiot (even though he thought it was cool.) Zell couldn't help but snicker at how childish Seifer was acting.

"!!!!! Hey! Look!" Arrow suddenly pushed away from Seifer and ran toward the beach. "There's someone here!"


Raijin and Fujin looked at each other as they followed Seifer. Zell decided to chase them as well.

9/21/2011 #10

Through what seemed to be parts of a destroyed ship, they saw a brunette girl, unconscious, wearing a brown and white lolita dress.

9/22/2011 #11

Arrow unconsciously started to shiver. Were these people of the AoD group that Irvine took out according to Laguna when the base was destroyed? He didn't know but this lady needed help. Of course, Seifer wasn't good at helping people out so he ended up ordering Raijin and Fujin to do the helping out for him.

"Hey, you okay miss? You're not dead ya know?"


"I know! The ship! Got to push things aside ya know."

9/22/2011 #12


9/22/2011 #13

Raijin removed some of the damaged parts off of the girl.

(Where's Sagi? DX)

9/22/2011 #14

As he removed the parts to free her, he spotted a third hand.

(he's there :D )

9/22/2011 #15

"Oh, there's another one ya know."


He removed more parts.

9/22/2011 #16

The girl seemed okay, despite being unconscious, but for the boy, it was the opposite; he was covered in blood and barely conscious. He looked above, obliviously confused.

9/23/2011 #17

"Umm Seifer, we need a healer ya know."

Seifer turned to Arrow and frowned. "Go heal them."


Arrow trotted over to the boy and began using curaga spells. What was surprising was Arrow's magic both black and white were amazing despite his physical combat skills being terrible.

9/23/2011 #18

"Urg..... uhh......."

9/23/2011 #19

"He's waking up ya know."


"G-Got it."

9/23/2011 #20

He tryed to crawl... but just collapsed.

9/23/2011 #21

"Raijin, Fujin, we're carrying them back to the garden." Seifer said in a commanding tone. When he turned around, he noted that Zell was walking toward them. He smirked as he decided to taunt him. "Hey Chicken Wuss, what are you doing here?"

"Wondering why you left the garden, that's what! What's going on?!"

"Can't you see there are injured people, ya know." Raijin stated as he lifted the boy up.

"BLIND." Fujin added as she lifted the girl up.

9/23/2011 #22

"Urgg............... M.... illy......."

9/23/2011 #23

Raijin assumed that the boy was talking about the girl.

"She's alright, ya know. Just sleep."

"Chicken Wuss, I order you get Commander Puberty."

"!!! Don't insult Squall when he gave you one last chance damn you!"

"Just go." Arrow yelled following Seifer's example.

Zell was outnumbered four to one and had no choice but to listen. He flipped him off as he ran back to the garden.

9/23/2011 #24

"M...... illy......" he kept calling.

9/23/2011 #25

Seifer growled at how this would probably cause more problems. However, Arrow would probably bitch at him if he didn't do anything so he ordered his minions to follow after Zell.

9/23/2011 #26


9/23/2011 #27

Squall was not going to be pleased.

9/23/2011 #28


9/23/2011 #29

Sure enough, when Zell reported the news, Squall was at his limit. He practically snapped at Zell resulting in the guy to just run off. Seifer laughed at this scene but Squall being Squall, told them to take them to Kadowaki and then arrest them when they woke up as they were suspicious.

9/23/2011 #30
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