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"Seems like hotdogs are pretty popular here."

10/19/2011 #361

"Of course they are! They are gardens trademark food!!!!!!!"

10/19/2011 #362


10/20/2011 #363

"Anyway, I want to introduce you to Selphie. If you're going to be stuck here for a while, you should know the group."

10/20/2011 #364

"Oh, yeah..."

Both of them had a gloomy expression on their face for a moment.

10/20/2011 #365

"We'll get to the library don't worry!"

10/20/2011 #366

"Oh, yeah... sorry."

10/20/2011 #367

As he guided the two toward the quad, they ended up stopping when they were in front of the fountain when they witnessed something.

"Damn brat! You got those three killed didn't you?!"

"I-It wasn't my fault!"

"Liar! I told that idiot leader that making you become a SeeD was bad luck!"

They were witnessing a rather buff guy with white hair laying the smack down on poor Arrow. He looked ready to throw him into the fountain. No one was doing anything despite a crowd being formed.

"That son of a bitch!" Zell cursed as he rolled his sleeves up.

10/20/2011 #368
"Hey! What's the big idea, you big loaf?" Milly shouted. She just left Sagi and Zell and rolled over the crowd.
10/20/2011 #369

The guy was twice her size but he ignored her. Arrow looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Pay attention Arrow!" He shouted. "This is why they died!"

"It's not my fault!"

"Then whose fault is it?!"


10/21/2011 #370

"Hey! I'm talking to you!" she shouted again. "Let him go!" And this time, she rolled over that guy's feet.

10/21/2011 #371

He noticed but didn't flinch. "And who the hell are you?!"

10/21/2011 #372

"I could ask you the same thing. Who are you to bully people like that??"

10/21/2011 #373

"This brat is my little brother and bitches like you need to stay out of family affairs!"

10/21/2011 #374

Sagi flinched. That wasn't good.

".... Excuse me?" Milly asked. "What did you called me?"

10/21/2011 #375

Zell wasn't liking where this was going and he was still trying to look for someone in the crowd to do something.

"I called you a bitch and you need to get out of the way!"

Arrow nearly shrieked when he thought his brother was going to hit him in front of a huge crowd.

10/21/2011 #376

Despite her injuris, Milly took all her inner strengh to stand up and face the guy.

"!! Milly!"

"Ohhh no... you did not called me a bitch."

10/22/2011 #377

It is on. Zell thought to himself.

"I did now go back and sit in your wheelchair so you won't get hurt."

10/22/2011 #378

"Sorry, but I'm not the kind of girl to sit and watch without complaining... oh wait, no, I'm not sorry."

She took out a card from her pocket, on which twin maces were drew on it. "I simply can't stand watching people being hurt."

10/22/2011 #379

"Um...Sagi, can you tell your girlfriend not to fight...no fighting unless you're in the training center."

(Don't worry, someone will break up the fight before it gets worse)

10/22/2011 #380

"I would but... There's just no way to stop her in that mood..."

"Bring it on fat guy." she taunted. "Don't make a lady waiting."

10/22/2011 #381

"These are muscles bitch!"

"Hey, what's all the commotion ya know?"

And the crowd easily moved out of the way upon seeing Seifer and his gang. They were still pissed off at them, but they were very powerful members of SeeD.

"ANNOYING." Fuujin said simply.

Seifer just shook his head. "Really Axel? Is this how you treat your brother when I'm not around?"

"You stay out of this."

"And you need to treat the guest of honor with respect ya know." Raijin added.


10/22/2011 #382

Milly stuck out her tongue at Axel in return. "Nyaaa!"

10/22/2011 #383

Axel ignored her and turned to Seifer. "This isn't your business."

"It's not, but part of the Disciplinary Committee, I declare that you're disturbing everyone else around you."


"That's right ya know. What are you going to do about it, ya know?"

He continued to glare at them. "You know this brat is the reason why Miki and the other two died right?"

"Since when did you care?!" Arrow shouted at his older brother. "You always insulted them and encouraged them to make fun of me. Now that they're dead, you suddenly care! That's bullshit!"

"Shut up!"

He looked ready to hit him but Seifer blocked his punch, which surprised everyone.

"You're disturbing the peace you lamer."

10/22/2011 #384


10/22/2011 #385

"I think you should leave now and do your damage when you don't have an audience. You're starting to piss me off."

"Seifer..." The two were stuck in a staring contest but Seifer ended up leaving. Axel ending up scoffing and stormed off back to the dormitory pushing anyone who was in his way.

"ASSHOLE." Fujin said simply.

10/22/2011 #386

"Couldn't say better."

10/22/2011 #387

Zell went over to Arrow who was still crying. "Hey, you okay?"

"I'm fine dammit! He was just being a big meanie!"

"VOCABULARY." Fujin mocked.

"Be quiet, it's not my fault they died...I was lucky that I even made it out alive...and I'm his younger brother yet he thinks I should have died...-sniff-"

10/22/2011 #388

"That guy deserves a lesson." Milly pouted. "You should kick his as for that."

10/22/2011 #389

"But he's my older brother......I don't have the strength to do that to him..."

Seifer surprised everyone in the crowd by patting the younger teen on the back. "Don't worry about it. If he gives you a hard time, come to the Disciplinary Committee. We'll do that for you."

Arrow looked at him with hopeful eyes. "R-Really?"

Arrow cramped his style but people were expecting him to be the big brother that Axel failed to be.



Raijin and Fujin found it amusing when the brunette glomped him causing Seifer to push him into Zell.

"You take care of him chicken wuss. I'm out of here."

And he quickly left with his two followers still laughing at him. The crowd thought it was funny too and they ended up dispersing.

10/22/2011 #390
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