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( here we go :D )

12/27/2011 #1

Angel Land...the place above the clouds...also known as Heaven that connected all the worlds was at it's finest. For the past years, there hasn't been a disturbance in Angel Land.

Kid Icarus or Captain Pit, commander of the royal bodyguards was fine with this. Pit was the youngest bodyguard starting as young as six and been the commander since. He was currently 24 years old in human years but to angel years, he was older than that. Then again, he accepts his age at 15 when he goes to the human world. No matter what, he'll always be treated like a kid and he hated that.

Pit hadn't gone to the human world in the while and for good reasons. He decided that he would isolate himself from the world after an accident that almost killed one of the royal bodyguards. If he didn't let his good heart get to him, then the incident wouldn't have had happened. That meant he would avoid everyone...especially Ike. Ike was a member of the Smash Brothers tournament and shortly after the Brawl tournament came to an end, they parted ways. He did the same for Sonic the hedgehog and Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town. Sonic would continue to save his world with his super sonic speed while Ash would travel to the Unova region and meet new friends. Ike adventure seemed to have started again and Pit wasn't going to interfere.

Pit was bored now as a result, but he was fine with that. The place was tranquil and he wasn't planning on leaving.

Then again, Abbigale kept warning him to keep his guard up because years of peace always followed with chaos. Annoyed, he ended up hiding in the library because he didn't want to deal with her ranting.

"What do you want Captain Pit?" A girl named Ninian Lebedev who referred herself as Nina for short asked him. Ever since the young librarian Yuki was transferred to another portion outside of the palace, Nina took over. Actually, she's been there for a while but gave the spot to Yuki before she was forced to come back and be the librarian and for good reasons. She was a sickly angel that could not move around as much without having spazz attacks. Didn't stop her from bitching at people though.

"Just wanted to get away from Abbigale."

"You know, if she fails to find you, she'll send her apprentice."

"Yeah...I know...and with her comes Pepper...and then I'm fucked."

Pepper was the eighth bodyguard of the group and represented fire. She was the loudest and most obnoxious member of the group not to mention very destructive. If there was nothing going on, she would send Chobi to make things interesting and that meant chaos and stress.

"Just don't tell anyone I'm here..."

"Alright, if you say so Captain. You know, you'll going to need a thrill soon if you keep that dull expression on your face."

As Nina left, Pit just chuckled to himself.

"Dull huh? Since when have I ever been called anything but that?"

12/27/2011 #2

( lol, smash is involved? xD in this case I'll use RADIANCE DAWN Ike xD )

"Hiding from the old witch again?"

Something suddently jump on the table, in front of Pit; cat looking like creature, with brown/red fur, long ear and fluffy tail sat in front of the Captain. It flapped its wing gently as he looked at the angel with his bright red orbs, matchit its collar in which a silver bell was attached on it.

"Good thing she doesn't know your secret hiding." it purred. That was Sao, Abigael apprentice's pet. "Don't worry, if you scratch my neck, I won't tell where you are."

12/27/2011 #3

(That was the point. After Brawl, characters do all their journeys. Mario - 3D Land, Galaxy 2, Sonic - Colors, Generations Link - Skyward Sword, Ash - Best Wishes Ike - Radiant Dawn, Kirby/MK/DDD - Mass Attack, Epic Yarn, Return to Dreamland, Snake - Metal Gear 4...and probably dead...T_T etc.)

Pit chuckled as he scratched the animal's neck. "What can I say Sao? I really don't want to hear her yapping. If she's looking for me, she'll go to Sun-Wong and he's a better listener than I am."

(What is the name of your character? Zelina? XD)

12/27/2011 #4

( well, yes of course xD)

"Nyah~ But she could also need you... you know, Captain things..."

12/27/2011 #5

"Let Sun-Wong do that stuff. He's better at that stuff than me."

Pit sighed. He knew he shouldn't let Sun-Wong do all the work but he was the Captain before him. Of course he would know what to do. Pit just got lucky that he became Captain. If he had any say in it, Sun-Wong would still be Captain...

12/27/2011 #6

Sao moved his head, forcing Pit to scratch his left ear now. "But you can do things he can't. No one would protect us from an evil eggplant attack better that you, Captain."

12/27/2011 #7

Pit frowned at the mention of the Eggplant. He hated that thing so fucking much. He was glad that he could counter it recently and turn that bastard into an Eggplant which was later eaten by Chobi.

"I'll send that thing to hell and back if that thing ever comes back to haunt me!"

It was official. Pit had a fear and deep hatred for those things, but at this point, he should have been use to it.

"I don't know how Li is so use to that thing!"

Lived Twilight AKA Li was his double ganger. His darkness. His other half. The part of him he wanted to cast aside originally before they realized they couldn't survive without the other and just tolerated each other before they became very close to the point that they might as well be twin brothers. He's the fifth seat of the royal bodyguards and only gained it after beating Isaak Sosuke the lightning angel and ladies men of the group. Li should have had the same likes and dislikes as him but they ended up being very different people. Pit was technically a nice person until you pissed him off. Most of his inner thoughts were downright cruel and as time went on, Pit...wasn't really the nice angel everyone thought he was, but that didn't mean he was a bad angel either. Li on the other hand tried to be stoic and sadistic but it ended up failing over time and he ended up being hot tempered and easy to anger much to everyone's chagrin. Then again, Isaak loved making him blush. Pit didn't understand why the two didn't hook up already.

12/27/2011 #8

"Hehe, see? No one else could protect us from them than you~."

12/27/2011 #9

"Kaguju could...if he wasn't so secretive."

Kaguju...wasn't really an official member of the royal bodyguards. He was 12th seat but he was more of a messenger than anything and his entire squad was all about information gathering instead of battling. None the less, Kaguju was extremely powerful but never had to work to do anything.

12/27/2011 #10

"Everyone has their strenght and weaknesses..."

12/27/2011 #11

"..............................................Yeah...you have a point but if those weaknesses almost get people killed then..."

12/27/2011 #12

"Just make sure it doesn't. After all, weaks becomestrong when they can triumph despite their weaknesses."

12/27/2011 #13

"...Coming from an animal like you...I'll have to remember that."

Pit stood up from his hiding spot and stretched. "Well...I guess I should go see Lady Palutena."

12/27/2011 #14

"You are?" he said, jumping off the table. "I will come with you, hopefully she'll give be a treat."

12/27/2011 #15

"I bet she will but don't get your hopes up."

Pit slowly tiptoed out of the library in case Abbigale was around and then sped off. Nina yelled at him for running at the last second though.


Pit was greeted by many angels that worked in the palace as he made it to the palace room. Of course, at the door was the newest member of the royal bodyguards Niels "Ginger" Platinum. Niels just came out of nowhere one day and demanded to be captain. Pit accepted his challenge and kicked his ass but Pit admitted that Ginger had a lot of potential as one of the bodyguards. As a result, he would take Haruhi's place as the 11th royal bodyguard after she was assigned an official top rank in the military and could no longer stay in the palace as a result. He was a very impatient angel and it annoyed the white angel that all he talked about was being a hero and how he would surpass him. Pit had to be reminded that Ginger was younger than him at sixteen despite looking the same age but Pit was still older than him, so he had to treat him with some respect.

"You're late Captain Armpit!" He taunted as he stuck his tongue out. "Lady Palutena is waiting!"

"Yeah, I know. I was reading. Something you wouldn't be doing."


12/27/2011 #16

Sao snikered. "Good one Captain."

12/27/2011 #17

"Yeah. Just move Ginger."

"It's Niels Platinum!"

Pit just pushed him out of the way as he greeted Palutena who was sitting on her throne.

"Sorry I was late Lady Palutena."

Palutena smiled warmly that made Pit's cheeks go red. Palutena was like a mother to him but he she still made him blush easily.

"It's not a problem Pit. As long as you're ready to listen."

12/27/2011 #18

Sao went to Palutena's sides, ready to listen as well.

12/27/2011 #19

Ginger went in despite not being called in. Palutena was a kind lady so she allowed him to stay. Pit told him not to open his mouth and he only obeyed because he was in front of the Goddess.

"Pit, are you familiar with a demon called Samael?"

Pit tried to recall the name. "Yes...he is portrayed as either a saint ora devil depending on who you ask in the human world, but as far as we angels are considered, he is equivalent to Satan. Why do you ask?"

Palutena frowned. "I fear that Samael will soon escape his imprison and attack the world that imprisoned him in."

"...Do you want me to defeat and seal him again?"

"Yes...but I do not know which word he was sealed in...it will take time to locate him..."

"...I see..."

(Samael is apparently a fallen angel from what I read and media portray him as either a saint toward the fallen angels or the greatest evil against Heaven itself. He seduces, accuses and destroys hence what he plans to do to Sonic and his friends. I'm making him a shape shifter though but that might be a power of the fallen angels.)

12/27/2011 #20

( oh good xD )


12/27/2011 #21

"So...I need to get Sun-Wong and Nina to start looking through the books to find the world?"

Palutena nodded her head. "And when you find the world, you must be very careful. Samael is a demon that uses manipulation and illusions to his advantage to turn everyone against each other. When you go, only bring two angels."

"Oh! Pick me! Pick me!"

Pit glared at Ginger. "Ginger, you'll be staying here. You're not taking this role as a bodyguard seriously."

"I am! I can't do anything when you leave me here! How do you think the girls feel?"

"I don't have the girls always stay here. I just feel like they don't need to go to battle that me, Li, Sun-Wong and Isaak usually handle. You and Rita stay behind because you're inexperienced."


"Please...don't argue now. I'll decide who when it's time."

12/27/2011 #22

(..... keep)

12/27/2011 #23

Pit turned back to Palutena. Their gaze meant they already knew what they were going to say.

"Excuse me my Lady..."

Pit left the throne room dragging Ginger by the cape. It's annoying how he had to babysit him. Maybe if he gave him to Kaguju, then he would be killing two birds with one stone.

"Please Captain, not the cape! It took forever to make this!"

Pit released him. "Then listen to me and stop embarrassing yourself. I wasn't like you at this age for crying out loud!"

"But I'm a hero and I'm going to be different!"

"-_- Whatever, just follow me and help me find Sun-Wong."

"He's in the garden with Himeno. He's trying again."

12/27/2011 #24

( ... keep)

12/28/2011 #25

Pit rolled his eyes. Everyone knew that Sun-Wong had a crush on Himeno for as long as he could remember. That would make him a pedophile originally but he waited for her to mature into a grown woman before he asked her out...and so far...none of that sadly. Both of them were equally shy of each other. It was no better than being in constant denial of being in love like Isaak and Li were. Sometimes he wondered if angels were any different from humans when it came to love.

"So I guess it's time to ruin their time together again..." Pit said with a sigh.

12/28/2011 #26

( ...keep)

12/28/2011 #27

Ginger followed after his Captain toward the garden.


Sure enough, Sun-Wong was trying to confess to Himeno. He was stuttering the words out to the point that you couldn't understand them. It was a painful sight to behold.

"Hey Sun-Wong, I need you in the library!" Pit called out effectively killing the confession.

The two angels looked away, both blushing madly because Sun-Wong might have gotten closer this time.

"Y-Yes Captain...DX What you need?"

"Go find a book about Samael with Nina and figure out the location of where this demon is sealed."


Sun-Wong quickly rushed off slightly humiliated. Himeno sighed when he was gone.

"He was so close..."

"He'll get closer the next time. Himeno, where is Li?"

"..." She sighed again. "Fighting with Isaak..."

12/28/2011 #28

"Nyah~ Again?"

Sao was still following him.

12/28/2011 #29

"Oh, you followed me."

Himeno nodded her head.

"What is it about this time?"

The pink haired angel shrugged her shoulders. "Wasn't about Saber..."

12/28/2011 #30
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