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"Uh...assemble the royal bodyguards in the...room again..."

Serenade was still panicking and continued. "And it started! Li is..."


4/14/2012 #5,971

SUddently, Mid-Boss came out of his hideout again, which happened to be the bathroom.

"There is no time to lose then."he said with a serious tone. Grabbing Palutena's hand, he dragged her with him. "We have to act now."

4/14/2012 #5,972

Serenade gasped when she saw Mid-Boss. Palutena didn't hesitate to use her magic to send Mid-Boss to the Underworld, but given that she was still exhausted, he would be farther from the destination, but if he could intersect the kids, then all was not lost.


It was already bad enough that Hades was starving him, but when Samael showed up, things got from bad to worse. Hades dragged the angel back to the throne room. He noticed that Samael was with a tall woman that looked to be a demon. She had an evil smile that suited her appearance. The angel was not intimidated by her though.

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"Well well wel... what do we have here?" she purred.

4/14/2012 #5,974

"Ah Yasurl, you made it after all~" Hades hummed as he threw the angel on the table in the middle of the room. "I didn't think you were going to make it so you can watch the show~"

"Oh, she had to make it all right." Samael said with an evil smile as he looked down on the white angel. "She wanted to see the angel that the demon brat befriended."

4/14/2012 #5,975

"And of course, he picked an angel..." she sighed, raising up Pit's chin with her tail. "Typical just like his father..."

4/14/2012 #5,976

"Got a problem with demons befriending angels lady?"

4/14/2012 #5,977

"It's a waste, really..." she said, examinating Pit's face more carefully. "Our species are not meant to be with those garbages..."

4/14/2012 #5,978

"I could say the same for you." The angel replied darkly.

Hades was too busy getting some weapons to start the show. Samael just laughed at the angel as he turned toward Hades.

"Oh, I hope you don't mind other demons watching to Hades~ I told them all that you were killed by an angel sent by the Heavens and they're all in rage. They want to see you kill him over and over again~"

"I was going to do that Samael." Hades replied as he got a butcher knife. "Slowly but surely~"

The angel's heart started to race. He was prepared for the pain...but he was scared for Li. They were connected, so what would happen if he kept dying again...Li would lose a lot of blood...and unless Himeno is watching him, he might die...while he...

"Ah Pitty, is that fear I see in your eyes."

"No...it's hate."

4/14/2012 #5,979

"Little liar... that little brat also has the same look when I'm around~ This is fear, dearie."

4/14/2012 #5,980


"But is it fear of being tortured or..." Samael chuckled as he grabbed Pit's arm and used magic to tie him down. "The fear or your twin getting killed."


"We're not going to let you escape~" Samael whispered in his ear. "When we're done, your twin won't be part of the living anymore~"

"Dammit...you bastards..."

"Oh Pitty, I told you if you let me have my way with you, I wouldn't choose the most gruesome methods, but since you're so adamant about me not having you...I have no choice."

Samael was going to enjoy every minute of this. He wanted to see the angel break in front of him from the pain.

The angel didn't want to look in Hades' direction when he went over to him with the butcher knife.

"Now, where should I start?" Hades asked playfully. "Should I start with the leg or the arm or cut you in half like you did during our battle?"

"If you did that he would turn into a trophy faster." Samael commented.

4/14/2012 #5,981

"How about his tongue so he would stop complaining?" suggested the lady.

4/14/2012 #5,982

"Nah, I like Pit's voice~" Hades said as he looked at the angel and raised the butcher knife. "Well then, it may be generic, but I think I know what needs to go first."

The angel flinched when the butcher knife chopped his hand off in one fell swoop. He didn't scream though to the demons' disappointment. He refused to look at the place where his hand once was though.

"No reaction? Maybe I should cut off your wee-wee."

Pit's expression horrified. "Oh come on Hades! You're an asshole but you wouldn't go that far would you?!"

"...No. Not really. It's a guy's pride and joy."

Pit sighed in relief before he flinched again when Hades chopped his other hand off. "!!!!!"

"But that doesn't mean that ever other portion of your body is safe~"


The angel flinched again when he worked his way to cutting the angel to pieces cutting his arm like it was a slice of meat. The angel wasn't giving them the satisfaction of a scream though.

4/14/2012 #5,983

"Really... no screaming... I'm bored Hades..."

4/14/2012 #5,984

"Now now Yasurl, if he screamed now, then what would the fun be in continuing? Anyone else would have already given in to the pain~"

The angel flinched again as Hades went over to his legs and chopped them up. It took multiple attempts since he was going for the bones. Pit growled as he closed his eyes. He already lost too much blood from losing his arms and it was pouring out of him like a fountain.

"Pitty, I think you know what's next?"


Hades took the butcher knife and positioned it at the angel's head. With one quick swing, the angel's head was no longer connected to his neck. Once that happened though, the angel turned back into a trophy, his body parts disappearing with everything else, but the blood remaining on the table.

"I'm not done Pitty~"

The God of the Underworld threw the bloody knife away and touched the bottom of the trophy. Pit was still chained like nothing happened to him but he was coughing from the lack of oxygen that came from beheading him.

"If you thought we were done Pitty, there's still more to go~"


4/14/2012 #5,985

"Ohhhhhh, now that's interesting...."

4/14/2012 #5,986

"This angel is different from the rest of them Yasurl." Samael explained. "He's chosen from the great Master Hand himself to be a Smashers. Smashers are immortal but can be killed only by destroying the trophy, but even that is hard to pull off. They can keep coming back to life and take the pain like this one here." He chuckled. "Unlike the others, I love Pit because he seems to be able to endure these types of things. What did you do to him Hades?"

"Nothing. That's the royal bodyguards doing this."

Pit grinned darkly as he turned to Hades. "Hades, you need to try harder if you want me to scream. Pepper has killed me so many times it's not even funny...and she's family..."

"Ah, it's always Pepper that does everything better than me." Hades pouted. "That irritates me!"

"I know!" Samael exclaimed. "She outbid me!"

"Now that's your fault..." Pit muttered.

"Alright Pitty, round two~"

Pit gasped as he grabbed his leg and started to pull on it. He could feel the tendons in his body starting to give out on him.


"And this is how you rip a leg off~"

Pit flinched as his right leg was ripped from his body. Blood came oozing out of the leg joint.

4/14/2012 #5,987

"Still nothing, try again."

4/14/2012 #5,988

"Lady, how about we switch places? You'll be screaming faster than I ever would."

"I'm waiting for moans Pitty, not scream~"


4/14/2012 #5,989

"Nah, I prefer giving pain rather than receiving it. I'm just that generous~"

4/14/2012 #5,990

"Wow, you're such a sadist. I wonder who you take after."

4/14/2012 #5,991

"Thank you~"

4/14/2012 #5,992

"Pitty, that other leg is not coming out."

"Well maybe if you pulled harder it would..."

4/14/2012 #5,993

"You wuss, let me try." Yasurl said, shoving Hades away.

4/14/2012 #5,994

"Ah man, you let the women do it...you're no fun Hades..."

"Ah Pitty, you need to stop eating."

"-red vein- What did you say?!"

4/14/2012 #5,995

"Uh... no muscles... fatness only...."

4/14/2012 #5,996

"I am not fat! If anyone is a big, it would be you Hades!" The angel shouted as he even though he was chained, he still had the strength in him to move around and kick the female demon in the face unintentionally. "You're the one that grubs on how many souls a day?! I only eat food given to me by Pepper and Lady Palutena! And they usually cook healthy good."

"Usually?" Hades wondered.

"Except fried rice...meat...seafood...sweets...oh shit..."

4/14/2012 #5,997

Ohh... the demon women didn't looked happy of that kick. Grabbing the other leg, she violently twised his ankle.

4/14/2012 #5,998

"!!!!" Pit held his breathe when she did that. "Uh...woman...are you trying to twist my ankle or give it a massage? Saber is stronger than you!"

4/14/2012 #5,999

"Don't start that game with me, angel. My speciallity is psychological torture."

Grabbing Pit's hair, she forced him to look at her. "Samael got spies infiltrated in angel land... I can bring one of your little friends here and torture it in front of you~"

4/14/2012 #6,000
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