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I was clicking around while bored and noticed the forums tab. The result is this forum. Use it to talk about my stories or whatever the heck else you want. I don't really care.
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Just thought it might be a good idea to make this, in case people wanna talk about it more than in just reviews and such. Hope that's cool.

6/1/2009 #1

Thank you. I was considering making a topic like this myself.

Feel free to discuss the characters and events of my epic Code Geass continuation, ask questions or whatever else. I'll try my best to answer without spoiling too much.

6/1/2009 . Edited 6/1/2009 #2


I was gonna put a link to the story on's CG Fanfiction section, but someone beat me to it.

Curse you, Rabukurafuto!

6/22/2009 #3

I think you just commited what could be the cardinal sin of Post-R2 fanfics. At least, that is my take on the event.

6/22/2009 #4

Perhaps I have. I knew this would be controversal. If you look at my reviews you'll see that a number of people reading this want it though (or look at any Code Geass discussion site). I'm up in the air in relation to it, but I kind of like what I'm doing with it.

But just in case you're considering bailing on me, I'll tell you now that he'll be around for just a single chapter and then probably not show up again the rest of the story (well maybe once toward the end, but you get the point).

I apologize for being so sinful.

6/23/2009 #5

Actually, I was referring to bringing up Papa John's in a CG fic(come on, Richter: "that used better ingredients and made better pizza". Papa John's catch phrase ftw/ftl?). =P

But yeah, Lelouch alive isn't exactly my isn't my favorite thing either. In regards to Lelouch: Just stay true to his character, and you'll be fine. Thinking I know how his encounter with Chiharu ends though, since when ur dealing with an alive Lelouch there's only one logical conclusion...

6/23/2009 #6

I was wondering when someone would mention the Papa John's thing. Richter also says that the pizza will be delivered in 30 minutes, which of course i Domino's thing ("You Got 30 Minutes.").

I'll do my best to make the Lelouch stuff not stupid. Hopefully you're willing to forgive me for it in the end.

6/23/2009 #7

Btw: You do a really good job with the names for these new Knightmare Frames. I've read a bunch of books on King Arthur and Camelot, so I know most of these. Find it funny that Ulric pilots the Dagonet, named for Arthur's court jester, of all things. Should we take it to mean that Ulric's appointment to the Round was more of a joke than serious though?

6/23/2009 #8


I'm actually not really very familiar with the Arthurian stuff. I've been doing internet research to pick the names.

I thought Dagonet was a perfect fit for Ulric. He's pretty much the antithesis of what a knight is traditionally supposed to be, so I couldn't have him given a normal knight character, and he's not really evil, so none of the villainous knights really worked for him. Plus he's sort of a comic relief character so a jester seemed to fit. Ava probably did sort of see his appointment as a joke (and she likely had something to do with naming the knightmares Rayner develops), as she kind of has a superior/noble attitude to her, and probably to some extent sees Ulric as nothing but a fool.

6/23/2009 #9

The funniest thing is that, especially in more recent adaptations where Dagonet has been present, he is referred to as "Sir" Dagonet in jest, in that he has been knighted as a joke, but towards the end of the Legend becomes a more serious charater, satiring the degradations of Arthur's vision as his knights begin to become disillusioned with the ideas Camelot represents.

In short: He is knighted as a joke, but begins to represent a better picture of knighthood than all the "Sirs" that would seek to mock him.

On another note: I would like to suggest a Battleship Merlin to appear at some point or other. A Knightmare doesn't seem like it would fit, since he was a wizened old man rather than a youthful knight.

6/23/2009 #10

It's very interesting to hear that about Dagonet. I think I picked a good character match for Ulric then.

I was strongly considering using Merlin's name for something at some point. I doubt it'll be a knightmare though; you're right in saying that it really doesn't fit. A battleship could work better, or maybe even some sort of weapons systems.

6/23/2009 #11

Pretty well done, at least Lelouch will stay the equivalent of dead. Wasn't OOC either, and the explanation for him being alive was solid. Generally opposed to Lelouch/C.C, but was a good read.

6/28/2009 #12

I was trying to stay fairly middle ground while still taking my stance.

I'm not a big fan of Lelouch/C.C. either. I prefer Lelouch/Kallen. However, if Lelouch is going to be alive, it's going to be Lelouch/C.C.. Even if we don't necessarily like it (though I don't mind it; I'm sort of indifferent), it's rather hard to deny that the two had at least a minimum romantic connection and that with time it would deepen.

Regardless, I'm glad you ended up enjoying the chapter.

6/28/2009 #13

I'm not a big fan of Lelouch/C.C. either. I prefer Lelouch/Kallen

Well, you could always have the Guren move to the Eastern Front, and get shot down...=P. jk, jk

6/28/2009 #14

Yeah, if Lelouch and C.C. have been together twenty years now, and then Kallen suddenly shows up and he goes for her, I'm not sure how realistic that would be.

6/28/2009 #15

as I said, jk. I know I wouldn't ask questions though...

EDIT: Don't take me seriously. I wouldn't dream of telling you how to write your story.

6/28/2009 . Edited 6/28/2009 #16

Oh, I know you we're just joking around, I just thought I'd respond anyway.

6/28/2009 #17

Ha ha, yes, I beat you to it, AshBender!

Say, it would be fun to compile the tropes that NinjaPenguin uses in this story and others.

6/29/2009 #18

@Rab: Just want you to know you aren't alone; I think Richter is an awesome character.

7/5/2009 #19

Ah! I forgot to add in my review. I've got an idea, you could really expand the side romances in extra chapters, you know like the "turn and a halfs". But please, no recap chapters (-_-)

7/27/2009 #20

Oh, I won't be doing any recaps, you don't need to worry (if you want a recap just reread everything).

I don't know about extra chapters. I think I can manage to keep the side-plots in the actual chapters so they wouldn't be so necessary.

7/27/2009 #21
Keith Fraser

Thoughts on the future development of the fic:

1) Ava could go from anti-hero/anti-villain to outright villain (e.g. through some kind of breakdown or just general slow moral decay), or redeem herself. I think the latter is more likely (as well as a more congenial outcome, though a well-done tragic ending might be good too), as it's been emphasised throughout the story that she's not greedy, power-hungry, sadistic etc.; she has positive goals which she's chosen to pursue in bad ways (rather like Schneizel, in a way, which is ironic given that she just stabbed him). Her relationship with Astrid seems the likely tipping point, as Astrid is perhaps the only person likely to actually sway her judgement. Thus, if Astrid can no longer stomach her methods, Ava might realize her mistakes, or if Astrid dies (or betrays her) it might send her down the slippery slope to outright villainy.

2) I think the EU will end up being the eventual villain of the piece; Belisario's ambitions seem pretty clear, and he's working with Skullduggery R Us (Signa, Naida et al), who aren't exactly all sweetness and light.

3) Combining 1 and 2, I can see Ava redeeming herself by defeating the EU. Depending on the tone of the ending, she might remain in charge of a kinder, gentler Britannia (unlikely), die heroically, or disappear to live quietly with Astrid. Whatever the ending, someone really ought to take D.D.'s Code at some point; she's a dangerous and unpredictable quantity for any new world order if she still has the power to hand out Geasses to everyone and their good-looking friends. (Also I think she deserves some payback for molesting and manipulating Margaret and Hildegarde.)

Random thoughts:

1) Since she became more prominent, Hildegarde has rapidly become one of my favourite characters in AotCT. Maybe it's because she's about the closest character to my own age (nearly everyone else is either 17ish or 35+), or because I have a soft spot for characters who are purposefully reserved/anti-social (through dedication to duty, misanthropy, or whatever) but 'thaw out' over the course of a story through meeting someone who brings them out of their shell or similar circumstances.

2) D.D. is the only one getting any 'action' at the moment (well, and her assorted playthings). :D

9/2/2009 #22

It's very interesting hearing your thoughts on this. I'm obviously not going to say anything one way or the other.

I am glad to hear you like Hildegarde though. I do too. She did become rather prominent rather quickly, didn't she? She is one of the few characters in that age group; just Megami (26), Signa (28), and Ulric (26, but male so probably not worth mentioning) are roughly the same age. Looking at ti now, the characters in this range or some of my favorite to work with.

Other's besides D.D. will see some "action" soon enough. That's far from the point of this story though.

9/2/2009 #23
Keith Fraser

Thoughts from the latest chapter:

-As noted in my review, I kind of suspected all along that Xuemei was Xingke and Tianzi's daughter, since her being abandoned screamed that her parentage was important. I checked her character profile again and she has Tianzi's hair colour and Xingke's hairstyle, which I hadn't even noticed. I wasn't sure whether it could be true or not, though, because Tianzi would have had to have given birth to her when she was about 14, and it was never clear whether Xingke really was a lolicon or not. :D It's certainly plausible, though, that they got together regardless of her age because Xingke didn't have long to live. In pre-industrial times and some present-day cultures, having a child at that age wouldn't even be all that unusual (indeed, I think George RR Martin's medieval-world A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series has pairings with more or less the exact age combination involved).

-All the people guessing that something bad would happen to Astrid turned out to be correct. Having her presumed dead but actually alive is a good plot twist; if Ava goes nuts as a result, Astrid will still be around to witness the consequences. Also, since my last theory turned out to be correct, I predict that Absolution will bring Astrid back as...DARTH YURI!

"Tell me...where is Ava?"

"Nuking half the world with FLEIJA because she thinks you're dead."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" (or, in the Hong Kong bootleg version, "DO NOT WANT!")

9/10/2009 #24

Lolicon is fun.

Ha. Great stuff. Darth Yuri... Tempting, really...

9/10/2009 #25

For the record, I'm not exactly a fan of the Xuemei being Tianzi's kid by Xingke theory, though it seems likely that's the case. Like I said in another topic, I'm a big fan of the Knight and Princess romance idea, and Xingke does seem to fit it(massive devotion to his liege, working to try and protect her from the Eunuchs) well enough that I think he has concepts of personal honor, and I just don't personally see his honor as letting Tianzi become sexually involved with him when she really is, as far as we see, an exceptionally sheltered young girl. Just think he would have put her emotional well being(letting her mature mentally and emotionally) before his own desires, be they noble or base in nature. I am a fan of the previously mentioned Song of Ice and Fire series(wish Martin would put out the next book already...), but also recognize that while women of that time period would give birth and raise children at an earlier age, they were also, in general, far less sheltered than girls of the more modern society CG presents.

Anyway, just my thoughts. Like I said, not a big fan of the loli, generally because of the odd emotional issues it presents.

9/10/2009 #26

Well, I think it's fair to interpret what Xingke and Tianzi share as being wholly romantic. I also think, given that Xingke was dying and knew it, he'd be willing to perhaps put his honor aside, at least momentarily, especially considering I also think Tianzi would have become far more mature and understanding just in seeing the events of the series and perhaps more eager to provide Xingke comfort if she somehow discovered he was dying.

Then again, I also just like loli.

9/10/2009 #27

Much as I hate to admit it, it might be Tianzi and Xingke. At first, I was thing along the lines of Xingke and Xianglin, considering that she does care for him due to his illness. But as I looked back to CNP's character page, it really looked Tianzi and Xingke! And while my mind is screaming "What the F*%k is going on?!", I realized one thing: Xingke is somewhat loli-obsessed. And while my mind is going through another mindtrip, I asked me this question, "Wait, why the hell would Tianzi get together with Xingke? That just doesn't make any sense, logically, morally, or story-wise."

Whether or not this theory or the current theory is right, guess we'll never know til CNP reveals that in due time.

9/10/2009 . Edited 9/10/2009 #28
Keith Fraser

"Wait, why the hell would Tianzi get together with Xingke? That just doesn't make any sense, logically, morally, or story-wise."

You're a 13-year-old girl who's grown up surrounded by female servants and evil creepy eunuchs. Said creepy eunuchs try to marry you off to some guy from a distant country who you've never met, as a pawn in a petty power grab. Then this handsome, dashing guy (with a twagic Incurable Cough of Death) shows up to save the day and is willing to fight the entire militaries of China, Brittannia and the Black Knights for you. Let's face it, what teenage girl could resist that? It sure beats the hell out of Twilight, which is well known for getting 13-year-old girls over-excited.

The main question is more whether Xingke was romantically interested in her as opposed to platonically devoted, and whether he'd be inclined to have sex with her before she was older. We don't know what the sexual mores, age of consent etc. are in Code Geass' China (which, some people have noted, is rather insultingly primitive-seeming compared to Japan and Brittannia), though their getting together obviously had to be kept a secret for some reason, otherwise Tianzi could simply have made him her official consort or whatever.

9/10/2009 #29

The main question is more whether Xingke was romantically interested in her as opposed to platonically devoted, and whether he'd be inclined to have sex with her before she was older. We don't know what the sexual mores, age of consent etc. are in Code Geass' China (which, some people have noted, is rather insultingly primitive-seeming compared to Japan and Brittannia), though their getting together obviously had to be kept a secret for some reason, otherwise Tianzi could simply have made him her official consort or whatever.

That actually makes sense when you put it that way. But the question still remains as to why Xingke would actually ask Tianzi, much less do the deed with her. Forgive me for being a conservative towards sex, but I don't see how that's even possible, much less concieved.

If Xuemei really is Xingke's illeginimate daughter, it would have to be with someone else.

9/10/2009 #30
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