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mv, cuz its more dangerous and grown up

forks, less of a death threat

shane, umm duh!

edward, he sparkles

6/9/2009 #1

Morganville Vamps, because it's cooler and the vampires don't sparkle (no offense againts twilight, sparkly is pretty cool too XD)

Morganville, more thrilling.

JACOB, just 'cause.

Michael, because he can sing and play guitar. Wait, Edward can sing, too... . UGH!

6/21/2009 #2

definetly morganville because they dont sparkle, i think they can eat food, and its just awesome all together!!!!

6/24/2009 #3

Morganville vampires because it is so freaking awsome

forks because your most likely to survive your stay

shane because he is sooo amazing plus i dont even like jacob (no offense to team jacobs).. even if it was edward vs shane shane wud kick butt !

micheal because he really cool... but so is edward.. and theyre both musical... um... *bites nails and looks confuzzled*... i guess... edward :P

6/30/2009 #4

morganville vampires because its just plain amazing

forks because you wont die almost every day and i like forests :)

shane because jacob sucks and shane is super hot with a good sense of humor

edward just because....... but michael is pretty cool too

7/2/2009 #5

Morganville because the characters can blend better into socity and the people of Morganville know about vampires. Where as the people of forks know nothing

7/30/2009 #6

Morganville Vampires, because it seems like it could be happening (Twilight seems to too but Twilight makes us look...less smart...)

Morganviile, because i would get bored in Forks

Shane, because he's Shane...need i say more!

Michael, he's not that completely perfect...he maks mistakes

I don't hate Twilight! even though it seems that way!

8/2/2009 #7

Morganville vampires there just more exiting

Morganville its just more of fight to stay alive lol

Shane (yummy) I want to la push jacob of a cliff lol

MICHAEL OR EDWARD ITS A tie i 3 music and sparkles

5/4/2010 #8

Morganville because it's awesome plus Shane, Eve and Michael live there!!!! oh and Myrnin!!!

Shane because I hate Jacob, he annoys the living daylights out of me!!!!!!!!

Michael because who wants Edward Cullen stalking you!!!!


7/16/2010 #9

Morganville goes without saying , Morganville cuz Shane lives there Shane , he has a stake ! Michael cause he can sing ! As you can see i don't really like twilight ..... Sorry correction i hate it . (no offense to the people who like it )

10/17/2010 #10
The Red Pixie

Deffo! Bff, you took the words right out of my mouth

10/17/2010 #11

1) Morganville Vampires by far. I went through a phase of loving Twilight and I still sort of like it, but it never gripped me and have me obsessed and wanting to keep reading and find out more the way Morganville is (I'm currently on book 7). I also think that MV is better written and also, the main characters are pathetic and annoying like Bella is. Just my opinion :)

2) Realistically Forks because I like the whole quiet life thing and it's easier to get that in Forks. But really Morganville in awesome, I'd hope if it was real and I was there that I'd be there and I'm shine there. But I'd probably follow the rules and have a quite life.

3) Shane vs Jacob? That's bloody hard. Jacob is freaking awesome, he's loyal and protective, but then again so is Shane. I'm going to have to say both on this one.

4) MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By far! Always! In my opinion Edward doesn't even come close! Michael is sweet, loving, musical, good-looking, Edward fails at that. And he sparkles, which I personally can't stand, no self-respecting vampire sparkles!

Hi!! I'm Carly I was bored so thought I'd check out a MV forum because it's my latest obsession.

1/2/2011 #12
bouncing off the walls again

1) Morganville. No contest needed. If you aren't careful you end up dead. Plus Bella is pathetic and just a drip!

2) Again Morganville. The weather is nicer and frankly there's more danger than in Forks. And who doesn't love a bit of danger!

3) SHANE!!!!!! *Regains composure but it takes a long time* Look I'm sorry, but Shane is the champion, no questions asked. Your going down werewolf!

4) MICHAEL!!!!!! *Regains composure * By far! Michael is kind, good-looking, and never abandons his friends! Edward fails at that. And Edward GLITTERS, I HATE IT, REAL VAMPIRES DON'T GLITTER! (Michaels a real vampire and he burns in pain. He doesn't glitter like a sissy boy.)

3/6/2011 #13
The Red Pixie
Haa ha! U got that right Edward's just a sparkley FREAK!!!!
3/6/2011 #14

Morganville by far, i like the danger.

Forks, because it sounds pretty and friendly.

Jacob, needs no justification.

Michael, more human and he isn't so perfect like Edward, i would feel more comfortable around him.

9/19/2012 #15
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