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im morganvillinite01...duh!NE ways form USA im in da midwest and ive got three mv fanfics, jester guess who, day ive been waiting for, and the three musketeers. my fave mv ff is either missing or...skinny dipping! anyways , hi welcome to the world of ff
6/24/2009 #1

I have new stories!! Missing2, and Christmas in Morganville

My new fave is... hmmm, Death Bed

8/5/2009 #2

Im Thosegoldeneyes .... or Paige ! Anyways i love morganville vampires and have just read 'Lord of Misrule' might have spelt that wrong ! lool Anyway i live in England near london, i have written three stories for fanfiction. Two for twilight (Yes i'm a twilight fan!) and one for generation dead! I am planning to write a fanfiction for MV but need to fin sih the ones i have started ! :)

8/26/2009 #3

I don't have any stories .............. 0 0 I recomend my bff Pixieredd she has a morganville story and it rocks !!! -

10/17/2010 #4
The Red Pixie

Uhhh well my stories are really rubbish lol!

10/17/2010 #5

Okay ! I officially have 2 stories ! Not a lot ! lol! But I'm going to write more ! Oh crud! That reminds me i have uploaded chapter 4 of one of them and i wrote it hours ago ! Crud !

12/8/2010 #6

Hi, I'm Carly. I'm a new, but huge MV fan. They books are amazing, I love them so much, they've got straight to near the top of my favourite books (nothing will overtake Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman for me but it's getting close which is something). I'm currently on book 7 Fade Out. My favourite MV character is Michael, he's just soo amazing! Love him! :P

I have loads of fanfics, but none for MV yet. Yet being the operative word, I'm hoping to write some soon :)

1/2/2011 #7
Flying Penguinz

I know not many people check out the forums. But... :D Check out my writing.

1/28/2011 #8
The Red Pixie
Cool writing xxx
1/29/2011 #9

Hello I'm Elodie, I start read MV when the 1st book arrived here in France, (so yes I'm french and english isn't my native language) and I become an hudge fan since the first chapter of the first book :P

So I'm in fade out (yeah I stop wait for the french version and read now in english since Lord of misrule I cannot wait so... :P), and my favorite charactere is Amelie.

I don't write any fic of MV for the moment but I will do it very soon.

So.... Hi :)

12/28/2011 #10
Please check out my story! My first fanfic!! Please??
9/19/2012 #11
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