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I'd chose Masashi any day, but who's your favorite out of the two?

5/21/2009 #1
o.O Kumiko O.o

I like Masashi as well but i also like Nana Ozuka (The guy twin), Tsuyoshi, and Suzuki.

7/3/2009 #2

Lol I haven't gotten that far in the manga with the twin guy. Masashi is the best in the whole manga! I think we need to make a Masashi fan club

7/7/2009 #3
o.O Kumiko O.o

oh haha, my bad! But the series is really good! We should make a fan club or fanfiction should make a Me and My Brothers catagory to read. I'm glad i finally found someone who also likes this manga

7/7/2009 #4

are you serious?! I'm the only one besides you? Wow...they should make an anime about it. Yeah we should make a story. You up for it?

7/12/2009 #5
o.O Kumiko O.o

yeah, i believe we're the only ones TT_TT

If they did make an anime about it, I'd scream with happiness! lol. I'd love to make a story about it, i actually had a few idea about it for a while. But i just don't know where to put it or how to make a catagory for it.

7/12/2009 #6

Lol so would I :D

Maybe it should be romance/drama like the manga itself. But since hardly anyone knows about the manga, we wouldn't get that many views for it. Maybe we could advertise it or put it in another anime section. Me personally for the main characters would be SakuraXMasashi lol. Hope I cleared some of the confusion up

7/15/2009 #7
o.O Kumiko O.o

yeah, you're right. I was feeling a MasashiXSakuraXTsuyoshi though. :D

7/15/2009 #8

Lol Tsuyoshi and his temper scare me. T.T *ahem* anyways, that'll be great! I can be the beta if you want. But be warned that i have 4 others stories on the way and 3 others that are being neglected as of now.

Is it going to be the same setting as the manga? and have you seen an anime called Peach Girl?

7/17/2009 #9
o.O Kumiko O.o

Same here, I have three stories right now. I'd like the stories to be the same setting as the manga and yes I've seen the anime Peach Girl! I watch it on ON DEMAND from comcast lol

7/18/2009 #10

Lol well I'm a Youtuber at heart. I was thinking of a story for that, but I'm swamped T.T

Did you already have the plot written down, typed up, or we can wait no biggie. I just came up with one of my new stories and it's going to take me 2 weeks to get it right, but that won't stop me, if you wanted to start right away of course.

7/18/2009 #11
o.O Kumiko O.o

same here haha! I had an idea, but i need to find time to write it.

7/18/2009 #12

Ugh same lol. Do you mind reading my story I just wrote if you have time? It's call Shacklelss Bonds and hopefully it doesn't suck :D

7/19/2009 #13
o.O Kumiko O.o

I'd love to read your story. I'll try to read it this week :D

7/20/2009 #14

Well i like them both but Takashi is who i'd pick. out of the four (and whole novel) I like Takeshi more :)

8/16/2009 #15

don't worry you guys aren't the only ones, though you are in my book... -_-" As for the Masashi or Takashi question, I've only got one answer: MASASHI ALL THE WAY!!! Lol, I'm also a HUGE fan of the Masashi and Sakura shipping as well.

Btw, why don't they have a category for this book, they totally should because I would definitely write for it. Hmm... To answer the question about them making an anime about it, I think I would flip out. I would be the happiest girl on the face of the planet. Although, my friends wouldn't be, they'd get annoyed from me talking about it all the time. They just don't understand. T____T

Oh well, I'm glad I finally found someone else who likes this book. OH! And if it looks like I'm just butting into the conversation, I'm sorry. It's just that I was so happy to actually find something about this that I had to reply and your comment sounded like the perfect oportunity. Anyway I have nothing left to say so yeah...

~Happy Writing! ^_^

10/1/2009 #16
o.O Kumiko O.o

YES! More people who loves this manga! As you I'd also be the happiest girl in the world too haha. I love Masashi and Sakura together though she's cute with other people. And don't be sorry. I'm glad people are able to talk about this. Is there a way for Fanfiction to make this manga into the categories?

10/1/2009 #17

i think u have to email the creater of the website or the moderators... if ya can lets find a way! we'll be legends -dramatic music as curtains fall-

10/1/2009 #18

Yes, people who love Me and My Brothers!!!!!!!!

I've only just gotten into it a month or two ago but I'm already obsessed! I love Masashi, but Takashi is cool too ^ ^

And yes, we should get a category for it, I have a few story ideas for it already and would love to be able to put them up!

10/24/2009 #19

Woah, I haven't gone to this page in quite a while... -_-" Anyway, did anyone read the recent volume?! Some serious MasashixSakura-ness!!!! When is he finally going to say something, I mean, jeez! It's the second time throughout this whole story that he's started off saying something important and then gets interrupted by some random thing. Next time this happens, I swear I'm just gonna put the book down and walk away (with great difficulty no less...)

I just felt like I needed to come back and post something up about that, so yeah... It was a good way to rant about the crazy things that go on in my mind while I read the story. Oh, and they still need to put up a freaking category for this story!!! Grrr...

12/18/2009 #20
o.O Kumiko O.o

OMG! did anyone read volume 10 yet. SO cute! Can't believe Nana is actually going for Sakura. Let the Masashi v.s. Nana v.s Suzuki battle for Sakura's love begin! :D

1/18/2010 #21

I did! I did! *raises hand and points to comment above* I have been waiting to someone to comment on that and you finally did, so yay!!!! Honestly, I don't really think they need any more challenges. Their relationship is screwy enough, BUT I do think it will be exciting.

By the way, did you read the next volume's description? Is it really true that the next volume will be the last?!? NOOOOOOOO!!!!! TT_________________TT That can't happen!!!!! I do wanna find out who the winner is though, it said that it was someone unexpected...

Another thing, we should really put up spoiler signs for people who haven't read that far, but oh well... Hope you reply soon!! (I'm talking to anyone here.)

1/21/2010 #22
o.O Kumiko O.o

I know! I was like "OMG! THAT CAN'T BE THE FINAL VOLUME!" I was happy for the TsuyoshiXSakura hints on the latest chapter! I love MasashiXSakura as well. I'd laugh if Suzuki won. Hopefully they'll make an anime out of this. I heard they made a drama cd already.

1/21/2010 #23
3/6/2010 #24
Lol, i just reread my post, I didnt realize I was THAT angry. It just came out that way. Oh, and if anyone was wondering, yes I did change my pen name due to my frustrations towards the book, which if I talk about any further, Ill go back to the way I was before, so yeah... And prior to what I said before, dont be afraid to answer because of the whole lashing out thing. I promise not to rip anyones head off as I rant, k? So reply quickly! ^_^ (Dont I seem like a much happier person? Thats because I am. I AM I TELL YOU!!! *cough* sorry.)
3/6/2010 #25
Did anyone else see that they made a Me & My Brothers category?!?!
3/9/2010 #26
The Bloodiest Rose

I've read Volume 11, the last one. Spoilers? (Suzuki won)

3/14/2010 #27
o.O Kumiko O.o

yea! I saw it! I squealed! I just finished the last volume yesterday! I was like OMFG! Suzuki's sister is bleh! I don't like her! I didn't like the ending, but it was cute. I just wished there was more NeneSaku moments as well as TsuyoSaku. I'm happy it ended with MasaSaku though. I just wished the manga went a lil longer or there was a sequel like when Sakura is older or something and hopefully an anime.

3/16/2010 #28
Akimi Kono

I finished it a while ago .... I loved the ending. I was hoping for (some) TsuyoSaku, SuzuNaka, TeraNene and I was hoping to see Sakura's father again. At least the creepy tan guy that was almost-Hawai'ian wasn't there!!

Nene was the girl twin .... :/

They have a drama CD. I want it to be an anime! I've wanted that since the second volume. D:

I would have suggested Stephanie Sheh (?) for Sakura, but I don't think that'd work.

I loved the series ~ 3

3/31/2010 #29
Akimi Kono

Also I prefer Masashi. I mean, Taka is fine (Hari Tokeino's favorite ~ ) but I like Masa. Especially his GothLoli outfit when the paint was spilled on him. xD But all of his outfits were cute~

3/31/2010 #30
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