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Jake Crepeau

Many, many years ago, I wrote a tale set amidst the Salem witch trials; I didn't see "Agents of Satan" until three years later, when the series was in syndication.. Question here is, would anybody be interested in reading another version of what might have happened in that time zone, or should I not bother posting it?

3/6/2009 #1

Hi Jake,

Sorry for responding a bit lit. I guess for all stories goes: just post them and see what happens. There's no guarantee that readers will love it, or hate it. The only way to find out is by posting.

4/30/2009 #2
Jake Crepeau

Thanks for your reply. In attempting to rewrite the thing, I've tried a couple of different historical settings, but the subplot didn't work as well anywhere else, so I decided to let the original setting stand. Rewriting is going slowly---RL is stomping on me with big jackboots right now---but it is progressing. I'm hoping to have the story posted in another month or so.

I'm also expecting to receive my Guidebook in a few days now (AT LAST!) and figured I'd use this opportunity to let everyone know I have one. I share, folks; if you want to ask a question that may have an answer in the book, ask away, and I'll help if I can.

4/30/2009 #3
Mrs.Phineas Bogg

I don't remember this post..I know you have so many other stories on your plate, will you ever post this one?

11/24/2009 #4
Jake Crepeau

I'm talking about "In All but Name and Blood," I've mentioned it to you. The first draft, written 25 years ago, was set in the midst of the Salem witch trials, since I had never seen "Agents of Satan" at the time. Since the time I first put my question up on this forum, I've actually found another historical setting for the story that will work. I am planning to post it eventually, but right now I'm bogged down in research.

11/25/2009 #5
Mrs.Phineas Bogg

I see..Research can be really fun, but when you are itching to actually write the story, it's often a chore...still, you don't want to be accused of inaccurate history! lol.

11/25/2009 #6
Stevi Re

am I too late to say YES POST IT.

1/18/2010 #7
Jake Crepeau

Not too late at all. The story is currently stuck on a point of research, but it is coming, never fear---though, as I've said above, it won't be set amidst the Salem witch trials after all. I found another historical setting that will work just as well.

1/18/2010 #8

Did you ever post it?

10/26/2010 #9
Jake Crepeau

Yes, I did; it's called "In All but Name and Blood." Enjoy! ;D


10/27/2010 #10
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