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Read the new chapter yet? Creeeeepy!!!! And the part with the cake... lol Wonder what will happen... Zombie-alarm?!

1/18/2011 #241

ZOMBIE INVASION!!! The artwork's pretty gore-ish now. I shivered while reading the new chapter.

I wonder how Lizzy will cope with the whole zombies and undead thing...

Pfft, that titanic feeling is growing even stronger.

1/18/2011 #242

Dunno, but with each new arc demons seem to become less superior. I mean they can be killed by shinigamis, are presented like 'rogues' of souls and now Sebas even doesn't know anything about those zombies!

Either Ciel is giving him a harder job than predicted (I mean when forming the contract neither would have guessed they'd have to deal with all those supernatural beings) or demons are lower on the food chain than predicted...

About Lizzy: I guess Ciel will try to keep anything about his 'job' away from her by lying, pretending, acting, etc. Just like last time when Sebas 'died' and then miraculously awakened. Titanic? Hell yes! And I say: Dump those zombies into the sea!!! Wonder what's behind those monsters... All of them have covered eyes - even the newly created ones (e.g. that Phoenix man) and the important part is the head... Maybe there is some kind of parasite inside?

1/18/2011 #243

The new chapter is SOOOO COOOOOOL !! I love it ! I love the gore, the blood and everything! HAHA. I;m getting really hyped up for the next chapter. I cant wait how Yana-san would incorporate Lizzy and Snake with the disaster at the ship. I'm thinking that a riot would soon come, the party upstairs would be suddenly barged in with those blindfolded undeads. far as i know, it is customary that to kill a zombie, one must destroy the head. I dunno. That's what I have been accustomed to see/believe. Maybe Yana-san is following the same thinking.

1/18/2011 #244

Lol. Just don't set those zombies on fire. You'll regret it. ;D

1/19/2011 #245

I agree with Starless! Sebby doesn't seem to play an important role in the manga anymore. Mmmh, and I've always thought he's the sexiest guy (not)-alive.

Hoo, what happens when you set a zombie on fire?

1/20/2011 #246

What happens when you set a zombie on fire? Nothing. Now, istead of having an unstoppable zombie chasing after you because it's hungry for brains, you now have a FLAMING unstoppably zombie chasing after you because it's hungry for brains. Lol.

1/20/2011 #247

I think I had a nightmare like that once. I'm a bit dissapointed with the way the manga is going...but then again I have issues with zombies....My teacher was resident evil extinction, I have such a problem with zombies I could only watch her bit. **shudders**. I want to see more of servant action. **purrs** maybe a bit more of MayleneXsebby teasers. More time with bard in general **swoon**

1/20/2011 #248

I wonder if there is anything special about zombies and cakes in the manga... Did you notice that zombie behind Lizzy was after the cake instead of flesh or blood? O.o

1/21/2011 #249

HAHAHA! Cake eating zombies, lol.

YES! More Sebby/Maylene (but they're not really canon...) or SebaCiel *faints*

Flaming unstoppable zombie after your brains...that sounded really disturbing. Aghhh, I can't wait for the new chapter! Yana Toboso has outdone herself this time with the suspense!

1/21/2011 #250

xDD True, she has. She really jumped up a notch with the action, too ^_^

Maylene/Sebby, or Maylene/Knox would be awesome. Then Sebby could be like -____- Damn you Shinigami....taking my fangirls...

1/21/2011 #251

YES! That would be so awesome if it were to be written! Pfft, then we could all see Sebby's "jealous" side *fangasm*

1/21/2011 #252

-shiver- Hawww yes!!

I can imagine him to be alittle yanderes xDD

1/21/2011 #253

KYAAAA! Yandere Sebastian!

I'm blushing just thinking about it xD

Whee, it's like were the only active members in here!

1/21/2011 #254

*nods* Yus. Flaming zombies are really terrifying.

1/21/2011 #255

-nosebleed- It would be wonderful...cept maybe not if he like punches Maylene in the eye or something 0.e then that would just be horrible...

1/21/2011 #256


That sounded wrong. Yandere!Sebastian is supposed to be possessive! Or at least, that's what I thought Yandere!Sebastian would be like...

Anybody ships SebaCiel here?

1/21/2011 #257

I can't do the sebaciel thing for a couple reasons. The reason I got into Kuroshitsuji was the awesomeness of the plot and the amazing anime episodes. Then sebaciel fans came and RUINED it. Because of scary yaoi fangirls season TWO was produced. Season two ruined Kuroshitsuji for me. I am SO thankfull the manga keeps true to the good plot. Even more, scary Yaoi fangirls have alot of other people disliking Kuro because they think it's all about Pedos.

I am not a yaoi hater in fact I vehemently ship DuoXHeero (if anyone even remembers that pairing), but I don't beleive in sebaciel. If anything I'd be more happy with CielXLizzy.

1/22/2011 #258

Everything you said is true! The fangirls made Kuroshitsuji sound Shonen-AI when it's just Shonen.

I actually ship Sebastian/Maylene and Ciel/Lizzy too. They need more love. Although some SebaCiel stories are good (usually written by NOT fanatic yaoi fangirls).

Season two practically OOZED yaoi and ruined everything. I'm so very glad the manga isn't contaminated by the anime's twisted-ness.

Oh? Who's Duo and Heero? I've never heard of them! From what anime?

1/22/2011 #259
Coral Q's bff

Dang it. Every single time I type something big and long my computer confuses the backspace for the back button! I'm probably gonna get someone to take a look at this laptop. :( It's brand new too... Expect some delay on the roleplay. I'm also going to be locking some threads after that so that we would be able to move on, but until then, hang on.

On the subject of pairings, I'm pretty open, but not to sebbyciel, lol. Not my cup of tea. I'm usually a crack pairing person, (mostly for fun) so for example, say... Madam Red x Lau? ROFL.

1/22/2011 #260

I love crack pairings too. and Madame RedXLau, tantalizing! Okay so the crack pairing is mayleneXUndertaker and I actually have managed to find a fiction with that 0.o woot. I also actually wouldn't mind Bard/Finny pairing.

And HeeroXDuo is a pairing from Gundam Wing. Man I miss that series, the only true mecha anime I ever liked. (escaflowne doesnt count).

On a different note, the spelling of Maylene. I've seen SO many different ways. Meirin, Mey-rin, Maylene etc, etc....I totally think Maylene is best because it's an english household and no one ever said she was asian and Meirin/mey-rin kind of denotes asian. I've also seen Bard spelled with an L I like Bardroy better than Baldroy. any thoughts?

1/22/2011 #261

Aww, that's fine I guess. Waiting makes it better in the end right? Wow, that sounded masochistic-ish... You can ignore me.

BaRdroy FTW! Baldroy gives me the impression that he's bald.

Madame Red/Lau! Yeay for straight pairings! Ehh, has Maylene even met Undertaker in the manga?

1/22/2011 #262

I actually don't think she did, but the fun thing is she totally met her in the musical! mwahahaha. I would love to see Maylene, Bard and Finny meet the undertaker.


1/23/2011 #263

O.O -.- Noo....No BardFinny. Please no. Finny's too innocent! 3 But full speed ahead Cielizzie! 8D They just be so cute together.

*snort* Loolll, yeah. servants meet Undertaker. Mey-lene would COMPLETELY fall in love with him. She totally likes creepy things. Finny and Bard, not so much. Especially Finny. He might pass out or freak out. But lol. There you go. A year's payment for information paid in full. ;P

1/23/2011 #264

Not in the English dub, he's not. They totally got Finny's voice wrong! D8 He sounds so much..less cute!!

Ciel/Lizzy is definately cute~ When shotas love, it's fricken adorable XD

True about Maylene lol

1/24/2011 #265

O.O You're kidding...Right? GAJFSKIGSIURJIAKFMDKSDHFUSRHTUIEFGNKSD!!!!!!! T.T That was one of the conditions for me watching iiiiit! T.T Sebas-chan HAS to sound sexy, Undertaker HAS to sound like he's on crack, and Finny HAS to sound cute and adorable and childish! T.T

Lol. Yus. I love how like, she dresses up the manor all disgustingly cute with friggin' Hello Kitties and rabbits and bows and crap, and then she just tackled Ciel and like....gets her cutesy-cooties all over him. XD If I had boyfriend, that's EXACTLY what I'd do. *snickerrrr*

*shiverr* I hate Angel-er...It's Angel, right? NO! Angela. I hate Angela. She's a word I can't say on this. Hakkin dominatrix... -.-

1/24/2011 #266


xDDDD Nawww really?! XB CUUUTE!


1/24/2011 #267

Gaz...that sounded wrong in so many levels. Although she DID fill Drocell's head with sawdust...which is honestly funny, but a funny way (?)

The world would be less twisted if Angela never existed, agree?

Shotas in love, auuuuwww!

Has anybody watched the Musical 2? I've only watched the first one (without subs), and I was like, "WTF ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT!?!?!". I only got small phrases of..."Yes My Lord" and other catchy Japanese words. Undertaker/Maylene FTW! Didn't Finny faint when he met the Undertaker in the musical?

1/26/2011 #268

I've seen both. THe first kuromyu was pretty light hearted. I loved that they brought in Soma and Agni. The second one had better music but took it way too seriously..except for the grell in drag part. AHAHAHAHA 5 men in drag in the second musical. Finny, Bard and Maylene were definatly scared as hell in the undertaker scene. I love how Maylene got so indignant in the improv part because the undertaker totally called her on her inability to remember the words of her first joke. Ahaha.

1/26/2011 #269

I definately agree! Angela shoul never have existed! I'm fine with her guy-side, 'coz he's kinda attractive, but what he/she did was unforgivable.

Well, seriously xD Who here would mind Drocell kidnapping them? (Don't answer that xD Anyone would mind a kidnapping lol)

I never even knew there was a second musical e.e

-Goes to watch-

1/28/2011 #270
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