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Mystic Vixen
Question: Should Logan be with anyone? Personally, I don't think so becuase he's the type of character that is never going to be happy. He's a tortured character. Anyway, what do you guys think?
12/30/2005 #1
twice the rogue
No i agree he'd never be with anyone long term, but i enjoy his little romances in the comic's as they show a more gentle side of wolverine.
12/30/2005 #2
I have a fic where he hooked up with his old SHIELD partner, and they were together so long that they're pratically a married couple. But they never do get married even though the love each other. But I want Logan to find someone, get married but not like Scott and Jean, no I want him to get married, then lose it all, and watch him for the first time I can recall cry. He's the kind of guy that's totally sexy when he's in pain. I know it's crule but that's just what attracted me to him.
1/1/2006 #3
twice the rogue
If Logan ever falls in love i want it to be with a fellow adventurer, somebody he takes with him when he goes on missions, not leaves behind at home. Basically somebody with as much guts as him.
1/4/2006 #4
I don't want him hooking up with Rouge or Storm, that just freaks me out, if it had to be a fellow X-man it should bew Jean, Jubilee is way to young for him.
1/9/2006 #5
twice the rogue
Yeah I think Logan see's Storm and Rogue as sister's. The thing is about Jubilee is that the age diffrence makes it's exciting that's why so many people choose to write Fanfic's about the couple. Plus there is a lot of similarity's between Logan and Jubilee.
1/10/2006 #6
Mystic Vixen
Yeah, I don't like the idea of Logan/Jubilee. That wouldn't work. I don't like the idea of Logan/Rogue either but then again that's probably because right after the ist x-moive came out is when I started to hear about L/R. some one even came up with a little clip of movie Logan and Rogue kissing and I'm thinking that is soooooo wrong becuase he's too old for her. In my stories i really don't pair Logan with anyone(whose alive) he had a wife and I wanted to use someone everyone knew so I used Silver Fox. She's mysterious like he is and she can take care of hersel. His kind of woman, until she dies or he thinks she's dead. Have you even noticed that with Logan something is always wrong with the woman he's in love with? 1st it was that japanies woman who he was fighting her father and someone poisoned her so he killed her quickly rather letting her suffer a painfull death then it was Yuriko who eventually wants him dead becuase of his skeleton(you know the story right?) Then it was Silver Fox(who he's not sure he ever had a relationship with) Now it's Jean who is with Scott and is take so to him she might as well be dead cuase he can't have her. He can lust for her but he can't ever have her unless Scott dies or somehting like that but even then i don't know if Jean and Logan would endup together. Logan's a character that can never be happy so, I don't know.
1/11/2006 . Edited 1/11/2006 #7
twice the rogue
Yeah, Logan alway's pick's the wrong women, his the best there is at it. Really if you think about it though Logans like over a hundred, really his to old for everyone.
1/12/2006 #8
phsyically he's in his early thirties to late twenties, I think... anyway I don't think he'll never be happy I think he will, but I don't think it'll be happy happy, just that he's found faith and peace in himself. HE shold be happy he deserves to be happy, it wouldn't be right if he died a very bitter old person. He should be happy, maybe he might end up with someone he can see himself with but they'll never be able to be truly together and end up jeust being very imtimate friends, they'll kiss and hold hands but never marry, that kind of thing.
1/13/2006 #9
twice the rogue
What do you think about Logan and kids?
1/14/2006 #10
Mystic Vixen
Logan and kids.....um.....I kinda like the idea. I mean in my x-stories, my character, Black Fox is the daughter of Wolveirne and Silver Fox. Logan gave Theressa(Black Fox) to another family where she could live a normal life and not always be on the road with him and stuff like that. Um...the family was related to Logan's friend Maverick. Well anyway, Theressa ends up at the Xavier School because she gets powers and Logan just so happens to be there. But she dosn't find out that she's his daughter until she has kids of her own. The over all idea of Logan with kids is a good one I think. I believe he'd make a good dad. If he has more than one kid then at least one of them should be like him(personality wise not nessesarily power wise). [s:1754184:discoveries] This is the link to the story where Theressa finds out that she is Logan's daughter.
1/14/2006 . Edited 1/14/2006 #11
Cool, but with who? Jean? Oh yeah I can see it now! Holy hell! That'd make a great story! *Goes off to write* Jean: Um Scott I got something I need to tell you? Scott: What? Jean: I'm pregnat. Scott: That's great! Jean: Um....it's not yours...................... Scott:.... Jean: Can you forgive me? Scott: Who? Jean: .... Scott: W**?
1/15/2006 #12
twice the rogue
Lol, is that ment to be angst, comedy or action when he goes and try's to kick Logans arse.
1/16/2006 #13
I don't know what's going on but there's a cover picture from Astonishing 14 due out in April (I think) that has Logan kissing Emma on it. I had to reach for the eyewash and try to stop gagging. Say it ain't so....
1/20/2006 #14
You mean Emma Frost? Don't know much bout her...but I know I don't like her! Anyone read part two in Origins? I have the first one the one where Logan gets back his memory! But I have an idea let's all get together and write a fic where Logan has a daughter who's going on a date with a guy he don't very much like!
1/20/2006 #15
twice the rogue
It's been done already, well not Logan's own daughter but a Jubilee. Basically Logan meet's this guy and tells him if he does anything to his little girl he'd get killed, in the end the guy say's he feels to ill to take her out after all. I wonder why? I think that's a good idea though, one with Logans own daughter i mean. Who would her mother be? I know Jean's your fravoite.
1/25/2006 #16
Mystic Vixen
The mother could be Jean but you could always do a what if story. Like what if Jean and Logan got together. What if Silver Fox didn't die? What if Logan and Silver Fox(or Jean) had a daughter? You could go with Storm. In my stories Silver Fox is the mother of Logan's daughter. Or you could even get a woman whose not a mutant.
1/25/2006 #17
Or you could do like me and come up with an OC Orginal Character. I like those, they're fun. Mine is Logan's former partner from SHEILD, really, cool. I got part Two in Origins! YAY!
1/25/2006 #18
Mystic Vixen
OC are always fun to me. How long has part two of Origins been out?
1/26/2006 #19
A long time ago there was this hidieous comic that came out called Wild Thing that was an AU book that had a daughter from a Logan/Elecktra pairing. The book sucked but the idea of him having a kid was good. I mean, geez.. the guy's over 100 years old, He should have more than a few offspring running around. :)
1/27/2006 #20
Logan and Elektra? W**? W**? When did all this happen? That's so gay! I hate Elecktra! You just can't get rid of her, that's what makes her suck, I thought she was Daredevil's girl? Any way here's somthing I came up with! The car pulled up. A red mustang. Logan hated him all ready. "Hi, I'm Soctt," the boy said getting out. "Scott?" Logan raised his eyebrow, he hated him even more. Ann stepped out of the door smiling brightly. "Hi, I'm Ann, Rose's mother, you must be Scott," she smiled brightly shaking the boy's hand. "Where is Rose?" "Why are you in such a hurry to take my daughter out?" Logan asked. Scott stepped a bit further away. "Well I do have resverations," "Resverations?" Logan snuffed. "Resverations, hear that Ann? Reservations," "Um...is she ready?" "Did my daughter tell you about the rules?" "Rules? Oh yeah she told 'em to me," "That's good, cause I got six good reasons why you should follow them," Logan grinned toothily. Knocks me out!
1/28/2006 #21
twice the rogue
That's great i like the fact the boy's called scott, and rose for the girl's name is brill. How old are they?, the only comment i have is why Ann? I alway's imagined Logan with an oriental woman, perhaps thats just me though.
1/28/2006 #22
Elizabeth Robbins
I honestly don't think Logan should be with Jean. She's too soft. He'd walk all over her and make her miserable. He needs a woman who can stand up to him. I like Jubilee or Storm.
2/1/2006 #23
twice the rogue
Jubilee has too be my fraviote too, but the age difrence puts a lot of people off.
2/2/2006 #24
I always wanted Logan and Storm to get together! :P
2/3/2006 #25
twice the rogue
Logan suites Storms wild side, but that's a side she rarly shows.
3/2/2006 #26
Maybe Marvel should cough up their pride and create a new one that would be tailor made for Logan? She'd be calm cool collective and witty, she'd be mischevious but not wild, lose with tounge and ideas, but would stick to her beliefs, she'd smart off to Scott the first time she meets him and constantly would be making jokes about his manhood.She'd also be sort of distant from the others and have questionable motives but the drive is there. She'd have a haunting past, a loving father, tons of brothers, and a really bigass family to whom she's very close to. And she'd have pride too. Oh and she'd be Canadian, and her powers she be etrnal youth, beauty, and seduction all topped off with a voice to kill. Now how dangerous can that be? A hot girl who'd live forever long enough to die with Logan, and can kill just by singing? Definatly Logan matiral there.
3/7/2006 #27
Luc Star
Ok, I know some of you found the idea of Logan and Elektra as a couple a little hard to swallow… but personally, I think she’d be the best candidate for a love interest for our favourite X-Man. Why? Anyone who has read the Onslaught series (which I was actually able to collect) will remember that it was Elektra who helped Wolverine gain his humanity back, by staying with him and nursing his mind back to its more or less healthy state after Magneto ripped the adamantium from his body and he reverted for the most part to his feral side. Not Jubilee (whom he left behind cause he thought he was a danger to her), not Jean, not Rogue, not Ororo, not Betsy, not even Kitty. And we all know how close Betsy and Kitty are to Logan. Also, in just the past one year, remember when Logan got mind wiped by the Hand and got turned into their own personal killing machine. Who did his best bud Nick Fury send to bring him back from the brink? Elektra. I think there’s definitely something going on between the two. For one thing, she can relate to Logan better than any other female character in the Marvel universe. Both of them are killers… and yet they both have this sense of I don’t know… honour, a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong; both are reluctant good guys… something along those lines. I could throw in a few more arguments supporting their relationship but it’s about 1 AM here and I’m nearly falling off my chair. Heh. Anyways, as for Logan and kids, I actually loved Rina Elizabeth Logan (daughter of Logan and Elektra) from the MC2 Universe. I actually have all the issues that came out. True, the stories were a little lame, but just seeing Wolverine acting all fatherly… those five or six issues were worth having for just those small parts. The only thing I hated about those comics was that there was only two or three panel in one of the comics where Jubilee made her appearance. And, they didn’t even seem that close. This was funny because I always thought Jubilee was like the daughter Logan never had and I thought for sure her and Rina would have a close sisterly relationship. If you guys want to read about Logan’s daughters… try going through my fic Six Sharp Claws and a Mister Pointy. Its not based on Wolverine… but based on one of his daughters. One who has most definitely been making quite the wave in the Marvel universe in recent times. Hehe. It’s a Marvel/DC/BTVS crossover by the way. The summary goes something like this: - “One girl, Chosen. Slayer. The other, Clone. Mutant. . Buffy the Vampire Slayer comes face to face with the most dangerous girl on the planet. The daughter of Wolverine. X23. The adventure starts right here. BTVS Crossover with MarvelDC AU. Read & Review.” Check it out if you guys get the chance and let me know what you think. Later all. Star
4/5/2006 . Edited 11/4/2006 #28
twice the rogue
Wow Electra i've never thought of that. You put forward a very compelling arguement one which i will definetly look into.
4/6/2006 #29
For one I didn't know Elektra did that, (Me stupid!) that does earn her brownie points with him I guess, but still, she just doesn't fit the bill, not in the least. If anything Logan at least deserves an illigetament child!
4/6/2006 #30
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