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twice the rogue
I want to know the best Wolvie quotes and why you think there the best. Wolverine (after scott summers has just fallen over a table,drunk): This guy's one of the best. Trust me Fantomex, it's like I promised... there's nobody I'd rather have in my corner than Scott Summers.' I think this is a good quote beacause Logan and Scott are always at each outher throats but Logan has a lot of respect for him, and it's funny.
12/30/2005 #1
Mystic Vixen
I like that quote twice the rogue and I like it for the same reason. Now the quote that I found isn't really my favorite but I do like it. Wolverine:[q]"I know what you're thinkin', punk. Question is: 'Can I get Wolverine before he turns me into shih kabob with those claws?' Now bub, seein' that those claws are adamantium, the strongest metal known, and can slice through vanadium steel like a hot knife through butter, buddy, you gotta ask yourself: do I feel lucky?"[/q] As far as I can remember this is from the comics/90's tv show during the phoenix saga. Logan is trying to get into The Hell FIre Club's place without getting caught and he runs into one of the Hell Fire clubs's goons. Anyway, I like this just becuase its wolverine saying. Anything he says I like. Mostly. :)
12/30/2005 #2
Hmmm. I like this one. "And what do they call you? Wheels?" That's so damn funny!
1/1/2006 #3
twice the rogue
That's from the film right? My frav film moment has to be in the stuatue of liberty when he walks through the metal detector and sets it off.
1/4/2006 #4
Who doesn't love that?
1/13/2006 #5
i like when bobby(iceman) brings him to his house and his parents meet logan for the first time and they ask what do you teach? he says "i teach art!" i highly doubt he teaches art unless it is a different kind of art.
1/29/2006 #6
A.J. Starhiker
Well, there's Martial Arts
1/30/2006 #7
Mystic Vixen
I'd have to say Logan was meaing Martial Arts. I could never see Logan in a class room teaching students how to draw. He'd probably endup getting frustrated and shread the paper.
1/31/2006 #8
Elizabeth Robbins
I think is was one of his patented snide remarks. My favorite Wolverine moment is from the comics. He was going to Japan to pick up Jubilee, who for some odd reason, ended up there with Logan's scoot, and he took all of his clothes off for the airport security screeners so prove that he wasn't carrying any weapons. He was marching around the metal detectors in his boxers. Made ya think (and drool).
2/1/2006 . Edited 2/1/2006 #9
i would think so too ! that is what i mean. I like it when the kitten i supose licks his claws! that was cute and funny!
2/1/2006 #10
twice the rogue
2/2/2006 #11
why would the cat's tongue be sore?
2/2/2006 #12
twice the rogue
When logan withdraws his claws the cat's tounge is cut (you hear it meow)
2/4/2006 #13
Mystic Vixen
I never noticed that. I know that the cat licks(sp?) Wolvie's claws after logan pops them out. Here's a question. How come when Logan's claws come out there's no blood on them?
2/4/2006 #14
i never thought of that! hmmmm...
2/5/2006 #15
I did! Go me! Maybe that's because he pulls them out so much his body was like the hell with regenerating these blood vessels they'll just get ripped out again! So it grouws around them, but it dose hurt though mind you.
3/7/2006 #16
Mystic Vixen
That's a good explination. I like it.
3/15/2006 #17
When you get as bored as I do you have time for everything. What about this one? It's branded to Logan like Scott and and his well I need time to associate something offensive to him. Scott that is, anyway here it is. "I'm the best there is, at what I do!" Logan's arrogant side, you can't beat it. He rarely shows it which makes the whole comment a lot funnier.
3/19/2006 #18
I like the part when lady death strike extends her claws and he comments, "holy s***!" And went scoot is like, "how do we know it is you?" and logan jsut simply says, "you are a d***." And scoot believes him.
4/4/2006 #19
twice the rogue
Oh yeah i love that bit with Scott. In the comics the complex relationship between Logan and Scott is fanftastic, the way they respect each outher and understand each outher even though there both after the same woman, it just makes things that extra bit interesting.
4/5/2006 #20
Luc Star
Hey all, Talking about quotes… well, I don’t exactly have a quote but I thought I’d share with you this entire scene between Captain America and Wolverine. The Cap and Wolverine team-up for the first time to take out some bad guys (Uncanny X-Men, Issue #268). The story takes place in 1941. The Cap and Wolverine are done with the kicking of the bad guy butts and are about to part ways when this following scene happens. Captain (shaking hands with Wolverine who’s sitting in a car and smoking a cigar): We work pretty well together mister. A shame to break up so potential a team. Wolverine (shaking Captain’s hand… still smoking that cigar): Appreciate the thought Cap. But I work alone. Don’t need a sidekick. Buahhahahahahahahha. Oh God! And in the next panel Captain America (smile still on face but sounds flabbergasted): Actually (ahem) I meant (er) as my ---- well, never mind, perhaps it’s for the best. Take care Logan. They exchange a few more words – you know the usual “hope to see you around” followed by an “anything’s possible.” Now I don’t know about you guys but this has got to be one of the funniest Wolverine moments in comic history. Heheh. Anyone else has any Wolverine funny moments they want to share? Doza
4/19/2006 . Edited 4/19/2006 #21
LoveforLogan already posted this, but I think a full quote is in order: "I'm the best there is in what I do. But what I do best isn't very nice." There is an other one (NOT a Skywalker, I'm afraid ;) in that same comic (Chris Claremont/Frank Miller) that's even better one IMHO: "They were good. I'm the best." And I just LOVE this one from "Return of the Native": "Go ahead. Reload. Take all the time you want. I'm still gonna kill every last one of you."
5/6/2006 #22
Luc Star
ButNothing, your selected Wolverine quotes [q]"I'm the best there is in what I do. But what I do best isn't very nice." "They were good. I'm the best." "Go ahead. Reload. Take all the time you want. I'm still gonna kill every last one of you."[/q] Pure classics man. Simply classic. Later all. Doza
5/6/2006 #23
Aye, so classic that they make my imaginary claws itch. (BTW that line from Return of Native is the only good thing in that comic. IMHO: waste of money that one. Should have bought a Groo instead. ;)
5/7/2006 #24
Luc Star
You know, i was just wondering, that famous saying by Wolverine, "best there is at what i do..", do you guys think that particular saying came first or Bret The Hit Man Hart's "Best there is, best there was and the best there ever will be" line. This just popped into my head and i couldn't stop from over-analysing it. I mean, both are Canadian and both have pretty much the same saying. Yes, i know, one is fictional and the other guy is real, but really... doesn't it ever make you wonder whether the writers at marvel decided to use pretty much the same saying - adding just a slight twist to it. Adios ppl. Doza
5/7/2006 #25
That Claremont/Miller-story was published in 1982. Wikipedia claims that that Bert Hart-line derives from the 1984 baseball-film "The Natural". So, if you trust the infinite wisdom of internet, there you go. I think it probably is as Wikipedia claims, but (ah well) that's internet based knowledge, so be warned. Caveat lector.
5/7/2006 #26
twice the rogue
In the new X-men 119 there was so many moments between Wolverine and Angel (not the blue winged guy the teenage girl) those two should be shown around each other more often. What happened to Angel, i havn't seen her in the comics latly. [q]Only reason i ain't kicked your butt this far's cause it wobbles too much to keep track of. You're a mutant, the world hates you. Hell, even i hate you and we only just met. Deal with it.[/q]
1/9/2007 #27
cause he has little housings in his forearms for them. like cats have.
1/25/2007 #28

Here are a few fave. quotes of mine. IDK what comics they're in exactly but...i got 'em down.

Wolvie: I'm the best there is at what i do. And what i do...isn't very pretty.


Creed: I've got something that might interest you."

Wolvie: Proof that your parents were married?

Creed: At least i remember mine.


Creed: go to hell!

Wolvie: Been there. Bed's already made up for ya.


Wolvie: Whoa, whoa, whoa...it's me.

Scott: Prove it.

Wolvie: -hesitates a small second- You're a d***.

Scott: -removes hands from visor- Okay.


Wolvie: What happened here? It looks like a freight train full o' butt-kick rolled through with no breaks.


Wolvie: Alright you egg sucking piece of gutter trash you always liked pushing around people smaller than you. Well I'm smaller; try pushing me.


Wolvie: Um....take me to your leader. -whispers to self- "i've always wanted to say that."

that's all i got for now.

2/25/2009 #29

When Wolverine reveals to a lot of the ladies in his life he is marrying Lady Viper they all start in on him. "They all come at me all except one (Shadowcat) and she is the most dangerous one of them all."

3/8/2009 #30
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