That Which We Dread
"What the people dread most... is a galaxy with no hero." A serious literary Metroid RP with a plot. Bring your A-game and unravel the mystery of "Dread".
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This is for player created races. Please feel free to use any of the races approved here.


Name: (Name of the species.)

Homeworld: (Custom homeowrlds must be created in the Custom Worlds thread. Some species have multiple homeworlds in the galactic erra, and some are nomads with no home at all.)

General Appearance: (By and large, what do they look like? What kinds of variations in appearance are common?)

Biological Characteristics: (Anything profoundly not terrestrial or inhuman about their biology? Six stomachs, three hearts, a back-up brain?)

Powers/Abilities: (Not every race needs a super-power, in fact most just use technology, but some special races have superhuman powers or abilities.)

Technology: (Unique technology invented and implemented by the race. Also for their tech level in general compared to the federation.)

Weaknesses: (Not entirely necessary, but try to have it make sense biologically.)

Affiliation: (Galactic Federation, Solitary, or Other?)

5/25/2009 . Edited 9/26/2009 #1

Name: Unknown, with thirty-seven syllables, but commonly called 'Dragons'.

Homeworld: Xil'gemesh, though they were originally nomads sweeping through the stars in search of a planet that could support their species. Now they commonly group in the Theta Cluster, with almost two hundred planets falling under their government.

General Appearance: Depending on age and race, they may be anywhere from six feet long to over a hundred. Wings, tails, claws, breath weapons, etc etc, are all normal traits of the race, with anywhere from NO horns, to hundreds of horns ranging across their bodies.

Five races, from the bottom up, are Copper, Brass, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Coppers and Brass are normally the working class, often because they enjoy the more visceral feeling of carving and creating homes, arts and crafts, ships, etc etc.

Bronze's are often scientists, philosophers, etc etc, as they love to pick apart what is before their eyes, reworking and remaking it or an original idea to replace the older tech.

Silvers are the police force, explorers and detectives, always looking for the hidden meanings in peoples words and actions.

Golds are the ruling class, diplomats with six-inch claws and a fire breath that can melt steel.

(All these are not ingrained roles. Any dragon may choose his career and lifestyle. A Copper may be a Ruler if elected, and a Gold may be an artist if he wants to.)

Biological Characteristics: As a speices, Dragons are a hardy breed. They absorb radiation (Thus the Proof part) and use it as energy for long space flights where there is almost no nutriants to be had, and their internal heat is used to break down more solid states of matter to convert it to energy. They can eat just about anything, from rocks to metal to flesh to foliage, break it down and get energy from it. Four lungs, and two hearts (One of each for the breath attacks) give them a range of vocal abilites that are quite incredible.

Their bodies utilize their own biological variant of an Ion Engine to propel themselves through space. By throwing out heated particals of internal heat through the membranes of their wings, they can accelerate through space. This is a SLOW way to travel, but with a lifespan extending into the .....well, LOOOONG distant future, this is not a problem.

Their scales are connected via millions of tiny muscles to each scale. When in atmosphere the muscles relax, allowing much greater freedom of movement. In space however, the muscles contract, forcing the Dragons into a much more liner form. This allows them to survive in space, but lacks the freedom of movement.

Powers/Abilities: Super strength, super durability, airtight scales, breath weapons, hightened senses.

Technology: Personal warp travel, regeneration, though these are not mainstream in any regards. Chozo level of tech, though its hard to tell, seeing as they are more inclined to claw your heart out rather then shoot your skull off. They do have a large standing fleet however, and it could take apart pretty much any ship save the Luminoth in one on one combat.

Weaknesses: They have a hard time relating to any race that dosnt enjoy combat to the degree that they do, and after Ridleys actions, many levies and taxes have been thrown at them in some vain attempt at soothing the public's cries of anger. Most of the race has retreated to their own section of the galaxy, large though it may be, or exploring off into Deep Space. The race as a whole is a 'Slow to Anger' type.

But if someone where to enrage the spieces as a whole....

Affiliation: Leaning for the Federation, but as their treatment of late, they are often in the Solitary group.

10/12/2009 . Edited 10/12/2009 #2

Biological characteristics are rather vaguely stated. I'd start with size, air tight scales, tails, claws, teeth, hearts, extra special fire breath lungs, no reliance on oxygen (may I also suggest a diet of flammable materials?), internal systems that act as potent air locks to prevent spontaneous gory combustion in space, and optional horns.

Powers and abilities... anything superhuman. This includes fire breath, super strength, durribility, etc etc.

Details and technobabble is not necessary for both parts, but wholly appreciated.

10/12/2009 #3

Hmm...well, theres an the whole siz thing, but I didnt want to go overboard. Anywhere from 6-100 feet is pretty damn big, and anything over 10 feet is getting to the 'Unplayable' area.

Airtight scales can be said that...hmm...perhaps the pores of the body seal up with...some kind of bodily fluid that they secrete from their organs?

Tails, claws, teeth are pretty easily explained. Normal evolution.

Exta set of lungs devoted to the breath attacks, I thought I put those in there...Eating flamible materials is kinda moot, considering that if you get it hot enough, ANY material burns.

Internal systems for O2 are also not needed, as they dont reply on air, remember? So they wouldnt need interal air sinks.

Powers: True enough. But seeing as they were normal features for the race, IDK if that would count as superpowers.

10/12/2009 #4

I know the size was mentioned, I just appended that it needed to be stated in there.

What poors? They have scales. The scales can be tough enough and layered to be air tight. Problem solved.

I don't necessarily need a "how did it come about" as much as "how it works".

They need to eat something acidic or flammable to replace oxygen as their... well... primary method of breaking down nutrients. Oxygen is used because it's corrosive and allows our bodies to break down sugars efficiently (we just breathe).

It's because they don't need air that they need something else to replace it.

Superpowers compared to humans. It's not relative to the natural race, it's relative to humanity.

10/12/2009 #5

Also... they at least need a way to have their body act as an air lock to slowly release their internalized air so that opening their mouth in space doesn't make their lungs fly out their mouth...

10/12/2009 #6


Hm....IDK if scales can be airtight....unless....okay, say the skin of the dragons is fluid, with muscles underneath it that connect each scale to the skin. When they dont need to conserve air (Or its replacment) the scales open up and they move about freely. In space however, the scales tighten to air-lock, but this puts them into a much more liner form, making it harder to make sharp turns and dodge on their own. Thus their ships are not so much transport, but strictly battle.

OoO! I know! They absorb radiation? Perhaps instead of 'deflecting' it, they absorb it to break down food and such?

Something to replace it...Hmmm.....*Thinks*

Fair enough.

10/12/2009 #7

Perhaps they have interal air-sacks that can be closed off to store it? Say the fly through space, and its closed off, but they have to breath onto something to remove it from their path.

Once they reach air, they reopen it and literally 'swallow' air into the sack for future use?

10/12/2009 #8

The diet of acidic or flammable foods would replace the need for oxygen through soft science technobable.

Air tight is less important than being tough enough to only release the air a little at a time rather than all at once. Containing air in space is one thing, releasing it without popping like a balloon pricked with a pin is hard. So either: 1) be air tight to prevent a leak, or 2) release it slowly when leaving an atmosphere like an air lock. That is all those functions are needed for. You only need one, but not both. It's up to you.

10/12/2009 #9

Lol, alright. I figured that the interal heat that each one produces would be enough to break down the food and release it, but hey....

Airtight then. Saves some trouble.

10/12/2009 #10
El Fonz0

Name: Krystonian

Homeworld: Krystonia

General Appearance: Krystonians are large and muscular with four arms with the tail, back, and arms adorned with crystals. They have a rocky body and a beak-like mouth. Krystonians can range from multiple colors, depending on what part of Krystonia they are born on. Those born in the magma regions are brown with red crystals, those born in the Krystonian Mining Area are often blue with purple crystals, and those born in the mountainous regions are often light blue with blue crystals. The point of this is while they were wild animals, they used it to blend in with the surrondings to escape predators, now a days, they use it for wars.

Biological Characteristics: Krystonians have a rocky exoskeleton, along with a skeleton. Female Krystonians have fewer and/or smaller crystals on their body. The crystals on the Krytonians' bodies can absorb energy around them and convert them to power for the Krystonians.

Powers/Abilities: Magma Krystonians are blessed with the power of fire control, they have the ability to breathe fire, throw fire, ride on slabs powered by fire, etc. Mountain Krystonians (also called Ice Krystonians) are the same as Magma Krystonians, except with ice instead of fire/magma. Mining Krystonians do not have any special powers, as they are the "workers of the hive" as some put it. Their only job is to mine Krystonia's crystals for power.

Technology: Krystonians power their weapons with the crystals they mine. Standard Krystonian weapons include, but are not limited to: Magma Artillery Cannons, Magmauls (They were trading buddies with Diamonts before they disappeared), Magma Missiles, Ice Grenade Launchers, Freeze Guns, and Ice Beams(found data for them on Tallon IV. Is that okay?).

Weaknesses: Magma/Ice Krystonians have a weakness to the other element. They are also big targets for any weapon smaller then them.

Affiliation: Krystonians are affiliated with the Galactic Federation. Krystonians give the GF 30% of the crystals that they mine in return with protection from Space Pirates.

11/16/2009 . Edited 11/17/2009 #11

Not bad. Needs a few touch ups if you want to play one.

First, Judicators and Magmauls... Magmauls make sense however the Vhozon abhor other races in their rightious superiority. Yes the Vhozon are indeed stuck up snobs like that. I doubt they would trade with any race that seeks war.

Affiliation is also an issue. When I say this, I mean "are they a part of the Galactic Federation" also, while it is possible to have multiple hive minds, hive minds are NOT a playable thing. Do you know what a Hive Mind means in terms of something like this? It means there are no individuals, only the whole of the "hive" that is all of the minds linked together. That is not playable. There is not need for a king or queen in such a system as well because the whole race is essentially one entity with multiple bodies.

11/16/2009 #12
El Fonz0

Edited. Changed some stuff.

11/17/2009 #13

Sorry it took me so long to reply to this. Anyway... Ice Beam data is still iffy... there's really no reason for it since most of them are either pyro or cryokinetic anyway.

11/21/2009 #14

Name: Averi

Home world: Lintsyia and other "Province" Planets

General Appearance: The Averi a quadruple-helix DNA structure. This is thought to be the cause of the radical variations in Averi eye color; their irises can be black to white and every color in between. Their shoulders are bumped due to the two hearts there, and also because there are dense bone structures protecting them, the most heavily fortified part of their bodies. They have long tails that help regulate blood flow. Blood vessels closer to the surface of the skin makes them have a slight blue-gray color. The Averi are also very tall, standing at about 10 feet tall. Their chests are pushed out a little farther because of the hearts being located behind their lungs.

Biological Characteristics: Along with their eye color, the Averi have two separate circulatory systems- one for their bodies and one specifically for their brains. They have two hearts in their chests and two on their shoulders. That brings their blood-pumping organ count to 4. When they bleed, the Averi's blood stays blue. Their brains are double lobbed, like Humans. The hearts in their chests are behind the lungs for protection.

Powers/Abilities: The Averi's additional hearts give them more stamina.

Technology: The Averi use what they call "Microstars" to power most of their tech. Microstars are actual stars created for power production. They are kept stable through layers of dense dark energy and electromagnetic fields. The Averi are heavily dependent on stellar plasma and light. I would say they are just slightly more advanced than the GF.

Weaknesses: Averi bones are weaker than Humans and can’t stand the same kinds of pressures. Inhaling gases like Oxygen in high amounts will cause asphyxiation.

Affiliation: The Averi occupy a section of the universe a little ways away from the GF. They are a solitary species.

2/9/2010 . Edited 2/11/2010 #15
Macbeth 7768

A few holes here...

They have two circulatory systems that are linked? That's one system that branches into two subsystems. Just semantics.

Microstars. Um.... stars have to be enormous for a reason. That sun up there (unless it's night where you are)? That's a giant nuclear reactor. It's fusing atoms. Maybe something different, but stars can't be micro-ized.

2/9/2010 #16

Microstars. Um.... stars have to be enormous for a reason. That sun up there (unless it's night where you are)? That's a giant nuclear reactor. It's fusing atoms. Maybe something different, but stars can't be micro-ized.

Well, there a number of electromagnetic and dark energy (not MP2) fields keeping a microstar stable.

2/10/2010 . Edited 2/10/2010 #17
Macbeth 7768

Okay then. Just say so in the profile, if ya don't mind.

2/10/2010 #18

Allright, changed.

2/10/2010 #19

What do they breath?

And you said that nitrogen is toxic to them (Although, isn't nitrgen gas inert?) but then how do they have DNA?

2/10/2010 #20

Well, FX says that theres only one major issue with them.

They are waaaaaay to similar to humans. Change up their appearance to suit the 5 hearts alot more. Other then that, he says its okay.

2/10/2010 #21

They breathe the mixture of gases on their homeworld- Xenon and Neon. There is still nitrogen and oxygen in their bodies, but breathing too much of these can result in death. It has to do with the way cells on Lintsyia developed. I'll have to go change that... Sorry for the confusion.

2/10/2010 #22

Wait, how do you breath Neon and Xenon for respiratory purposes? Those are noble gasses...

2/10/2010 #23

They devloped a way to cope with the fact that those gases have low reactivity levels. By the way, I edited their profile...

2/10/2010 #24

Alright, time to do a detailed review.

1. I want you to be aware that this race by its virtues will be exceptionally hearty. Not as a pun, I mean to say they would be hard to kill, and have overall good health.

2. General Appearance: More details would be nice, as bulky is a feature rather than a full description (found descriptive bits in the characteristics section, they should be up in the appearance section instead). I would not be surprised if they had a lot of very inhuman features. With five hearts they could be very large as well, and might even need to be because otherwise the blood pressure would be rather high.

3. Biological Characteristics: Several things, time to subcategorize.

a. Quadruple-Heliz DNA, not a problem.

b. Two circulatory systems. To have any benefit at all, they need to be completely independent and not connected. Otherwise they'll still bleed out when you cut them badly. Otherwise the arrangement is not a problem. Five hearts, being a part of this, should be in well protected places as befits the nature of a heart, and not open as weak points. Extra blood flow is good, but it wouldn't make their bones stronger, in fact it would make them weaker because they would need more bone marrow for making blood and their bones would be less bony.

c. The brain makes little sense, only because it's alien and difficult to understand. By making it sensory based it becomes difficult to use it to think cognitively.

d. Calling Xenon nonreactive is an understatement. It's useless for breathing, in fact do you even know what breathing is for? It makes literally no sense in that context. A species would not evolve a need for an nonreactive noble gas, they would develop a need for the most reactive gas available.

4. Technology: Fusion reactors are fine, miniturized is also fine... I see no problem here.

5. Weaknesses: I'd say all of their bones would be weaker, but that's just me.

That's about it. There are a few biological paradoxes that need to be corrected, but other than that I see no real big problems with the concept. Although with all that blood they could stand to have a few extra limbs... or something.

2/10/2010 #25

OK, I see what I did... I tried to make them too unique. You can go ahead and delete the profile, I'm going to revise it. You can do the same to my entry in the Planets section.

2/11/2010 #26

lol No need to delete it. Just feel free to edit it when you're done.

2/11/2010 #27

Here's yet another revised edition... Please note this version breathes fluorine.

2/11/2010 #28

Hate to burst your bubble after you specifically mentioned it buuuuuut.... Fluorine would be just as impossible (if not more so) than a noble gas because its the complete opposite of a noble gas

Namely its more reactive than a boomer stuck with a spike grenade

So reactive that it is impossible to find in its natural Gaseous state. Literally. There's no natural fluorine on earth, only fluorine that we've reacted out of fluorine compounds (just as hard, but actually do-able)

Now chlorine I have... less of a problem with as it doesn't go "OMGTHERESSTUFFTHEREMUSTGOREACTANDBOOOOOMTIMESYAY!" with everything in existence

2/11/2010 #29

Okay, then. No fancy gases.

2/11/2010 #30
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