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Ever wanted to visit one of the Jurassic Park islands? As yourself? How about one of the origonal characters? Anyone else? Jump in and hang on for the ride. A Jurassic Park role play.
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Angsty Anime Star

Sure. I'm going to make another character and I'll join in.

6/25/2009 #31
Angsty Anime Star

Name: Tamera (goes by Tao) Jennings

Age: 15

Profession: Aspiring musician

Appearance: Black hair down to her neck with side bangs and faded streaks. Fairly tall. Clad in denim and a leather jacket style outfit. Sort of ill looking. Overly skinny and pale.

Personalty: Sort of depressed and quiet. But very helpful and supportive and willing

Bio: With a life expectancy of only tweny more years at most her life was interesting. She was ill, and there was no denying that. But she was tanented beyond belief with music. Her family wasn't supportive at all and she moved out in the first given chance. She grabbed her few belongings and bought a plane ticket, not really caring where it took her as long as it was someplace new and far. (ironic much)

Fears: Commitment, ...and death

Other: Carries her guitar around EVERYWHERE. Music is really all she lives for.

Why she's here: Plane crash. (really, stupid question!)

(Yeah, i changed it. But i needed a truely overly angsty character. So much fun to play.)

6/26/2009 . Edited 1/24/2010 #32

Name: Alice White

Age: 16

Profession: student/writer

Appearance: Alice has red hair that sticks to her head due to the curlyness of it and has blue eyes. Her skin is pale with freckles flecked across her nose and cheeks, along with being stick like with basically nothing to attract the average guy, but she's incrediably fast over rough terrian, since she trained in cross-country for the fun of it (cross-country as in running across the countryside). She usually wear loose jeans that she can move in, but not so loose they fall down, and 3/4 sleeve shirts.

Personality: Alice is not easy to explain at times. One moment, she could be completely childish and needing rescue, the next minute completely serious and coming up with a plan. She is self-consious and unsure of herself, as well as her place in the world. She is incrediably smart, but isn't sure how to apply those smarts and at times can get lost in a day dream, which is usually a bad thing. The dreamer and the "idiot" or "idiot that does stupid things" because her curiosity always gets the better of her. Like pushing big red buttons she should never push ever.

Bio: Alice grew up in a simple little suburb with the simple little family who's father was a biologist. But, he was never there and so she was mainly just with her mother and slightly crazy aunt who told her stories of worlds that could not possibly exist, but it added to Alice's dream like personality. Lost in a world of imagination and growing, when her father did come back, he showed his disappointment in how his daughter was turning out and enrolled her in a private school. Away from her family, she suddenly lost what she used to use as an anchor, as to what her identity was.

Growing up, her genius was discovered and they persuaded her father to allow them to...help her achieve her potential.

Instead, they exploited it. Her genuis, her gift, to retain anything she read and refrence it for later use, was used to but together a chemical formula for an acidic compound. She soon realized that they were using her and begged her mother to let her return home. It was given and she graduated highschool within the year. With her highschool diploma, no friends, and no good memories of her father, she found herself drifting farther down the path of a dreamer, even taking to writing. Her books ranged from fantasy to historical fiction, and she began to take online classes for chemistry on a site.

History with the park: her father used to work there

Fears: being used again, being forgotten, dying

Other: she always carries a backpack with her, even if it is empty

7/27/2009 #33
Angsty Anime Star

Great character! Accepted!

Preferably bring her into Roleplay 2 since it would make more sense as its just started.

Join in any time

7/27/2009 #34
Katelyn Renee

Name: Jesse Williams

Age: 23

Profession: College Student [[?]]


Personality: Hot-headed, Loyal, Respectful, He's got a thing for damsels in distress

Bio: Jesse grew up in Las Vegas, NV with his older brother, Asher. His father died when he was just four years old, sending his mother into a deep depression. Asher took care of both Jesse and their mother. One night, while Asher was spending time with his girlfriend Clair, there was a house fire trapping Jesse inside. He was hospitalized with sever burns across his back and right arm, but his mother didn't make it. Asher never had forgiven himself.

History with the park: He got nominated at school for a history research project [[?]]

Fears: Fire; he was caught in a house fire when he was ten.

Other: N/A

11/30/2009 #35
Angsty Anime Star

Welcome! Great character XD

Both RPs are dead at the moment, so feel free to jump into either. I suppose the first one is the best suited for quick entries.

11/30/2009 #36
Katelyn Renee

so what exactly is going on? i really don't real like reading all of the post. lol

11/30/2009 #37
Angsty Anime Star

Uh, just show up on the island and see a river. There's four people scattered around there, and a couple of raptors. I'll have my character give you a briefing on things.

11/30/2009 #38
Katelyn Renee

alrighty. thanks. teehee

12/1/2009 . Edited 12/1/2009 #39
Katelyn Renee

is there anyone on?

12/4/2009 #40


12/4/2009 #41
Katelyn Renee

oh my god, i am so bored right now. it's friday night, and like no one is on! lol. don't you need to reply to my post?

12/4/2009 #42

I thought I had. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time my (censored) piece of (censored) laptop didn't actually get the reply through.

12/4/2009 #43
Katelyn Renee

haha. nice.

12/4/2009 #44

I'll be replying now, but after that I wait for awhile...or we could just PM our fearless Admin.

12/4/2009 #45
Katelyn Renee

either or is fine with me. lol

12/4/2009 #46
Katelyn Renee

was you wanting me to reply or wait? Haha

12/4/2009 #47

Either way, I still wait for AnimeStar

12/4/2009 #48
Katelyn Renee

are they on now?

12/4/2009 #49

Not a clue.

12/4/2009 #50
Katelyn Renee

haha. m'kay, i'll probably be hitting the hay soon anyways. lol

12/4/2009 #51

Okay then.

12/4/2009 #52
Angsty Anime Star

Sorry guys. Stupid time differances. And no need to wait around if your ever on without me. :D Well I'ma post but then i gotta get to bed. see ya

12/4/2009 #53

Aww...and I still awakeish!

12/4/2009 #54
Angsty Anime Star

Hiii!!!! I haven't talked to you in a long time. Psh, I changed my mind!! I'm a little kid, and its Friday, and I'm energetic, i don't wanna sleep now. XD

12/4/2009 #55

Perfect for AliceProtective Mode!!

12/4/2009 #56
Angsty Anime Star


12/4/2009 #57

I figure Alice's active imagination would get her more wierded out then normal. (giggles) I love James. He's so cute!!

12/4/2009 #58
Angsty Anime Star

Aha, yeah, its cool though! And he is *laughs* little kids in literature are all so cute and fun.

12/4/2009 #59


We really need a chat section. I don't mind this but...eh

12/4/2009 #60
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