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Not a World Eater

Prodesto, a country with many ruins.

Where this is light there is of course darkness. Median the concorer joined all the countries together. But he was later killed, him and his new born child. Soon after a new shadow risen threw the country. The Master of Death and his behemoths called "World Eaters" began destroying everything. Some people ran away, others bowed down to the World Eaters. Layna, Medians daughter went and defeated the Master of Death. Once he was defeated the World Eaters stopped destroying and went into slumber.....

800 Bc

In the Hidden Village......something had gone wrong...terribly wrong....

6/26/2009 #1

The village was deserted, the young female soon to be hero Revya had left the village entrusted with the power of her new soulmate, Gig, the master of death and god of destruction, along with her seph friend Danette they had left a few weeks ago. However right now, not a single person remained in the village, a very important person, Lady Layna, the ruler of the village had gone missing, all the villagers, knowing her true identity left in desesperate search for her, for her dissapeareance meant sure soon death to the world.

it was calm in the deserted village, that is until....

6/26/2009 #2
Moe-Doki 008

(I think Harely should post here and not me^^. Since the explosion should happen first right?)

Rhymenia's POV

After that lousy goddess Haephnes said something gibberish, she some sort of transported me into this fucking village; which is likely a ghost town. It felt like there was no presence of a single human here. I walked in and explored the place. Now to be exact, this was a hidden village. And this village was in our history also. Now I've figured the I was in the past... So how the hell do I get back?

A loud crash snapped me out of my thoughts. Oh good god, someone must be here or my sanity will be gone.

"HELLLO! Anybody here??" I shouted. There was no reply. Ughh.. goddamnit.

Due to this unending silence, I as a music lover cannot stand it. So I summoned Nervash, my guitar, and played a little rock song. Hoping for people to hear it and find me.

6/27/2009 #3
Not a World Eater

The Grand Cordonal sighed. That stupid Chevalia (sorry cann't spell ^^') couldn't even guard a world eater from children. How pathedic....

"Guard the World Eater and don't let it out of your sight!" He pointed to his squad and left.

Some of the men sighed, "How stupid...who cares about this thing!"

"Yeah whats it gonna do eat me!?"

*Stephanie's prov*

Knights...alot of them....

All making fun of Feinne. !!!! Oh no he did not just throw a rock at her! Others are joining.

"Low lives...."

I walked out from the shadows (Not that its night or anything)

"Wow, this seems even. One to what ten of you guys?"

All the pig headed soldiers looked at me. "Hey you. This is a restricted area. Why not go home to your mommy." one said. I let a snicker out, "Sorry don't have a mom or a home...well not since..." I shook her head. "Well I doubt you would understand with such febil minds as your own. OH- I mean let me put this is HILBILLY language:


That seemed to tick them off.

"Your gonna pay for that little girl!"

"How is 16 LITTLE! Retard!" I snapped and was about to grab my axe. Then I realized that I was WAY out numbered. "SORRY FEINNE! I'll come back later!" I waved and started running like crazy.

"Crap crap crap!" I screamed. These knights were way to bored and determined to catch me. We had gone along way from where Feinne was and I neeed to loose these guys FAST.

"Ok one thing to do...this was my last one..." I mumbled and jumped back. "EAT THIS!" I pulled out a huge smoke bomb and threw it at the guys.

"See ya!" I laughed and ran aimlessly.

"Ok Im lost...I don't know where I am and-OOF!"

I looked up to see this weird entrance to....a village? I went inside not sure what I would find....

6/27/2009 #4
Moe-Doki 008

After Rhymenia finish her song. She saw someone aimlessly goofing around the entrance of the village.

"GRACIOUS!! A LIVING SPECTLE~" Rhymenia rushed toward the unknown person.

6/28/2009 #5
Not a World Eater

Stephanie wandered around. She suddenly herd some odd music.

The music stopped.


Stephanie looked over to see some weird dressed girl rushing over to her. Why? No idea. But that weird instrement she wonderful it looked. Stephanie HAD to know what it was! But....


Steph looked over. "Oh crap!" She gasped. The weird dressed girl came over with a smile. "RUN FOOL RUN!" Steph grabbed her hand and started running away like crazy.

"OK TIME TO SPLIT!" She grabbed one of her bombs and looked at the weird village. "Eh who cares." And threw it at the guys....but she kind of had bad aim and...

6/28/2009 #6

And Stephanie blew the entrance of the village past the soldiers, the "only" entrance of the place , and it left her and the other girl trapped inside, they were with their backs facing the insides of the place when an inhuman growl was heard from the back of the cave, high enough to make the place tremble a bit, the soldiers were stunned, Stephanie took the chance to drag herself and the other girl behind a huge floating crystal, what they saw was frightening, a really big mass of shadows was coming their way, both girls could see that the darkness had 3 sets of bright green eyes, its fangs glittered with a bit of greenish fire like plasma ans even its black claws shone a bit with light of the floating crystals.

the really big thing was crouching, it simply was too big for the place, suddenly it closed its eyes for a second and the darkness concentrated in a form, human like form,it was a girl probably in her twenties , no more younger than 18 and no older than 24 with gold and silver hair, wearing also strange clothes, her 2 eyes were still neon green ,to both her arms and hands were attached claw weapons, and she was walking towards the soldiers.

-STOP RIGHT THERE YOU FIEND! - screamed the leader of the squad holding his sword in front of him. he had noticed she was soaked in blood and was injured.

Te girl just scowled and with a fast movement she came to the soldier and stab him in the stomach with her metal claws spilling his intestines in the floor, however , having nowhere to run, the other soldiers attacked , she was holding her ground quite well, but she was heavily outnumbered and was getting overwhelmed with many attacks coming from all directions.

6/28/2009 . Edited 6/28/2009 #7
Not a World Eater

As the strange girl kept getting attacked from all sides Stephanie looked at the other girl.

"Stay here ok? I have to help her." She then ran from behind the crystal and started attacking with her axe at the soldiers. "Hey boys! Why not come at me hu? I feel SOO left out!"

6/28/2009 #8
Moe-Doki 008

"What the hell's happening here?" Rhymenia exclaimed while looking at the girls being surrounded by men.

Nervash laughed at Rhymenia, "Are you blind, child? Those men are trying to kill those childs." (By childs meant the two other girls.)

Due to that, she changed Nervash(guitar) into a claymore. "Let's play DEATH."

Rhymenia randomly attack three guards by one wickedly fast swing. Then, the men that she attacked drop dead on the ground. She sighted a large number of hooligans surrounding the weird looking girl. Using her left hand, she dragged her heavy claymore onto to the ground which made some sparks(friction) and sliced partially half of the men.

"Fuck. I never knew I was THIS weak."

Her weapon vibrated, implying that Nervash was laughing his ass off. "Didnt I tell you, child, to attend your lessons everyday?"

She shrugged and whispered, "Fucking demented Nerve-ass.(Nervash)"

6/30/2009 #9
Not a World Eater

Stephanie looked at the girl talking to her guitar. Did she just hear that guitar talking?

Then she remembered the three guys infront of her. "CRAP! Less talky more hity!" She ran full speed swinging her swords in all directions, it wasn't a fighting style, it didn't look even elegant, she just swung her two swords in random direction. She got one guy done by by what she calls slicing and dicing him up.

"One down two ta go!" Stephanie grinned and summoned her axe and threw it at the guys, now with no weapon. The two guys ran at her alittle two fast. "CRAP! Ok time for secret weapon..." She grabbed a chain from who knows where and swung a moonstar, a huge looking spike and the two. "N-no way..." One gasped while the other dropped his mouth. "SORRY BUT YOU PISSED ME OFF!" Stephanie swung it at them and swung them in the air for quite some time. Then she smashed them into the wall. "OHH! Thats gotta hurt..." she grinned. Karma, how she loved it.

She looked over at the strange girl, not that one who talked to her very interesting instrement, but to the one with claws. What was she?

"Hey you ok?"

6/30/2009 #10

The girl with the metal claw weapons responded:

-Ill be when Ill kill them!

And she took the change the other two girls gave her by transforming herself into some mass of shadows but conserving her human silhouette, and between her hands she spat and created a ball of green creepy fire,then she extended her hands a bit making the fire an expanding arc and she threw it in front of her to the soldiers. Her eyes glittered, The fire the expanded into a circled around the girls, then she raised her right arm and took impulse to hit the floor with her first, 2 things happened, one was a tremor and the other was the circle of fire becoming a wall of flames that reached the ceiling and engulfed the majority of the soldiers burning their bodies till charred skeletons where the only thing left.

Then she returned to her human-like form breathing a bit faster and heavier while the other two girls took out the remaining soldiers, once their enemies were dead she did something even more strange, creepy and scary than the shadows or the fire thing, she extended her hand and made the souls of the dead soldiers come to her.

- Come with Mama!

And she devoured them.... her wounds then started to heal in seconds, she then turned to face the other two girls with a creepy smile.

-Well, since you helped me I wont kill you, nice to meet you :)

6/30/2009 #11
Moe-Doki 008

"Holy shit! That was wicked." Rhymenia grinned.

She went closer to the girl looking girl to have a good look at her. "The name's Rhymenia. It's a pleasure to meet such a ...fine specimen."

Rhymenia wasnt afraid of the girl, obviously. She was used to this way back to her world. People eating souls, gaining full regeneration speed, etc. Although, there was this weird omnious aura surrounding the weird one. It was like Nervash's aura in the past but more darker. In the past, Nervash was the ruler of gods, as he say; but there was a certain reason that he died and was reincarnated as a Demon weapon. He's still a mystery to her. Rhymenia was now thinking if she would learn something from this world about his past. Since, this was ages ago! A part of their history and everthing....


A sudden earthquake snap her out of her thoughts.

Nervash transformed again into a guitar. "This world is crumbling," He said. After sometime he began to laugh again. "Ahahaha, that demented Virtty bitch is gone. I can feel it!!"

"Virtty bitch? Who the hell is that?"

"She's the whore who do the honors in reincarnating souls. A bitch who would use such naive dickens for her own deeds~~."

She was confused and turn again to the girl, waiting to tell her name.

7/2/2009 #12

The weird girl just stared for a second and said:


She wasn't used to applying social skills (that she lacked anyways) she turned to the guitar. There was something really Odd about it, it wasn't the little display of powers or the ability to talk, its aura was somewhat familiar, also similar, just a way lot lighter, more swift, less wicked and dark, almost neutral.

-So the master of life of this world is not here, hehehe, so there's little chance someone will interfere with the little soul fest Im planning.

(I need to restore my power.)

-Friggin hell! that was awesome! nice to meet you too, Im Stephanie! Whats your name?

-uhhh..... name? let me think one..... I know! call me Havoc, thats what I do so its a fine name!

Stephanie practically bounced around, then Rhymenia spoke, she then noticed something, even if it was not unheard that some people in the world were able to eat souls, only descendants of upper beings long gone could in her time, in this time only one kind of being could do that and Haephness had told her that about the only 3 world eaters remaining in the world and their locations, so what was this girl?

-Well, Im Rhymenia, How do can you eat souls?, I thought only world eaters could.

Now that Rhymenia mentioned it Stephanie noticed it too, both girls awaited Havocs response while the guitar just snickered while a wicked grin adorned Havocs features.

-Thats because Im a world eater , World eater Havoc MWAHAHAHA!



They screamed at the same time.

7/2/2009 . Edited 7/2/2009 #13
Not a World Eater

Stephanie stared at Havoc the world eater. "Wow. That is so cool!" Her eyes lit up. "Do you know the other world eaters? I know Feinne, what are the other World Eaters like!? Fricken this is so exciting!!!!" She started twirling around happily then stopped. "Wait...Lady who? More importantly where are we?" she asked looking around.

Havoc sighed, "We're in the Hidden Village and Its lady VirtuBITCH."

Stephanie nodded, "I see...and who is that amazing instrement?" She pointed at Rhymenia's guitar.

7/2/2009 #14
Moe-Doki 008

"World eaters huh? In my world only gods and descendants can eat souls."


Nervash just sighed at Rhymenia's actions. For his be like that.... it was... embarassing. "Easy with the language."

"Who is that amazing instrement?" Stephanie pointed him.

"My name's Nervash, a demi god, the once was ruler of all gods in this dimension."

The guitar suddenly transformed into a human verse. A red hair, blue eyed with cool-weird looking clothes, and black floating armor appeared. "Nice to meet you."

7/2/2009 #15
Not a World Eater

Stephanie stared wide eyed. First at Nervash, then at Havoc, then at Nervash, then at Havoc, then at Rhymenia, then at Havoc, then at Nervash.

" day just keeps getting more curiouser and curiouser....." She stared at the three then shrugged. "Well then anywho. What are you two going to do? And by the way-" She pointed to the exit. "We're kinda stuck....."

7/2/2009 #16

Havoc turned to look at Stephanie

-Nop, I dont know the world eaters of this world, I think Im from another dimension, Im the only world eater in my world the greatest natural catastrophe ever haha, but now that you mention that there are more here.... they seem like a good snack hehe.

-What do you mean snack?!

Said Stephanie, but Havoc ignored the question and turned to Nervash.

-Once ruler of all gods in this dimension ? You do have the look with the useless floating armor.... but quite frankly I don't sense that much power in you... pardon me if I don't quite believe you,So what happened? , How the heck a demi-god ends being a girls toy?

Then Havoc turned to Stephanie again and grinned.

-And buzzz..... NOP AGAIN! we are not stuck. Stay behind.

Havoc cracked her knuckles and then charged at the blocked entrance of the cave, when she was a few meters away from it she transformed into the enormous beast again , the sheer impact of her massive body destroyed the rocks barricade at the entrance and send the biggest flying away quite far.

Once outside she returned to the human form and cracked her neck, she turned to look at the rest of the odd party.

-Brute force sometimes is enough, now what are you planing to do?

7/3/2009 #17
Moe-Doki 008

"Useless? Puh-lease, he can even destroy this world in a flinch if only the crest from his demented state was gone." Rhymenia sighed.

She thought, 'The crest of sealing. Due to his resolve (Almost destroyed the world), it was forced to be in his body.'

"Well, he's been my clans weapon for years. I dont really know how he ended up in our family. Anyway, we should be exploring this place first."

7/3/2009 #18
Not a World Eater

The two looked back to see Stephanie with some wood and two sticks trying to make a fire.

Havoc noticed a strange smell about the wood.

Stephanie grabbed a match. Her hand was shaking like crazy. "I-i-ts o-k...j-j-just..." She had a stick with a hot dog on the end of it. Havoc raced to Stephanie but she had already dropped the match. "CRAP!" she almost yanked Stephanie's arm out of her socket and just made it out of the explosion.

Rhymenia stared in shock to see the hidden village to be burst into flames. "HOLY CRAP! WHAT WAS THAT!?" Rphymenia stared in horror. Havoc gasped looking at the hidden village now in flames. Both girls (and Nervash) looked at Stephanie. She stared at the now firy village. "...hehe oops...tehe?" she smiled.

"What the hell did you do that for and what was on that wood!?" Havoc snapped.

"Um....well I was hungry so I thought maybe I could set a fire. But Im no good with fire I kinda have a bad...past with it...and I acidentaly dropped it in oil...BUT I washed it off! But I dropped it again. But I washed it off after! But When we were running I acidentaly dropped the wood in oil and forgot to wash it so...yeah..tehe." she smiled sheepishly. Havoc and Rhymenia looked at eachother while Nervash was laughing his ass off.

7/3/2009 #19

Then Havoc started laughing too, the laugh of both godly weapons sounded armonious wich was scary, then Rhymenia and Stephanie joined them.

Finally Havoc stopped laughing, and turned to see the girls.

-Who would have tough some humans could actually be fun? ....You said Nervash has some seal right? well, guess what, I had just finished killing some gods and I was raging and destroying a world when a rift in space opened and then I was in some sort of garden full of flowers, I of course continued destroying everything, then a cute guy with ash gray hair and a woman in a yellow dress appeared and surprised me, I was already a bit hurt and they managed to do some serious damage, then I was in that cave in humanoid form and now transforming to my pretty awesome ass-kicker and magnificent real self is a bit hard, meaning I have some sort of seal myself , incomplete but a seal none the less. So I offer you a deal, you help me break this half-ass seal and then I helpýa in whateva. Oh! and Stephanie ...


havoc created flames in both her hands and around her for a second.


7/3/2009 #20
Not a World Eater

Stephanies eyes went wide and she ran behind a tree.

"DONT DO THAT I HATE FIRE!!!" yet when she was saying this she held a stick in the fire Havoc had with some marshmellows at the end (the tree was close enough for the stick to make it into the fire)

"....mmmm marshmellows...I should give some to Fienne. I bet she'd like that. Well now that those soldiers aren't chasing me and I've made some new friends I must as you both. What are you going to do now? Besides breaking that "half assed seal"

7/4/2009 #21

Havoc took one of the marshmellows and ate it.

-Well, have fun of course, devour some souls, destroy some cities, etc, the usual stuff. And who is this Feinne you mention?

7/4/2009 #22

"Feinne you bitch! Where the hell is Drazil??" Azure yelled. But the world eater ignored her and blasted a lazer that shutted up Azure.

"Hey! No one comes near the world eater!" A random knight said while running towards her, unsheathing his sword. She thought, 'Oh god, another heroic major loser.'

She raised an eyebrow at him and tapped her feet on the ground. "I dont have time for your useless knighty wussy speech. Look, dear. Here's the deal. If you shove off your ass somewhere else, I wont hurt you, understand?" The knight got pissed and unleashed a striking blow. But of course Azure evade it swiftly just by moving a step to the right.

She laughed, "Still that all? Seriously. KNIGHTS ARE USELESS, get it to that thick bovine skull of yours!"

There was a opening in the knights defence. Surely Azure can see that. She drawn her weapon and threw it accurately at the knight stabbing him directly in the heart.

"See? If you took my offer you could have lived."

7/4/2009 #23
Not a World Eater

Meanwhile the three (plus Nervash) came to the into the scene.

"you guys will love Fienne. She's quiet but a really good listener! Hey Fie-" Stephanie and the others stopped to see a girl battling the knights.

"Hey thats my job!" Stephanie ran over.

7/5/2009 #24

Havoc saw Stephanie run to join the fight aginst the knights and then saw Feinne, it was big, female and quite calm for a world eater, she could sense a bit of distrese in this world eaters soul, it was damaged, but still a world eaters soul was strong soul, however right now it was daylight, turning into her real form to kill this world eater would take too much effort and after devouring her soul then shed only be abe to replenish the lost energy of the fight, so until later she would have to content with smaller souls.

Meanwhile Stephanie and the other girl were fighting the knights andsoldiers, they werent much probably just newbies, but when havoc turned to see the girl other girl, she sensed something similar, just real weak, it could perhaps be of use.

-Shouldnt we join them? asked Rhymenia

-Nah, theyre managing quite well themselves , lets just enjoy the show.

Havoc then withought no ones noticing started to gather the fallen souls of the knights and devouring them.

7/5/2009 #25
Not a World Eater

After the fight was done Stephanie looked at the strange girl, "Hey. Why were you fighting the knights? If you dont mind me asking."

7/6/2009 #26

"Jesus Christ! Hey you wuss. I can kick these pansy knights' asses really well with no sweat at all. So just run along and play tag or something." She told the girl who was stealing her kill.

Azure sensed another one of her kind on the area that she's on. Looking at different directions, she saw a guy with red hair, a girl with weird clothes, a really really weird chick with a dark aura, and a freak who steals her kill. Okay, so going back on what she saw. The really really weird chick with a dark aura just grabbed her attention. That chick was... EATING HER FUCKING LOOT!!

"WHat the-?! Hey you! Spit those out now!! MY KILL! MINE!" Azure ran towards the girl.

(My character is a ranting bitch -notreally- so bare with it for a little while)

7/7/2009 #27

When Havoc heard the new girl yell at her she had already eaten all those souls. she saw the girl running towards her but didn't care, she stood in a cocky pose and said:

-Sorry, already absorbed them, why would you want some small souls anyways?


And when this girl with aquamarine hair clashed with her, she sensed something different about her soul, this was like a world eater, a minor one, at first she didn't notice because it was too weak and because she had a normal human appearance , she could pass as a human no probs, Havoc could not really distinguish to what species a soul belonged to, but she could appraise the power of a soul and in some very special cases define the type of souls, to test her theory she simply started to dodge and parry this girls attacks, they were stronger than the human standard but a lot weaker than hers, there was a reason why there was only 1 world eater in her world....

Havoc noticed something very Odd about this world, there were too many world eaters in it and very little souls to prey upon , even for a dying world it was really strange, she had analyzed this girl already to think she was correct about her assumption, she was going to killed her when Stephanie and Rhymenia finally decided to interfere and stop the two.

7/7/2009 #28
Not a World Eater

As the two fought Stephanie stared still in shock. A couple of times Rhymenia waved her hand at her face. But that still didnt work. "No one has ever talked to me like that before...not even when the Elsburg Republic was still around...." she muttered. Then she noticed the two fighting (again). "Hey! Stephanie! We should really stop them from killing eachother." Rhymenia said. Stephanie nodded. " They both have freaky aura's about them...both really fimilure..." Stephanie looked down thinking.

"...oh well! Ok shall we step in?"

7/7/2009 #29

Nervash warned Rhymenia about getting between them, but didn't say why, Rhymenia then decided to try get their attention so she started playing a song.

Havoc had just kicked the ranting bitch with enough force to send her coll¡ding to the floor some meters back .

-How can you be so weak! what the hell is wrong with the world eaters of this world? there are way too many!

she was about to finish the fight when she heard a guitar melody, amazingly for the other girls she turned around and when to sit near Rhymenia to enjoy the music , the fight apparently forgotten.

7/16/2009 #30
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