Talk stuffs about soul of nomad. Make scenes, chat about how Gig talks, or whatever. Let's gather up info about this game and talk about fiction stories for this game.
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So, my fellow Soul Nomad lovers, what are your favorite pairings? Are any of them crack pairings? Why do you like these pairings? Moreover, would you actually write about them? I reckon Rule 34 applies to Soul Nomad as well, right? ^^

I didn't write that Levin/Vitali story, I totally didn't. .

*ahem* So, uh, pairings? Can I has them? *big puppy eyes*

6/23/2010 #1
Not a World Eater

Did I just hear something about a Levin and Vitali pairing? xDDD If so then I must read this for pure torture to Levin LOLS

Kay well my fav parings are:

LevinxTrish (Lots of Aws, they need more love right there)



My crack pairing DanettexLevin (YOU KNOW SHE HAD A CRUSH ON HIM!!! Evidence ---- She remembers his name BAM! SWALLOW THAT SHIT! Lmao)


JunoxGalahad (I bet it would have the normal path that is)


Does RakshaxTrish count? Or is that the same as the first one? Probably same. Love that scene

That's all I can think about atm.

Geez I got to start writing more fanfictions.

6/24/2010 #2

Yeah, you did. XD Scary, right? *laughs* I have it at my creative journal, but I think it's not all that great. ^^; Then again, I don't like anything I write so. *sheepish grin* It's kind of disturbing and kind of long..... (15 pages).

Levin/Trish? Pure, lovely, gold. They make such a cute couple. :D I'd love to see more pairings for those two.

Reyva/Gig: Another cute pairing that I just love. Gig is a lovable asshole and Reyva, depending on what path you take, could be really fun, too. 3

Levin/Reyva: He's so cute when he's shy. ^_^

Danette/Levin: Total cash and not at all unappealing. Another pairing that I want more of. Crack or no, it's still a go!

Endorph/Euphoria: ...*perverted grin* They have a kid. That's pretty much canon. Yep. :D (Plus baby cow thingy makes me smile)

Juno/Galahad: You know, I never thought of that pairing, but it is pretty damn cute now that I think about it. Galahad is pretty brave when he wants to be and Juno is a bad ass and probably would keep Galahad in check. Their personalities are conflicted, but in a good way; they compliment each others strengths and cover each others weaknesses. Cute. 3 (Plus you know Galahad would want some fish tail.)

Penn/Laharl: !! *giggles* That would just be... weird. I mean, Laharl is like a thousand years older than Penn. But if we're talking about the demon path and if it were AU where Penn was older it might work.

Raksha/Trish: It would most definitely count, Raksha is by no means all the way evil and he does have enough affection for her to tell her to go away, that someone like her didn't need to see the carnage. That, to me anyway, would make a pretty neat pairing. And when I reflect on what Raksha said about becoming a god, he never said anything about continuing to harm the planet, he seemed more focus on killing Gamma and Joules. He hated Gig because he became the pawn and, thusly, his controller. Raksha's motives, while a bit cruel, weren't all the way bad.

Dio and Median would be kind of cute, too. Because Dio is always like: I'll revive you! I promise, I'll save you! Why did you DO that? Grr, that does it! I'm going to char your corpse with one of my bad ass spells and then I will throw your smoldering corpse into acid and then banish you to another world! How dare you hurt my master!"

Median: I'm rotting? Do you still like me?

Dio: Yes, you will always be my master. 3 (Now which Dio it is is for you to decide.)


(and Odie and Endorph because it is so fucking twisted that it might just work. Odie looks up to Endorph and would go through a thousand hells to defend his honor. Odie might be a coward most of the time, but when it comes to saving those he cares for, he will unleash a hell like none other. One of the reasons I love Odie. ^^)

Long post is a post that is long. :(

6/24/2010 #3
Not a World Eater


I think your the only person I've herd say "Raksha said about becoming a god, he never said anything about continuing to harm the planet. Raksha's motives, while a bit cruel, weren't all the way bad"


*crowd clapping* Lols

I'm not really into yaoi but I still get a kick out of it. The median and Dio on xD SO TRUE! Dio is gay and everyone knows it!

Heres another pairing that'll blow your mind.


Anyone else notice when Raksha was saying his big ol' speech after he killed Layna that he said Dio's name in a very...odd way =3


Who will win Dio's love? LE GASP!!! xDD I just killed myself lols

6/26/2010 #4

Every great once in awhile, I'll make sense. That's very rare, though. XD And, yes, I'd write Median/Dio and Raksha/Dio in a flash. I have no objections to these pairings. Hell, I actually need to write something for this community without the slash. Thank you for your kind words, that really does mean a lot to me. ^^

One final thing, though. How do you think Raksha looked before turning into a World Eater? Because I'm pretty sure that the World Eaters were part of one of the races. Feinne was Resilience, but what race were the other two? Was Raksha originally a Drazillian who grew sentient enough to try to get away from Drazil, only to be captured again and forced to be come a World Eater as punishment. He did say he was sick of being a mindless weapon, perhaps that sentence was true in the truest sense of the word. Imagine, if you will, being led to believe that your only point in life is to live a "perfect" life and die at 30? Then, in the back of your mind, you start to question their motives and their reasoning, as well. You've had enough, you want to get the hell away from it all, you want to become more of a person and less of a mindless drone. You escape from one hell only to be placed in another. Drazil found you.

Well, shit, that was unexpected.

Oh, and by the way?


You're a World Eater, oh, and also, you're going to be sealed for 200 years. :D


So, yeah, Raksha. Also, I want to know what kind of demented fuck Thuris was before he turned into a World Eater. (Maybe Thuris was a Dracon, they were always known as the high and mighty race. )

I-I'm thinking too damn much about this game. I'm kind of pathetic like that. ;_:

6/26/2010 #5
Not a World Eater

Ok I demand you start posting your fanfictions on here! De-m-and! *points Drazil's finger at you* Drazil, "What do you think your doing?" Me, "Using you." Drazil, "I don't think that means what you think it means..." Me, "SHUT UP AND POINT DAMNIT!"


Nah, I love this game as much as anyone. Hell I love it so much I made a rp/ help forum for it (that is kinda dead but the ppl are good there ^^')

Actually that question has been answered in one of the other threads. I shall answer it again (well chaos answered it before, she did a good job...I'm about to do a not so good job...='D)

At exactly 5:30 in the video Drazil *Makes his finger point at himself which makes a very horrible sound* will pretty much explain everything.

BUT I'm going to explain it in a none retarded way!

See in the median ending Lujei the time witch comes and takes Revya/Revyn and Gig back to the past where Median was still alive. It was after he had killed Vigilance. And whats this? Somehow the two start to battle it out cuz Median thinks "ZOMG! You have the same blood as me and my sword, your here to invade and take over my country! DIE!"

then he gets his ass kicked.

Median, "Aws..."

Anyways, so one month later the Kid and Gig dies of Scarlet Iago. Since it's in the past and there is no cure they are pretty much dead. Drazil here comes and steals there souls (hence his big headed rant) and so he completes the souls fusion then splits them apart again. Creating Raksha and Thuris.

They're original bodies are they're huge ass kicker bodies. Drazil didn't need them in a Drazilian's body, he needed weapons not pawns. That was what Gig was for. He was the pawn Raksha, Feinne, and Thuris were the weapons. So from the very start they were weapons, tools created by Drazil.

If you ask me Thuris got the good chunk of Gig's sadistic traits and the dark side of the Kid (aka the Devourlord...we all have a bad day...mines usually a lot..xD) While Raksha still did get some nasty traits (killing, tortue, hatred, blah blah blah) but because the Kid's soul was fused as well he also got most of his/her's compassion. Although I'm guessing from all the hate towards Gig and Drazil and not being able to be free, that compassion gets lost. And that's what the hero steps in and grabs a fishing pole and rings it right back in! x3 jk jk

So yeah...any questions? ^-^

6/27/2010 #6

Right. Yeah, I remember that. That was kind of a dumb theory on my behalf. XD I think too much. ^^; Nope, no more questions, really.:D As for stories, I only have one. I'll post it. I just hope it doesn't violate the TOS... *worried*

God, I just realized that TOS is odd. It has "OBEY" written all over it. XD ... is ran by aliens.

All has been revealed to me. I am now Kanan. is our god. (Thuris can suck it. :D)

6/27/2010 . Edited 6/27/2010 #7
OverLord Ayame

my favorite parings are:

FemaleRevyaXGig(They are Soulmates)

MaleRevyaXGig(I DONT KNOW WHY I LIKE THIS PARING!!!!!but it started sinced i watched junjuo romantica......)

MaleRevyaxDanette(cause of danette's ending)

LevinXTricia(so cute together)

and..............(maybe i shouldnt metion it....)

and thats all for my favorite pairings heheheehehe

10/28/2010 . Edited 12/20/2010 #8
Pupil of Madara


Thuris was Gig and Revya was Raksha. In one of the bonus fights, the duo are transported into the past and they have to fight Median. They kill him and then find out they got Scarlet Iago. They die Drazil gets there souls, comments how he already has Gig's soul then proceede's to state how he'll use them.

Oh and I was always partial to

Male Revyax Layna

and Fem Revyax Gig

5/18/2013 . Edited 5/18/2013 #9
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