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Im just going around the labyrith forums to tell the good new. The sequel is out. Its called "Return to Labyrith" done as a manga by Tokyopop. Spread the good news.
8/8/2007 #1

Aww, I wanted to do a "Beyond the Labyrinth" comic book when I grew up... Which shows I never shall... This just puts the wind right out of my sails...

4/12/2008 #2

HI im kylene and i have the first two manga of Return to labyrinth and they're GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im practicaly diein for the nxt one to come out.

7/3/2008 #3

HI im kylene and i have the first two manga of Return to labyrinth and they're GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im practicaly diein for the nxt one to come out.

7/3/2008 #4

Do you know you double posted? Is this meant to be an indication of your enthusiasm?

Sad to say, I do not share your love for the manga. I checked them out and was forced to say, "What a pity." It was very disappointing. The only place Jareth was well drawn was the cover, and overall the art and plot were poor. Also, I found a few details rather annoying: The lipstick at the end of the first one, and the way he was reffered to as The King of the Labyrinth. He is the King of the Goblins, sooooo...

Also, Toby's character was off. Just, off.

7/5/2008 #5

ur right about the drawings. i just love the story line though...i mean, u know, the whole going back to the labyrinth is hot!!!! the main reason ive been diein is that at the end of the 2nd story, sarah opens her door and there is jareth standing there with a "hello Sarah". its tru however that it is somewhat annoying how every1 refers 2 Jareth as 'THe King Of The Labyrinth', when he is(like u said) also 'The King Of The Goblins'. but how do u think Tobys character is of? I mean..., in the movie toby is a baby, so the role is open 4 imagination right? =) I do wish though that the story would give him justice. in the 1st one he seems to be a little spoiled ... kinda. oh yah and me double posting was a "my bad" =) my computer was messin up

7/6/2008 #6

I'm not sure what's wrong, it just is! DON'T QUESTION ME!!!

Am calm. Am very, very, not-bloody-nailseded calm.

; )

7/7/2008 #7

what would u like in a sequal if there was 1. i kinda dont kno mi self...

7/7/2008 #8

Well, after the second time I saw it, I started thinking about just that. I was actually beginning to plan out the sequel when I found out about the manga, and then I just stopped designing the characters for my comic. Oh, well, there will be other brill ideas. : )

7/9/2008 #9

I agree with you. I too have read both vol. 1 and 2 of the manga and I wasn't impressed. Not to say it's total crap, there are some funny moments but I just feel it doesn't cut it as a sequel. I'm not really into manga or comic books so I'm no authority on the art, I'm just not a big fan of the story line. There are actually several fanfics out there that I prefer to the manga story, and I tend to think of them as more in line with the original story and characters, but that's just my opinion. I guess I always sort of felt that the original story was more about Jareth and Sarah, and Sarah's journey towards adulthood. I always just saw Toby as more of a "means to an end". I find stories that revolve arund Sarah and Jareth to be more interesting than stories about Toby (again that's just my preference and opinion.) I wasn't crazy about the way Sarah was portrayed in the manga (thus far) and at times I thought Jareth came off as "icky"...but that's just me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I did go on to read Vol. 2 though, just to give it a chance since the spoilers claimed that it would make Sarah/Jareth fans happy. Again I wasn't wowed. I mean, Jareth shows up at the door and says "Hello Sarah." Ok, big whoop, that happens in so many fanfics...and there are many fanfics that I've read where Sarah & Jareth's moment of reunion have made a far better impression. Ok, I'm done ranting...

7/18/2008 #10

Yeah, and Sarah looks more like ME than Jennifer Connely, which just goes to show the artist can't draw.

7/19/2008 #11

I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the sequel. As I've said, it "doesn’t follow what was set up in the movie, and the story line was twisted to fit a Japanese mould that doesn’t click with the obvious American overtones." I think that they overplay Toby's role, and don't put enough wisdom into Jareth. Overall it's very disappointing.

8/5/2008 #12

They definitely hit it with the Manga-mallet a little too hard.....

8/6/2008 #13

Too hard? I think that's an understatement. It's totally directed at people who follow manga, not at the American audience (and yes, I realize as I write this that there are a lot of American manga fans), since people who follow the Labyrinth or watched it as kids probably have NO idea what manga is. I mean, the 'Queen's' name is Mizumi for cripes sakes! How Japanese self-insertion is that? I totally wow on them for getting their fanfic published, but that it's authorized is my nightmare. It's not canon, can't be, since it robs and r*** the characters of what they were in the movies. It's basically a well publicised fic that someone at HQ liked and put an offical stamp on, without regard to canon, or the characters, or anything.

It's very upsetting, really.

8/6/2008 #14

I think you hit the nail on the head.

I'm really trying to give it a chance but the more I think about it. The worse my opinion of it becomes. My first thought when I was reading vol. 1 was that they were making Jareth more icky than Micheal Jackson. And they destroyed Sarah...

Then I read vol. 2 and saw Jareth in a nightcap...W**!

Sorry, but Jareth in a nightcap...that doesn't jive well with my perception of him.

8/14/2008 #15

Yeah, I've not read the manga because I've not wanted to destroy any illusions I've got about the movie, and also because I just don't see the point in spending money on it, or even borrowing it.

I couldn't see Jareth in a nightcap either. Now, a sexy pair of boxers, yes....


8/14/2008 #16

Is there any ROOM for boxers under there?

Brush. Don't think he owns a brush.

Lots of hammer metaphors floating around here... Does that say anything about us?

8/14/2008 . Edited 8/14/2008 #17

I think it might say a little about us... but only a little.


As for boxers, they don't fit under, naturally, they're something 'more comfortable' that he slips on at the end of the day. I can only assume that... erm, nothing is worn under there.

DX . . . XD

8/14/2008 #18


8/15/2008 #19

You only say that because your mind went there too... in living color... I think all of our minds have been there, and that's why we're horrible people... but only by a little.


8/15/2008 #20

Heh heh!

8/17/2008 #21
Demon queen writer

a chatbox to talk about our favourite topic ^^

3/17/2009 #22
Dr. Hillary Sacville Bahg

your news isnt as good as you make it out to be. i ordered the manga online because i was so excited, and my friends and i had a reading party for it when it arrived...you could say we were more than dissapointed. i wouldnt really even call it a sequal, its more of a Toby spin off...like the penguins and madagascar. some original characters were there, but all in all completely different. also, this isnt a manga burn, i quite enjoy manga, just not this particular piece of rubish...what a pity.

6/15/2009 #23

I agree. An utter waste of time.

The comic that I was musing about would have been SO much better! It was under the working title of "Beyond the Labyrinth", and the wispy notions I had before someone informed me of the existence of the manga was pretty interesting.

Urgh, not only is it badly written, it's poorly drawn, too!

6/18/2009 #24
Dr. Hillary Sacville Bahg

here here Sylph. the style is super generic! you know, i bet if you finished yours it would sell better. for gods sake woman, do the world a favor and finish it, because now i feel i must read it, and i bet my friends would too. i brought up the topic of the Disgrace at my friends bachelorette party and we made a pretty big to do about it, Andi (the bride to be) would be thrilled if she could read yours instead of the published pile of crap.

6/19/2009 #25

Thanks for the encouragement... Maybe I'll get an account at Webcomicsnation.com and post the thing there... If I do, I'll be sure to send you the link. (Although I must warn you, my style is not anime... It's not western, but it's not anime, either.)

6/20/2009 #26

i was really excited when i found out that these books were written and i bought all 3 the other week and just got delivered today . Ive already finished the first one and to be honest im disappointed not with the story or anything but with the volume . i think these books would have been much better as word books. that way the experience would have a been a longer and a more enjoyable one as i was worrying about how fast i had finished it and how it wasnt really worth £5. - still think that they should be made into films though .. only with bowie or it would be rubbish!

1/4/2010 #27

I know that it was *mostly* about Toby, but Moppet counts as Sarah (although a piece of Sarah) and I liked Moppet enough, but Skub's a different story altogether.

8/8/2010 #28
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