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I have no other nickname, just crket. :)

7/6/2011 #1,261

I wanted my pen name name to be, "cricket" at first, but a lot of people favored the name. So I just abbreviated the name. So what specific type of chat thread are you in so I could join?

7/6/2011 #1,262
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

7/6/2011 #1,263

I wanted my pen name name to be, "cricket" at first, but a lot of people favored the name. So I just abbreviated the name. So what specific type of chat thread are you in so I could join?

7/6/2011 #1,264
O. Gallan Rager

Good to meet you crket. Welcome to the LU.

Name's Onyx. But Mike works too. Big Mike if you want to be funny. XD

7/6/2011 #1,265

Hi! I'm Vent, or Ventis, or Lucia or whatever you want. I like reading, writing and... criticising. ^^

I read everything, regardless the genre, if it's interesting and well written, and always make my own opinion - and I say it, as well. I try to be nice (imho flaming just shows that the person is immature and can't make his points without insults), but I don't lie... And I'm here because I want an honest opinion on my stories as well. But also because I like talking :o)

7/7/2011 #1,266

Oh hey, Vent! :D

Well, the chat thread's kind of in a lull state right now, but when the people pop in later, don't hesitate to join in and strike a conversation! You like talking too, so really, you'll fit in just right.

7/7/2011 #1,267

This forum was missing a Vent, the staple of spy movies and video games.

Um... what? I think I'm missing something now, too. ^^

7/7/2011 #1,268

Um... what?

Spy movies. People crawling on vents. Stuff like that~

7/7/2011 #1,269

Ah. I don't watch spy movies much (meanng maybe once in five years), so I didn't make the connection. ^^

7/7/2011 #1,270
A Band Of Thieves

I'm Fiona.

7/7/2011 #1,271

Hello, Cinna. There's a list in the Rules topic that may also provide you with more information. Welcome to this place ~

7/7/2011 #1,272
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

Welcome Fiona, to The Literate Union. Do stop by our chat thread and tell us more about yourself, yes?

7/7/2011 #1,273

Hello, Fiona~

Swing by the chat thread, if you have the time. :D

7/7/2011 #1,274

Hi!! :)

I'm new here and I'm not good at computers so trying to figure out how this site works is driving me nuts! (you're probably imagining me as an old lady squinting at the screen and moving the mouse all over the table. That would be a bit normal. Unfortunately, I'm only 18 so I'm probably the only teenager -yes, I'm still in the accepting-I'm-an-adult faze! - whose knowledge in new technologies is... I guess the only word is ridicoulous.

Anyway, good to read you all and hoping to put together enough courage to publish my own fan ficiton!! :) x

7/8/2011 #1,275
Ten ways to spoil dinner

Welcome, new peoples :D

Can't believe I missed so many people coming here.

7/8/2011 #1,276

Hi, I'm Screamo/Corner ... I was told to post in here

7/10/2011 #1,277
Tribal Ghost Story

Lolhai~ :D

I'd prefer to go by Bane, Wolf, or Ghost.

PS: Jimmy uses the name Baneyboozy... DX

PSS: Only he can use it.

In general, I'm a nice person who's great to get along with and is also caring and compassionate of others. I give almost everyone a chance in hopes that karma will return the favor and give me a chance. I may not be too talkative at times, but I'm a great listener.

Anymore info about me (if you're that snoopy or curious...) can be found on my profile.

7/12/2011 #1,278
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

Hey Baneyboozy. Head to the chat thread, receive +2 to karma~

7/12/2011 #1,279

Suena~ Im the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet 3 'Nuff said. haha

7/20/2011 #1,280
Roy Renard

Be very welcome to our fine forum, miss Suena. Feel free to browse our many topics and visit our humble chat thread, where, I hope, you will have a great time meeting the members and regulars.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

7/20/2011 . Edited 7/20/2011 #1,281

I'm Nightowl, just call me Night or Owl. I love writing..... especially Harry Potter Ficts (hehe). I'm 13 years old :D (Turning 14 August fifth!)

7/23/2011 #1,283
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

Welcome to The Literate Union, Nightowl of thirteen.

I'd say the chat is a protected place for owls like you, but it's locked for now. Check out the spam thread and find a good conversation, if you like~

7/23/2011 #1,284

Ok, thanks!

7/23/2011 #1,285
Les Rallizes Denudes

Hi. I go by the internet handle of Neftekhimik. If that's a bit hard to type/remember, just call me Neftek or Petro/Petrochemist, the literal russian-to-english translation.

i'm a teenager in canada that likes skateboarding, hockey, composing music and books. i won't actually say much here, but, yeah.

7/24/2011 #1,286
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

Neftek works for me, yes. Welcome to LU!

If you can watch your capitalization and grammar, you'll be most welcome in our chat thread~ :3

7/24/2011 #1,287

My name is Em. I'm a pessimist, a Harry Potter nerd, I'm moving from New York City to Ireland in... August (boo hoo), and once I get there I'm forcing my aunt (my legal guardian) to get me a bunny, which I will name Fluffy. Both of my parents are dead- my dad died in 9/11 (I was four) and my mom died this past May of drug overdose. My sister is also dead, and has been since I was seven. I don't want a pity party, I just wanted you loving bitches to know that.

That's all about me you need to know. If you do want to know more, I will most likely verbally abuse you and call you a fifty-year-old stalker pedophile.


7/25/2011 #1,288
Aeikon Devleon

Welcome to the LU, Em.

Your sarcasm will be well liked in the chat thread, stop on by and don't worry about a pity-party, a few members here have had a fairly shitty past.

Besides, it's good you laid that on the table first, don't want any misunderstandings~

7/25/2011 #1,289

Finally, a place where my sarcasm will be enjoyed....

That makes me feel as if I have a purpose in life....

Yes, misunderstandings suck. There's been a couple on a few forums in my past, and I don't like them. Which is why I pointed out those facts beforehand.

7/25/2011 #1,290
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