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Whore your stories/polls/websites/blogs/whatever you want out here for [Nutella] reviews/views/opinions.

The Room - Two girls are locked in a room with a gun and the corpse of an alien specimen. Only one question is hovering over them: which of them will die first?

Lockdown - Thirty years ago, thirteen teenagers stumbled across an abandoned, underground facility, but only one escaped the manual lockdown. Now, in 2008, the lockdown has been broken, and Danny must return to stop the vicious entities within for good.

7/17/2009 . Edited 4/2/2012 #1

...Whoring out your stories, George? Nutella wasn't you're going for the reviews? XD Oh well, this is probably a better alternative. All that Nutella is making you thick around the waist. Hard to get new customers when my only hooker is plump as pudding.

7/17/2009 . Edited 7/17/2009 #2


Yeah, I'm on the review diet. I have to cut back my Nutella intake by one pot for every review I get. 8D/D8

7/17/2009 #3

I must review your stories, then. I'm getting low on hooker change. -turns out empty pockets-

7/17/2009 . Edited 7/17/2009 #4
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

Go vote on my poll!

7/17/2009 #5
Ten ways to spoil dinner

Read my stories, Biatches!

In the Eyes of evil- An alternate ending to the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. Ganondorf, King of Evil, was just too powerful. In the end, not even the goddesses could stop him. A tale told from his Ganon's POV.

The Bearer's of Evil Seeds- A Soul Calibur/Legend of Zelda Crossover. Is it any good? More logical than Harry Potter and Naruto, at least. Link appeared in a SC game, at least! Anyway, same old same old. Link journies, along with Siegfried and Tira, across the earth, to find the pieces of soul edge, to have them, once and for all, destroyed. The only problem; Two evils meet. Enough said.

7/18/2009 #6
Trash Bean

It's a Harry Potter post-epilogue story. Lily paired with Scorpius, probably a fail.

7/19/2009 #7
Cerulean City

If you know anything about Pokémon, read my shit. I demands this.

7/19/2009 #8

Even though you might not like Twilight. Read my damn story! The Croatian Coven. Give some damn concrit.

7/20/2009 #9

Vote on my pole!

...Please? :3

7/20/2009 #10

Vote on my pole!]

Is it a stripper pole or a survey poll we're suppsoed to [dance] vote on?

7/20/2009 #11

...Both? :3

7/20/2009 #12
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

Ramen! Know how to pole dance?

7/20/2009 #13

XD No, but I want to learn how to belly looks like fun. :D you? XD

7/21/2009 #14
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

Belly dance is very fun. XD

7/21/2009 #15

Read and review my story, dammit. Doesn't matter if you've never seen/read/heard of Bleach before. My grammar and spelling always needs help~

Better Questions Than I Have Answers

7/21/2009 #16
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

Ulq, let's make a deal, shall we? I'll give you a review/concrit/flame and you go vote on my poll!

7/21/2009 #17

:D And no flames please. How would it look, a flamer flaming a fellow flamer? (Although no one will know since I don't have a link to Flaming Raves.)

7/21/2009 #18
Trash Bean

If your story is flame worthy, it will be flamed. I expect the same for myself. Having looked at your story, it doesn't look flame-worthy to me. Maybe concrit worthy...

7/21/2009 . Edited 7/21/2009 #19
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

Ulq, no worries. If you are a flamer, I'm sure it won't be too bad, unless you're a bad flamer, for which I will smack you. ;)

7/21/2009 #20

I was being facetious. And please don't hurt me. I'm already in pain~

7/22/2009 . Edited 7/22/2009 #21
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

*gets ready to smack you* No, I won't. :) I only smack George publically. ^.^

7/22/2009 #22
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

Whoever wants chocolate covered strawberries go vote on my poll!

7/24/2009 #23
Shopaholic Pixie

Belly dance is very fun. XD

I know right!!! 8D

Whoever wants chocolate covered strawberries go vote on my poll!

I love chocolate covered strawberries! But, I already voted on your poll. Does this mean I can't have chocolate covered strawberries? =(

7/24/2009 #24
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

*passes dozens of chocolate covered strawberries*

7/24/2009 #25
Shopaholic Pixie


Thank-you, Dictionary!

*passes chocolate covered George* Lol!

7/24/2009 #26
Ever Heard of a Dictionary


*snatches chocolate covered George and runs away*

7/24/2009 #27
Shopaholic Pixie


7/24/2009 #28
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

What? He's yummy and mine. =P

7/24/2009 #29
Shopaholic Pixie

Gibbs is yummier! 8D

7/24/2009 #30
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