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Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

Read meh stories? Please? You know you want to...

The Inner Flame


Get caught in this wild love triangle between Cynder, Spyro, and Flame! It's like nothing you've ever seen before! Love, hate, grudges, defeat, and betrayal rise as the moment Spyro and Flame want most of all become reality. Please take time to review me. Spyro the Dragon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 13 - Words: 17,539 - Reviews: 72 - Updated: 5-22-10 - Published: 2-9-10 - Spyro & FlameFar from perfect, but I'd love some concrit, if anyone has the time. :) 6/1/2010 #91

A forum dedicated to helping VA writers improve, but anyone is welcome.

6/3/2010 . Edited 6/4/2010 #92
Terribly Sharp

Vote in meh new poll please!

6/12/2010 #93

Friend's forum. She's trying to start a Mafia game, so all old-timers and newcomers are welcome.

Requires somewhat active people, though.

6/26/2010 #94

Vote en mon poll pl0x. :D

6/26/2010 #95
Agent Maine

You know you want to post, biznitches. :D

6/29/2010 #96
Bitter Sea Light

I just posted a rewritten chapter/story. Go read~ :P

7/22/2010 #97

Harry Potter Roleplay~:

7/30/2010 #98
Wolf Passion

As we all know, FF has provided us with spectacular stories, forums and communities. There are just so many different authors, all with different writing styles, vast imaginations and grammar skill that were able to create all these wonderful stories, forums and communities for all of us to enjoy.

But what FF is truly lacking is guidance for those of us who have the potential to write such outstanding stories but are discouraged because of weak writing/grammar/punctuation skills or bad reviews as well as 'Flamers' or 'Concrits'. It seems most of us have forgotten the roles we play as the experienced author to lend a helping hand to those trying to climb the stairs to constructive writing.

I'm here to announce that this guidance has not been lost and that there is hope in this grand forum that has much to offer to any author who needs it. This forum has everything necessary to help you with anything your glorious imagination has to offer. Need help with OC development? Have a plot that is still generating in your mind? Mind giving everyone a few tips on writing methods? Have any requests or links to your stories? Or maybe some story issues that deal with writer's block? There is a suggestion/answer/advice for each and every one of these questions. But of course, we also promote poetry! Who doesn't love a good haiku? Or maybe a more complex poem than that? Whatever the questions, suggestions, advice or the reason may be we'll support you to the best ability that we can.

We completely respect copyrights as well as your opinions on matters. We, by all means, do not accept any type of flaming or concrit substance in the forum. We only offer positive outlooks on everything you have to suggest on the forum. After all we're here to help you in any way possible to succeeding in completing an enjoyable story. We, as authors, are fully driven by the Writers' Creed:

"As writers we are duty bound to seek out those who may just be starting off or have not reached their full potential and help them get better. As long as their writing can be read it is good and can only be improved. We help our fellow writers not by pointing out their weaknesses but by pointing out their strengths and suggesting strategies to support those strengths. We intend to create a place where writers can meet to achieve a greater level of skill and grace in what they do. Negativity is not conducive to the promotion of writing talent, and we reject it wholeheartedly especially in its harshest forms."

All in all, we hope to meet you personally at the forum. Come chat with us, author to author! If you believe you have no need for such a forum then might I make a suggestion and ask that you save this PM for a time, sometime in the future, that you become puzzled or stuck in your brainstorming. Maybe you'll remember this then and ask for our assistance. If not then I thank you for taking time out of your life to read this and consider my offer. I send you off with a pleasant "Good day!" and good luck to all your stories, forums, communities etc. Please remove the spaces in between the link:


7/31/2010 #99
Elodie the Scribe

There's only one small issue I have with your description...

bad reviews as well as 'Flamers' or 'Concrits'

Uh, so constructive criticism is a bad thing now?

7/31/2010 #100
Feather Headed Feline

How to Train Your Dragon RP. Bring it back tooo lifeeee~!

-puts on welding mask and gets jumper cables ready-

8/6/2010 #101

Whoring my new story! Woo.

8/12/2010 #102

My forum. It has over 1,000 posts, but for the past few days, it's kinda been inactive...

8/12/2010 #103

Reviews and ConCrit would be nice. :)

8/13/2010 #104
Feather Headed Feline

The Villagers of Yweüns

A world destroyed... a race created... a way of life changed forever. Join the ones who survived and pave the destiny of... the Villagers of Yweüns. AU. RP as an animal hybrid Villager. Visit the forum for more details. 8/13/2010 #105

...oh, fuck it.

I wouldn't expect any of you to understand the significance of the character relationships (suffice to say, they aren't confirmed as siblings in what we consider "canon"), but if anyone wants to concrit the prose and any/all of the egregious typos I'm sure I made, that would be awesome. Thank you.

8/13/2010 #106
Last of the Loneliness

Please ConCrit my story.

Also, please vote on my profile poll.

8/14/2010 . Edited 8/15/2010 #107
Arctick Child

I have a Knights of the Old Republic fic up. Concrit, flames, whatever. I don't care which as long as they can help.

8/14/2010 #108
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

Ah, damn it...

Finally got around to updating TIF...

Critique, flame, whatever. Thanks~

8/15/2010 #109

Eh, why not. I'll post mine.

Any Lucky Star/Haruhi Suzumiya fans out there, you might enjoy my story. It's notable in being one of maybe five or six stories in the entire fandom that isn't romance.

8/15/2010 #110

Hello. I'm guessing this is the place to come for brutal concrit?

I have two stories I'd like concrit on, both are pretty much my usual level, so it's up to you which you pick (based on how bored you are and how much time you have).

Five Videos Jack Received From Ianto is a short-ish oneshot, and does pretty much what it says on the tin.

Just A Mistake is a 100k+ WIP which just refuses to stop going. It's also Jack/Ianto and it is here:

8/18/2010 #111

If I could get some harsh concrit on this, that would be great~

9/1/2010 #112
Last of the Loneliness

Hunger Games RP.

9/5/2010 #113
Selonianth only actually active fic...

9/7/2010 #114

My story is the very first that I have every written. It is small now, but I have plans for it to grow to become a huge story, and hopefully be great enough to earn its place in the 1,000 Plus community, someday.

But very few people actually review it...

9/7/2010 #115

Happens to me all the time.

9/7/2010 #116
Elodie the Scribe


9/9/2010 #117
Pure Evil Breed

Evie has a forum~

D.Gray-Man fans please come. :DDD

9/14/2010 . Edited 9/14/2010 #118

Review my story, pl0x? :D Tear apart if you feel the need to, just include some constructive critique~

9/15/2010 #119

Um.......... visit my forum please? ^^ thanks ^^

9/15/2010 #120
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