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Thanks. I will~

8/28/2009 #61
Wolfie the Mad Hatter

You should make Flamer training. That would be to funny.

8/28/2009 #62

Too, not to.

And I guess we could do Flamer Training in this thread. XD

8/28/2009 #63

Noob is bracketed.


Okay Douch Bag..]

Douche, not douch. And why the capitalisation?

1. I don't give a fuck that that one person is a girl.]

So why challenge her over it?

2. Apparently your a person who doesnt like swearing so...FUCK, FUCK, FUCKEDY, FUCK!]

...what gave you the impression don't I like swearing? I love swearing! It was /your/ profanity filter that blocked out any swearing of mine, you dumb piece of s.hit. XD

But if you're referring to the . I add halfway through my cursing, that is so I can get around your profanity filter. Simple, huh?

3. I don't care if you like my story or not, i really don't, because people as rude as you are not worth my time.]

Really? I'm not worth your time, and yet you made the effort to respond to me. I spy a lie! You do care, so quit pretending you don't.

4. There are people out there who like my story.]

Good for them. However, they are also completely and utterly stupid, and are as illiterate as you , if not more so. I wouldn't trust their judgement if I were you.

5.And I'm sure if you read half of the stories on here most of them will be wrote the same.]

Hence why I decided to become a flamer, so I can give my opinion on the vast amounts of s.hit clogging up this site.

Now if you excuse my I have to go to the Hospital.]

Good luck with whatever you're going there for~

See you in hell,]

Will be patiently waiting for you,



8/31/2009 #64
Wolfie the Mad Hatter

I read that Lyndzie chick's story and man... She needs to learn ta write.

8/31/2009 #65

Terrible, right?

8/31/2009 #66
Wolfie the Mad Hatter


8/31/2009 #67


10/27/2009 #68

Reminds me of the guys I occasionally meet in chat rooms. Creepy pedophiles.

10/28/2009 #69

Not sure what your opinion on this will be, but I occasionally give childish references, if only for my own amusement:

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


It's Enter Key Man, here to save fanfiction from s.hit fics!


Looks like he missed you by mistake.

Or maybe he was crushed under the weight of your text blocks?


(I can't believe you killed Enter Key Man, you fiend)

Or something similar.

10/29/2009 #70

Eh, probably not, then. I have my childish paragraph, and then launch straight into the nit-picking.

10/29/2009 #71
Cerulean City

Then maybe someone else can help my reviews become better.

Whatcha need help with?

I'm your guy when it comes to crit. If you want flaming help, go for Georgie-Porgie or her Fordship, Dic.

10/29/2009 #72
Cerulean City

Something new, any discoveries in effective formats that assure a recipient's improvement. Generally, how to put the points together so they look nice and have a resonant message.


Hmmm. Since I don't know what your current style is, would it be too much to ask for you to go crit one of my works? Doesn't matter which one. Then I could help you improve your delivery.

10/29/2009 #73
Cerulean City

Also, apologies for the late reply.

10/29/2009 #74
Cerulean City

Sounds like a plan. Any story in particular?

Stay away from Relativity and Galaxy Gang, if you don't mind. All others--fair game. ^^

10/29/2009 #75
Cerulean City

And if you don't like Pokémon, I've got a link to my side at the top of my profile; there's some Star Trek and some HP stuff on there.

10/29/2009 #76
Cerulean City

Would it be wise to omit it as a depleted challenge or does it have backbone?

Ouch, I'd forgotten about Gumball. Um...damn. Yeah, go with something else. It's a true example of my prose, but that's not the point of this exercise.

10/29/2009 #77
Cerulean City

Nice job. I was properly insulted for a while.

Main thing I would suggest doing is telling the author how to improve. You captured quite well the snarky art of insults, but you left the review with just...a bad taste in your mouth, I can tell. I actually had to read it over a couple of times before I understood what you were saying. Now I get that you want to make yourself more clear, well, try not to be too poetic in the review, either.

That's all I got.

10/31/2009 #78
Cerulean City

Though, the best solution I see is if you could edit that review to stand in a way it should be and post it back here. We'd have an exact comparison of do and don't.

-shrug- Okay.

11/1/2009 #79
Flames Ahoy

The above idiot needs flaming/harsh concritting. They've put up real person stories about the Jonas Brothers. And if that wasn't bad enough, the JB stories are Jonascest.

Edit: Crap, posted in the wrong thread. Sorry George.

11/1/2009 . Edited 11/1/2009 #80

S'OK, mate. Can go here, too. ^^

Thanks for the link! :)

11/1/2009 #81
Queen Omaha Nebraska

I flamed Chupper. His (or her) stories disturbed and distorted my vision. I think thats what happens when your eyes burn.


11/5/2009 #82

Can I file a report against you? 8D

11/8/2009 #83

*chin stroke*

Point taken.

*backs away quickly from report button*

11/8/2009 #84

Hey, Kelvin, look what I found in my inbox this morning:

An abuse report has been submitted regarding a thread within a forum you administer.

Reporter: Darkqueen175 Profile URL:

Forum Name: Literate Union Forum Thread URL:

Abuse Description: ------------------

Grammar and spelling abuse.


I am highly amused. XD

11/9/2009 #85

Don't we do dates 4-15-09 or just 4-15. Who is this person I must yell at them for not understanding correct math.

11/10/2009 #86


All yours, Kelvin~

11/10/2009 #87

I see. Maybe your said report happy colleague is just looking for something to scream and hyperventilate about? Is she/he the type to do that?

11/11/2009 #88

Kelvin, you might want to learn the difference between 'personal vendetta' and 'hilarious reaction'~

11/14/2009 #89

1. I'm not trying anything. Whatever you're viewing my previous statement as seems to be assumption coming into play. ;)

2. Uh huh. You see, I could try and work out the next bit of what you said, but I actually just can't be bothered anymore. I don't think I care enough. Not all of us have a diet consisting entirely of pages from the Thesaurus, so please, stop speaking like that, or don't speak at all. Either one suits me~

I know what I went to do on that review page, and I know what my friends went to do. It was a lot of fun, so you can keep believing that opinion of yours, if you want to. It seems to me that you just like being contradictory to those around you, spurring on people like that girl and causing more drama. You're just another troll, and a rather bland (if not unique) one at that.

11/14/2009 #90
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