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In my opinion, 9/11 is a terrible event that should be remembered by all, regardless of nationality.

God bless all those who died, trapped, and those in went in to help others and never came out. God bless the families of those lost, and let their memory live on in the American people, and indeed, the people of the world. This day must be a trying time for all affected by the event, and my heart goes out to them.

"Lest we forget, September 11th, 2001."

9/11/2009 #1

This thread has been unlocked to pay respect for ten years since the tragedy of 9/11.

9/11/2011 #2

It's hard to believe that it's been ten years. It seems like just yesterday that I was watching the second plane fly into the tower.

9/11/2011 #3
Tallz Is De Langste Ster

My thoughts are with those affected by the events, whether they were there themselves, or had family involved. My heart goes out to the millions of people suffering from the events, even to this day.

May the victims of that fateful day rest in peace.

9/11/2011 #4
aBlue Gillespian

Is still unbelieveble that something like this could happen. My prayers are with all the affected of this event.

9/11/2011 #5
Double Dee Dee


Has it been ten years? It feels like I'm back in the fourth grade again. Back then, I had no clue as to how this event changed America in such a way. I just knew something was just out of place. Yet, while I waited for my ride home, I looked beside me. One of my classmates was crying her eyes out, saying, "My daddy is in there." if I remember correctly. I don't recall the days prior to the attack. All of it is just a blur. So, I may never receive an answer if he made it or not.

I pay my respect to all the victims that had fallen that fateful morning. May you rest in peace.


9/11/2011 #6

To every victim and family member that was affected by this horrific event, you are forever in our hearts. And you will never be forgotten. While I cannot remember that day, it was still part of the blurry memories I have, I do know how it affected all of the people around me. I simply can't believe that it has been ten years.

May you all rest in peace.

9/11/2011 #7
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

"My daddy is in there."

A child having to experience something that horrific is awful.

Short version, what George and everyone else said. May the families of all involved in the 9/11 disaster feel some comfort on this day instead of the terrible thoughts they've had years past. My prayers go out to those involved remotely or closely.

9/11/2011 #8
Silver-hair Angel

Relevant to the conversation, the memorial they've been at ground zero is so beautiful. It's sad... but beautiful.

9/12/2011 #9

Past September 11th now everywhere in the world, this is old news. #insensitiveoclock #notintendedtobeafactualstatement

9/12/2011 #10

A memorial I learnt of only last week is that they shine two pillars of light into the sky on 9/11. It's beautiful.

9/12/2011 #11

I was only a four year old, but watching footage at school sends a chill down my spine. I don't have a religion of such, but this is one of the things I pray about. My heart goes out to those who lost someone on that day.

/late post

9/13/2011 #12
Remembering everyone who lost something. God bless.
9/11/2012 #13
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