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... a Shift key.

5/18/2010 . Edited 5/18/2010 #61

... a Shift key.

He has one. It's been taped down.

5/18/2010 #62

raped her arms around his neck in a week hug



(quote function not working)

5/20/2010 #63
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

"Does he love you?' he asked, trying to turn it around so it seems like Alec doesn't love me. "Of course he does" Felix and Dem said from behind me. They walked up to Edward. "Stop trying to ask our little sister out, she doesn't want to go out with you, she loves' Alec and he loves her, they are sole mates and if you do anything to hurt our little sis, we will kill you" they threatened and looked truly frightening.

5/23/2010 #64
Lambent Penumbra

Lets take a look at just what Ashley did and why she is on the ground squeaiggling.

I have no comments about that monstrosity.

5/24/2010 #65
Lambent Penumbra

Naruto, unable to control himself, began to squeeze Kurenai's ass, making her loan louder.

Girls watch out with your boyfriends/husbands~

5/24/2010 #66

"Find a beata reader an improve ur spelling and grammar. This sucks REALLY BAD"

Just... just give up.

5/26/2010 #67

What if, Jack Sparrow didn't arrive at Port Royal alone? What if he had with him, an impatient, fowl mouth pirate woman named Aria. How much would things change? Not sure about the romance/pairing..implied/slight Jack/oc William/oc


Looks like Sparrow is going to end up as a hen-pecked husband. ;)

I reviewed every chapter of My Immortal and came back for MOAR. #50

6/13/2010 . Edited 6/13/2010 #68

Spel check is your best friend

Like Dude said, the phrase "LOL" is actually appropriate here.

6/17/2010 #69

Though as Nala mad her way to the grass, dude to her unsxpenerimce at hunting since she was young lioness.

Think he's talking to you, Dude. Something about "unsxpenerimce". That is some hardcore dyslexia there, Mr. sindragon.

I would link it, but I highly doubt any of you want to read it...I'm only skipping past the vore to see if there's anything I can report it for. I would tell you that I don't have a personal grudge against this guy, but I would be lying. What can I say? He pisses me off, and no matter how often he gets reported nothing ever gets taken down. I'm a broken man. XD

EDIT: There was. A tail was used as a "didado". That's enough for me.

6/18/2010 . Edited 6/18/2010 #70

unsxpenerimceJeez. I thought Akeem 21 was bad. X__X

6/18/2010 #71
Pssh...Akeem's just a padawan compared to sindragon. Sin's the absolute epitome of "creepy messed-up furry"...and what's more, I'm almost completely sure he's legit. He has a Youtube account and hangs out around several different TLK sites. He's written pretty the entire M section of the whole TLK fandom. I won't go so far as to declare that I want him out of my fandom, but...I wouldn't complain if he got banned.
6/18/2010 . Edited 6/18/2010 #72
Clouds on Monday

"Prostrate yourself before me. Now!"

... what?

This fic has thesaurus spew all over it.

6/24/2010 #73

"Prostrate yourself before me. Now!"

At least they didn't miss the second 'r'.

6/24/2010 #74
Bitter Sea Light

I can feel Justin rap his arms around me underneath the covers

I laughed. Seriously. :D

6/28/2010 #75
Paisley Mae

Your welcome.

No it's yours.

Its okay.

Really? It is?

6/29/2010 . Edited 6/29/2010 #76
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

I leaned down to kiss her and puller her threw my door.


"HOW?" she seemed kind of shocked, which I was confused why.

Same fic.

6/30/2010 . Edited 6/30/2010 #77

"Do you have the groceries," Dildo asked in a teacher sort of way.

Author typo'd 'Bilbo'...epically. 8D/XD

7/8/2010 #78
Clouds on Monday

"Your such a hippo script!"

Worse engrish than my mum.

7/8/2010 #79
Bitter Sea Light

"Wholly crap."

A new and improved version of 'Holy crap.' *nods*

7/28/2010 #80


This hip new word is a cross between 'invitations' and 'inventions.'

7/28/2010 #81
Lambent Penumbra

So I pritty much listened to this song and got the idea.

How 'pritty' is that?

7/29/2010 #82

Ami say she wunt lesbion secks.

Yumi put hur dick in amis ass an ami moan.

Yes, it was a troll. But a slightly redeemed one, thanks to that right there. XDDD

8/12/2010 #83
Catocala Lacrymosa

"iT's FANIFICTION repeet after Me FAINFICTION,us NOOB!!!11", it's most like my inability to read plain english, but I do not comprehend the meaning of her/his PM. She/He is a friend of a guy I concritted to; actually, more likely the same person on a different account, but still. She/He does admit, however, that she/he and his/her friends are "NOOB". Hm. You rarely find people so honest to themselves these days.

8/19/2010 #84

"This genital man has some questions to ask you."


8/31/2010 #85

Meet the worst PM I've ever seen. I reported a list he had posted and left a review saying I had done so. Next day, I get this wonderful little thing to read. I'm not going to take the time to point out all the errors, as they are numerous and obvious. Edit: Forgot to mention this was from Akeem21.

one, your not one of my reader, you don't read any of my story,two who are you to report anyone, your not even on my level of writting, which is worst writting style, three you don't know what your talking about, yes it's is a story and no, noones going to report it except you. You have to learn to get a long on this site and don't try to be like other fanfiction writer, because there not perfect etier. Your comments and reports doesn't matter to me, when your all done, I'll still be here and i'll still be writing. No matter how many bad eviews I get. People like you live in a world call Admininstor power, were you think becase of your great reviews and great well knowness you could start reporting people. If anything you should \report, is bad languge that are sent through the reviews, grew up and open your eye's, you are no were near on my level, and when I mean my level,I mean, bad reviews, bad stories and bad stories. But guess what I still make an average 900-1,0000 hits a month, you know why? Because reader are not looking at what you write, they are looking at what you put in it and how you use your ideas and knowledge of the story. Spyro would most lily be about, war, love, kids, adventures and elements. Some writer just need to think before they PM People. And I noticed somethng, these are random PMs a recieve and some of them just join the site, I have got the job done. you has just begin your legend of perfection: 7-0 record. Me I'm Planning on writting 178 stories this year, that what i want to do and that's what I am goning to do, and you, you just keep writting, your doing good and I'm Proud to say good job, Bye now and don't forget when you get caught in the back feild there well always be a hole for you to escape, meaning when you run out of fanfiction stories ideas, just watch some TV or do your work and you will come up with something, I have to get some sleep now I'll check my inbox to see what you said.

9/7/2010 . Edited 9/7/2010 #86

One of the worst, most painful string of words I've ever read. I won't give it the dignity of calling it a sentence. I once counted, just out of curiosity, a paragraph in one of her stories; fifteen lines of text and one period. *shudders at the memories, walks away mumbling about scrubbing brain*

"Honey, I have something to tell you", Patricia Brennan gasped out loud, as she watched her daughter tearfully nodded for her mother, to go on, and Patricia said, "I need to tell you, that you aren't my natural daughter, I adopted you, I found you around the Hospital Fire, and there was no to claim you, so I took you in, and I never knew that you had a family looking for you until last year. I am so sorry, I love you, and I just want to protect you", and Mandy said sobbing, "You did the best you could, I love you too", and she composed herself, and Patricia gasped, and choked out, "Look in my Drawer, the Left side, I have a Hatbox for you, Find your family, Honey, It's time", and she died, and Mandy went back to her Managers, and Career, and she took the Hatbox, and went on the road for the rest of the year.

9/17/2010 . Edited 9/17/2010 #87

umm hello i am new and i found out about this site from facebook i have no armii you can call me wolf or sam wich ever you prefer i loke this site so far it seems cool and fun Besides the obvious grammatical mistakes, we have a new hybrid word fresh from the offices of "burnindictoinry's'R'US".

Can you not decide if you love something or just like it? Well ponder no further my indecisive peers, use "loke". "Loke" covers *almost* any amiable frame of mind.

*Warning- Using "Loke" in public may result in funny looks, mocking, ridicule and any synonym thereof. Other side effects may vary.

9/21/2010 #88
Aeous tout la Debonair

THAT JUST SOOOOOOOO WRONG! WHAT THE HECK IS WORNG WITH THAT CAT? Obviously, he's not mis-spelling this word so shortly after saying it, so there really must be something 'worng'.

11/5/2010 #89

Im tierd.

11/6/2010 #90
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