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Lord Kelvin

Share your loves and new favourites here.

4/13/2010 . Edited by Kokoyumi, 8/30/2011 #1
Ten ways to spoil dinner

Well, I pretty much stated on my profile that this one of, if not my favorite, story I've yet to read on this site, so I'm recommending it to all of you (Read it. Now XD). It is a Legend of Zelda story, so if you don't know the fandom, it might be somewhat hard to follow, though I think even someone who doesn't know the fandom well should appreciate the writing. There should be few mistakes, being I know the writer has high standards for grammar and the like :P

Of course, my opinion on the story is probably a bit biased; I am a friend of the authoress XD

4/13/2010 #2
Corrupted Lament

The song and video are both catchy and awesome. I recommend it. :D

Edit: Gothy Zydrate opera

4/13/2010 . Edited by Lord Kelvin, 4/13/2010 #3
Ten ways to spoil dinner

This is... the Zelda... Movie!

Yep, it is a full feature length movie, starring Zelda, Link, Ganon, and a whole bunch more Zelda characters. while I admit, it is a bit boring for the first half of the movie, the second half is pretty good, with much more action. It isn't perfect, and it is low budget (but it had CG in it, in small doses) If you are a Zelda fan, you won't mind.

(Note: You need to scroll down a bit to see the movie :P It is the the first video you'll see

4/13/2010 #4

Cracked TV with Michael Swaim...he deserves more views on Youtube. Actually, he deserves more hits on the Cracked website too. Three to four hundred thousand isn't enough.

4/16/2010 #5

All three versions of Come Up and Try My New Parts from Repo! The Genetic Opera.

4/18/2010 #6

Watch. Then cower at what is probably history's biggest Big Lipped Aligator Moment.

Then go watch the rest of the movie and see mankind's worst animated movie.

4/18/2010 . Edited 4/18/2010 #7
Bitter Sea Light

This is how Estonians have fun! :D

4/21/2010 #8
Corrupted Lament

The truth. =O

4/21/2010 #9
Corrupted Lament

4/21/2010 #10
Ten ways to spoil dinner

4/22/2010 #11

Let this be a lesson to every Internet troll out there: THIS is how it's done.

4/24/2010 #12

There's a story behind this link...apparently, there are several thousand people that type "facebook login" into their Google search bar when they want to log in to Facebook. So one day, this blog post mentioned the Facebook login process, which then placed it at the top of the Google search page...which then led thousands of people to believe that this blog page was the new Facebook log-in page. Now keep in mind, this is a blog post on an entirely different website than Facebook, with an entirely different design and no sign anywhere that the site was or ever had been related to Facebook...and yet an alarming number of people's first response in the comment section was to complain about not being able to log in to Facebook on this page. And I bet you think I'm making this up. Just read the comments. Humanity really is this stupid.

I am honestly beginning to wonder why "survival of the fittest" hasn't killed us all off by now. I'm a little scared right now, actually...because I've just realized that these are the people running our world today.

5/2/2010 #13
Ten ways to spoil dinner

Stick fights :P How fun.

5/5/2010 #14

Never played the games, but the animation is awesome. There are a couple more out as well. You can go find them yourselves, lazy fuckers.

5/6/2010 #15
Bitter Sea Light

This Aussie can sing. ;)

5/7/2010 #16

I 3 Barbera, ;)





5/9/2010 #17
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

My usual music is metal. But this song has captured my attention, so I'm sharing.

Heartbreak Warfare

5/16/2010 #18

This is not martial arts... what in tarnation...

On the upside, I've never laughed so hard in my life!

5/28/2010 . Edited 5/29/2010 #19
Bitter Sea Light

Yup. That is a bear. :3

5/30/2010 #20
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

Sweet song. ^^ Of course the translation is rough and not so poetic. D:

5/30/2010 #21

Heavy metal cover of "Banana Phone". No, really.

Also, my little brother just called something a "daft little chicken" on MW2. This has been a weird day.

5/31/2010 #22

If you do not watch this you are made of fail kthxbai. 8D

6/4/2010 #23
Ten ways to spoil dinner

Deadpool = hilarious win :D

6/6/2010 #24
Bitter Sea Light

Grammar Nazis~ ;)

6/19/2010 #25

I always knew Cracked was the most awesome site ever invented, but I never had a concrete, indisputable reason until now. Ladies and gentlemen, here it is.

7/2/2010 #26
Corrupted Lament

Anybody else think Maria? XDDD

7/9/2010 . Edited 7/9/2010 #27
Bitter Sea Light

Meeee-ooow. :D

7/10/2010 #28
Hamfast Gamgee

For fans of British Comedy in the Eighties out there, and there must be some! this

is good reading!

7/10/2010 #29
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

With English lyrics.

Mysterious Eyes

7/11/2010 #30
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