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Sakura Mau Toki

Result: The MLP fanbase grows as do the usual flamer/troll/bashing + OC fics. Pretty much the same as every other fandom, just with more readers going 'wtf'?

Rule: All fics must be punny. No exceptions.

6/29/2011 #151

Result: That isn't the write rule for fanfiction. Whoever suggested that should be put on BANfiction

Rule: All authors must take a shot of tequila before writing their fanfiction.

6/29/2011 #152

Result: A bevy of underage drinking-related incidences.

Rule: Xing has the ToS/Story Guidelines put on every page.

6/29/2011 #153
Sakura Mau Toki

Result: Some readers have the rules engraved into their minds, while others ignore it as per usual.

Rule: Every author must be fluent in every fandom.

6/29/2011 #154

Result: FFN dies.

Rule: Fictions can only be posted if edited by the writer's current English (or whatever language they're posting in) teacher.

6/29/2011 . Edited 6/29/2011 #155
Sakura Mau Toki

Result: Quality of fics is mixed and dependent upon the competence/skill of said teacher.

Rule: Fictions can only be posted by university/college level students.

6/29/2011 #156

Result: The "shot of tequila" rule is brought back.

Rule: Yaoi is banned from fanfiction

6/29/2011 #157
Sakura Mau Toki

Result: Yaoi fans riot and start attacking yuri and het fans (not that people don't already, but it grows exponentially).

Rule: Only het pairings and fics are allowed, all slash, even yuri, is prohibited.

6/30/2011 #158

Result: Badly written sex fics decrease significantly.

Rule: Your story must be edited by a member of the LU before posting.

6/30/2011 #159
Sakura Mau Toki

Result: The population of authors decreases out of frustration and the illusion that they're being trolled.

Rule: Your story must adhere to every stereotype/cliche in the book.

6/30/2011 #160
Seventh Sunset

Result: A ton of flames from offended Blondes, Gingers, Mexicans etc.

Rule:every story must have at least one graphic and long sex-scene, and during said scene, one person must shout "AW DAMMIT I DROPPED THE DAMN FRUITCAKE!"

7/1/2011 #161
Seventh Sunset

Result: Every fandom becomes a war-zone.

Rule: All stories must include a sonnet.

7/2/2011 #162
Sakura Mau Toki

Result: Many writers left wondering 'what the fuck is a sonnet' or 'how do I write that?'.

Rule: All fanfics must include Shakespearian English. If not, then Middle English.

7/3/2011 #163

Result: Doth writers quit in days from fanfiction.

Writing in Iambic Pentameter

The main reason.

Rule: All fanfiction must be scientifically accurate.

7/3/2011 . Edited 7/3/2011 #164

Result: All fantasy and sci-fi fandoms die.

Rule: Every story that's longer than six thousand words must introduce an element that's new to the fandom's universe.

7/4/2011 #165
Seventh Sunset

Result: A ton of angry hard-core fans leaving FF.N because of all the "shit" that's being added to the fandom.

Rule: To become a beta reader, one must go through rigorous training.

7/4/2011 #166
Sakura Mau Toki

Result: Many say 'screw this' and either do it by another means (as in, off site) or don't bother at all, thus decreasing the beta population.

Rule: To become a FFN author, all your works must be peer reviewed prior to submission.

7/4/2011 . Edited 7/4/2011 #167
Night of the Living Monkey

Result: Most stories are not improved, as a hefty percentage of this generation is hardly literate and is in no shape to peer edit.

Rule: Every OC (Mary-Sue or not) who hooks up with a main character must turn out to be a transvestite.

7/4/2011 #168
Sakura Mau Toki

Result: Slashers/possibly some Het fans/crossdressing fetishists(sp?) have a field day.

Rule: All Mary Sues must die for their 'love', especially if it's a canon character.

7/6/2011 #169

Result: next day would be "Miraculous Ressurection Day".

Rule: Before creating an account, every author must prove they read and understood at least 10 fiction books from the list made by FFN staff.

7/7/2011 #170

Result: Less new members appear on the site.

Rule: All stories must have the words "All hail Xing!" at the bottom.

7/7/2011 #171
Sakura Mau Toki

Result: The 'Xing' cult forms and takes over.

Rule: All authors must use IE as their browser.

7/7/2011 #172

Result: The number of authors on the site drops so drastically it's practically abandoned.

Rule: First story must always be a parody of Mary Sue - to prove that authors know what it is as well as that they have sense of humor.

7/8/2011 #173
Sakura Mau Toki

Result: Many debates emerge as to whether said fics are a parody, or are examples of crappy writing.

Rule: No spell check(s) of any kind are allowed.

7/8/2011 #174
Lord Kelvin

Result: Xing registers and to invite more dyslexics.

Rule: Fanfics are written by Romans.

7/8/2011 #175

Result: It sounds like history lessons, teens loose interest and fanfiction dies away.

Rule: Only real photo of the author is allowed as an avatar.

7/8/2011 #176
Lord Kelvin

Result: FanFiction.Net is the number one result in Google for "ugly" and "ur mom so fat".

Rule: The site installs new safety protocols that ask users "Are you sure?" upon clicking anything.

7/8/2011 #177
Sakura Mau Toki

Edit: Goddamnit.

Result: There are many more damaged keyboards in the world.

Rule: All authors, if still living at home, must have their fics approved by their parents.

7/8/2011 . Edited 7/8/2011 #178
Lord Kelvin

Result: Parentless basement prices go up tenfold.

Rule: Swearing in fics and forum posts is replaced with colourful symbols.

7/8/2011 #179

Troll fictions suddenly look good.

Rule: All fics must be updated regularly. Late updates are fined with 1 USD for each day of delay.

7/8/2011 #180
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